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5. While we'll be examine some of the larger impact the release has had in a little bit, we also wanted to share what's hands down the weirdest thing we've found so far. Watch for new episodes every two weeks. Although the documents that were declassified show some startling findings, like the fact that remote viewing is real and that it was used for intelligence collecting purposes, it’s safe to assume that many details of this program remain highly classified. This is the web portal to receive news and information about Andrew D. Meanwhile, in a carefully worded 1952 memo by Deputy Assistant Director Edward Tauss, there is the admission that while a large number of UFO sightings are either “phoney” or explainable as misidentified aircraft, a percentage of The Venus Project Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt arts, sciences and educational public advocacy organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Update: As a brilliant man recently said: The Final Form of NeverTrump will be impassioned defenses of, and full-throated testimonials to, the character and integrity of Barack Hussein Obama. S. spy agency warned the incoming Bush administration in its "Transition 2001" report that the Information Age required rethinking the policies and authorities that kept the National Security Agency in compliance with the Constitution's 4th Amendment prohibition on "unreasonable searches and seizures" without warrant and "probable cause [11/2 lines of source text not declassified]2 there is a note of optimism in BG these days, even among East Indians; [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] the Governor is pleasantly surprised by Burnham’s performance thus far, and [less than 1 line of source text not declassified] the two men seem to be getting along quite well Jan 17, 2019 · Today is the second anniversary of the Central Intelligence Agency's declassified archives being published online after a lengthy legal battle. Sep 10, 2012 · Newly declassified U. Maybe a form of Control. Doolittle, a World War II aviation pioneer who led a top-secret raid on Japan and who played a major role in the development of commercial and military aviation. Ukraine's government has declassified a new set of Soviet-era documents and other information regarding the 1986 Chernobyl incident, known as the worst nuclear disaster in history. ·. These declassified documents are published by the FBI in the online Vault, and they mention a lot of interesting and probably unbelievable things related to Nikola Tesla. The document, which is part of the 930,000 declassified documents recently posted online by the… Defense Intelligence Agency headquarters at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, D. Venus Movie. Oct 07, 2013 · There are more declassified documents at Declassified UFO documents - it is worth reading, as one of them is a request from the FBI to get access to the flying discs that the U. " Jul 30, 2019 · The declassified documents mentioned Area 51, by name, as a top-secret testing facility. Moreover, from same link: Emphasis mine. Based on declassified government documents, in-depth interviews, and access to Plum Island itself, this is an eye-opening, suspenseful account of a federal government germ laboratory gone terribly wrong. , world, weather, entertainment, politics and health at CNN. •Almost certainly none are alien spacecraft Picture from Robert Sheaffer: US Senate must not advance the nomination of Gina Haspel for the position director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) until documents concerning her involvement in CIA’s torture program are declassified and released to the public, the American Civil Liberties Union and 28 other organizations said in a letter to the upper chamber of Congress. In 1980, NSA was involved in Civil Action No. 9 Feb 2018 One set of documents, known as Project Blue Book, includes retired, declassified records from the United States Air Force (USAF), currently in  Documentation related to the numerous requests received by NSA on the " What the U. Even when I presented them with declassified CIA documents, reports by US journalists, and articles written by expert US scholars, students fervently argued with me in class. Declassified Documents Online offers unique insights into the inner workings of the US government. This process provides continuous protection of Viewing the Files: We are now using an open source web document viewer, so you no longer need your own file software to view our records. was just recently released in a CIA declassified data dump. presidential libraries. •Most are Venus. Sep 01, 2017 · And while being mistaken for Venus or swamp gas, the reality is in the declassified documents Hastings and others have gathered over the years which demonstrate the seriousness with which the government took these encounters at nuclear missile silos, nuclear weapons laboratories, test areas and nuclear weapons storage sites. The trove contains files covering a wide range of secrets, from the mundane to the mind-blowing and, yes, even UFOS . Apr 13, 2017 · But 8,000 pages of records–mostly financial documents that were mistakenly not destroyed in 1973–were found in 1977, launching a second round of inquiries into MKUltra. so plus handling. May 09, 2013 · The word Lucifer ("he creates light") was long used for the morning apparitions of Venus. The declassified documents show that American concern about one country achieving dominance on the moon or in space got serious just after World War II, with the capture of German V-2 rockets Jan 20, 2015 · The police officers saw the satellite in the west and as it passed over them, as they chased it across Ohio and into Pennsylvania; their attention was then drawn to Venus. edu This archive allows researchers to access more than 700,000 pages of selected previously classified government documents online. While everyone will always need proof for these claims, this claim however, is coming from non other than the FBI vault. ma. An index of entries containing over 50,000 pages of declassified documents which have been released to NARA in April 2011 is provided. Our open-source library houses the thousands of documents, periodicals, maps and reports released to the public. Student and cultural […] Jun 10, 2013 · Recently declassified documents now indicate that the Soviets had more than 150 nuclear weapons in Cuba, and there were many close calls which could have sent the world over the precipice. 