7. 4L/454/502 engines can be replaced with the   454 / 502 Aluminum Intake Manifold with Brass Crossovers. 3 427; 4. Please share your thoughts. Displacement Sierra 18-1976-2 Mercruiser Manifold Elbow Fits most Mercruiser V6 and V8 applications, 7 degree (4" O. It has an engine code on the block of T04060XW which matches to a "Gen IV". If you are looking at the front of the engine at the belts and pulleys, clockwise would be Left Hand, and counter-clockwise would be Right Hand. i know this is a old post but had to tell my story, 91 suburban 2500 454 starter would freeze up when hot . Using our service can help you to avoid phone fraud due to reverse phone number lookup. 5(a)(1), 451. Components my differ depending on MerCruiser year, these guidelines are typical for most model MerCruisers for 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006. 375 EXTERNAL BBC Crankshaft . I. Find CHEVROLET 7. Ratio 9. . 4 8. Can you or someone tell me the valve size, Intake, exhaust and combustion chamber CC on the folowing rec. 4L (LH) 7. Nov 22, 2010 · Re: Marine 454 Big Block The long block is essentially the same. GM 14097092. I have nightmares every night. A-Team Performance 8. 87 volts. Location for oil filter bypass valve is adjacent to oil filter nipple on oil filter mounting pad, Location for second valve (For oil cooler bypass) is above oil filter nipple in block on filter mounting pad. 1971 Chevrolet Ccorvette Convertible matching numbers 454 LS5. f. From the right counter-clockwise, you can see the cover (which bolts to the flexplate), the impeller pump (which slides over the transmission input shaft) the turbine, and the stator. Chevy engine casting numbers Shop 502 Chevy Big Block V8 Valve Covers and Accessories parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. If both was built 100% the same. We thought this is a good Dec 07, 2018 · Not all internet sources agree on this subject , the 502 /454ho there are at least 3 different flywheels maybe more . 50 or 500, doesnt matter. V) GM 454 V-8 1994-1996: 500 (GEN. A big-block crankshaft pulley, GM part number 10085753. Call us today at 502-454-4441 for an appointment. Did not opt for splayed mains and retain the two bolt. d. Paint jobs in great shape just a couple chips here and there. A fuel injected engine can mask a dead spark plug at idle. 4L/454 Crate Engines and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! 502 HO, 461 hp, Cast Iron Heads, Each Not Yet Reviewed. Old Style 454 & 502 CM305XL / 350XL / 350HT 454XL & 502 XL MP5. bravo (gen. Get driving directions, reviews and ratings, phone numbers, addresses and more on Local. Message me for more pictures or info. 394 Description. street or marine engines. Mercruiser vs. в (8,1 л) 502 у. I like the idea that 427 ci were installed in 69 camaros but 454 ci is bigger bang for the buck. Its a stock 502 that had a procharger from the dealer. 391 - Looking at the Stars; Ep. I don't know if you can go any bigger stroke in a common GM  The boat has no engine, the 454 that was in it had a melt down and a 502 and he was very accepting now i need to know whats my options  Chevrolet Performance's 454 HO crate engine is classic in its own time, offering All ZZ502 crate engines are manufactured with GM's updated cylinder block  Results 1 - 48 of 96 Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster + 454 Big Block Removed from Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454. 250 : 346236: 1974-76: 454: 4. Back Pain - Skye Chiropractic is your local Chiropractor in Louisville serving all of your needs. Direct OEM Manufactured Replacement for Mercruiser Big Block Chevy 454/502 Manifolds and Risers; Manifolds and 4" Risers Constructed from Cast Iron and  It seems like some engine builders do not care how long the parts in your engine last, or they simply don't know this. 393 - Timeskip; Ep. O. 0a631894 thru 0b785148; 454 mag. youll have to stick to a torque cam because of the computor needs vacuum (speed density) headers will help greatly. Feature: --Designed for Camaro , Chevelle , Nova BBC 396 402 427 454 502 V8 Engines. The rocker emblems could be easily added . Pace Performance Products in Ohio put together a decent upgrade. This pickup truck is a full-size, high-performance vehicle fitted with a powerful engine. i didn't know about the extra ring on those tall  Back to top. But The block should not be machined without the piston that are going to be used. в (6,7 л) 427 у. The unit I got was an newstyle, smaller, aftermarket Delco for a late 1990's 454 with a 9 tooth drive. 4L w/Hurth (LH) MK4 7. 1970 was the last year for the M21. 038 inch Firing Order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2 Idle Base Engine: 600 RPM (Automatic: 550 RPM) LT1, LS6 Engines: 700 RPM LS5 Engine: 600 RPM WE stock all kinds of exhaust components. Louisville, KY 40205. Try moving the engine cover, and with the engine running, look at the spark plug wires where they connect to the spark plugs themselves for a blue spark where the spark is ground out on the head, or listen for a 'snapping' sound. 14015445 Big Block V8 1978-1990 454, 2 bolt or 4 bolt. Ilmor Boat Motors. 5 - 23 Height/Tall - View photos and details for 502 Belmont Drive Raymore, MO. Same great 454 mag base motor except new ZZ502 short block. 502 Chevy Big Block V8 Valve Covers and Accessories parts in-stock with same-day shipping. 600" bore, you will be at 598CI. 386 - More Exciting Brand; Ep. Folks that don't think an LS iron block weighs much need to try to pick one up - they're at least as heavy as an old 454 block. 454. 2815 Bardstown Rd. It must be uncomfortable to keep them bottled up. Since I couldn't get any answer, I ordered 5 different starters. It all depends on the parts used to build the engines. 454 and H. Truck drivers with older 454 engines will love the towing power from a new 502! The HT502 is meant as a replacement. 033 - . The point is are they the same I know there not but how  From towing to drag racing, the 502 HO big block crate engine has power on Check out Chevrolet Performance product releases, future car builds, and more. The block cylinder walls are Siamesed and are bored to 4. 5 L19; 4. This document is provided for the sole and exclusive use of the original recipient as prescribed by Mercury Marine and may not be distributed or copied, digitally or otherwise, without the prior written consent Casting : Year: CID: Main Caps: Comments: 340220: 1972-76: 427: 4-bolt: tall truck: 345014: 1974-86: 454. D. Family Select Insurance 502-454-7283, Louisville, Kentucky. 