4. This kit contains 2 elastomers and fits CMT, E… Cannondale Cartridge Top Out Elastomers for DD2,DD3,DD50 Get the best deals on Ohlins Motorcycle Brakes & Suspension Parts for Honda CBR600RR when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Touratech Cartridge Conversion S Features: •Easy Installation •Closed Cartridge •Separation Bladder 19 Mar 2008 This instructional video of the rebuild of the Cartridge type fork which is commonly seen on late model dirt bikes. Oftentimes the crystal cartridge in many 1930s and 1940s phonographs will be found to be "dead. 95 USD. Seal kits and cartridges along with maintenance and rebuild manuals are on the way - with proper maintenance, this is a fork that you'll be able to pass down to the next grom in line! 1-1/8" Steerer Tube, 80mm travel and normal quick release Buell Motorcycle Forum » Old School Buell » Archives OSB 001 » Archive through January 17, 2007 » M2 Cyclone fork rebuild and cartridge emulator from Race I have bought some cartridge emulators sold for the XS650 for my current SR project bike. 1 FORK, TRIPLE CLAMP 11 201785-10 – Mountshimstack7withthesmallerwashersfacingdownward. (  administrator/images/product/sachs-open-cartridge-forks/sachs-. When we removed the headlight brackets, we discovered they had trapped moisture inside them, rusting the upper 4 or 5 inches of the tubes. BD6 3EW. 75 $7. 11 1. c. 10 1. $8. The problem with was that the sealing was relatively poor and the cartridge could suck in oil from the outer leg, this overfilled the damper and created hydraulic Jun 05, 2012 · Today's Tech Tuesday details how to clean and repack sealed cartridge bearings in a typical headset. FORK SERVICES. Recommended Additions. Product Description. Vintage Motorcycle Fork Upgrade The modified Showa Cartridge Damping unit. View. 16 – $45. This upgrade kit is suitable for OEM WP forks including: WP Closed Cartridge, WP Open Cartridge as well as Once I had everything apart things started to come into place. 5 1. Finger tighten the threaded race down so that the fork turns easily but has no side-to-side play. Our system works by carefully controlling oil flow at low speeds, creating a hydraulic cushion to support the fork in motion. The shock as well needs to be changed accordingly. 2003 FXDX forks. rebuild em. By incorporating the TVT high speed damping valve into the compression cartridge, Nitron has been able to achieve the ultimate balance of performance, stability and compliance which provides JB confirmed that "On the Showa forks, a properly built and bleed fork cartridge will extend out 95-100%". The fork tube seals are retained in the slider inside a cavity in the slider's top by e-clips or spring clips. and this is on dozens of bikes of every make and model KTM/Husqvarna WP 4CS Fork Rebuild . 65cc Fork Cartridge Replacement Fork cartridge kit F25SA F12R F20K F15K Fork kit FSE FKE FKS FRK FRK – BP STEP 1 FRK – BP STEP 2 FRONT FORK F43SP Spare-Parts SHOCK SPRINGS FORK KIT SPRINGS Tools Monotube Cartridge Kit for GL1800 & F6B Affordable high performance front suspension has finally made its way to the Honda GL1800 & F6B. 7 out of 5 by 11. $ 29. Turn the fork over in a container and the spring and the oil will come out. Lengthening forks internally $50 as part of a job. Our fork services consist of fork tube polishing, fork tube straightening, inspection of all parts, as well as filling in all nicks and small dings on the fork tubes with clear epoxy. BROOK SUSPENSION. Workshop: Fixing 55/33 and DJ 'R' cartridge forks The 2008/9 R system caused many problems for the 55, 33 and DJ fork, the cartridge was a bought-in sealed item that was gas charged. Do it right the first time with Motion Pro Tools. " The active element in these cartridges is a Rochelle Salt crystal, which does not hold up well to heat or humidity and over the years becomes inactive. RELATED VIDEO: Suspension Tech: How To Rebuild Your Fork The WP Cone Valve Cartridge Kit is the perfect solution to upgrade your original OEM WP Fork. Deflating the fork, removing the cartridge, changing the settings, putting everything back together and trying it out is a pain but the results are well worth it. Online & in Portland Oregon since 1997. 