7MB] – The Detailed Test Objectives and flight test plans for Project Able- 3, earth satellite vehicle for testing the Able-4 (deep space probe configuration and gathering scientific information of propagation experiments and space All of the documents are dated from the late 1940s to the 1960s, but were top-secret until the organization posted them online this week following the return of The X-Files on television. I think in one particular case 90% of the sightings reports were proven to be nothing more than something occurring under everyday circumstances. Declassified, Unredacted –> Trigger Dr. This is rather surprising considering that declassified U. The fact that government agencies have studied UFOs is no surprise. Jun 25, 2020 · Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden asked about using a little-used 18 th century law against incoming White House National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, declassified documents indicate, contradicting the former vice president's public statement he knew "nothing" about the case. You can verify the statement in the text using a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request as described on our ten-page mind control summary at this link. For more information contact: 202/994-7000 or nsarchiv@gwu. 80-1562, "Citizens Against Unidentified Flying Objects Secrecy v. And yet, many of us were taught that Lucifer is the name of an evil angel. On This Day: 29 June 1998. Note: This is the first clear video available that shows one of the United States Space Fleet docking with the Space Station. Army lieutenant colonel, discussed his experience with the Project Blue Book files when they were first declassified in 1976 and the versions of the documents he saw at Maxwell AFB. C. Tighten the strap on your tinfoil hat: Recently declassified documents show that the US Air Force was working on, and perhaps had already built, a supersonic flying saucer in 1956. 04/03/2019 By Stillness in the Storm 4 Comments Your tax dollars, believe it or not, are (or at least were) being used by the federal government to research crazy sci-fi concepts like “warp drives,” wormhole travel, high-energy laser weapons, and invisibility Jul 16, 2017 · Intriguingly, a recently discovered declassified CIA document chronicles just that — pyramids on Mars, and more. Flight-test vehicles were designed and manufactured by Avco Corporation. Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientific inventor in human history is claimed, according to FBI declassified document to be from the Planet Venus. Those drawings mark the position of the UFO, that of the moon, and that of Venus. The document is freely available at the FBI’s online Vault, and is dated to June 14, 1957, and titled “ Interplanetary Session Newsletter “ mentions a number of controversial subjects. During your research, you may come across "withdrawal notices" or forms that indicate a record is restricted and not available to the public. These were usually the students who registered for my class, not out of genuine interest in the topic, but rather because they lacked a general education requirement that The recently declassified documents contain Soviet era reports detailing many cases of possible USO encounters. They concluded that when it came to the subject of UFOs, the American people were dangerously gullible and prone to, “hysterical mass behavior. (e) terminate surveillance to arr sasebo nlt 040001z feb. ” Aug 10, 2012 · Documents and photographs of the effort to retrieve a damaged HEXAGON recovery vehicle from the Pacific ocean recently became declassified. To make it worse, drawings made by the police officers show what was visible in the sky. Greetings! You have reached the official website of Project Pegasus. The purpose of this webpage is to introduce you to the history of unmanned space missions. Furthermore, according to Professor Alexander Lebedinsky, in the Soviet Union, in data suppressed by the United States Pentagon complex, the usual surface temperature of much of Venus must be about 110 degrees Fahrenheit, even though "radio---electric" measurements indicated 700 or more degrees. Missouri experienced the 8th highest number of UFO reports in the United States last month. signals intercept operations were suspended (4) , due to a U. Giroir, assistant secretary for health, testifies at a hearing of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce on Capitol Hill in Washington on June 23, 2020. “What we have is the tip of the iceberg. This is the word of Valiant Thor. Code, Section 552/552a) that were applied during the processing of News and analysis of major events in history. Letters and other documents in the Blue Book file prove this, yet the satellite portion of the solution is allowed to stand. Trump's July phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, but the secretary of state refused to comply. Apr 17, 2019 - Project Blue Book was one of a series of systematic studies of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) conducted by the United States Air Force. Never before had so small and so harmless an object created such consternation. 1,018 likes · 1 talking about this. Jun 28, 2020 · Exist And May Already Be Living Among Us An A-Maizing Tower A Case for the Mandela Effect Remote Viewing Venus Before It Died: Time Cross - January 2020 Declassified CIA Document Shows How Astronauts Conducted Telepathy Experiments In Space Chasing the mysterious drones of eastern Colorado 70 year old prophecy: the Earth will May 26, 2019 · A look at declassified Wyoming files from the U. documents ("the world's largest nongovernmental collection" according to the Los Angeles Times), leading non-profit user of the U Oct 29, 2016 · FBI Documents – UFO’s & Aliens. Whether you like it or not, that is a fact. Lansdale The Goal. Mar 09, 2014 · [UPDATE: We have come across a pamphlet issued by the National Archives on 10 December 2010 to accompany the release of the cache of declassified CIA documents we present here. The FBI recently declassified these documents and are openly available online. lai&tsod "" 1bow detail. arms embargo against Turkey because of its invasion of Cyprus. The Central Intelligence Agency today declassified the United States Government's six oldest classified documents, dating from 1917 and 1918. For free, unlimited access to these documents, go to our archive of declassified mind control documents. The records include UFO sightings and psychic experiments from the Stargate programme, which has long been of interest to conspiracy theorists. This is just one example of this happening. Allegations concerning child abuse committed by the group were brought to the attention of FBI agents after tips were relayed to the Department of Justice from people including U. That the Bible exists in all life supporting planets, be it in book form or as a thought pattern. Your guide to COVID-19. Jun 24, 2015 · For example, in the early 1800s, Sara Baartman, or “Hottentot Venus,” one of two KhoiKhoi women made into freak show attractions in Europe, was subjected to medical experiments. David Janda, host of the radio show, “Operation Freedom” joins Greg Hunter to discuss what’s raging behind-the-scenes with last week’s presidential order to declassify and unredact some 28 pages of documents that were initially used to justify the ongoing zombie Russia Probe against Donald Trump. But that leaves 10% unexplainable. probably the "Interview with a Man from Venus n published at · the close of 1967 by the West GerllUln stern magazine. The United States Air Force has the responsibility under the Department of Defense for the investigation of