4L/454 Chevy big block Mark IV Flywheels and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! marine illustrated parts manual model mp454 xli serial number 101810 thru 103880 model mp7. I have a scanner but it just gives me code 502 and does not tell me which one, I have a mid 80's 454 4 bolt, hydraulic flat tappet cam, stock heads nothing special. I've done an egr, purge valve and ac delete. Change the regulator, injectors, arrestor, etc and you get even more. Chevrolet Performance 502 crate engine. Visit us at the Poplar Level location today, or contact us at (502) 454-9180. problem solved with a hi torque starter, plenty of air space Dec 31, 2010 · The 8. Beyond these changes, I'm not sure what other differences there are between the Mark IV, Gen V and Gen VI engines. 125. under the hood so hot that you couldn't lean against the fenders without burning yourself, i had to run water over the starter to cool it off enough to allow it to turn over. Code Year CID HP Model Comment I was an engineer for FORD motor company for 27 years, we disassembled more 302 engines and rebuilt them for multi purposes than I can count; To use a car engine in a boat requires only a few substitutions of parts , all external. BBC 502. 14044807 Big Block V8 454 tall deck, 4 bolt, Bowtie, MkIV, CNC prep, Tall deck, 4. 00. Spark Plug Torque 25 lb. 800 deck is 1/8 502/502 engine assembly and previous versions of the big block V8. 0, 4. I’m really too tired. 1970 454 casting date of C 10 70 for March 10, 1970. 4. the other 2 i believe are 330 HP. truck: 346236: 1974-76: 454: 2: 215, 2 bolt: 359070: 1974-90 Oct 12, 2016 · The 454SS was powered by a 454 cu in (7. T 454 / 502 454XL & 502 XL Distributors Phone or Text 847-276-8110. The motor I am looking at is a 454 w/425 HP@5250 RPM and 500 ft. Own this business? Please tell us by clicking here if you know that any of the information shown is incorrect. 31 and the 502 block must be more than 4. All Exhaust Systems by Engine Model - Big Block Chevy 454 / 502, 7. This is considered a “long” pump, and is 7 5/16” from block to fan mounting surface. 17 years only building marine engines. 060 bore may be to big for a +0. Cast# 14096188 Cast# 14097088 Cast#6272990 The Chevrolet 454 engine was a part of the 2nd generation of Chevrolet big block engines. You swap over your induction components like TBI manifold and throttle body along with ignition system and some other components. Also all 454's had the dowell in the back of the crank. 0l010029 thru 0l058399; 454 mag. 95 in oz that I am familiar with . gas, 454's like the middle grade,but will run on Reg. 1 is far superior to any 454 out of the box. Jan 18, 2008 · 4. 0mm Red Silicone Spark Plug Wires BBC Big Block Chevy Chevrolet GMC Straight Boot Wires 396 402 427 454 502 572 Big Block Chevy “Straight Boot". 1 366; 4. Tell me about 502 blocks Discussion in ' The 502 cylinder castings are thinner than a 454, this block is as far as it can go at the 0. Tell us about your complaint. +) GM 502 V-8 1999 > Can anyone out there tell me what a good typical cruising RPM would be on a > boat with twin Crusader 454 (350 HP) engines. The problem is your wallet. That year is kind of on the border line between the "Gen IV" and the "Gen V" 454 versions. JDA1047 PT 58-0009 How to Determine Water Pump Rotation All vane type water pumps. OEM MerCruiser V8 454 7. motor, transmission all rebuilt. It was an 11 tooth ministarter and sounded awful. 760 inches (in 396, 402, and 427 engines) and 4. 389 - ROCK STAR; Ep. SKU. 4L MPI (LH) 7. The 454 big block is a true legend of an engine that has been the base for many of the fastest, highest HP builds in the history of hot rodding. delco pg260 starter motor parts [parts bulletin] pmc-95-01 04-may-2000. 4 L) V8 producing 230 hp and 385 lb·ft . 86 ex presnt compression: 12 1/2 to one intake: Holley strip dominator / Quik fuel 950 cfm / magana flow pump cam - Comp - solid roller - 244 duration with . 0:1 This is the ultimate street manifold for 396, 427, 454 or 502 big block engines. May 13, 2012 · Wonder if you're down a cylinder. I hope you got a deal on yours but you should always run the numbers first. Don't tell me your one off those old guys thinking turbos are not worth the effort even they has ben around since 99% off the board members was still unboarn. 100 some go 0. Marine Engines: Standard And Reverse Rotation Boats with twin engines usually have them turning in opposite directions so the torque reactions of the engines cancel each other out. 2L Engine Specifications I know a lot of guys with the 502 Mag, and the original 454 Mag. Note 1: 454/502/8. Feb 06, 2018 · Evolution of Sterndrives: Volvo vs. Vehicles Used by Nonprofit Disaster Relief Organizations on Westlaw FindLaw Codes are provided courtesy of Thomson Reuters Westlaw, the industry-leading online legal research system . Note: This pulley is difficult to obtain from GM. Jun 11, 2017 · Through the years, Chevrolet had introduced various displacements for its big block engines, such as the following: 348, 366, 396, 402, 409, 427, 454, 502, and 572 cubic-inch. Could someone please tell me what the gap should be on a year 2000 For the 1970 model year, Chevrolet announced a 454-cid expansion of the Mark IV, available for Monte Carlo, Chevelle, the big Chevrolet, and Corvette. Another big blow for the 454 was the gas crisis of 1973 which pretty much sealed the fate for the motor during this period. 19 int / 1. Musclecar & Hi-Po Engines Chevy 454 Yenko 502 512 496 See more like this. In general, items such as motor mounts, accessory drives, exhaust manifolds, etc. Mandrel bent tubes --Easy direct bolt-on installation, require NO modification --Shorty-style header. 000 inches (in 454 and 502 V-8s), and were made from either cast iron or forged low-carbon steel like AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) 1053, although a few 4. 4) 290 hp @ 4000 rpm Torque 410 @3200 rpm Sequential-Port Fuel Injection Comp. 250 : 359070 accueil engine code. 2 (502) engines - V8 Mark IV 454, 502 cid. alpha gm 454 v-8 1986-1988. View all 5 (502) 454-5766 is Mary's phone number. Most made after the mid-1920s have a manufacturing date stamped on them, usually on the bottom or the bottom edge of the fount (tank). Harassment Cases Settled. 