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3. CameraQuest: Where I bought my voigtlander. So the lenses you have should be fine to use with any of the Sony alpha mount DSLR’s. 6 Minolta 50mm ƒ1. There are three revisions of the f/3. htm 300€. Although the company origins trace back to 1849, the real history of Leica cameras began when Oscar Barnack appeared at the Ernst Leitz Company offices in 1911 with his idea for a small 35mm camera. favorite this post Jun 24 VINTAGE MINOLTA CAMERA $120 (WINTER SPRINGS) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. The Minolta TC-1 is one of the most admired compacts in the used market for its durability, razor sharp Rokkor lens, and design. By 1975, most professional shooters had moved to SLR systems and the RD didn’t present any significant advances that hadn’t been seen in years prior from the likes of the Canonet QL17 and Minolta’s Hi-Matic 7sii . Telephoto lenses have many uses, and different telephoto focal length ranges are better for different subjects. We used cameras lots as children, I had a variety of compacts although I couldn’t tell you which ones, more interesting were my dad’s SLRs. Skrev alltså Ken  Bajonetas A. May 29, 2018 · The Canon EOS M50 ($779. 6 Di VC USD has all the latest bells and whistles, or at least their high-tech, optical The Good Excellent photo quality with a good noise profile, a streamlined shooting design for both photo and video, and a broad, practical feature set contribute to the Nikon D5100's strengths Review by Klaus Schroiff, published March 2006 Special thanks to Tina Jensen for providing this lens! Introduction The Sigma AF 400mm f/5. I want to like the site, however like a liver pate, I can take a few bites and then I'm over it, or can't take any more. 7 (3. As Ken Rockwell says, this is the best scanner behind the drum scanner ( PMT ), not the virtual drum. 8 as the largest and goes to f/32 which gives you a shallow depth of field. bigger. Filter size: 49mm. Ken Rockwell recommends the Nikon 5000 scanner for best results, though the device runs around $1,100 plus $500 for the slide feeder. They are readily available, cheap (anywhere from $75 to 150 for a good user, more if you want more pristine), good selection of lenses, and the most useful subminiature format ever designed, competing head to head with full frame with judicious shooting and film selection. Originally posted 49 months ago. Try it out with Ilford infrared film. Fujifilm XF 50-140mm f2. Where To Buy Voigtlander Bessa R3M and Other Voigtlander Cameras. Considered the top-of-the-line version of Minolta’s SR-T line, which was introduced in 1966 and lasted until 1981, the SR-T202 (1975-1980) is the perfect camera around which to start and build a film photography hobby today. 6: 175021 - 175056 - 175501 - 175515 - Dec 1975 - Jun 1977 Jan 06, 2011 · The 90mm pictured below is actually the 90mm f/4 M-Rokkor, which was made by Leitz for Minolta. Check it out if you haven't, just so that you can hear his enthusiasm. Ken Rockwell is a guy who has a passion for cameras and optics and has dozens of reviews for these types of products. The AF 70-300mm F/4-5. Night Photography Workshop LLC, 11757 W Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton, CO, 80127, United States (503) 680-9113 drwhite75@yahoo. 8 / Minolta 50 f1. The M645 Super was introduced in December 1985. Leica Summicron-R 50mm f/2 is one of Leica's four 50mm lens designs. Auctioneers you may post your Auction listings here! Search by Area - Auctioneer - Category - Keyword. 6-5. 5 lens reviews and detailed specifications. This is a beautiful sample of Minolta's highest regarded fixed lens rangefinder from the 1970's. 90% of the sites I've found review just features of the camera, so 90% of the sites say the same exact thing; a feature is a feature is a feature Minolta might not have been as iconic a camera company as Japan’s Big Four – Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Pentax – but it made many fantastic cameras in the 75 years before it merged with imaging giant Konica. Apr 02, 2020 · I wrote this for keen amateurs. 8 Macro are all based on Minolta designs. Photo taken with my do-it-yourself lightbox system; and the legendary Nikon Series E 75-150mm ƒ/3. Dec 27, 2014 · Nikkor 35mm f/1. It has a 49mm filter thread. 29m Maximum Magnification Ratio 1:1 Filter Size 55mm Length 97mm Diameter 71. I’m broad – minded: I shoot with Pentax, Canon, Rolleiflex, Hasselblad, Nikon … Just for starters! The best Minolta is mine: the immortal top – of – the – line alpha (with all the glass). 8-4 (D), the main difference outwardly is the build quality, which is much better with the "G" lens. 8-4 (D) Specifications COMPARISON SELECTION (3 selected items max. Conclusion. Kenneth is related to Angela Lee Rockwell and Jane Ellen Rockwell as well as 5 additional people. ” Although filters do, in fact, protect the surface of your lens against dust, moisture and the occasional thumb print, the primary function of lens filters is really to improve the image quality of the pictures you take—depending on the filter you’re using (The Camera to Lens Compatibility Chart has been updated 12-JAN-2016 with the latest additions to the Nikon lineup, the D5 Pro FX DSLR and the long awaited D500, the DX successor of the beloved D300/D300s. 0 or 2. 7 Manual Focus Lens 3. Geez, and I remember when I first got in, someone had spoken so highly about this site. One thing in addition to macro shots, the Nikkor 105mm is an excellent portrait lens when doing head or 3/4 body shots and I’m sure the Tamron 90mm is just as good. 29:18. ROKKOR 28mm f2. com We rent lenses & cameras for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Fuji, video equipment, and more with nationwide shipping and great customer service! Our certified refurbished DSLR cameras come in a wide variety of lens, monitor, and color options. 4G, I really wanted to get a hold of the legendary Noct-NIKKOR 58mm f/1. Ltd. 7 lens was no slouch. It was the first Leica rangefinder camera to feature through-the-lens metering and the last to be made entirely in Wetzlar by hand using the traditional "adjust and fit" method. Links to manufacturers sites and end-user photo album pages on the Web. MAXXUM 7000 Digital Camera pdf manual download. 45m close focus, 8. Filter 19. Digital camera reviews - amateur to professional cameras, the latest industry news, public discussion forums, photo-quality printers and digital video. The Copal Company developed the shutter. . I bought my Rollei 35S new in 1979 after my first year of college. A nice CL is less than an M2/3 and you don’t have to carry a handheld or buy a Leicameter. 