unidentified flying objects (UFOs). The Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences published a series of  25 Mar 2019 Documentation on the Venera program is sparse because it took place in Unlike the United States' public space program, the Soviet Union  t. 11zed blue-eyed "superman:•, a VerS'Ion of Nietzs:::he' s "blond beast11 , proved to be a secrat-aer~ice agent of the ?entason • He was 190 cm tall, spoke excellent English (it was ~glish . Sep 02, 2014 · Complete copies of the documents mentioned in the summaries are reprinted in the 'Documents' section of this website. The aircraft, which had the code name Project 1794, was developed by the USAF and Avro Canada in the 1950s. These documents cover a time frame from before World War I though the 1960s. United States 06/08/2018 11:12 PM I looked up Velikovsky and he thought Venus was a comet that was burped up by the inside of Jupiter. " -- Diogenes Laertius, historian, 3rd century "He [Pythagoras] was also the first person who introduced measures and weights among the Greeks; as Aristoxenus the musician informs us. Aliens And Ufos Ancient Aliens Ufo Evidence Ufo Reports Project Blue Book Mysteries Of The World Unexplained Phenomena Ufo Sighting Close Encounters A UNITED STATES NIGHT FIGHTER BASE, France, Jan. For instance, from this link: Emphasis mine. Yet for all its simplicity, small size, and inability to do more than orbit Area 51 Declassified CIA Documents. 11th, 2001, documents: transcripts from The conclusion was that remote viewing had sufficient accuracy to be utilized for field work as the following declassified CIA document dated May 9, 1984 clearly states. "UFO Reports in the UK" from 1997 to 2009 by the Ministry of Defence "Newly released UFO files from the UK government" at The National Archives "Canada's UFOs: The Search for the Unknown", a virtual museum exhibition by the Library and Archives Canada Declassified Strategic Missile Wing documents and interviews with ex-Boeing engineers who conducted tests following the E-Flight Incident investigation confirm that no cause for the missile shutdowns was ever found. Air Force's long-shuttered Project Blue Book, its program to collect UFO sighting reports from across the country. The write-up Declassified FBI Document Statements Nikola Tesla Was Brought To Earth from Venus. Then insertion into the meat bag body, or reincarnation is not such a secret and unknowable, just one of the secrets hidden from us. Oct 13, 2016 · In a previous study, scientists from the University of Palermo used this data to get truly accurate estimates of Venus’ diameter in the X-ray band. Declassified Documents Reflect the Covert Side of Lunar Programs civilian spacecraft, and interplanetary probes to Mars and Venus. This document is also freely available for reading at the online Vault of FBI , dated to the 14 th of June, 1957, titled “Interplanetary Session Newsletter“ and it Aug 08, 2013 · In 1995, the CIA declassified and approved the release of documents revealing its involvement in a remote viewing program conducted at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, CA . Please show us you are worthy of our confidence in your new position, Ratcliff, and release what Grenell has just declassified. Mar 02, 2015 · Carl Edward Sagan (November 9, 1934 – December 20, 1996) was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, author, and highly successful popularizer of astronomy, astrophysics and other natural sciences. I think it was the story of the Glomar Explorer . O. Apr 23, 2018 · The Extra-Terrestrial E. Richelson. · released documents, a Weekly Summary by the CIA‟s Directorate o f Intelligence— or i ginally marked “Secret , ” dated a few days after the Pueblo was seized, and o nl y declassified by t Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. The document is freely available at the FBI’s online Vault, and is dated to June 14, 1957, and titled “Interplanetary Session Newsletter“ mentions a number of controversial subjects. Stories about it were written for all the popular science magazines of the day. There are other declassified remote viewing CIA documents that were once deemed ‘top secret’ by the CIA, including some that resulted in precise descriptions of secret Soviet bases on an esoteric island in the middle of the Indian Ocean and another in the middle of the Ural Mountain range. The name of this program, which has been in operation since 1948, is Project Blue Book. With Christopher Orwoll, Erik Dellums, James E. Jul 28, 2009 · There has been declassified documents in other countries regarding UFOs. R. What they observed was that in the visible, UV, and soft X-ray bands, Venus’ optical radius (taking into account its atmosphere) was 80 km larger than its solid body radius. There are several thousand such declassified documents about flying saucers and UFOs that have been released through the Freedom of Information Act. The pamphlet, entitled: Hitler’s Shadow: Nazi War Criminals, U. Kennedy created a committee (SGA) charged with overthrowing Castro's government. , to the contras, the CIA-run and Reagan-backed guerrilla army operating out of Nicaragua. “FLIR1” is from November 14, 2004, and “Gimbal” and “GoFast” are from January 21, 2015. Army had recovered in 1947, presumably the flying saucers that had crashed in Roswell New Mexico of that year. presidential election and helped Trump win the White House. s, that are detailed in dozens of photos and documents in the U. com. Even if that number were 5%, it's reason enough to ask questions and pursue answers. Projet Aliens Résistance - Rassemble des documentaires, documents textes, images et photo's pour le partage de personnes qui veulent s'informer sur les sujets OVNIs au Phénomènes en tout genre. Goda; it is… A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as explained in Congressional testimony in the short vi View the latest news and breaking news today for U. Hitler of the Andes (2003) - Declassified FBI documents revealed that Hitler fled to Argentina, didn't die in his bunker. He has logged in Sadly, many pilots and others are fooled by Venus. The collection brings together the most sensitive documents from all the presidential libraries and numerous executive agencies in a single, easily searchable database. It has been identified in the past as Project Sign and Project Grudge. The documents listed on this page were located in response to the numerous requests received by NSA on the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO). Declassified documents published by the FBI in their online Vault mention a number of interesting things about Nikola Tesla. One of the most interesting cases he examined involved a nuclear submarine on a combat mission in the Southern Pacific. If these declassified documents are truly complete, there HAS to be a reason they were classified in the first place. Image released August 8, 2012. As researchers have visited the presidential libraries and requested documents, the libraries have copied them and Jul 20, 2014 · Declassified Documents Reflect the Covert Side of Lunar Programs Posting Marks 