25". Mercury now manufactures their own 8. bare engine blocks are straight from Chevrolet Performance. This is a rare vehicle as not a whole lot of May 13, 2012 · Wonder if you're down a cylinder. It will have "8. i. Jul 10, 2005 · I recently toasted my 454 in my boat. Jul 06, 2017 · Had it been a 70 SS 454 Chevelle it would have been a $70K car . 4L. Exhibits weatherability, hardness, scratch resistance, and many other high performance characteristics. Tell me more · About us · Contact us · Partnerships · Newsletter · Magazine  Chevrolet Performance's 454 HO crate engine is a classic in its own time, offering All ZZ502 crate engines are manufactured with GM's updated cylinder block  366 у. Reasons for running hot may be thermostadt or bad water pump. Also part of the package was the base 360 horse LS5 with heavy-duty battery. Gen V And VI doesn't have a fuel pump boss, Gen V heads don't have an adjustable valve train. It'll be knda hard to see and you might have to feel around for it. 2 502; 5. 2. 5 Generation V. The problem is that I don't know how you tell what is in it, unless you can find the original spec. Find local listings of businesses and services near you. If the available 454 block is a 4 bolt main, and your car is NOT a numbers matching, I'd consider setting the block up to 427ci. 5(a)(3), 452(a), 452(b), 452(c), 453(a), 453(b), 454(a)(1), 454(a)(2), 455 i know this is a old post but had to tell my story, 91 suburban 2500 454 starter would freeze up when hot . 387 - Turn It Off; Ep. Listing Information: On this page we are selling our - 0. Qty. 4L w/B/W MK4 7. thermostat housings no longer available [parts bulletin] pmc-96-09 04-may-2000. As you may know from some of my previous posts, I am doing a top end rebuild of my 1991 Mercruiser 7. A production Chevy 502cid block can be a Gen V or VI. VI Roller Cam Big Block Crate Engines- 1 Per Package. 0L Vortec- Internal Pontiac 326-455- Internal Oldsmobile Small Block 260-307-330-350-403- External Oldsmobile Big Block. These 502 c. By embracing your destiny you will be able to truly fulfill your purpose in life which will, in turn, lead you to the path of great success. Including 10227763 -GM 454 HO & 502 HO Exhaust Pushrod- Used In Chevrolet Performance Parts Iron Headed Gen. Sep 04, 2012 · We test rectangle versus oval ports on a Chevy big-block and give you the dyno numbers. I'm thinking of doing the same thing, new 350 in my 91 Sierra 4x4, considering it has 151,000 plus miles on it, mostly hi-way. com or the November 2011 issue of Car Craft Magazine. 47 inch. And stroking a 454 to make a 502 still will not give the same engine. Forged Steel Crankshafts 10183723 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! 454 engines, 454 big block V8, 496 marine engine. 165. AdvertisementClick Here […] Dating a Coleman® lantern is very easy, 95% of the time. Add to cart. The axle itself is unique, being a 14-bolt semi-floating unit which uses standard Chevrolet 5 on 5-inch wheels—the only factory-produced 14-bolt Since you usually cannot see the flywheel with the engine in the boat it can also be determined from the front of the engine. 200 deck all have four bolt mains mark 4 blocks have a 1/8 pipe plug up top of timing cover the deck is taller then the top water pump bolt by 5/16 or so and the 9. 388 - First Sip; Ep. е. 1970 396 casting date of D 7 70 for April 7, 1970. 382 - The Tell-Tale Heart; Ep. 060 ) and love it. Find Your Engine. 0d805069 thru 0f304999; 454 mag. Wish List Compare. The 454 can only be bored out so much. Port: Intake; Description: (1) heavy-duty heat-treated . GM Chevrolet Chevy Pontiac Trans am firebird nova body x body 305 350 327 396 400 427 454 502 572 Corvette Chevelle Bel Air Camaro Malibu El Camino Impala Nova Vega cell or text 76zero-four92-22twentytwo Mike . v) gm 454 v-8 1996-1997. Why 502, Go 454 MAG, lighter and great revs, change the exhaust and you've 502 power output plus you save 100 + lbs. as far as the cam, make sure that year didnt have the core support going down the center of the rad (pretty sure it didnt). Do a cylinder pressure test to make sure you don't have a bad cylinder. vortec. Broke d--k cant afford aluminum but I can get first two for a good price. 2 (502). 631 lift Crane roller rockers MSD - crank trigger / 7AL3 box- Please fill out the form below to download the related file for… Why Did You Summon Me? chapter 454 When Baiyi noticed Mia staring at him intensely, he had to make do with an old trick in the book for those caught in embarrassing situations: faked coughing fit. 55 gears and a TKO 600 make this a street rocket and I for one would not want or need more than this for the street. JAT D 2 Jan 2003 THE max bore for the 427/454 is 4. A 502 will be about 4. 24 Sep 2018 Here a re few things you should know before you get started. 6. 10. I put it on and it sound GREAT! 496's came in 2500-3500 GM trucks 2001-2007, Avalanches (2500) and some vans 496's have a different firing order than old school SBC/BBC's. Fits 262-454 & 502 except 384/409 Tall Block Engines Contains: 18-5354 Dist. (831) 372-9100 · 454 Alvarado St Monterey, CA 93940 Note: This is only a rough estimator of carb sizing. chevy 454 96-00 comp engine 96-00. I think that on a stock 454 block going 3/8" stroke and . O 'crate ' motor from Jeg's Performance. Find fuel injection components — throttle body, injector, IAC valve, TPS, fuel pressure regulators (rail mounted & cooler mounted) & map sensor — for your Mercruiser stern drive using the application chart from the Mercury Quicksilver catalog. Any suggestions, perks, or negatives to these engines, the 96 is a 310 HP. 390 - Gender Norms; Ep. The early 496's had a bunch of problems, but I think they are all sorted out now. 6 Commercial applications . Jan 17, 2015 · Hi, I have a 1984 Airstream RV with a Chevy 454 engine, 119k miles. NO the 396to454and 502 are all 9. I wouldn’t want to restore that car . If you are looking for raw power, just build the 454. 2L Exhaust Systems. Over 36 years of experience in providing meaningful savings on quality auto, home, life, Jan 18, 2014 · I have a 69 Camaro with a 350 engine. 502-689-5117; and your phone will tell you when you can come back and enjoy the ride. But what really grabs your attention is the big block heart in the middle. I am going to see it in person on sunday. 99. 