8, it gives this effect too. 6 HSM APO macro is the latest generation of the various 400mm variants that Sigma released over time but similar to its smaller cousin, the AF 300mm f/4 HSM APO macro, it has been discontinued recently. 4 on a professional black  The 2800 AF is a medium-sized flash for use with MAXXUM cameras. 4 Sony DT 55-300mm F4. Is smaller than the NIKONs 8000/9000. f/2. It is not especially sharp, it likes to bend straight lines, and it barely replaces two primes with its short zoom range. com Thanks, John, for a nice review. Konica Minolta AF 17-35mm F/2. Olympus abandoned its OM mount for the Four-Thirds system. (1985-) Sadly, one of the least sharp f/1. It reminds me of one of his columns a few weeks ago in which he said that an inexpensive point-and-shoot and an expensive SLR shot exactly the same pictures hi everyone , i'm thinking of either buying a D100 or a D70s, i previously own a Nikon film SLR. Those professional photographers might be some of the most popular on internet about photography tips, reviews, online photography courses, photography workshop That Rockwell "Why Pros Use Mac" article is, typically for him, very poorly researched. Most macro shooters are content with a 100mm macro lens, and most portrait Ken Rockwell has a review of the Voigtlander 21mm lens. The 1:4 macro mode adds to it’s usability as well. These lenses only have the stepped R-cam and cannot be used on Now onto the discussion and the specific points Rockwell makes, links to these readings (along with Erwin Puts Leica M7 vs. 19m minimum object distance enables smooth close-up shooting at wide angles, and the Broad-Band Anti-Reflection coating reduces flaring and ghosting while ensuring crisp results. Here is Rockwell's writing about film vs digital "files" and "prints". 8 aperture, a Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) and an Optical Stabilizer (OS). Shop B&H for our huge, in-stock inventory of SLR Lenses, Camera Lenses, DSLR Lenses from top brands like Canon, Sigma, Nikon and Tamron. I myself keep reading Ken Rockwell because I like his tongue-in-cheeck-opinions and his patriotic American attitude. Today is a big day in the camera world as Sony once again made an announcement that leaves most of us wide-eyed. Sep 26, 2019 · I received the the Sony a6000 with the 16-50mm and 55-210mm kit lenses. Are all versions of the Series 1 70-210mm zoom held in equal esteem? The 70-210mm Series 1 zoom was produced in several versions over the years. The second best result is Kenneth Dean Rockwell age 60s in Port Saint Joe, FL. Jul 03, 2015 · Stopped down to f/8 though the Minolta is the sharper lens so for landscapes the Minolta is the better lens. Next, 24mm CZ and Sigma with an additional lens, the Minolta 24-105 f/3. 49mm filter, built-in hood, 1. 4 MP back illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor with greatly impressive shooting speeds that go up to 10 fps1 with full AF or AE Minolta MD 50mm ƒ1. I have long had an interest in photography which I am sure mostly comes from my dad. 5-4. For a great explanation of this button, check out Ken Rockwell’s The Depth of Field Preview Button. This part of my web is devoted to one of the finest SLR cameras I have been using, the Minolta XE. Canon, Konica, Minolta, Olympus and Yashica pretty much dominated the fixed-lens market during the 1970s. 1) but does anyone know the price of a D100 and 2) can anyone give me advice on the technical capabilities or 3) any advice or experience you've encountered using the cams are welcome too Apr 27, 2012 · This will be a longer post, a very long post. In addition to the usual fast prime lens, all of the 35mm fixed-lens rangefinders from the 1970s had an automatic exposure mode - which prior to 1975 wasn't a common feature to most SLR systems. My suggested data rates and formats still stand: 128 kbps VBR AAC for all popular music, and 160 kbps VBR AAC for any real music (true stereo recordings of acoustic music). I’ve been reading many reviews and comments on these [Read More] Upgrade your full-frame Sony E-Mount mirrorless camera with this 28-75mm f/2. 0 is another one. It offers  17 nov 2019 This is a spectacular show-off lens for Minolta. 7 and ProSpec (Minolta licensed) FA 28-200mm f/3. Dec 11, 2008 · Explore more photos in Minolta XD-7 (XD-11 in the U. 7. My friend Peter used the v1 and made an interesting report on that lens. 8D AF is a great lens optically and can be had for a very low price. What did users say about Scanhancer? - "Erik has sent me a set that makes even Minolta prick up its ears. e. 5 zoom. Retailing for around $299 / £219, the 16 megapixel Nikon B500 comes complete with built-in wi-fi connectivity, a 3-inch tilting screen and 1080p HD movie recording. I put my Minolta SR-1 on a tripod. Jan 13, 2009 · Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO A Review by Peter Wolff Minoltahas updated their multi-format scanner again, this time to theMinolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro. The camera is a Minolta Maxxum 7000, and the lenses include AF ZOOM 35-70mm F4, AF ZOOM 70-210mm F4, and an AF 50mm F1. It’s an aperture priority camera as the image above shows, which does allow some flexibility. 6 L lens has the honour of being the most inexpensive L lens you can buy on the used market. Fuji 617. 1890 Lens Catalogue. Its 0. 8 Macro Zooms: 35-70 f4 / 100-200 f4. 050 oz. 5mm Weight 405g * Lengths, diameters and weights listed in lens specifications are for lenses Sep 26, 2014 · David and Bellamy, thanks for a great review. It is called Dynax  26 Dec 2013 Ryan shoots the Minolta SRT-101 with MC ROKKOR‑X 50mm f/  I saved my allowance for a year and paid $75 for a ten-year-old Minolta SR-1. 8 through f/16. Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Sony SLT-A77 Sony 50mm F1. According to Minolta it was "the most innovative SLR" in that era. Minolta built several different 2. 6. 5 D. 5 is a versatile lens, because it performs so well it can replace 2 or 3 primes and make your bag much lighter. com, five years before YouTube or Facebook were creat The Minolta Dynax 7Xi is a fully loaded SLR from 1991. 4L (aka the best wide angle lens for Canon), the 24mm focal length is a favorite of mine. Welcome to LensRentals. com. Apr 16, 2019 · Just check out Ken Rockwell’s Nikon Lens Technology page and the number of acronyms and “if this then that” combinations is mind numbing. Buy & sell used cameras, lenses, gear, & other photography equipment at KEH Camera's online store. Comes with a mix of design and quality as well as the name of a well-known brand that is recognized in the world. com brought a Canon AE-1 or Minolta SRT-102 instead, their meters won't work in light  26 Dec 2013 Minolta MC ROKKOR‑X 50mm f/1. 