45 th Anniversary of First Human on the Moon National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. Aug 16, 2013 - A newly declassified CIA history from 20 years ago spills the story about Nevada's Area 51 and its secret mission — which was not to study UFOs, but to test the U-2 and other spy planes. At a meeting at the White House on 4th November, 1961, it was decided to call this covert action program for sabotage and subversion against Cuba, Operation Mongoose. (c) depart opareas 27 jan. Aal&&I du 711 iDcli. Various. The Central Intelligence Agency has declassified thousands of UFO documents to the public. Picture Credit history: YouTube. Photograph: US Government Jan 04, 2020 · The STARGATE program is a great example of that in the United States. Even in Peter, the name is used innocently for that purpose (Peter describes the approaching dawn, announced by the brightness of Venus in the morning sky). James H. The files detailing the sightings were recently declassified among almost 130,000 pages of the Air Force’s files on UFO sightings and records, often referred to as Project Blue Book. ( documentaryvine. Sep 05, 2019 · 14 Declassified Government Documents That Are Actually Terrifying "Project SUNSHINE was a secret program where the US Government bought remains of dead infants to test for radiation. 20 Jul 2014 Soldiers, Spies and the Moon: Secret U. proceed south along koran coast to vicinity tsushima straits. Jul 26, 2018 · Only recently have the documents become publicly available. Documents about the project were declassified in 2001. Dec 22, 2013 · These documents have been released in an attempt by the NSA to defend itself for its own utterly indefensible US domestic spying operations in which every phone call made by every US citizen was captured and archived for 5 years in an attempt by the US Government to ferret out all political dissidents in the United States of America – present The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) recently declassified a set of documents related to encounters with UFOs. Government Anti-Gravity Fleet is Operational Today These are not UFO Sightings This is military technology. Declassified Documents on British Guiana (Extracted from Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963, Volume XII - American Republics. In 2006, The Independent ran a story that the "Pentagon develops brain implants to turn sharks into military spies". The records include UFO Jan 13, 2000 · Washington, D. May 23, 2020 · Nikola Tesla and UFOs of Venus: FBI declassified files, books and testimonies speak of a connection between Venus and the famous inventor. Library. The "Venus and Cupid" Heart Pendant in rare Wcdawood Lilac Ja:sper. Liebe Besucher, vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch. ” 13 UFO buffs, of course, quickly counter that such explanations arise from a conspiracy to cover up alien technology, but inductive reasoning points to aeronautical Oct 26, 2014 · TOP SECRET U. Nov 16, 2018 · The CIA declassified a number of documents that relate to spirituality and consciousness, amongst a number of other fascinating topics! Paul Dobree-Carey: Beyond Light Language – In5D Podcast By In5D on January 23, 2020 in Enlightening Articles , In5D Behind The Scenes , In5D Live , In5D Radio , Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments The news that the Navy considers the three videos—unofficially known as “FLIR1,” “Gimbal” and “GoFast”—as examples of UAPs first appeared on The Black Vault, a web site that specializes in declassified government documents. appeared very first on Self Develop Store. Styrofoam Cups Showing 130,000 pages of declassified US Air Force files related to UFO sightings (theblackvault. Elections 2020 Voter Guide Did the moon landings really happen? I have no clue, I’m not an astronaut, but NASA certainly wants you to think so—they’ve released 8,400 high-res moon landing pictures that they say are definitely real and not at all photoshopped, curiously timed with the release of The Martian, which I’m sure is just a coincidence, right?? A Blow to the Nation by Paul Dickson. The probes were launched on 8 and 14 June 1975 and beginning in July 1975 all U. Aug 14, 2017 · Dubbed Sterling Cooper after the ad agency in AMC’s Mad Men — due to its vibe that “makes you want to pour yourself a cocktail and sit back and enjoy the house” — the home featured a unique late ’70s feel to it that Wong wanted to be sure to maintain during the remodel. Aug 19, 2013 · Sixty years after the overthrow of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh, a declassified CIA document acknowledges the agency was involved in the 1953 coup. The first officer took Venus for a UFO, whereas the Captain correctly identified it for what it was. Mar 18, 2020 · The database ranges from the years immediately following World War II, when declassified documents were first made widely available, through 1992 (as of 11/22/2011). shamanic artist/ siddha maha yogi / Bhakti & Raja yogi / pleiadian gabrielian - michaelian - island of safety truth vibrations - focused on ethics - refuse RFID chipping / sovereign Uniting 144000, peaceful bodhisattva-buddha (nirmanakaya - dharmakaya - sambhogakaya) mahatma- defender of freedom : physical, mental, spiritual - following my highest calling (Shamballah), ASHTAR “We all Releasable documents An FOIPA release letter citing the number of pages reviewed, released, and any exemptions (Title 5, U. Corso (Ret. Robert Kaminski was the Boeing Company engineering team leader for this investigation. DDRS, a database of Primary Source Media, contains electronic copies of declassified documents from the U. A limited edition of 3,000, just S37 . Russian Declassified Documents Show Possible Life On Venus. The satellite was silver in color, about the size of a beach ball, and weighed a mere 184 pounds. Edited by Jeffrey T. To honor her on her day and every day, Mar 16, 2019 · About 13 million pages of declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online. policy decisions from post World War II through the 21st century. When you play the intro level, there is a moment where you see a crater with a blue light in it. Area 51 is one of the most famous focal points of UFO theories. Former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher Vladimir Azhazha believes these documents are of great value. Poe Edgar Allen Poe Edith Lee-Payne Edmund Delaney Edmund Randolph Edmund Roberts Eduard de Stoeckl Edward Bates Edward Kennedy Edwin Meese Edwin Stanton EEO Egg Roll Eighth Annual Genealogy Fair Declassified documents published by the FBI in their online Vault mention a number of interesting things about Nikola Tesla. The declassification of records is an important part of the archival process. Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was forced to make public the […] However, it is mentioned in that the capability to monitor the uplink was lost while Venera 9 and 10 were en route to Venus. Declassified documents If these declassified documents are truly complete, there HAS to be a reason they were classified in the first place. It was taken on April 2, 2004, in Poznan, Poland. The state of Michigan has a rich history of UFO sightings, and UFO Video starting in 1953 with the loss of an F-89C Scorpion jet… A UFO sighting in May 2017 over Lake Michigan is the second such sighting to be reported during the recent flying humanoid flap in Chicago, after a similar glowing ball was seen in April. National Security Agency May 28, 2020 · Most archival records held by NARA are available to the public for research and are either unclassified or declassified. The Radiation Balance of Venus,Read More Jun 19, 2020 · June 19, 2020 BY Venus Upadhayaya Judge in Bolton Book Case Will Rule After Reviewing Classified Information The judge presiding over the Trump administration’s bid to delay the release of a Adm. You can Abide by US on INSTAGRAM In this article. He pioneered exobiology and promoted the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI). Materials as diverse as State Department political analyses, White House confidential file materials, National Security Council May 10, 2020 · The Digital National Security Archive (DNSA) contains the most comprehensive set of declassified government documents available. Brett P. Intelligence on the Middle East U. In a remote part of the Sahara Desert in Egypt, center pivot irrigation fields fill the landscape. DECLASSIFIED at present would indicate that ohere is little likelihood of life on Venus. The trouble here, as outlined in the Project Blue Book files is that there were no satellites visible in that part of the United States at that time of the morning. 4 Feb 2015 More recent analytical documents in the posting deal with the Soviet space Moon and the status of Soviet efforts to send spacecraft to Mars and Venus, is filled in by one article reporting on that partially declassified history. Extra-terrestrial and/or extra-solar colonies by 3016… or bust! Further Reading: Oxford Mail , CS Monitor, Independent Jun 04, 2019 · The Documents also mention the strange message from Mars as: The declassified documents published by the FBI in their online Vault disclosing all the bizarre secrets are accessible to all, and is dated to June 14, 1957, and titled “Interplanetary Session Newsletter“. June 30, 2015 Comments Off on Jupiter & Venus Convergence Will Look Like “Star of Bethlehem” Media Blackout: 40,000 Iraqis Killed By US-Sponsored Strikes ‘Against ISIS’ July 20, 2017 1 Dec 25, 2018 · Have you ever wondered how many LED lights, or LED lumens, you need to light a room? How much light is enough? The question itself may be challenging and, when faced with having to calculate how much LED lighting you need to create a well lit space, i Nov 10, 2010 · 3. and Soviet Plans from the 1950s and 1960s. Jun 10, 2016 · A declassified 1980 CIA analysis titled Islam in Iran, published by the BBC, says Ayatollah Khomeini had reached out to the US in 1963. resources, (c) speeding up outer space achievements by the Declassified UFO docs reveal Pentagon's tech wishlist: Warp drives, invisibility cloaks, manipulating extra dimensions and more MOMENT OF TRUTH: Q Anon Discloses Secret Space Program (1) The Statement That ‘Some Aliens Are Demons’ Is Both True And False – Here Is Why (2) What We Can Learn From Advanced Beneficial ET Civilizations: Amorous Freedom The Statement That ‘Some Aliens Are In the first half, Kevin D. The hired journalists were being paid by CIA and CIA gave them instructions on how to write the fake stories which spoke highly of the agency. Randle, a retired U. Think Soul, spirit. Basiago’s quest to lobby the US government to disclose its teleportation secret so that teleportation can be adopted on a global basis to help humanity achieve planetary sustainability in the 21st century. 500 years after it was sealed After the Bay of Pigs disaster President John F. Declassified documents eventually disclosed that the Navy had been conducting secret balloon experiments as part of its Skyhook project, which sought to measure radiation levels in the upper atmosphere. The program was designed to determine if agencies like the CIA could use such phenomena for “intelligence collection . In the latter half, author Robert Waggoner shared tips on how to lucid dream or become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state. As a residential architect and designer for three years in LA, Wong had worked on the design of many homes, but #ad Secrets from the Black Vault: The Army's Plan for a Military Base on the Moon and Other Declassified Documents that Rewrote History BUY HERE BECOME A SPONSOR HELP SUPPORT THIS SITE: About Donations The invasion is pretty quickly as the aliens are using the 'seeds'. The libraries receive declassified documents from various government agencies: the White House, the CIA, the FBI, the State Department and others. Certainly, the US military launched a large number of satellites for various defense purposes, but these missions have become declassified and the collected data made available to the astronomy community, often yielding useful information. PROMOTING FREE SPEECHDON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU HEAR OR READRESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCHEDUCATE YOURSELF2 Timothy 2:15 King James Version (KJV) 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. During the 1950s and 1960s, a few documents wended their way to the rest of the world, but this was rare. Most impressively, in all the declassified government documents, there is not a single mention of Robert Temple of the Sirius Mystery despite that author’s claims in the revised 1998 edition of the Sirius Mystery (pp. he Document is a report that speaks about the UFO sighting that occurred on Deception Island from a British point of view. To viewers on Earth, the Nov 06, 2007 · The mouse that roared. Maybe in fact its a form of high technology. nioush we honor Mother formally Just once a year, Wcdpood thinks the symbol or our love for her should last throu1hout the years. government. The documents also reveal that the British government was interested in finding UFOs to use against their enemies during the Cold War, which took place between 1945 and 1990 between socialist countries allied to the Soviet Union and US-led Western powers. Mar 13, 2017 · 'Bombshell proof' Claims these pictures are evidence of 'alien structures on the Moon' A CRAZY conspiracy theory that there are aliens living in bases on the Moon has been fueled by a shocking new The very first paragraph assumes that the thousands of years of UFO and extraterrestrial sightings- and the countless now-declassified or leaked government documents showing extreme interest in Beste bezoeker, bedankt voor uw bezoek. —Daniel J. what i include in this lengthy 'part 3' are declassified documents and links to same from 4 different nations; well-examined photos that seem to show real objects; quotes from 'people in high places' who believe(d) ufos are not from earth; and two studies i've done for over 50 years, one on the black knight satellite and the other on the discrepancies of the roswell incident. The CIA declassified a number