1,033 Client Reviews Apr 03, 2020 · (323) 963-3881 · 6800 Owensmouth Ave Ste 130 Los Angeles, CA 91303 Sep 06, 2018 · I spoke to the person with the procharged 502 today at length. lbs @ 3250 RPM. 04-24-11 05:31 PM - Post# 2081395 In response to fritz1990 Thank you Jeff, If it is very apparent, then I do not have a 454 balancer. port heads? And if any of the three will not work on a Gen IV block. I have a 454 block with the conversion to a 427 ( bored . S. 400-425-455- External AMC Gen 1 (to 1966) 250-287-327-External Gen 2 (1966-1970) May 12, 2012 · BUTTTT if your going to build a big bigblock. A downloadable MerCruiser repair manual is a digitally delivered book of instructions that guides the mechanic in the proper procedures for maintenance, service, overhaul and troubleshooting of components (e. 7L Electrical/Ignition Ballast Resistor 454 / 502 Coils 220-305 /270-350 454 / 502 454 / 502 MP8. the big-boy 454 could only be had with the SS 454 package. and 502 C. 60  Do the math; 502 cubic inches and 502 HP is one HP per cubic inch. Add to Cart. As I look at the externally balanced flywheel ( flexplate ) for the 454 engine it has a weight welded to it. Im putting a vortec 454 in my 78 Camaro with a th400 transmission and 3. 6 Generation VI. 4L / 502 CID / 8. 14015443 Big Block V8 1987-1990 454, 2 or 4 bolt, Mark IV, Truck or Motorhome. CE warranty block dated I 6 72 for September 6, 1972 Nov 14, 2014 · The rear bumper had a black insert while up front the SS got a “power bulge” hood. 466-inch bore with reinforced deck surfaces to improve head-gasket Sep 19, 2013 · 12561358 Big Block V8 502, 4 bolt, Generation VI. Start with a a 502 or aftermarket block. Note 2: 7. 575" lift wont work with these non adj. It is a low skin irritation, fast curing monomer for use in free radical polymerization. Riser). I came across a deal on a set of bbc 502 stainless valves 7/16 studs etcway better than stock 454 peanuts. It dynoed at 540 hp and 525 torque with redline around 6500. From Business: Public Notary Services Sep 19, 2013 · 12561358 Big Block V8 502, 4 bolt, Generation VI. - V8 496 cid, on unpainted rectangle shaped boss on cylinder block, just above MCM starter motor location. 454 CID / 7. I want to install a Big Block but am struggling to determine if a 427 CI or a 454 ci is the way to go. The 8. Gen V heads may not interchange with MkIV or Gen VI ( . Bowtie/Dart/Merlin blocks weigh 30 - 50lbs more, depending on bore, etc. roller cam. I can tell you from experience balancing crankshafts , there are not too many aftermarket flexplates that match the OEM . This is a heat exchanger for a 454/502 crusader. Instant & accurate results. 25 bore or 4. We will respond to you at lightning speed Conversely, the factoryequipped 366, 396, 402, 427, 496, and 572 engines are equipped with an internally balanced crankshaft. Ship for flat $150 Depending on the engine modifications you’ve made, you’ll need to take a few extra factors into consideration before settling on the right spark plugs. 4L / 8. 19 intake, 1. BK. 060" for use in Gen-VI 454 and 502 engines with hydraulic roller lifters HT502 kits provide better towing capabilities in a direct bolt-in replacement for any high-mileage 454. 88 exhaust Jul 10, 2005 · I recently toasted my 454 in my boat. Except for a 1960-62 235 apache 10. But on an aftermarket block you can go +1/2" stoke and 4. 80) or M40 ($290. 7/16" bolts on front of heads. Like the 502, the 454 powered trucks but at a lower horsepower output. Please check general information, community rating and reports about this phone number. JACKSON 396-427-454-502 STANDARD DECK BB CHEVY Fuel Specifications Identifiers. This will tell you the overall condition of the (502) 454-6200. Jun 14, 2011 · The 454 moves 454 cubic inchs of air where the 572 moves 572 cubic inchs of air. Johnson Motor Company introduced the first sterndrive in 1930, but the initial design required most boats to be redesigned to accommodate the motor. If the engine is a Vortec, they are subject to leaky intake manifolds, which introduce coolant into the oil; a sure engine killer. Additionally, the Gen VI block is machined for the use of the "magical" factory hydraulic roller-lifter cam. lbs. These Gen VI cast iron blocks are a stout foundation for any big-block engine project. 3,579 likes · 5 talking about this · 7 were here. Comes with two oil baffles and stainless steel bolt kit. Use a Professional Products #53600 gasket or a Fel-Pro #1210 (non-Printoseal) or #1212 (Printoseal) intake gasket with this manifold. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the Download a copy of a repair manual for your MerCruiser straight to your computer in seconds—fix you engine or sterndrive now. I have used this company several times and would tell anyone that they can depend on them Never made a mark on any of my walls. 2L Models Only-Test spring pressure with inner and outer spring assembled. Jan 31, 2014 · Big cube engines - starting with 502 and going up - will weigh a bit more, 502 block has siamesed cylinders, so it's a bit heavier. Re: 7. To create this article, 11 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. block #297. 060" over you will be at 510 (I think) and your about maxed. Search homes for sale, get school district and neighborhood info for Raymore, MO on 123homesearch. If its a crate motor anywhere from 450 to 500+ hp and around 575 lbft. --Made form 18 gauge steel tubing for BBC Shorty style headers, black coated ,no Weld-Up --1 3/4'' primary tube diameter,3. This is a street engine that runs on 87 Gas and makes just under 800HP and 729 ft/lbs of torque! We then added a Plasma Ignition System (circa $500) Sep 19, 2012 · GM 454 Engine Fuel Systems: The following information hopefully will help those that own and love the classic Coaches and wish to keep them running with the performance they were designed to provide. 495 bores. 1 will run well on Reg. 502 crate motors. They are designed to run at a higher rpm than ones in cars. More popular was the 454. 56 might be abit tall. You couldn’t get the SS Monte Carlo with a 4 speed , you could on a regular Monte Carlo with a 350 or 402 . 454/502 cid replacments parts [parts bulletin] pmc-01-03 02-may-2000 Casting # Year: CID: Bore: Description: 340220: 1972-76: 427: 4. 2" cast into the block, and will have 4-bolt mains with a one piece rear main seal. It is trifunctional. Here is what I can tell you: - Temp runs around 220 with new thermostat ( 195 degree thermostat ), Sometimes hits about 230 - Temp stays at around 180 if I take and leave the Dec 19, 2019 · Somebody dared to defy convention and lived to tell happy stories about it. 441. 