8-4 (D) wide angle lens for Sony/Minolta A-Mount SLR & DSLR is great item on the market right now. 4g  This is Minolta's best mass market manual focus camera, ever. Let’s sum up the major points: Jul 18, 2011 · They tested the Minolta AF 200mm f/2. 8 (T4. The Sigma 12-24 mm II DG is a lens with exceptional properties: on a camera with a full frame sensor, you get access to an exceptionally wide field of view Mar 12, 2020 · ThePhotoForum is one of the oldest & top Photography Forums on the web! Our community features tips, help, techniques, advice & photo critiques. 5 and this copy belongs to the first one. Jun 29, 2020 · The Best Sony Mirrorless Lenses for 2020. Leica R4 & R4s: a review. Ken Rockwell often sounds more authoritative than he is in reality. History and technical details of the Vivitar 70-210 Series 1 macro zoom lens. It's the first M camera we've seen with a vari-angle LCD, a big plus for vlogging and video Jun 30, 2020 · Camera lenses from ZEISS stand for maximum imaging quality. Three-cam lenses are the most compatible as they can be used on any Leica SLR ever made. 5 Preset T-Mount Lens. This is a truly pocketable and intuitive camera that many hail as one of the best models ever made. 5-5. 0 for best corner performance. Explore the Sigma 150-600mm 5-6. 49mm filters, built-in hood, 1. Tamron 20mm f/2. 6 OSS full-frame kit lens and Canon FD 35mm f3. 6 sharpness across the frame is very good but you have to correct the CA. At F2. I auditioned this against the Minolta XD-7, Olympus OM-1n and the Nikon FM. 7 lenses around. 7: the lens is a bit softer which is probably a bonus for portraits, bokeh is very nice. Incorporating many features into an attractively priced package, the P was Canon's best selling screw mount rangefinder until the Canon 7. Coming: Minolta AF 50mm f/1. Mar 11, 2015 · 1985 Minolta 50mm f/1. When fitted with the 40mm f2. I went down to Olden Camera in Manhattan and traded in a bunch of Mamiya-Sekor 35mm SLR gear even-steven. Ken Rockwell 35mm F2 Lens Review . In a naive way I like to get teached by him. Sort of disappointed not to see this gem in your list. Minolta-35 RF. Part of my collection is focused on 19th century wooden view cameras made in the United States and they must be 4x5 or smaller in size. I an easily agree with a lot of the criticism; I’ve been reading Ken’s website for at least ten years or more. It was the first cameramaker to introduce integrated autofocus on an SLR (the Minolta Maxxum 7000), rather […] The Leica R bayonet mount is a camera lens mount system introduced by Leitz in 1964. posted an interesting review about the first A-mount camera, the superb [shoplink 18439 ebay]Minolta Maxxum 7000[/shoplink]! great to see that I can post some Minolta news form time to time :) Ken Rockwell is a diehard Nikon fanboy. Minolta SR-1. May 29, 2008 · In the build-up to PMA 2008, Pentax announced that a pair of new telephoto primes – a 200mm f/2. Half stop clicks are from f/2. The Vivitar 85-205mm f/3. 2013 KenRockwell. Correct, there is. The Minolta 28-85mm f/3. Nov 02, 2015 · Ken Rockwell sure generates a lot of opinions about Ken Rockwell. 7 AF – clean but the lack of live preview of aperture is a no-go Yashica 50mm ƒ1. Minolta MD 50mm ƒ1. 5 G lens is very similar to the newer, and much less expensive Konica Minolta AF 17-35mm F/2. July 2, 2012 -Minolta became bankrupt after Ken Rockwell start using Nikon -The first . Apr 24, 2019 · It’s common for film aficionados to comment that the G1’s autofocus system is “sloppy” (thank you, Ken Rockwell), “serious trouble” (thank you, James Tocchio), “slow” (thank you, B&H), and inaccurate (thank you, thousands of forum experts). 8 Macro lens last year. Canon P Rangefinder. Silverbased suggests that if you choose any zinc-air solution you might want to turn your meter on for more than a couple seconds before taking a reading. On a recent trip to Hawaii I took along my Minolta XG-9 film camera with People want Ken Rockwell to be on one side of the film vs digital  2 Jul 2012 Ken Rockwell “attacks” Sony (RX100 coming mid July). 8 Di VC G2 lens is a major leap forward for the company. 6oz (725. I review all lenses thoroughly after extensive field use. The 28mm F2 wide angle lens from Minolta has great I do not currently plan to create a full text review for the Sigma 120-400mm f/4. Many of the lenses below are owned by me, though some are rented or purchased on eBay and then sold. ; Enhance landscape photos with atmospheric effects such as rain, fog, lens flare and more. , Japan Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24mm x 36mm Weight (620g) Lens Canon 40mm 1:1. Cine Mode giving you full access to shutter angles, as well and lx, and fc measurements, and HD Cine Mode for working with the settings of Mirrorless and HDSLR cinema cameras. . 8 g (Ken Rockwell) (210 g on our own scales), 246/270 g (210 g on  3 Jan 2020 2000 Years of the History of Cameras & Photography by Ken Rockwell 200 Years of Minolta SRTs https://kenrockwell. Please help KenRockwell. The Sigma 70-200mm 2. This is weird, but typical for Minolta. M8 comparison), etc. The (made in Japan, late 1990s) Minolta AF 17-35mm F/3. All rights reserved. 4 Rokkor-PG – terrible hot spot one of the worst starting at ƒ5. Minolta Hi-Matic 7s II Originally uploaded by alex. Ken Rockwell, the A99 and Minolta glass: Page < 1 2 3 > Author: Ken Rockwell A mixture of sensible insights, prejudice, and utter balderdash, but writes very well. Explore our unbeatable prices and selection. This lens updates the styling of the older lens and looks very similar May 29, 2018 · The Canon EOS M50 ($779. 7" for 1:1 life size images; focus-hold button and focus-range limiter. They have also lived in Bluffton, IN and Upland, IN plus 2 other locations. 7 – Price paid: $50 1985 Minolta 28mm f/2. $50. I'm a big Mac fan, but I find articles like Rockwell's irritating, and even embarrassing, to read. Apr 12, 2020 · A reviw of the Leica-M summicron 50mm lens with a focus on useability and the different versions of the lens. The MX beat the Nikon and Minolta on price and the OM-1n in every other aspect, especially handling. 1 #1 · Ken Rockwell's Review of the Sony A7R II I just read the aforementioned review and was puzzled by his conclusion, which in part, is as follows: "The problem with the A7R II for use by a camera artist like myself is that while A7R II images look great, its colors never look as great in real world shots. 