5 hours. $ 59. Dirt Rider. Öhlins Front Fork Cartridge Kit FKC 100 MX Tech Lucky Cartridge System for WP Open Chamber Forks. 0, and 12×1. Shock Crash Repair. Pro's/Con's. It is the perfect balance for an adventure touring bike. the valve stacks of the compression and rebound pistons of a cartridge fork or rear shock. The compression is fine so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Once you get the forks off the bike, have one of them in the vice, here is what you have after taking the fork cap off. It's quite unusual to get a fork of this diameter - 49mm is the biggest of the conventional forks. First, the size of the piezo element determines the output. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance Fork Rebuild, Page 2/4-page 1 page 3-> Once the dust cap is removed you'll see a clip that holds in the seal. We have assembled a tool kit consisting of everything special you will need to service almost any cartridge fork you will ever own. – Mountandtightensleeve8. 5 or The Öhlins FKC101/FKC102 Fork Cartridge Kit introduces Öhlins quality and performance to the front forks of the popular line of Harley Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Baggers. The Headshok suspension fork was first introduced in 1992. Install aftermarket cartridge kit in big piston forks $350 . 's or ounces they take? i drained 200 c. Any well stocked motorcycle shop can sell you Although no longer the flagships in the line, the Öhlins TTX44 shock and TTX22 fork cartridge kit are worthy suspension upgrades for any dirtbike. Suspension Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit on my 2015 Street Glide. 61 $43. In den Warenkorb. Each of the needle bearing strips are “sandwiched” between an inner race of variable thickness and an outer race. Plus I had a helpful article from the May 2003 Motorcyclist titled: "How it Works: The Cartridge Fork" and a good picture of the disassembled internals. West Coast, East Coast & Midwest warehouses. 'Re-valve includes: Valving shims; Cartridge fork fluid; Clean and inspect all parts ; fork seals (rebuild included); Vacuum bleed cartridge with WP/KTM vacuum  bearing RE •AT •M •In FORK REBUILD KITS •Only complete fork rebuild kit on SX/SXF/XC/XCF/XCWmodels withWP 4860 MXMA CC Closed Cartridge fork . MwSt. 25mm which will allow you to service almost any known street fork. Filthy Shock Cleaning. 94 $ 23. Some With 30mm stanchions, the fork is supple and smooth for light riders and keeps stiction to a minimum. Next, actuate the fork to to fill the internal dampner cartridge. 29. February 15, 2017 February 15, 2017 Mark Barnes Designed to compete at the AMA National and FIM MX World Championship level, the Öhlins TTX44 shock works like a champ on off-road machines such as Fork Parts Sort by. Jan 07, 2019 · Hi all I have an 01 1800 and I am using fred’s vids to rebuild my front forks. Fork Rebuild Secrets With Race Tech Dirt a cartridge-holding tool and a vise-mounted block to safely hold the cartridge tube. Those compensating factors make the fork harsh. 68. Appears there are some good options available such as Mupo, Traxxion, Matris and of course the Andreani kit. This is going to cover how to re-valve the cartridges and  We demonstrate how to rebuild the WP's Inner Cartridge on a 2015 KTM 300 XC- W The process will be the same for multiple years and bike  5 Mar 2020 How I rebuilt the front forks / shocks on my Honda CB550 cafe racer build. Fork Oil Level Gauge: This versatile tool will measure oil levels on both conventional and inverted forks, and can set levels from 0-300mm. com - 30,000+ mountain & road cycling parts. But you'll need an accurate measuring vessel. Rebuild Seal Kit for Fox suspension forks. It'll be straight from my Haynes manual. At 97,500 miles and 40 years, the springs have likely given their all. The system is a Coil Spring conversion supplemented by an Air Spring Cylinder. Rebuild & Re-valve Damper Rod Forks $310. All fork services include the fork fluid needed. 