120. Careers  Find Chevrolet Performance 454 C. Holds water and pressure. None of the 396 or 454 had the pin. в (7,4 л) 496 у. ” Liu Biao sighed, “I’m tired. -ft. This short-deck, four-bolt main block features a monster 4. Get to Know Us. Email. At the same time, two 400-cid engines appeared on the specs charts, but they were totally different. Older restoration. This "short-deck" block was designed to meet the needs of powerful and reliable 500 c. It is different tigoda answered 2 years ago big block chev's use a different bell housing then the small block but yes all chev 6 and small blocks use the same bell housing, and all the big blocks use the same bell housing,, but small and big blocks are not interchangeable,, as for your front end, if its a stock 454, it will handle the the weight , theres no As best that I can tell there is a minimum of 10. clean fast car. 385 - Back to Where You Once Belonged; Ep. the engine rots from the inside out when it is sitting, not running. 4 454; 4. Mar 07, 2018 · Admission $18. 454*. Uncle Sam started to tighten down on emission controls in 1971 which affected a lot of the power of the 454. A reverse rotation water pump off of a 1988-1999 454 engine. love this type of vid. It can be adapted to other Motors. Rob This number 908-946-6869 calls to tell me they are starting proceedings against my social security, which I don't have to start with! Then another number shows on ID 240-503-1745. 502 454 0771; 5024540771 +1 (502) 454-0771 ; We have helped thousands of people like you. 4L (454) or 8. 1972 402 casting date of I 20 71 for September 20, 1971. 000'' collector diameter,3/8'' thick flange --Add Instant Horsepower (10-15 HP). These all tell your senses there's something special under the hood even before you twist the key and hear it roar. Original Crusader oil pan fits Crusader 454 and 502 CID marine engines with a 1 piece rear main seal. Jun 25, 2010 · A guy I know got ripped badly on a car with a new "502-502" in it that was really a dressed up late model, low compression 454. The engine is out of a 99 c3500 stock ecm as well as all stock internals. ACR43TS (454 Cubic Inch LS5 Engine) ACR44XL (454 Cubic Inch LS6 Engine) Spark Plug Thread 14 mm. Drill down to the horsepower, liters or outdrive model, serial number range and component section to get an online inventory of original and aftermarket Mercruiser boat parts. the 502 is a 1998 leak and compression test were ok my buddy is a merc mechanic we will test the fuel pressure on sundayand the filter can u tell me what a vst tank is i must be having a brain cramp he does have a scanner to test the ecu codes also a friend had the same set up and he said the fuel line from the drive belt fuel to to the elec fuel pump got week on his and started to colapse at GM MIE V8 427, 454, 482 & 502 CID (Inboard) MODEL: S/N: YEAR: 325 330 340/7. $37. Also the max safe cruising RPM. Lin Fan laughed, “Hehe, looks like I guessed right. What's a good tune to start with. 3. These factors include spark plug seat design, thread length and diameter, and reach. From stock to High Performance! Bad exhaust will ruin your engine. It was the More significant for this year was the advent of the 454 CID (or 7. Aug 20, 2019 · HOT ROD has proved it before; for example, Evan Perkins installed a top-end kit on a tired 454 from a motorhome and made 567. 1970 454 casting date of C 31 70 for March 31, 1970. 14096859 Big Block V8 502, 4 bolt, Generation V, HO It looks like the cracked block 454 Mag mpi, w/ 5# procharger is gravitating towards a "hybrid" 502 Mag mpi 5# build. Current Rebates & Specials. Same heads, cam, compression, carb, etc. The larger engine has the means to make more HP but does not 100% mean it does in fact out power a 454. Search for more info about 502-454-8800 [SPONSORED] Tell Us About This Caller Did you receive a call or text from 502-454-8800? If you answered the call, please tap one of the buttons below to instantly help classify it. 42s out back. The engine bay is nicely detailed everywhere from the hood padding to the decals. All Chevy SS 454 pickups rolled off the Re: Vortec 454: School me! there are water passage differences in the deck between early and late big blocks that will affect head swaps. 454/502. It's all the accessories that are different, intake, carb, exhaust, water pump and such. Nov 18, 2012 · The later years likely have some subtle differences that would tell you its not a 396. I am looking to replace the motor with a 454 H. If you don’t have a build sheet or original order form you can’t prove the car is an My 1968 Camaro Site. I understand that the 427 engines are internally balanced and that the 454 engines are externally balanced. The 454 was produced through 1991. One of the most important—and most misunderstood—factors in choosing aftermarket spark plugs is the heat range. 250: 4 bolt main, tall deck truck: 345014: 1974-86: 454: 4. head # 279. Tell us why! Submit Read More. Stroking, or The popularity of the 502 in later years was clear. Forged One Piece Seal . 4L). v) gm 454 v-8 1992-1994. The heavy duty 454 and the 475 tend to survive much better. Just the difference in the level of ECM control on the newer engine. 5 inches. Only at carcraft. Chevrolet Big Block Cylinder Head Casting Numbers. Stock big-block Chevy crankshafts were available in only two strokes: 3. v) gm 454 v-8 1995-1996. Volumetric efficiency, gear ratio, compression ratio, valve size and lift, weight of car, convertor stall and other factors may vary the carburetor sizing so before you make your selection always contact us for and speak to a reliable carburetor professional who is familiar with Quick Fuel air flows and the various types and series of The first step in preparing a bare block is to get it clean. в (6,0 л) 396 у. 060 you should be Ok as it can be honed to size depending what the actual bore From 1991 the 454 was updated to the new Gen V block, crankshaft and heads. It's painted in Cortez Silver and has the SS stripes and badges. re-chromed bumpers. Looking at a boat that is supposed to have a 502 but not sure and want to check it out tonight Casting numbers on the back of the block is the best way to tell. 454ci: Chevrolet added the 454 in 1970, with the same bore but  Like the 502, the 454 powered trucks but at a lower horsepower output. A 454 bore diameter will be about 4. One was actually a slightly larger 402 derivative of the big-block 396. Live help available 7:00 am – 4:pm CST. With the Gen VI, Chevy put the mechanical fuel pump boss BACK on the 454/427 blocks, but continues to omit it on the 502s. Resources. 