8 EX DG HSM OS is a staple in the Sigma DSLR lens lineup. In addition to adding electronic features to the camera/lens interface, the physical dimensions of the mounting hardware are different, making the new lenses incompatible When testing out the Nikon 58mm f/1. Select this result to view Kenneth Dean Rockwell's phone number, address, and more. 7 out of 5 - 24 reviews - photographyreview. No newer 85mm lens from anyone will make pictures any better than will this lens. 7 / Minolta 50 f2. Ken Rockwell has a review of the Voigtlander 21mm lens. It is his "New" entry for March 20, 2012. This scanner is competing with theNikon 8000 EDand thePolaroid 120and, of course, theImaconscanners, although they are still in a different league. He is a Nikon man, he should stay away from Minolta/Sony. 7 (6 elements in 4 groups) Filter size 48mm Focal range 2. In response to my lousy photo, reader Ken O'Kelley sent me a much better photo (Exhibit B) of the 3rd cam. Jul 15, 2007 · the lens is the original Minolta f8 500mm AF as with any pro reviewer you are looking at thier opinion and nothing more and should not be taken as gospol. 0. The camera design was a joint venture based on Leitz's co-operation agreement of 1972 with the Minolta Camera Co. Stopped down to f/5. I have been reading the Ken Rockwell site on and off for years and take it in at moderation. 25. The Minolta AF 200mm f/4 Macro APO G telephoto lens has macro focusing capabilities down to 19. 5) which is a manual focusing, special-purpose lens, the only such lens offered for the Nov 01, 2016 · The Nikon Coolpix B500 is a new super-zoom compact camera with a 40x zoom lens. But newer is not always better. 4 lenses, significantly sharper than the 50/1. I have just recently perchased this lens. 5'/0. Please contact a KEH photography expert to discuss similar options. He dissed the A100, has converted to Canon from Nikon, and loves his Fujifilm Xsomething. 8 focal ratio that's ideal for close-range sports, action and wildlife shooting. He makes a clear distinction about how things look on the screen vs. I’d be interested to hear what your thinking is when you select one camera over the other as there doesn’t seem to be an obvious subject bias between the post examples i. As of 2016, there are twelve different autofocus zooms for the APS-C system but the majority tend to be characterised by slow apertures, mediocre optical quality and high prices. how things look on the print. The m42 lens mount is a screw thread mounting standard for attaching m42 lenses to 35 mm cameras, primarily single-lens reflex models. In this review, we will be comparing SX530 HS and B500, two Small Sensor Superzoom cameras from Canon and Nikon. Nov 24, 2016 · Hi Robert I see you have an X-Pro2 and X-T2 in your camera bag at the same time and you say both cameras are set up the same way. 6 DG OS HSM Lens, but the full array of standardized tests are available for your own evaluation and comparison with similar lenses. Let me start by saying that zooms aren’t exactly Sony’s forte. 6: the whole image is very sharp. These lenses will satisfy all of your needs for sure. I agree with MS / Mr Taylor that every pro has a different opinion. aia. He has so much spare time (or money, or both), he acquires and reviews nearly every new piece of equipment to hit the market. 8 EX DG OS HSM APO Macro is somewhat of a red herring that doesn’t get talked about very often. Geras stovis. Apr 04, 2017 · Released to the public just weeks ago, the new Tamron 70-200mm f/2. But if you enjoy a good story about a fine old camera, sit back and enjoy my blog article today about a 40+ year old Canon QL17 from Saigon. The CL was designed by Leica and manufactured by Minolta. It is known as the smallest 35 mm camera in the world. The 7000i was actually the first alpha mount camera. 8 it was a compact camera that easily fitted in a jacket pocket. Ths fast telephoto lens came in two optical designs, the earlier with five elements, the later with Dawn comes into our house through the front door. 6′ to infinity Shutter Copal Shutter speeds B, 1/4-1/500 automatic or manual Viewfinder coupled Read More For more info about the Nikon FE, please see Ken Rockwell's web-site, noting, that batteries don't seem to hold-up as well as he suggests and problems with the light meter are not discussed. When we talk of travel photography we include capturing landscapes, portraits, street scenes, and architecture -- subjects that all require different gear to be framed properly. The world's leading independent source of photography information since 1999 when I founded KenRockwell. Buy Voigtlander Stuff In the United States Bessa R3M on ebay: I buy most of my camera gear on ebay. 5 EX DC HSM Lens is available in Canon (reviewed), Nikon, Pentax, Sony/Minolta and Sigma mounts. It has an automatic zoom  The 1800 AF is the perfect take- everywhere flash for use with MAXXUM cameras. The Minolta MD 35-70mm 1:3. For example film advance was still manual. May 25, 2013 · [shoplink 18439 ebay] [/shoplink] The not so Sony fan Ken Rockwwell (Click here). 7, f/2. Sigma 28-105mm F/2. 435 oz. Konica Minolta XD 11/ XD 7 35mm SLRs user reviews : 4. Two of these designs - Summicron and Summilux are available in both R and M mounts, while two other - Noctilux and Elmar are available only in M mount. 311 comments; share; save I purchased my copy of the 150-500mm OS Sigma for Nikon 2 months ago, after I read Ken Rockwell's review. The reason I found kenrockwell. My standard disclaimer: There are some potential issues with third party lenses. 3MP X-Trans CMOS III, an APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter boasting the highest performance in the history of the X Series, as well as the X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine to deliver outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos with high ISO sensitivity and low noise. I’ve shot with two different Nikon 35mm lenses for over 5 years now, and agree that this compact offering from Fuji can definitely give them a good run for the money. Photo History 1888. With one lens one could have full manual zoom, manual focus, and aperture control by a lens ring. Before you purchase a Nikon telephoto lens, you should be able to pinpoint exactly what it is you want to shoot. It fits a relatively large 1-inch When it comes to buying a new or used DSLR camera, many buyers will choose between Canon vs. Apie objektyvą : https://www. 4G, and still own the Canon 24mm f/1. 8-22 (6 elements in 5 groups) Filter size 55mm screw-in, 57mm slip-on Focal range 3′ to infinity Shutter Seiko-LA Shutter speeds B, 1/4-1/500 Read More NIKKOR DSLR camera lenses are available to capture any subject and bring your vision to life. from f/5. Today’s guest post is from Fabrizio Belardetti (www. Ken Rockwell is saying: Minolta MC ROKKOR-PF 50mm f1. Canon QL 17, Saigon, in Case I was always mad at myself for failing to even make an eBay bid on a Vietnam wa Aug 16, 2017 · The successor to the very popular Nikon D3200, the D3300 is a powerful DSLR with a lot of features to improve your photos over those taken in Auto mode. 4/85mm prime on his site. It is sharp as a tack in the relevant aperture range and even superior to the current [shoplink 7568 ebay]Sony 70-200mm f/2. It fits a relatively large 1-inch Dec 18, 2018 · Nikon D3500 review: Nikon has hit a winning formula with this cheap-but-great starter DSLR, which is an ideal first 'proper' camera for beginners. there are landscape, street and portrait photos taken with both cameras. 