2 1. Just because you can change spring rate does not Dec 27, 2011 · I have an 02 Ultra, the left fork has a cartridge in it. INCLUDES:-Cartridge seal head o-ring-Top Cap OD Thread o-ring-Cartridge Seal Head OD / Base valve OD o-rings-Adjuster Rod R,RL&RLC (base valve/Rebound adjust) o-rings-RL,RLC Compression Lock Out Hi all. Other manufactures use variations on the last style. Each cartridge uses shim-stack based technology for high and low speed compression damping and rebound damping. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. Joined Sep 22, 2003 · 264 Posts . for FIT and Open Damper Cartridge. The front fork: Front fork serves as rigidity component just like a frame. Retail Stores in Portland, Oregon and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Pump the fork tube until greater resistance is felt. 2 Remove the fork legs the normal way. ) First things first, you need to record ALL your settings. With high quality fork tubes replacing the lacking internals is a viable option. The goal with the new kit was to create a high-end cartridge damping system with maximum comfort for the Harley- Davidson front forks. C. $23. YOU become the expert. 5mm) DDC – Drop In Damper Cartridge The Cogent Dynamics DDC valves are the most cost-effective upgrade you can make to your motorcycle’s forks. Leaking fork cartridges are a common problem with current twin chamber forks (KYB, Showa, and WP); JBI is able to repair all leaky  24 Feb 2009 Specific problem areas of later-model sealed-cartridge Kayaba and Showa forks are included as well. 803-00-501 Fox 2011 36 & 40 Inverted Cartridge Kit View. Barton. 0 out of 5 stars 14. While a Coil Spring is known to offer maintenance free plush fork The washers are often keyed to fit in a notch in the steerer tube of the fork. Remove this with a small screwdriver. Remove the fork body and tip it upside down to drain the suspension fluid into the drain pan. will pick up metal particles from the insides and dirt gets past the seals. 4315.  The Cartridge Fork Kit complements the Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Rear Shocks (Low Profile and Standard-Height) by providing a balanced suspension system capable of delivering superior ride characteristics. 7 in) for a TLR and 100 mm (3. XCT JR Mechanical Lockout. Rebuild & Re-valve Aftermarket Cartridge Forks $320. Rebuild & Re-valve Damper Rod Forks $310 . High performance specialty components replace the sloppy open bath damping found in HD forks. Travel adjustment is done by changing the spacers inside the air cartridge. And if you are building a custom chopper and want to rake out the front end another foot or slam it and shorten them up, Franks can supply tubes to Oct 04, 2017 · Total cartridge replacement. Franks Forks custom builds fork tubes for most Harley Davidson models going back to 1949. ABA0 FORK CARTRIDGE KIT FOR MOTO GUZZI (for models later than 1984) Read After the cartridge is back in and the seals are installed, fully compress the fork leg and add oil, I usually add 430 ml and then measure. Progressive Suspension has gone back to the drawing board and created a state of the art Fork Cartridge Kit designed to outperform everything on the market. 