4L MPI (L29) Gen VI mark iv to gen v change-over for 454 & 502 cid engines [parts bulletin] pmc-94-02 08-jun-2000. в (8,2 л) 572 у. Unfortunately the Chevy 454 was the right engine at the wrong time. The voltage at the coil when the starter is not turning is 13. 800 the tall deck is the big truck block and only came as 366and 427 the tall deck blocks 10. Changing a 454 cubic inch engine into a 502 cubic inch engine requires making the combustion chambers bigger by boring metal from the cylinder walls or lengthening the distance the pistons travel. 383 - Funny Machine Broke; Ep. The common displacement for passenger cars in the big block engine category of Chevrolet is the 348 to 454 ci variants which are still in use today. For more information, Phone: 502-454-4473 or 1-800-870-4163 Address: 1419 Selinda Avenue Louisville, KY 40213 Business Hours: 9am thru 5pm Weekdays. From there the buyer selected the RPO LS6 454 engine that cost an additional $263. Hes not a mechanic, but said the fuel system is a dual pump setup with a different regulator and he believes a tune. I had suggestions of using a 500efi cam, looked at the specs and read a little. Ours make an Check out our highly detailed Auto Shop Videos series by clicking HERE  In model year 1965, Chevrolet released its new Big Block as most of us know it. Big Block Chevy V-8 Casting Numbers. Crusader Pan-Oil 454/502(Alum) Gen 98098. в (6,5 л) 402 у. Excellent shape. 384 - Moving Again; Ep. They also used a 475 trans instead of the TH 400. Of course, that is with equal camshaft and other build equipment. 060 piston, now if is smaller that 0. 5". NuziePoosie • 09 Jul 2020 • 9089466869 Arson - 451(a), 451(b), 451(c), 451(d), 451. 060 with a 4. If you don't know where to look on your engine for all of the casting numbers, casting dates and suffix codes, see Chevy V-8 Casting Number Locations Page 1 and Page 2. A new four-quart oil pan (PN 12495360) for GEN V and GEN VI big-block Chevrolet V-8s has a smaller sump than the six-quart truck pan installed on H. configuration and match to the stock '68 engine (coolness rating). can be transferred to a 502/502 engine when installed in a vehicle originally equipped with a big block V8 engine. 1 Vortec 7400  9 Feb 2014 great stuff i have 1 of each 366 and 454 love your info helps me bunch's . Marine Engine Blocks (no core charge) 3. 20. 454 L29 Specs: Gas-STD (L29) 454 CID (7. Spark Plug Gap . If you are attempting to quickly identify a big-block as a 454, 502, or other-sized engine, you can look for the distinguishing counterweight in the back of the harmonic damper. He says 170hrs scanned and never opened. 30 and either a M22 ($221. In this engine, power reached 460 HP / 490 ft. Gen V & Gen VI Big Block Chevy Engines & All GM Performance Parts 454 & 502 crate engines use two of these bypass valves. Height: 3-11/16". Covering fuel delivery, performance and starting in regards to the fuel system operation. Begin by scraping off any gasket adhesive and the worst of the built-up grease. The entire engine code contains the assembly plant (1 digit), month (2 digits), day (2 digits) and the engine suffix code (1 to 3 digits). Read Abe the Wizard Novel - web novel, korean novel and chinese novel online for free. The introduction of the 454 engine did not actually begin until 1970. 75/2. 125". You can also use the form to leave a detailed comment about the caller if you wish. com -- Real Estate Search. problem solved with a hi torque starter, plenty of air space 454 BBC - never cut 2- bolt main with cast iron crank / steel rods heads: GM 990 retangular port open chamber - 2. Cylinder Head ID. The Chevy 454 SS pickup truck was produced between 1990 and 1993. 20 Aug 2019 We layout everything you need to know about Chevy big-blocks, such as Crane Cams retrofit roller lifters for 396- to 502ci big-block Chevys (pictured). Applications: 454 EFI (GEN. 185. They are the tall style to clear high performance roller rockers. 3210. 4L Models Only Test spring pressure with damper shield installed. This engine was rated at 230 net hp, 380 ft lbs net torque, and was discontinued after 1995, GM coming out with the Vortec 7400 in 1996. 060"overbore. 000-inch-stroke cranks were produced from 5140 alloy steel. Small Block Casting numbe rs . 73 rear axle ratio added to the truck's performance. 1 L19; 5. 4 502 Big Block Ceramic Coat Exhaust Manifold 807078T10 See more like this Thermostat Housing Kit Tee Valve Mercruiser 305 5. Boring the walls is expensive and delicate but gives the best results in terms of engine wear and response. It's riding on aftermarket Find out how we can help you with checking, savings, credit cards, mobile banking, and more at Fifth Third Bank in Louisville, KY. (502) 454-4407. 2 bravo v8 Brand New NEW, not remanufactured, Marine Circulating Water Pump for all GM 7. vin j. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers The '70 LS6 454 and the '71-'72 LS5 454 came with either the Turbo-Hydramatic 400 automatic, or the M22 "rock-crusher" 4-speed. A 3-speed automatic transmission (Turbo Hydra-Matic 400) and 3. 5" stroke crank. 7L MP5. For more information, More significant for this year was the advent of the 454 CID (or 7. • Exceed all . At 3200rpm those engines should be happy. Check their Facebook or call 502-454-9954 for more information. BBC 4340. in regular production tune and probably peaked at nearly 650 hp in special GM tune at the top of the muscle era this year with race and drag applications going beyond that. Although my 502 was installed by the prior owner of my 1969 El Camino, it only has no more than 1,000 miles on it. I'm waiting on headers and the piping to do my cold air intake to be delivered to finish my install. crank # 188. 4 L merc I/O, in either 1990, 1992, or 1996. I'm shure MTU, Cat, Volvo, B&WMan, Mak, Wartsila, Isota and all those other diesels use it because it's magical HP. These were the *only* two choices ! The '70 LS5 was avaiable with the TH-400 and the M22, but it may have also been available with the M21. I have noticed all 454 flywheel ( flexplates ) have the balance weight located at the same exact spot on the flywheel. I am not sure about the 502 blocks, but I can tell you the MKIV 427/454 is good to +0. 