8 and a 300mm f/4 – would be joining its high-end DA* (say: “DA star”) series of lenses this spring. 5' or 0. Mounted on a full-frame camera it delivers an ideal walkaround range from wide angle to short telephoto, or it's equally at home on cropped-bodies where it'll deliver coverage equivalent to 36-158mm. /228 Full click stops are at f/1. 0, the Minolta lacks contrast but there are already a lot details. For photography – whether SLR or mirrorless system cameras – millions of photographers put their trust in ZEISS lenses. kenrockwell. ) Minolta did the same thing when it switched from its manual focus SR mount in favor of the electronic Maxxum mount. But these features can also hurt your View and Download MINOLTA MAXXUM 7000 manual online. 5 S. First, the camera is easily found on online auction sites at surprisingly low prices. The lens is less common than it's slightly faster f/1. The aperture ring is plastic. Jul 24, 2018 · Sony RX100 VI review: What you need to know about Sony's compact camera, including the the RX100 VI's release date, price and specs. May 24, 2018 · EF Lenses are AF, not MF, like Minolta MD, Contax Zeiss, Yashica YUS, DSB & ML Series, or Minolta MD, for instance. Interesting quirks. Take advantage of the bridge circuit Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Read his test here. 8, Sony FE 28-70mm f3. Minolta X-700 Film Camera And A 50mm f/1. Unique is the only way to describe the Minolta Smooth Trans Focus (STF) 135mm f/2. 5 is the faster alternative to the low-budget 35-70 mm f/3. This lens is a classic I wanted a 25-30mm to 75-125mm zoom. Like the 35mm lens, there was an original (Red AF) model, and then a restyled Rubber Focus Ring Model. as I get directly M645 Super. Find out what 9 readers thought of the Tamron 28-200mm f/3. Mar 27, 2016 · The best zooms for a6300. 6 Di LD MACRO 1:2 has been on the market for quite a while and that's mainly (but not just) for its extremely low price tag. When closed, it's about the size of a pack of sigarettes and can easily be hidden in a person's pocket. 8 Lens (Renewed) KEN ROCKWELL ARTWORK in The Lounge Primes: Minolta 28 ff2. 45m. The second and third version […] Most numerous are Sony, Minolta, Konica Minolta, Sigma,Tamron, along with the Olympus and Panasonic 4/3 system. It will satisfy all your need in Sports Photography, no need to look further for other cameras. It uses 35mm film. ) VIEW COMPARISON ADD MORE. $75 Ken Rockwell's Leica M9 Samples (Full Size) Further to my previous report on the new Leica M9 , here is the latest news update: Ken Rockwell has posted some brand new M9 samples, taken with his various old Leica lenses! Nikon D500 has a score of 87 for Sports Photography which makes it an EXCELLENT candidate for this type of photography. If some of you do, I'm cool with that to. The low sun lights up the plants and family pictures on the table beside the door. It was only a few weeks ago when the a7R caused some commotion because it had been listed on Sony’s site as selling for $200. Of course you may select any aperture you please. Minolta is no stranger to good optics, and the alpha mount Maxxum 50/1. 8: “The Minolta AF 200mm f/2. Autofocus is way faster on the sigma lens and picture quality is the same from 150-400, at 500 you have to step A valuable reference for anyone wanting to learn more about rangefinder cameras, manual film photography, or both, this website is intended to serve not only as a resource to discover some amazing objects but also as a place to learn more about them, to understand exactly what they are capable of, and why. So what’s the difference between the two brands, and which one is the perfect fit for you? May 30, 2016 · At $500 for the kit with an 18-55mm lens (£385, AU$650), it's really inexpensive for a model with a press release dated 2016. 2 ‘v2’ means that there’s a v1 as well. Minolta AF 50mm f/1. 6 IS STM ISO: 100 Focal length: 11 mm Exposure time: 1/30 sec Sony 24-105, Sony 24-105 review, Sony 24-105mm, Sony 24-105/4, Sony 24-105mm G, Sony lens review, FE 24–105 mm F4 G OSS Lens review, the best walk around lens for Sony full frame cameras 2 – Sony a7R III Full-frame Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera (Best Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras). Ken Hansen's name was one I heard very frequently, and my boss, Ashod Jelalian knew that Ken Hansen would know what was going on and would be on the phone with Ken, often twice a week, to know what was happening with Leica in Germany and elsewhere (in that period, Leica was restructuring, working with Minolta and more). 5 MP Lens: Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5. Interesting article about the origin of Voigtlander’s heliar lenses. Mark Roberts is a photographer based in Boston, MA. Free Shipping on the digital SLR cameras body only, DSLR camera body you are looking for online at Best Buy. 6 out of 5 stars 42. 6 meters. Ken Rockwell lens comparison (Canon-Leica-Nikon) Ken Rockwell on lens The following samples show the sharpness of the Contax G 90/2. We purchased the original (Red AF) model which has the metal focus ring and the “AF” on the front of the lens painted in red. /182. Close focus is 1. S. 06. His exhaustive research into camera equipment and lenses has allowed Charlotte and I to make some very smart, financially wise, … john d Saw on Ken Rockwell's website and bought through his link to Adorama. The focal range of 70 mm to 300 mm is a very popular choice and a variety of lenses are available in this range. The camera represents a significant improvement upon the features of its predecessors (the original M645 and M645 1000S), in particular because of the extension of the modular construction to include removable film backs. Ken Rockwell, USA. Rick's Photography Site Useful info, reference and photo site links : This started with my search for some new upgraded photo equipment as I transitioned from the film to digital world. I'm always bewildered by his enormous technologcal knowledge. Both bring a smile to my face and I don't allways take it too serious. Introduction. Bokeh. 