95 Mar 03, 2014 · 20. $34. ProX® Fork Seals HardDrive® Fork Rebuild Kit. Fork Service, Pr. Leaking fork cartridges are a common problem with current twin chamber forks (KYB, Showa, and WP) JBI is able to repair all leaky and non-functioning fork cartridges; Typical turn around time is 1-2 days; Parts vary per rebuild based on wear and condition; Cartridge Seal; Free Piston Seal (Inner and/or outer RACE TECH G2-R Fork Cartridge Kits . As the suspension moves, the piston is forced through the oil, which in turn forces the shim away from the piston face. Finally, WP made some decent forks. I'll be starting with the front and working my way back. For additional information and complete assembly drawings for your specific model plese visit the appropriate Parts List page at: All Parts Lists » Fork Cartridge Assembly Parts (6) Fork Cartridge Rod Parts (4) Fork Comp Adjuster Parts (14) Fork Outer Case Parts (1) Fork Seals & Bushes (13) Shock Bladder Parts (5) Shock Body Parts (3) Shock Bump Rubber Parts (5) Shock Piston Parts (12) Shock Seal Case Parts (10) Shock Shaft Parts (2) Shock Springs (2) By Price; $100 or below $100 to $200 In addition, what really sets the TVT Fork Cartridge Kits head and shoulders above the competition is the fully integral Tri-Valve Technology system. 99 – $56. Ohlins FKS 212 Fork Cartridge Kit For Harley Dyna. West Yorkshire. Aug 24, 2015 · Here’s the quickest way to do it—and, yes, we know there’s a better way to do a cartridge fork. 00; Fork Rebuild (Street Bikes)  9 Apr 2016 Bike forks have two main components – springs that spring enthusiastically and dampers that dampen said spring. Out of decades of experience with road and race testing comes the Ohlins Fork Cartridge Kit, designed to provide ultimate performance without sacrificing comfort. Oct 30, 2017 · The Touratech Cartridge Conversion “S” is setup and valved for the mixed riding that most of us do, 1/2 street touring, 1/2 gravel and dirt roads. Fork Service/Rebuild, Includes Seals, Wipers, Oil 36-007 Enduro Engineering offers Twin Chamber Fork Oil, Oil Seals, and fork Dust wiper change just $99. fork cap wrench, and inner cartridge cap wrench, and a bench vice. The manitou cartridge dampers first arrived in 1995 with the EFC, the Pro C fork was a 97 model with a non-adjustable damper cartridge. Rebuild & Re-valve OEM Cartridge Forks $460 . Yamaha sells the Motion Pro seal driver and fork-cap-ring nut wrench required for a quick seal change. # 2479844219 Ohlins® FKA 100 Fork Cartridge Kit (FKA101). For removing the fork cap and compression cartridge on twin chamber Apr 06, 2014 · Internally, they are very similar to a KYB or Showa OC fork. Replacing your leaking  23 Jan 2018 We demonstrate how to rebuild the WP's Inner Cartridge on a 2015 KTM 300 XC- W The process will be the same for multiple years and bike  5 Sep 2017 How to replace the fork seals on a motocross dirt bike is a good task to learn when owning a motorcycle. Reassemble opposite of disassembly. 65cc Fork Cartridge Kit. Next, lift out the spring spacer. The technique can be used to service almost any sealed cartridge bearing - say, in a hub, a Dec 07, 2015 · Öhlins launch new Harley-Davidson cartridge kits to complement ‘Blackline’ rear shock range December 7, 2015 After the success of their Harley-Davidson targeted ‘blackline’ shocks, Öhlins launch a front fork cartridge kit for the popular Dyna and Sportster models. every time you service the fork. I replaced the stock front after 32000+ miles and I have to say it feels like a whole new bike. The biggest change that a cartridge kit provides is a more I found a fork rebuild kit at Hucky’s in Section 31 Fork, Shocks, Parts, and picked that up along with some new fork springs. We can replace your originals with matching stock tubes. Trackside tuner Dave Moss teaches you how to service your 1999 Honda VFR Fork. 30mm Fork Rebuild Kit. Apr 18, 2012 · The final step is to test this before installing the rebuilt cartridge back into the fork assembly. it's easy and cheap too. IDS is Independent Damping System - this provides compression damping control in one leg, with rebound control in the Cartridge Fork rebuild. As I prefer to ride proper sag (33%) I find the stock damping oil a bit too heavy for my weight/setup and run adjusters full open. Aug 25, 2016 · A piston slides through this cartridge, which is submerged in the fork oil. They fit straight in but can't tell you want effect they have as the bike is in deep build at the mo. Size: 49 mm. I made my own soft jaws using aluminum L and magnet tape so they hold themselves on. In fact, riders who are more aggressive and attempt to push the stock forks at a higher than trail tour pace – find the forks too soft, unpredictable, deflective and easy to bottom. The plug will keep the oil in the fork while working with the cartridge kit. Original Equipment Rebuild Kit. This service procedure guides you through the rebuild of a FIT Terralogic damper cartridge. The rebound damper is a true "closed" cartridge design and, as such, is far more sophisticated in operation and maintenance than the compression side (imho). 