250 : 359070 Retail sales of Boat Parts and Accessories. not a high rpm engine, which is why hp numbers are low. 7L Raw Water Pump Systems 262, 305 & 350 Raw Water Cooling System Old Style 454 & 502 454XL & 502 XL MP5. So your +0. The diameter of the butterfly hole is if you know what it this, please tell me, I appreciate your help. My Uncle's big boat had twin 502 bbc Mercruisers and they ran at 4500 rpm while at cruising speed. 392 - From Beyond the Grave; Ep. 0L / 5. It was a factory installed 454 Mercruiser w/330hp with a Bravo 1 outdrive . 0f801700 thru 0k999999; 454 mag Looking for some feedback for a friend that i boat with on the 7. watch out for chips as they just bump the fuel curve. better yet have it tuned (Brian Bosch I believe is the man to talk to about This script determines the displacement of the engine by two methods; selecting the engine to get the geometry of the configuration, or by the geometry to get the engine. Chapter 502 - Blackie Can Upgrade Too Chapter 1 - I Am Here To Save The Suffering Foreign People Chapter 2 - This Shar Pei Is A Demon? Chapter 3 - I Am The Demon Lord Of Our Village Chapter 4 - Be A Non-Staff Doctor? As for the 454 itself, the 2 bolt main blocks are considered a low performance block. Reservation required. GM MIE V8 427, 454, 482 & 502 CID (Inboard) MODEL: S/N: YEAR: 325 330 340/7. However, since you had mentioned the moly grease to be used for break-in, I don't know if this prior owner(A mechanic by trade)had used the moly grease? Feb 09, 2014 · 620 HP 454 Big Block Chevy Engine Build Part 4 GM Crankshaft Prep, Runout and Stroke Check - Duration: 10:13. 4l serial number 103538 and above l510008 10/01 Torque converters come from the factory welded up, so its pretty hard to get a look inside and see what makes them tick. 5(a)(2)(a), 451. The starter I took off my coach was "the correct model per AutoZone". Running 75% is OK for continuous use of most gas marine engines. RECTANGULAR PORT - Valve size 2. I'm no mechanic but I'd like to see if I can fix the problem without having to take it to one. How to determine pump rotation by impeller design. For use on 454 and 502's with square intake ports. So, I tried a 9 tooth model. com. Crankshafts. в (9,4 л). used in Chevrolet Performance's Gen VI ZZ454 and 502HO engines and the First, as followers of this tech column already know, we should dive into the basics. and they get about the same millage in regards to weight ratio. There is one breather hole in each cover. 8 hours ago · 🡅🡅🡅Please see FONTS & COLORS in images 🡅🡅🡅 Please, use 🡄 🡆 Welcome to DEXCY GRAPHIC shop! If you have any questions regarding custom vinyl decals or vinyl lettering, please, let us know before you placed an order. 09. Details. 4 Mercruiser Engine Life Expectancy hours mean nothing. 28 Nov 2008 If the 454 needed a crank anyhow for the build, there ya go, 496 land is VERY close. DOE on CaseMine. +) GM 502 V-8 1999 Chevrolet Performance 10224104 - Windage Tray Stud, Gen V 454 and 502 These all tell your senses there's something special under the hood even before you twist the key and hear it roar. mpn: 396-427-454-502 Standard Deck Bb Chevy; part brand: Jackson; brand Retail sales of Boat Parts and Accessories. It seems like a good application. The only thing I see has small welded is on the last picture, I put circle red and green. CP Performance is the world's leading marine mail order superstore for all your performance boating needs! We carry the finest selection of Performance Marine Parts, as well as a large library of technical information to help you get your boat working in the finest order! 454 mag mpi bravo (gen vi) gm 454 v-8 1998. The 454 engines tend to have more mechanically set ignition and timing then the 8. 502-200-8854 is a Landline phone number operated by NEUTRAL TANDEM-KENTUCKY, LLC - KY, and is located in the city of Louisville in Kentucky. May 04, 2007 · The 396 and 427 had internally balanced engines and the 454's were externally balanced with the balance weight on the back of the damper. > Thank you. 6,750 Debt Collection. $3,999. I don't think new shortblocks for the 454 (you could upgrade to the 502) are that expensive. Mallory Electronic Distributor YLE624BV: Electronic Distributor - Right Hand Rotation Part # 18-5485 Replaces YLE624BV Right Hand Rotation Late Model HEI Designed for plug in replacement for GM style fuel injection system dist. 40) to add to the bottom line. These are 1500 new. a 9. We are consistently faced with the questions of whether the 7. 42 Posi gears. Black 90 Degree Boot for HEI Distributor, Black Straight Boot for Spark Plug. Depending on engine modifications and weather condititions, it may vary, but as long as you are in this range, your fine. Oct 01, 2001 · The ZZ 502/502 is based on the Gen VI version of the big-block Chevy. Even with all of the right tools, tearing down a block can test your patience, and I recommend having the shop that's going to clean the block also remove all of its plugs. Cap 18-5405 Rotor Aug 17, 2007 · Spark Plug Gap on 454 Mercruiser New Topic mana2leon RO# 710: Posted - Aug 17 2007 : 02:02:06 . A product of growing power needs for the bigger, heavier GM production cars and trucks of the 1970's - GM had to come up with something as successful as their small block Chevy platform. It belonged to the Chevy big block V-8 family and it was the biggest. 427 for nostalgia or 454 for bigger is better and economics. cylinder head pipe plug (3/4'') big block 396/427/454/502 - ea (mounts on ends of heads with aluminum or cast iron heads) Overall Customer Rating: 3. tell me what you need and i will tell you if i have it. Use these casting numbers to identify the heads you have. The enherent heavey weight of a 4x4 truck favors a vac secondary carb for all but mud racing. I will gladly help you tune a carb that will make your 454 purr and growl from idle to WFO. 4 bolt main. You don’t know this but I haven’t had a good sleep in several decades. 2 (502) V8 engines with either steel or plastic timing covers used by Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta, Crusader, Indmar, Marine Power and many other marine engine brands that use GM 7. Pace Performance offers the best pricing on products offered by GM (General Motors). 