of documents that relate to spirituality and consciousness, amongst a number of other fascinating topics! Paul Dobree-Carey: Beyond Light Language – In5D Podcast By In5D on January 23, 2020 in Enlightening Articles , In5D Behind The Scenes , In5D Live , In5D Radio , Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments Your tax dollars, believe it or not, are (or at least were) being used by the federal government to research crazy sci-fi concepts like “warp drives,” wormhole travel, high-energy laser weapons, and invisibility cloaking, newly-declassified documents reveal. Built by Howard Hughes, we were all told that it was going to vacuum the ocean bottom for minerals. The archive includes declassified documents from agencies and organizations such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the White House, United Nations, and the Atomic Energy Commission. Jan 21, 2015 · X-Files opened: US government documents on UFOs available for the first time The files now available online are drawn from Project Blue Book, a 17-year-long US Air Force study into UFO reports Nov 19, 2016 · It seems we have our work cut out for us. For some odd reason, the files are not being digitized and instead must be viewed in person or purchased directly from the National Archives. A look is taken at exclusive NASA footage and firsthand accounts of mysterious fly objects from astronauts and scientists are presented. Jul 09, 2018 · Declassified documents published by the FBI in their online Vault mention a number of interesting things about Nikola Tesla. Weber & Co Eagle River early aviation earth rise East Coast Easter East Say Love eBook ecords of the Army Staff Edgar A. - All financial contributions are 100% tax-deductible as allowed by law. "Backed by documents newly declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Philip J. Jan 22, 2020 · One set of documents, known as Project Blue Book, includes retired, declassified records from the United States Air Force (USAF), currently in the custody of the National Archives. Declassified Documents Online's greatest value lies in the wealth of facts and insights that it provides in connection with the political, economic, and social conditions of the United States and other countries. terie. Mar 13, 2019 · The man we confusingly know as both the Son of God, and God himself is not just the savior of mankind and the planet Earth, but of Venutians and Venus and all life in the Universe at large. The planet Venus often gets mistaken for a UFO. Jun 09, 2016 · Declassified Documents Detailed Test Objectives – Project Able-3, Earth Satellite, 7 July 1959 [135 Pages, 18. CIA releases 13m pages of declassified documents online About 13 million pages of declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online. UFO videos declassified by the Pentagon were released on Monday, following the confirmation of their existence back in the fall by the US Navy — which initially refused to release them on 13 million CIA records were declassified and posted online a few weeks ago—the result of a 2014 lawsuit filed by journalists seeking access to documents of historic value. Based on President Obama's Transparency objective the Air Force Declassification Office is identifying the location boxes of historically significant documents which we have declassified and are located at the National Archives and other sites. documents are declassified, an often startling new picture of the space age emerges: the frantic effort by the Soviet Union to beat the United States to the Moon was doomed from the beginning by gross inefficiency and by infighting so treacherous that Winston Churchill It shows that the seemingly bucolic island in the shadow of New York City is a ticking biological time bomb that none of us can safely ignore. Jan 18, 2017 · The documents include records of UFO sightings About 13 million pages of declassified documents from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been released online. Boorstin, The Americans: The Democratic Experience "Listen now Feb 09, 2018 · Rather, declassified documents revealed that it was, in fact, a part of the United States’ CORONA project, a mission that produced the world’s first successful space photo-reconnaissance Once the US government and the Military Industrial Complex realized that the best cases of UFOs were neither natural phenomenas nor the Russians or any other earthly potential enemies, the secrecy and implications of such a news gave way to a camp Let us open the presentation of our case by listing the documented associations and other items of evidence that go to support our contention that the author of such prim homilies as "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise" was much more than the "rustic philosopher" a leading encyclopedia calls him – was, indeed Oct 19, 2009 · "Parmenides, too, assures us, that he [Pythagoras] was the first person who asserted the identity of Hesperus and Lucifer [Venus]. These documents, which describe secret writing techniques and are housed at the National Archives, are believed to be the only remaining classified documents from the World War I era. documents show that the American government planted fake UFO stories in the media to fool the Russians, and the Russians apparently did the same for the Americans. However, in a 1991 report, US Space Command concluded that Kosmos 96 crashed in Canada at 3. May 09, 2020 · WELCOME TO MY RESEARCH AND LEARNING BLOGKNOWLEDGE IS POWER. As a result, this “cooperation” seems to be entirely at odds with the documentary record. This volume was published by US Department of State, Office of the Historian, Bureau of Public Affairs, and printed by the United States Government Printing Office, Washington, 1996). Oct 17, 2017 · Newly declassified documents show US embassies knew about mass killings in Indonesia in the 1960s. Some have theorized the Reptilians are shape-shifters who can take on human form and live amongst us. Officer Herbert Schirmer of the Ashland Police Department claimed to have been taken aboard a ship inhabited by reptilian creatures. Sep 11, 2019 · Declassified documents show Area 51 was home to a Cold War program called Oxcart dedicated to creating a spy plane that would be undetectable in the air and could be used to gather information » Moon and Venus Spectacular Conjunction Before Dawn 1 Declassified US Documents Reveal Military Lunar Outpost, Project Horizon on Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:06 am. The Brussels Declassified Documents Reveal Shocking Government Projects, Including Research on Warp Drives and High-energy Laser Weapons. Intelligence and the Cold War was written by Richard Breitman and Norman J. gov. Cher visiteur, je vous remercie de votre visite. Project Pegasus. Much of the mainstream media either downplayed or completely ignored the newly-released list of top Obama officials who had requested the unmasking of former national security advisor Michael Flynn. 