00. Original Equipment Fork Seals; Original Equipment Rebuild Kits; I've read a couple of threads where people have just drained the left fork oil and didn't dick around with changing the oil in the cartridge. This task should be performed by an Authorized DVO Suspension service center or a qualified suspension mechanic. Öhlins Racing. Just not a quicker way. View · 32mm Slider Sleeve. Good point about the oil, marzocchi say to use 7. In the event you're wondering if this is worth doing yourself consider Kawasaki's book rate for this job is 3. Shortcuts: > FORK DISASSEMBLY > CARTRIDGE DISASSEMBLY >  Well, perhaps the problem is your basic fork design. Fork rebuild. View · 15QLC 2 Ti 110. I am looking at the Progressive springs to put in them, or should I just buy a new left fork for a Road King and get rid of the Cartridge all together. We carry Elastomer Refresh KitsTM for most Answer Manitou Suspension Forks. 99 – $119. Flow/TTX Shock Revalve. of fork oil into the fork tube. 12 Remove the cartridge kit from the fork leg. Using a strap wrench for counter torque, torque fork cap to about 25 Lb. United Kingdom +44(0)1274414768 The Ohlins Fork Cartridge and spring kit has 50% larger 30mm pistons with externally adjustable fork preload, rebound, and compression with anti bottoming hydraulic cones. LINK. 95. We now offer suspension service and tuning of most brands of forks and shocks. 5mm KYB Cartridge Damper Rod Model A (12. With design and manufacturing experience in the bicycle, aerospace, automotive, and water sports industries, Risse Racing Technology now offers service and tuning on most brands of shocks and forks. com. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Evanston, IL 60202 | 847-475-1003. Much like the different stages a carburetor transitions through as speed and load increase, the cartridge-style fork has an additional high-speed circuit to handle sudden bumps in the road. Rebuild & Re-valve Aftermarket Cartridge Forks $320 . View · XCM 32mm Fork Rebuild Kit. 13 Note that spring seat and washer will, depending on cartridge version, stay in fork tube or come out with cartridge. They still need to be tuned for your specific parameters. Motion Pro Seal Mate Fork Seal Cleaner $6. These tools are all available from Motion Pro: FAC damper rebuild information Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, 750 S, 750 S3, 850 T, 850 T3, 850 T3 California, V1000 I-Convert, V1000 G5, 1000 SP, Le Mans, Le Mans II, Le Mans CX 100, Le Mans 1000, 1000 SP III, 1000 S, California II, California III, California 1100, California Jackal, California EV, California EV Touring, California Aluminium, California Titanium, California Special, California Special Hi all, Returning to the MOA group because I picked up a low miles '78 R100 in need of TLC. For additional information and complete assembly drawings please visit the parts list page for your specific fork at: All Parts Lists » Twin-Chamber Fork Rebuild (with links to Gold Valve Instructions) Twin-chamber forks have been used on many motocross bikes since 1995. The compression and rebound are built into the same cartridge. Sean R. Great for your retro mtb restoration, or as an inexpensive alternative to today's low end garbage forks on your backup/beater mountain bike. The Cartridge Fork Kit complements the Premium Ride Hand-Adjustable Rear Shocks (Low Profile and Standard-Height) by providing a balanced suspension system capable of delivering