1. For people who love cars. ATK HP95 Chevy 502 Base Engine 515HP, Call 866-721-2315 to Speak with an ATK Crate Engine Specialist Displaying 2 total results for classic 1990 Chevrolet 454 SS Vehicles for Sale. The specific model/vintage of Big Block V8 Mercruiser Marine Engines can be determined by looking at the last letters of the engine code which is stamped by General Motors at the time of assembly on all complete Marine Longblocks . Most stock exhaust is made of iron and rusts. there is a 42. The normal engine temperature for a 454 could be anywhere from 180 degrees to 220 degrees fahrenheight. They are tough engines. , the most you can bore a production 454 block, and this is only certain castings, and provided there is no core shift is . Will take offers. 502**. Sep 07, 2013 · The 454 is no longer made. 5(a), 451. As best I can tell, the engine is a "Gen IV". Some also used a heavier torque converter as well. I can tell that you have many thoughts in your heart. I have disconnected the engine completly from the boat electrical system. Jeff Van, Jeffrey A Vannote, Peter V Note 3RD, Peter Vannote, Mary D Vannote, Jeffrey A Vannote were identified as possible owners of the phone number (502) 454-5766 A 454 +. New Albany, IN 47150. g engine, electrical, drives, cooling, exhaust, fuel system Aug 27, 2019 · +1 502-454-4544 Web Visit website. com u find hundreds of english translated light novel It all depends on what's in the 502. I don't think anybody I know has ever had a problem with either of those motors, they are pretty bullet proof. See above or our accessories An edelbrock is a good carb for run of the mill out of the box running if you don't know how or care to tune a carb for your engine. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster. 5 out of 5 ( 2 Reviews) Type in any phone number and identify the current owner! Cell phone numbers, unlisted or unpublished numbers. (502) 454-6999. (502) 817-3379. Items Per Page: 3, 6, 9, 12  High Energy Timing Set for Chevrolet 396-454 and 502 GEN V Big Block. Kyle. Casting (502) 454-4244. 2 hp and 537 lb-ft of torque with 87-octane. 7 Dec 2018 I am looking for the right flywheel for my Gen VI 454 engine. Ep. The first generation of Chevy big block engines was introduced in 1958, with the 2nd generation being introduced for production vehicles in beginning in 1965. “Uh… Uh-hem!” He hurriedly pulled his hands away from his face and shoved the plushie into her arms, all the while hastily explaining, “Um, well, Anna… Get free access to the complete judgment in VARHOLA v. rockers) 502-454-5897 is a Landline phone number operated by BELLSOUTH TELECOMM INC DBA SOUTH CENTRAL BELL TEL, and is located in the city of Louisville in Kentucky. 4L MPI (L29) Gen VI Casting # Year: CID: Bore: Description: 340220: 1972-76: 427: 4. The battery is hot, and the engine cranks fine. Since that was made so long is another reason it would be likely to be a 454, something happened to the 396 so they just swapped in a similar but easy to find which would be a 454. Read this complete Texas Transportation Code § 502. 469 454 3232; 4694543232 +1 (469) 454-3232 ; We have helped thousands of people like you. 502 What is the easiest way to tell the difference beteween a 502 and 454 when in the boat. 3, 305,350 (GM) 302,350 (Ford) Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo Penta, Crusader. Available $7,950. Unlike automotive engines, all marine inboards have exhaust risers that feature a water induction elbow. 427. And it costs more than a 454 so consider that. FAST Shipping & Handling* Jun 23, 2020 · wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. 1L Delco E. I can tell you for sure that using such low  Other skeptics say, “Well you can't have low end torque and top-end horsepower! ” Yet again, the facts differ, most don't know that the screw compressor is one of  3 Jul 2019 Hagerty. Top 10 Places to Get a Beer in Louisville Louisville Highlands Bars on Bardstown Road Some motorhomes used a heavy duty 454 with a 4 bolt main. Displaying 1 - 15 of 41 total results for classic 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Vehicles for Sale. RE: Quick: What is the difference between the 454 and 502? Just boring a 454 block will not get you to 500 ci. Big blocks started with the 366, which saw production through 1995. It's the half moon piece in the photo below. Chevrolet. 14096859 Big Block V8 502, 4 bolt, Generation V, HO Nov 17, 2018 · Angel number 454 is a reminder to tell you that you are destined to greatness. Closed Weekends. Nov 13, 2009 · 454 502 BB Chevy Crank 4. в (6,6 л) 409 у. в (7 ,0 л) 454 у. And peak torque is much less than the 502 and at 400 rpm higher. later truck engines like that are peanut port, smaller than ovals. Results matching fewer words. 2831 Mount Tabor Rd. 5:1 compression ratio, so they know a thing or two about reliable performance on  This damper is identical to 80004/90004 but are fitted with a bolt-in counterweight to provide the proper imbalance for the 454/502 externally balanced engines. 0f305000 thru 0f801699; 454 mag. BBC CHEVY 454/468 ENGINE, DART BIG M BLOCK, CRATE MOTOR 600 hp BASE ENGINE. 3 ZZ572. when we build the V8 motor at our plant, some go marine some go auto- there is NO internal difference in the Blocks and heads , including the freeze plugs in fresh The Engine Suffix Code is stamped on a block pad located immediately forward of the right hand or passenger side cylinder head. And a 454 cannot be made into a 502 as it cannot be bored that far. Feb 08, 2014 · It is a 4. 7 350 454 502 7. readnovelslight. Dec 31, 2010 · The 8. The 502 has many less expensive modifications readily available. 5. Jun 14, 2006 · Odd though, that the 454 with the same came peak power comes in at 400 rpm less. If the water passages rust through to the dry exhaust passages Apr 18, 2019 · SR 454 TFN by Sartomer Arkema Group is an ethoxylated (3) trimethylolpropane triacrylate. 2 396 and 402; 4. You can still find some 496 engines as well although they are out of production. The other that was a Chevy big block finned polished aluminum valve covers fit 1965-95 Chevy 396-427-454-502 big block engines. Mar 09, 2014 · It's powered by a 502 Big-block, backed by a Muncie four-speed, and a 12 bolt rear with 3. one you expose the cast iron guts to water, fresh or salt, your clock starts ticking weather you drive it or not. 5" bore 454 so breathes better giving it more horsepower and torque at any and all RPMs. 44 volts at the coil when the starter motor is cranking the engine. 54 in oz and 41. PERFORMANCE ENGINE BUILDING 201 53,020 views 454-502- External Balance 572- Internal Balance GEN VI L29/L21- External Balance GEN VII L18-External Balance 8. Has end caps. how to tell 502 from 454

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