1892 Steinheil Lens Ads. 4 ART OVERVIEW. Minolta Maxxum 5xi 35mm SLR Camera. So I was shocked to find I'd overlooked a very favorable review of the A99, and a fanboy review of his old Minolta glass, the 85G and the 100Macro. He will explain how to turn your Nikon G lens into a telescope (or a microscope) with the help of an old Nikon lens scope converter: The Nikon lens scope converter is an unusual item (check those eBay listings), […] The entire kit remained mostly forgotten in a camera bag, and in storage for years. Jun 05, 2020 · With stiff competition from Canon, Minolta, and Leica, the play wouldn’t be easy. 6 on my a6000. May 19, 2016 · The Sigma 150mm f/2. Join in the pursuit of optical mastery with Nikon's DSLR lenses. com/minolta/maxxum/35mm-f14. ;) Even Ken Rockwell loves it! 17 Jun 2020 Esto es lo que dice Ken Rockwell en su análisis del Tokina 50mm f/1. 3 Modes Photo Mode, Cine Mode and HD Cine Mode The L-308X-U has three modes with a full range of features for photography in flash and ambient light conditions. Jun 08, 2020 · The point-and-shoot category encompasses everything from pocketable cameras to hefty superzooms, and the Sony RX100 VII comfortably bridges the gap between them. 8 on the Sony A7R, with a good (and rare) SLR lens as reference: Minolta AF 100/2. 99, body only) is a new entry in the company's APS-C mirrorless camera series. As a disclaimer, I enjoy reading Ken Rockwell's website. - "Using our  Lensa ini merupakan salah satu lensa Minolta yang mendapatkan review positif dari Ken Rockwell sebagai lensa bukaan besar yang tajam, berikut saya ambil  Rangefinder vs SLR by Ken Rockwell - Leica Leica Camera, Best 35mm Camera , Pinhole minolta cameras | Minolta X-700 SLR camera - Index Page. 8, f/16 and f/22. Konica-Minolta AF 17-35mm F/2. Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera w/ 50mm 1:1. Be sure to look at the table in my article that correlates camera bodies and mount types. Using the text or images on this website without permission on an ebay auction or any other site is a violation of federal law. Pentax M42 Lens. Sep 18, 2014 · Photography and Camera News, Reviews, and Inspiration. 8: New Lens Comparison Review on a7R IV - Duration: 8:47. On the one hand it was the first professional SLR with autofocus. The rated List of Minolta MD/MC Page 5/25 Aug 09, 2016 · Some older lenses appear on this list as well: the 50mm f/1. Of course I've never used a  The 4000 AF is a high performance medium-large flash. Photography Review's list of lenses, user reviews, editorial reviews, lenses deals, used lenses and more - photographyreview. Get a great deal with this online auction for a camera presented by Property Room on behalf of a law enforcement or public agency client. The 100–300mm f/5. The Minolta MD Zoom Rokkor 35-70 mm f/3. Olympus Stylus Epic. Sony 20mm f/1. A testament to its  The Leitz Minolta CLE (Compact LEICA Electronic) is a manual and automatic exposure, manual focus rangefinder camera that is an important part of the LEICA  This year a Minolta, not a Hasselblad, flew on the USA's first manned spacecraft. Home Donate New Search Gallery Reviews How-To Books Links Workshops About Contact · KenRockwell. Large database of live auctions. Ideal candidates for my collection are quarter plate cameras of the 1880's and 1890's by the likes of Scovill, Anthony, Blair, Rochester Optical, Horsman, American Optical, as well as more uncommon or unknown makers of the dry plate period. The Sigma 10-20mm f/3. Avoid the Sony E mount. 2 Nov 2015 Let's back up a little: Ken Rockwell runs a website where he reviews most cameras So why is Ken Rockwell so bad for photography? I bought my dream camera (Minolta CLE with 40 and Leitz 90 mm) in 1983 and I still  12 Jan 2018 FA at Ken Rockwell's website · Photography in Malaysia - Nikon FA 1984: Nikon FA | 1985: Minolta α-7000 | 1986: Canon T90 | 1987:  5 Mar 2009 Subsequently, Leica's relationship with Minolta cooled, so the same body And sadly, now I find myself agreeing with Ken Rockwell on what a  24 Jul 2014 More info: Ken Rockwell Lens: Minolta MD Rokkor-X 45mm f/2. 6 XR Aspherical IF Macro AF in our review. May 31, 2019 · Sometime last winter I started reading and taking an interest in online articles about a resurgence of analogue photography. The Sigma needs to be stopped at f/11. 8 Zoom is one of the longest lived zoom lenses marketed by Ponder and Best (Vivitar). 8 Angle of View 27º Lens Construction 9/10 Minimum Focus Distance 0. This Minolta Maxxum 7000 is the world's first autofocus SLR. Aperture range. View full listings, photos, Auctioneer links and information. 8g) Lens Rokkor 45mm 1:1. 45m close focus, 6. 1 #1 · p. I got it used (like new copy) for less than $150 – great buy. I purchased the LA-EA4 adapter so I can use my old (Minolta Maxxum 7000i) AF 50mm f/1. Apr 11, 2016 · See our guide to the best lenses for the Nikon D3200, with reviews of the top prime and zoom lens options from wide angle and portrait to telephoto. Jan 30, 2012 · The Minolta/Rokkor lenses are very good and less expensive alternatives. On the other hand the lay out resembled that of more traditional cameras like the Canon F1 or Nikon F3. Nov 03, 2009 · The Minolta 28mm f/2. Find the right filter size for your camera. A Minolta TC-1 Review by Jonas Wikström 10 19 Share Tweet. And I'm now loving Ken's YouTube channel. Nov 09, 2008 · Sitting somewhere between the “entry-level” models like the Rebel XSi and advanced cameras like Canon’s own EOS 1D series, the 50D offers greater resolution, enhanced live view functionality with contrast-detect AF, and a new menu interface offering more custom functions and control over things like noise reduction and RAW+JPEG shooting. 6 SAM Mar 12, 2015 · Minolta MD Rokkor 135mm 1:2. Picked it for it’s small size and weight to go on my D750 as a nice compact travel/street/candid package. 8 is a bright telephoto zoom for its X-mount mirrorless cameras, upon which it delivers a popular 75-210mm equivalent range with a constant f2. fabriziobelardetti. It was designed by Tsuneaki Munakata, who also designed the Mamiya ZM and Mamiya RZ67. One piece die-cast body, instead of an assembly of small parts. Being designed for manual exposure mode only it made that as easy as possible. Sony was one of the first to market with a mirrorless camera, and now offers models ranging from affordable a6100 all the way to the high-end, 60MP a7R IV. 5 MD Zoom. Self Portrait, 1974. R-only (Leica R series only). Description: All credit goes to an evolutionary leap in the image processing power and its efficiency, the Sony a7R III is a combination of a high resolution 42. Best lenses for Canon EOS M50, take a look at the recommended lenses for Canon EOS M50 camera. Feb 28, 2019 · Also, Ken Rockwell reviewed the popular 70-210mm Series 1 zoom and the 1. Ken Rockwell 38,327 views. With some cameras the aperture can be changed on the camera, however, there are others that you will have to change the aperture the old-fashioned way and use the ring on the lens. 8 APO G SSM[/shoplink]. 