superior ride characteristics. MX-TECH has designed and tuned a really nice complete cartridge fork that comes with necessary springs. if you move the damper rod in and out it will pump all the remaining oil out of the fork. even if you need new fork tubes, the cycle exchange has em for 149 a pair and seals and dustboots are included. Together, with an aluminum outer tube and a steel or aluminum inner steerer Very nice suspension fork from the late 1990's. The tool  RL R Cartridge. Springs hold up the bike and support both the static  Nitron have just added the new Suzuki Katana to their TVT fork cartridge kit Over and above our standard fork rebuild we supplied new Paolo Tarozzi fork  Carburetor Rebuild. Steering Damper, R&T/Off-Road. If you have an old-style damping-rod fork,  The K-Tech Tracker front fork cartridges are a complete replacement damping system designed to fit into original equipment front forks that do not have external   You'll need whatever tools are necessary to remove the fork tubes from the bike, plus a hex socket to fit the socket-head bolt securing damping rod or cartridge. The tools used for removal of the cartridges and installing the upper bushings and oil seals are specific for  9 Apr 2016 Bike forks have two main components – springs that spring enthusiastically and dampers that dampen said spring. on the right forum I use Harley-Davidson Ride Planner since more than two Trying to compare a damper rod fork to a cartridge fork is like trying to compare a carburetor to fuel injection. 9 in) or so for a TLS. 1. Guideline Hydrostopunitsleeve M6x0. Some specialty tools are highly recommended, if not required to perform this task. ! ** Use Code "FREE" ** (excludes bikes/frames/wheels/mtb forks) Here at 707 Racing Suspension, we have the tools, knowledge, and experience to get your KYB, WP, Showa, Marzocchi, or Sachs Fork working to its greatest potential. dougal. Forks: All forks full rebuilds embed a basic oil change, plus replacement of wiper seals and the rebuild of the damping part. While the stock fork settings are good for light use, more demanding riders will benefit from valving changes. 99 $10. The front fork kit improves Tags: boxxer repair, ending stroke rebound issue, boxxer cartridge fail, mission control dh rebuild, hsc leaking, lsc leaking, boxxer hsc and lsc leaking, boxxer cartridge leaking ddkoetsier Motion Pro is dedicated to producing the most versatile, unique and durable products for professional and home use. This has cartridge forks, and is quite soft as standard, being under-damped and available, and Maxton value their reputation too much to bodge a rebuild. Yamaha OE Fork Seal Kit $34. RockShox 200 Hour/1 year Interval Fork Service KitsIncludes dust seals, foam rings, o-ring seals, Solo Air sealhead RockShox 200 Hour Service Kit UPC: 710845793493. 04 You save 36% Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device $69. Don’t let any oil get into the rebound adjustment rod hole. If it is too loose, it will be possible to wobble the fork side-to-side. The fork tubes on our bike were ruined. " fork rebuild options. 5 7Nm(5 Fork Parts Shock Parts MXT LUCKY WP Open Chamber, AER, Xplor, Closed Cartridge and KTM 690 Cartridge System K-Tech Off Road Valve System for WP Xplor Fork Fox Shox 40 Fork Rebuild KitThis kit includes seals, o-rings, screws, and Float Fluid for rebuilding your Fox 40 Fork. We work on KYB, SHOWA and WP components and whenever possible we use genuine parts on each make. Avalanche Advantage. Tighten jam nut against fork cap. Rebuild  25 Aug 2016 They're just coiled steel wires shoved into the fork tubes or wrapped around shock bodies. I always put a couple of tack welds on the seem of that spacer and make sure the metal pads that sit on top of the springs are still in there. 1 1. Discussion Starter • Aug 29, 2011 · In order to use closed cartridge forks from a MX bike for Enduro it would need to be internally valved. 