2 (AP)–American fighter pilots engaged in night missions over Germany report the Nazis have come up with a new “secret weapon” - mysterious balls of fire which race along beside their planes for miles. DIA Declassified: A Sourcebook Web Posting Spotlights 50+ Year History of Secretive Defense Intelligence Agency New Documents Feature Iraqi Defector “CURVEBALL,” Convicted Cuba Spy Ana Belen Montes, Analysis of Iraqi and Chinese WMD programs, and Brief Experiments with “Psychoenergetics “Documents declassified since then point to a…secret project, a 40-ft. Government Knows About UnidentifiedFlying Objects" by Peter Gersten, of formerly classified carbon paper and reports that have been declassified. com ) submitted 1 year ago by liverpooldude7 Sep 07, 2018 · Lawyers involved in the California lawsuit against the firm claim they have revealing documents about Monsanto and its affairs in Europe. 479 Posted July 20, 2014. (d) intercept and conduct surveillance of soviet naval units operating tsushima straits. K. “The US Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets. satellite; Mariner 2's 1962 flyby of Venus, the first successful mission to another planet; and the 1970s Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 missions that Take us to your leader: Group wants Colorado UFO commission vote Texas town recovers from its UFO mania The 10 Most Influential UFO-Inspired Books, Movies and TV Shows The truth is out there and it's a bit of a letdown They really, really want to believe in UFOs The Dow rose over 5,000 points — 25 percent — in 2017 as investors cheered rising business profits, President Trump’s rollback of regulations, the major GOP tax bill and a stronger global (b) operate opareas pluto, venus, and mars concentrating efforts in area(s) which appear most lucrative. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurant Operation Mockingbird was, allegedly, a huge project which CIA began developing in the 1950s; they started hiring American journalists and enticing them in their propaganda web. There is also many more documents declassified by the CIA that you can read about and access [ here]. . It has been referred to in popular culture numerous times as a place that is associated with crashed alien spacecraft, alien corpses, government conspiracies and many other similar topics. , March 11, 2005 - The largest U. It started in 1952, and it was the third study of its kind (the first two were projects Sign (1947) and Grudge (1949)). See a state-by-state map. Visit the NARA website at www. The declassified 14-page report, which was released in January, concluded Russian President Vladi­mir Putin ordered the effort to undermine faith in the U. But the interest taken by some agencies in the UFO phenomenon is quite surprising. This image captures the beauty of Venus and the Pleiades. ARJUN WALIA MAY 11, 2017 A declassified document from the CIA archives in the form of a letter from a CIA task force addressed to the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency details the close r… Operation Fishbowl was a series of high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program. A termination order was given for the study in December 1969, and all activity under its auspices ceased in January 1970 Coronavirus case trends on the rise in half of US. Brazilian Aeronautics Officer Rodrigo Moura Visoni was the man responsible for discovering the declassified files belonging to the U. archives. Congressman SENSITIVE 20 February 1962 Program Review by Brig. Jul 04, 2015 · The I-Team has obtained recently declassified documents from the United States Air Force “Project Blue Book. The FBI, the lead agency for enforcing civil rights law, aggressively investigates hate crime, color of law abuses by public officials, human trafficking and involuntary servitude, and freedom of Despite expenditure of around $10 million, the project failed to produce practical results and was cancelled in 1967. The document “ Mars Exploration ” is dated May 22, 1984, and consists of the transcript of an interview conducted that day by a CIA monitor with a remote viewer (RV). ­­ Among the most accurate of remote viewers described in the CIA documents was the famed psychic Ingo Swann. The FBI released documents on Friday detailing a probe into the “Finders,” a secretive group that was allegedly connected to the U. The book is, I believe, valuable in the way that it documents fan experiences in different cultures and environments, but it is doubly important in that it is a charity title which will help improve the lives of underprivileged children at a primary school in Chanzige, South Tanzania. com ) submitted 1 year ago by liverpooldude7 The documents also reveal that the British government was interested in finding UFOs to use against their enemies during the Cold War, which took place between 1945 and 1990 between socialist countries allied to the Soviet Union and US-led Western powers. Maybe the fact that Roswell, according to the article, was "home to the only atomic bomber unit (at Roswell Army Airfield) in the world" had something to do with it. com) 169 points by ForFreedom on Jan 20, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 118 comments nl on Jan 20, 2015 UFOs What is a UFO? •All are indeed unidentified. U A knowledge of these life forms would provide us deep . Apr 26, 2016 · The first recorded (supposedly real) abduction by the Reptilians took place in 1967 in Ashland, Nebraska. 18am on December 9, 1965, about 13 hours before the fireball thought to be the Kecksburg object undergoing re-entry was recorded at 4:45pm. the superior technology to create disc--shaped U. Astoundingly Mars is probed by an intuitive, under the directions of a CIA monitor, who claims to see people who are “very tall…thin” wearing “strange clothes” living in a “rabbit warren” network of “pyramids”. Sep 25, 2019 · This is the full text of the classified White House memo released amid the outcry over Donald Trump's dealing with Ukraine, showing what happened in his call with Volodymyr Zelensky. The fifteen documents were published by Britain’s National Archives – but in paper form only. ” They reveal that more than a dozen eyewitness have stepped forward citing mysterious lights like those in Hemlock since the 1950s. A group of UFO obsessed girlfriends travel the ET Highway in search of alien life, but what they find is more terrifying than anything they imagined. Jul 13, 2018 · Declassified documents published by the FBI in their online Vault mention a number of interesting things about Nikola Tesla. Dear visitor, thank you for your visit. Oct 14, 2015 · Russia Declassified Secret Images From Venus Disclose 'extraterrestrial Life'?! The Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, published a series of photographs, taken by the Venera probe which allegedly show evidence of living organisms on Venus, one of the most inhospitable places for humans in the solar system. This is a declassified CIA document dealing with mind control. The CIA's story about the legendary test site is contained in "The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: the U-2 an… International cooperation agreements in which the United States participates could have the effect of (a) enhancing the position of the United States as a leader in advocating the uses of outer space for peaceful purposes and international cooperation in science, (b) conserving U. One of the FBI’s declassified files speaks of Tesla being an alien from Venus , and… It houses historical documents and materials from the Vought Aircraft Company and Braniff International, as well as the archives of Gen. F. Posted by: Lizzy at May 26, 2020 05:15 PM (bDqIh) 114 >>This tells me that the establishment fears Ratcliffe less than they fear Grenell. Thanks Foreign Relations of the United States, 1964–1968, Volume XIV, Soviet Union [1 line of source text not declassified] make it clear that “2 Venus Probes by Astrophysicist and space pioneer James Van Allen (1914-2006), for whom the Van Allen radiation belts were named, was among the principal scientific investigators for twenty-four space missions, including Explorer I in 1958, the first successful U. Nov 10, 2013 · Government Legislation and Declassified Documents: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly BILLS WE SUPPORT Ending Federal Prohibition of Marijuana Act — H. Discover. And in fact we have documents now in our possession, several hundreds of documents, that have not been declassified and some of those are explosive,” US lawyer Jan 28, 2017 · Recently released CIA documents reveal UFO sightings over India 28 Jan 2017 UFO conspiracy theorists in India and the world over will be delighted to know that a 1968 CIA report detailed six UFO sightings over India, Bhutan and Nepal. Below are papers obtained through the FOIA authored by Carl Sagan. ‘flying saucer’ designed to rain nuclear destruction on the Soviet Union from 300 miles in space. Apr 07, 2015 · In 1996 San Jose Mercury News reporter Gary Webb published an explosive three-part series, “The Dark Alliance”, on the connection between the genesis of the crack cocaine epidemic in California and across the U. This Ancient Egyptian Tomb Was Used for Two Different Burials KV-64 is an ancient Egyptian royal tomb with a mystery. Le but de se site et pas de convaincre les gens, mais de les rendre ouvert sans moquerie, mais avec une touche dans le sens critique, pour rester sur Terre. 6-7) that the CIA and the US government persecuted him for years for revealing the truth about flying space frogs. Jun 12, 2020 · Founded in 1985 by journalists and scholars to check rising government secrecy, the National Security Archive combines a unique range of functions: investigative journalism center, research institute on international affairs, library and archive of declassified U. Apply what Larken is saying here to the spirit world and you can see how Archons maintain control of the soul farm of Earth and continue submission to the reincarnation system. 2306 Legislation introduced by Ron Paul and barney Frank to end the federal prohibition of marijuana and allow the states to regulate it as they see fit. What's New at EROS? Eyes on Earth is a podcast covering a range of topics on remote sensing, satellite operations, and the science of Earth observation. In keeping with the spirit of the Presidential memorandum of 30 November 1961, the United States will help the people of Cuba overthrow the Communist regime from within Cuba and institute a new government with which the United States can live in peace. Oberg, Bill Birnes. Jan 29, 2020 · In 1993, declassified documents from 1952 revealed that the CIA’s Psychological Strategy Board made it a mandate to purposefully debunk all UFO reports for national security concerns. Air Force released Project Bluebook files . . Project Blue Book was headquartered at Wright-Patterson from 1947 to 1969, and it recorded 12,618 sightings, of which 701 remain unidentified, according to the Apr 09, 2014 · A few months ago, after nearly a decade of contentious litigation and with many conspiracy theories spawned, the Pentagon released the Holy Grail of Sept. Your customizable and curated collection of the best in trusted news plus coverage of sports, entertainment, money, weather, travel, health and lifestyle, combined with Outlook/Hotmail, Facebook Update: Declassified Rice Email Released. Each of these meticulously indexed collections is compiled by top scholars and experts and exhaustively covers the most critical world events, countries, and U. This . Jan 23, 2020 · House Democrats subpoenaed Pompeo in September for documents related to Mr. U. It relates to the USAF investigations of UFOs from 1947 to 1969. When you click on a file, it loads in a reader that enables you to view one or two pages at a time, search for key words, shrink or enlarge the size of the text, use different scroll features, and more. For many years, it was hard to obtain declassified government documents about UFOs. army documents proving that two American POWs wrote encoded messages to Army intelligence, MIS-X, soon after their 1943 visit to Katyn, pointing to Soviet guilt for the Declassified CIA documents from the 1940s through the early 1990s. Apr 22, 2020 · The documents are from the pre-World War I period through the end of World War II. Declassified documents revealed that the US only used emergency radio frequencies but not air traffic control frequencies, and also that the Navy cruiser registered the plane was climbing at the time, not descending as an attacking plane would be. The CIA alone declassified and published thousands of UFO documents. Venus. The document is freely available at the FBI's online Vault, and is dated to June 14, 1957, and titled "Interplanetary Session Newsletter" mentions a number of controversial subjects. ” The research conducted by Stanford A remote viewing session conducted by the CIA on Mars as it existed one million years B. W. Gen. According to the CIA’s library: It is said that the "Little Grays" called us a "Meat Bag", inferring that what we were, were far more than our bodies. ), a member of President Eisenhower’s National Security Council and former head of the Foreign Technology Desk in the US Army, has come forward to reveal his personal stewardship of alien artifacts from the Roswell crash. ” Even the planet Venus Now that Russian archives are open and thousands of formerly top-secret U. Jun 14, 2020 · 2020-06-14 This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio 2020-06-14 Nightcrawler Falls In Love 2020-06-14 Venus 2020-06-14 Sometimes Things Happen; It’s Live Radio! 2020-06-12 NBC News Will Now Capitalize ‘B’ When Referring To Black People The documents released by the CIA include photographs taken around the world, apparently without explanation. Many reports have described either a triangular or boomerang shaped object, in one incident a large number of witnesses observed one such object when it flew over a traffic jam. Although there’s some interesting information there, controversy has arisen particularly in relation to a document written by FBI special agent Guy Hottel in 1950 who claimed to have received information from a US Air Force investigator about a UFO found in New Mexico. us declassified venus documents

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