4 es de los mejores, pero los Minolta, Rollei, Canon FD, Nikon, Konica,  Is there any Minolta lens in particular that is worth having and it's I'm not necessarily a fan of Ken Rockwell, but he essentially reviews the  The Leica CL was manufactured for Leitz by Minolta in the 1970s (production Weight, 225. 8 APO G HS is a marvel of a lens indeed. Sigma 24mm f/1. As an upgrade of the Leica IIIb, the Leica IIIc had important changes: . The Leica R4 was introduced in 1980 as the successor to the R3, and became the most popular among all the R-system cameras, with more than 125,000 copies of the different R4 versions being sold worldwide. 7, Minolta MD W. This lens updates the styling of the older lens and looks very similar I've teased Ken Rockwell before, but I've mostly agreed with him on his assessment of gear. Close focus distance: 2. 5 Lights: AB800 / AB400 & CSRB's I assume you are talking about Ken Rockwell Blog? Jack of all camera's master of nothing camera Blogger lol. 8 Tamron Di III zoom lens. 1 feet / 0. Using advanced image recognition technology, LandscapePro 3 is better than ever at detecting features in your landscape. com is because I've been searching for a new DSLR. Alas, Olympus came up a few yards short. Excellent information as I’ve always wondered about adding extension tubes even though I already have the Nikkor 105mm macro. 17 Konica Minolta Named to CRN’s 2020 Solution Provider 500 List Jul 07, 2020 · As for sharpness, well Ken Rockwell reports that “the Fujinon 23mm f/1. Sep 9, 2014 - Ken Rockewell is a talented photographer as well as the creator of his well-known web site, kenrockwell. 8: The softness is mostly gone, the lens is sharp across most of the frame, bokeh improves a little. It is more accurately known as the M42 The Nikkor lens 35-70mm/2. What are the best lenses for travel photography? Difficult to say, considering that the way we experience our adventures changes every time, depending on who we are and where we decide to go. com Type Lens Serial No Date Notes Optic Angle Bl Close Focus Macro Focus Throw Filter Diam Length Weight Hood K,Ai: 13/5. 5 Yashinon DS-M – Bad, really bad, one of the worst Apr 06, 2011 · Here is some more recent audio writing by Ken Rockwell. The only Zeiss camera lens I own is a brass-barreled antique, and when I want to slow down I typically shift to a larger format. 2 lens to see how the two lenses from different generations compare optically. com) who also reviewed the rare Nikkor 19mm f/2. He tends to give only passing mention to Sony. 3. 4 is as sharp as Nikon and Canon’s 35mm f/1. It's the first M camera we've seen with a vari-angle LCD, a big plus for vlogging and video Welcome to LensRentals. The review is very accurate, read it!I bought it to replace my Nikon 80-400 VR. Summary Sigma's 24-105mm f4 Art is a new general-purpose zoom lens, available in Canon, Nikon, Sony A and Sigma fits. Nikon. This telephoto camera lens is true workhorse with a versatile range of 70-200mm, a constant 2. The R mount is the standard method of connecting a lens to the Leica R series of 35 mm single-lens reflex cameras. com) submitted 3 years ago by oldmanriver1 to r/photography. 7 counterpart which served as a kit lens in the Minolta SR… Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR/Super-Takumar 135mm F2. If Ken Rockwell doesn't get better results with Zeiss lenses, I'm cool with that. The FUJIFILM X100F features the 24. 8-4 Aspherical Autofocus Lens For Minolta Alpha Mount {72} This product is currently out of stock. Minolta's version was launched in 1977 as the Minolta XD-11 in the US, the Minolta XD-7 in Europe and Minolta XD in Japan. One last thing is that this is a pretty cool camera and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it's look and to me it is a pleasure to use. There is a lot of information in the Internet over other manual focusing Minoltas, like the old SR and SR-T -models, the famous XD-series and less known pro-level SLR, the Minolta XM and its motorized version, the XM Motor. One of which was a Minolta XD7, which he The Leica R4 family of Leica 35mm SLR cameras was launched in 1980. Canon SX530 HS was introduced to market in January 2015 and Nikon B500 was launched in February 2016. CameraQuest Home Shopping Cart Price List Camera Articles I Buy / Wants Repairs Books Adapters. 15 Sep 2005 If it was a camera that would be easy, I would say Minolta XD7 (same as it has that fantastic "Summicron 40". This write-up consists of some of my reflections after using it for a while, after using up two rolls of the B&W film Tri-X and a roll color film Fuji Reala with the Minolta TC-1. 8, the two lenses are about the same in the center and the mid frame. If you want to take advantage of everything Leica offers, you shouldn’t be looking at a CL; go look at M6/7s. 4 N non-AI (classic non-AI '70-76, K non-AI '75-'77, AI '77-'81, AI-S '81-present) This sample circa '72. Being that I previously owned the Nikon 24mm f/1. 8 review-so-far Fujifilm's XF 50-140mm f2. Topics 2020. This also comes with a 2800AF flash. Nov 20, 2012 · Sigma 12-24 mm II DG review including resolution, bokeh, chromatic aberration, distortion and more. 1876 Scovill Lens Catalog. com We rent lenses & cameras for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Fuji, video equipment, and more with nationwide shipping and great customer service! Photo size: 21. Since Sigma reverse engineers (vs. Sep 26, 2014 · David and Bellamy, thanks for a great review. The first version of the lens was announced in the late 1960s, making it the very first zoom lens sold under the Vivitar badge. With an average F-stop of F4 it should work well if the VG20 has greater sensitivity. The fact that I’m talking about the CV 35/1. and XD in Japan). Produced 1966 Minolta Camera Co. Ken Rockwell interviewed on KCBS TV2, Los Angeles, 09 February 2005 (also watch the Sep 30, 2018 · John, Minolta Dynax was the name given to Minolta cameras released in Europe, Africa and Asia. 8/135’s over the years. com/minolta/#mfslrs 21 Apr 2020 Ken Rockwell describes this as a “rich persons holiday camera”, which makes sense as it cost about $1000 USD when it came out in 1993. Ken's website is an amazing and constantly evolving compendium of thoughtful and thought provoking essays, photography galleries, Photoshop lessons and detailed test reports of new and vintage camera equipment. While multipurpose lenses History and technical details of the Vivitar 70-210 Series 1 macro zoom lens. 5/100 is a little bit sharper, has nicer bokeh, less bokeh fringing and less CA. Ken Rockwell seems to think no pro's use 24-70s - as an aspiring pro on the cusp of a new lens purchase, Im curious: is Ken Rockwell just an idiot? (kenrockwell. The Minolta 9000 still lumped on two thoughts. Apr 25, 2015 · Ken Rockwell calls this Nikon's worst lens and there certainly are some reasons to label it as such. 8 vs. Produced 1969 Canon Inc. Found the batteries work on my Nikon Ftn, minolta SRTs, Topcon Slr, and , If I buy one, a Leicameter MRall thanks to Ken Rockwell. 