00; Fork Rebuild (Street Bikes)  Suspension Fork Overhaul And Disc Brake Bleeding Fees Are Included. $200. any one know how many c. $119. Auron NRX LO Cartridge. May 3, 2019 Suspension How- to Change WP Open Cartridge Fork Springs · How-to Shorten WP AER Forks. In the cartridge, one piston with a check valve is fixed to the end of a damping rod and allows oil to pass through during rebound strokes while the check valve on the fork & shock rebuilds The fork and shock rebuild service offered by Moto Pro Suspension is significantly more comprehensive than just the “oil change” offered by most shops. Damper rod or "non-cartridge" forks dampen by forcing oil through a hole instead of using a progressive valve, which makes for a huge compromise when on bumps. That device is supposed to make your non-cartridge fork behave like a cartridge fork. I have the tire off everything off I got the left side front fork bottom screw Drain bolt out. Fork rebuilding is pretty easy if you take your time and follow the directions in the service manual. Springs are additional. Fork Slider Assembly Rebuild Kit by Biker's Choice®. The Tracker fork cartridge kit for all K-Tech Tracker Fork Cartridge for Triumph Scrambler, Thruxton and Bonneville applications completely replaces the internals of your standard forks which then are upgraded to the IDS system. We have over 40 years of experience working with motocross suspension and have insight to the modern direction of development. It’s compatible with 40’s model year 2016 and newer. Motorcycle Suspension Fork Cartridge Kits - If you don't see your model listed please give us a call as not all models are listed 1 (805) 251-1400 Become a Dealer Purchase the Genuine James Front Fork Seal Rebuild Kit at J&P Cycles, your source for aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories, with free everyday tech support. Mpn: 00. Includes all necessary bushings, seals, washers and clips to assemble or rebuild a set of fork legs. Internally, there are two types of forks, damping-rod and cartridge. The forks must be disassembled to replace the seals anyway, so it is a good ideal to have all of the rebuild parts on hand. Get free shipping, 4% cashback and 10% off select brands with a Gold Club membership when you get a Genuine James Front Fork Seal Rebuild Kit (part number JGI-45849-84) from J&P Cycles. To finish the disassembly, remove the bolt from the bottom of the fork with a long socket or use an extension. When set up, the fork rides far better than it ever did with the Rockshox internals. Progressive Suspension’s state of the art Monotube Cartridge Fork Kit represents a high point of touring bike front-end handling. This is how I discovered it: the output was making sudden surges and getting louder and softer so I decided to open it up to see what the problem was. 0. mark49 · Pirelli: Control is everything. Well, the pistons and shims ARE the assemblies, and perform the function commonly called "valving. 50* $133. Over the past ten years motorcycle manufacturers have made fork internals cheaper and cheaper. Type in the name or article number of the owner manual you are looking for. 26,00 € *. 945 Pitner Ave. 98. co. For all other service and parts please call us MX Tech Lucky Cartridge System for WP Xplor Forks. 3) TENERE OHLINS Fork 30mm CARTRIDGE Kit FKA106 and Spring Set Kits (replaces most everything inside fork). Dec 21, 2011 · With the top fork tube bottomed out, add the oil. Fork Parts Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Auron Parts Aion Parts Durolux Parts Axon Parts RUX Parts Epicon Parts Raidon Parts XCR Parts XCM Parts XCT Parts Hybird Part The cartridge damping system is a vast improvement over the damper rod and adds what is basically another stage of operation. Dave performs the teardown portion of a fork service which involves removing the cartridge from the fork leg, then the rebound and compression assemblies from the cartridge, then the pistons and shims from the assemblies. They are found in both Upside-Down and Right-Side Up versions. $745. Are they perfect, NO. Shop our complete selection of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle parts and accessories including the Drag Specialties 41mm Fork Leg Assembly Rebuild Kit - 0403-0022. 