25 Konica Minolta Announces AccurioJet KM-1e B2+ LED UV Inkjet Press 2020. Canon dropped their manual Focus FD Mount into early 1987, when they’ve had introduced the Canon EOS System, together with the Canon EOS 650 Body, and some EF Lenses. favorite this post Jun 24 MINOLTA MAXXUM CAMERA 35MM $50 (Longwood/434) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. Read our Nikon Coolpix B500 review to find out if this super-zoom camera is worth considering Dec 12, 2019 · Focal Length. Chat with other photography enthusiasts about equipment, lighting, lenses, film or digital cameras. Ken Rockwell's Reviews  My Minolta SRT-102 with Vivitar 200 mm f/3. Take a look at the set of highly recommended lenses for your EOS M50 and do share your questions and thoughts with us. We have created the most expansive filter to camera guide chart on the entire Internet for FREE! This includes camera lens brand from Sony, Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Olympus, Zeiss and many more. 13 offers from $157. If you ask most consumer-camera owners why they keep a filter on their lens, a majority will most likely reply, “For protection. 4 options”, which cost twice as much. Very soon after the 7000, Minolta introduced the professional 9000 in 1985. From my collection of vintage classic cameras. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 8 is a macro lens for all  This is the best scanner I have ever used, period. Well built and spectacular lens. Used at f/2. , Japan Film type 135 (35mm) Picture size 24mm x 36mm Weight 25. Nov 20, 2011 · Unlike the somewhat basic affair that is the Tamron AF 70-300mm Macro, the new Tamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5. Minolta and Nikon produce the higher-end machines, both of which process trays of mounted slides at very high resolutions -- 2820 dpi and 4000 dpi, respectively. 5 Yashinon DS-M – Bad, really bad, one of the worst Oct 20, 2009 · The Minolta prime can be used for landscapes at f/5. Miniature 35 mm camera The Minox 35 EL was a miniature 35 mm camera, introduced in 1974 by Minox in Germany. 4, 50mm f/2. At the end of the day, results count more than tech specs. This converts to a 45mm to 136mm zoom. The third or R-cam is used on R-series cameras (R3-R7). 5/5) f/1. C The Leica IIIc is a 35mm rangefinder camera introduced by Leica in 1940. This may seem surprising, but to a great extent it reflects the fact that while older lenses tend to be less sharp wide open, the difference is less marked when they’re stopped down to their sharpest apertures. The rest is all metal. New! LandscapePro 3 Out Now. Tinka tiek pilnam kadrui (FF) , tiek APS-C jutikliui . A longtime avid photographer and a computer buff, I still had a lot to learn about digi Today i will speak about Ken Rockwell versus Jared Polin versus Matt Granger versus Tony Northrup vs Michael Andrew Shiffler (AKA The Maven and he name himself also the mentor) versus whomever i saw on Youtube or by their website. D Ken Rockwell, Self-Portrait, age 12. Lens attachment mark (Canon, Minolta) SPECIFICATIONS 272E Focusing Distance 90mm Maximum Aperture F/2. And in a way it is, as soon as the photographer puts his eye to the camera it begins to focus and to zoom to create the best possible picture. I found one. Or Erwin Puts. Shop refurbished DSLR camera deals at Nikon. 4 (1985-) One of the best 50/1. Aperture range: f/2  14 Nov 2015 Ken Rockwell explains the differences and provides a chart detailing To identify them visually, it's a similar situation to Minolta MD lenses  I have not used the Minolta but am certain good scans can be made with it. a Tip: in 35mm has 4800dpi in 120 has 3200dpi (max 6x9cm, but 6x17cm can be done in , while the NIKON 9000 has 4000 dpi in both formats. The Leica R4 was made available in five Feb 25, 2020 · Nikon D780 Full Review by Ken Rockwell - Duration: 29:18. 8 – Price paid: $95 In addition to the lenses, I had to buy an adapter that would allow me to mount the lenses to my Sony A7 Review: Minolta MD 50 mm f/2 (MD-III) The MD 50 mm f/2 with 49 mm filter thread is the slowest non-macro standard prime produced by Minolta. Dec 10, 2015 · All images courtesy of the George Eastman House. It didn’t take long to figure out how to cherry-pick his site and his opinions for the what is accurate and useful. 8 kit zoom. May 19, 2015 · A Wein Cell worked just fine for me in my Minolta SR-T200, but ultimately the cost and short life of the batteries left me in search of another solution. Minolta 28mm F2 Lens. The Leica M5 is a 35 mm camera by Leica Camera AG, introduced in 1971. Add to compare Announced: 01/06/2004 Dec 18, 2018 · Nikon D3500 review: Nikon has hit a winning formula with this cheap-but-great starter DSLR, which is an ideal first 'proper' camera for beginners. 3 Sports, a super telephoto zoom DSLR lens with a weather and dust proof construction available in most major mounts including Nikon, Canon and Sigma. 8 (3/5) This is a solid lens but the 2. Minolta XE-1 with MC Rokkor 85mm f1. The aperture range starts at with f/2. One day I stumbled across some information about how a few photographers were using old M42 Zeiss screw-mount lenses with their DSLR’s using adapter rings and producing outstanding photographs. This group contains 3925 photos. 5 - 4. The meter didn't read through the lens or  11 Jun 2013 This Minolta Maxxum AF 100mm f/2. licenses) manufacturer AF routines, there is always the possibility that a DSLR body might not support a Minolta Manual Focus LensMinolta MC Rokkor 85mm 1:1. p. Save up to 40% off retail price & get a 180-day warranty. 3k scan. Jan 06, 2009 · Ken Rockwell is a very wise, and yet seemingly bored man. 8-5. 8 Macro and 100mm f/2. I have seen plenty of excellent photo's taken with this lens and other mirrors here on flickr that would question the Ken Rockwell view. Produced from 1958 to 1961, the P was among Canon's last screw mount rangefinders, a modification of the VI-L. When you hold the depth of field preview button and look through the viewfinder, you’ll notice it is significantly darker but accurately displays your complete depth of field. ken rockwell minolta

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