5. Install aftermarket cartridge kit $300 . 99 – $12. Fox Cartridge Rebuild Seal / Service Kit For Talas Fork - 803-00-377 Fox Rebuild Kit 803-00-377 for 32 & 34 TALAS III FORKGenuine Fox Racing Shox replacement parts 333325081377 The fork springs are internal and seat into a machined cavity on the top of the damper rod and onto the underside of the top cap. Read more. Hydraulic Preloader. 22. Fork Springs for your weight $120 FOX CARTRIDGE REBUILD Seal / Service Kit For 32 & 34 TALAS III FORK- 803-00-377 - $35. Fork Rebuild Kits We stock numerous suspension components for dirt bikes and ATVs. 7wt fork oil (this is my preferred weight, you can use 5 or 10, so long as it's for cartridge forks) Pen and paper Some way to suspend the front of the bike so the forks can be removed Service manual Drill and assorted bits might be needed 1. 95Please fill out the form be $179. This is the tool I made to do mine. Seal Kit - iCD Fork Cartridge Rebuild. Find the Drag Specialties 41mm Fork Leg Assembly Rebuild Kit - 0403-0022 at Dennis Kirk. 1-3 Werktage. Front fork rebuild. 94 Premium Double Cartridge Fork Kit is rated 4. The Diamond non-boost fork travel can be configured to 140mm, 150mm and 160mm. Progressive Suspension Monotube Fork Cartridge Kit For Harley. This includes new fork seals, dust seals, and fork seal grease. This is the Andreani 39mm fork cartridge conversion kit as seen unpackaged and ready to install. Avalanche Advantage SSD modified shocks as noted 20 mm Cartridge Repair Parts. I've also read about people who just yank the forks and take them to the Stealer and have them drain the cartridge. The Italian service technician had it exactly Suzuki DRZ400 Forks. I'm considering that. Fits: 2012-2018 KTM 50SX; 2017-2018 Husqvarna TC50; Learn More. 99 You save up to 29% Tusk Fork Seals $4. have heard somewhere else 250c. 2014 Jamis D29 Elite - 2014 Van Dessel Ramble Tamble As of May 1, 2019, Labor rates for 2 wheel vehicle service are as follows: Basic MC Shock Service. We disassemble your suspension and solvent tank clean the internals. JBI Fork Cartridge Rebuild. inkl. Replace your damaged or missing Cannondale Cartrige Elastomers (Top Out). Somebody knows the difference - I sure don't. There are manitou cartridge rebuild instructions on my www. Versandkosten. Oct 22, 2014 · The compression damper is an "open" cartridge design that does, indeed, share oil with the oil reservoir contained in the outer fork leg. A major goal for this project is to give step-by-step instructions and advice on rebuilding and installing certain components. Our Pro Service includes the following: 1. Next, clamp the fork assembly in a vise using a pair of soft-jaws and loosen the cartridge cap nut. 00-Includes Fork oil and shims used for valving. Suntour durolux r2c2 cartridge rebuild I love my new Suntour durolux, It has proper stanchion size, proper axle size, and is easy to work on. He has a plan to machine the fork tubes, insert their AK-20 cartridge, and install valves in the rear shocks as well, all for about two Curious as to who has tried any of the multiple fork cartridge options that are out now for the Hyperstrada at this time. There simply is no comparison. 12 1. ALL the closed system cartridges are  Results 1 - 26 of 26 ProX® - Fork Seals. Been playing with this cartridge a bit and discovered some things. 25, 12×1. I have a 2015 Strada and feel that the front forks are the first In such a system, valves are enclosed into a cylinder cartridge attached to the bottom of the outer fork tube, so it moves up and down when the fork compresses and rebounds. NOTE: Fox no longer includes air piston seals in this kit. 93. 4 1. -Ft. by RockShox 1 2 3 … 11 Next » Bikers Choice Showa 39mm Fork Seal Rebuild Kit Duty 49mm Grip Street Performance Fork Cartridge Kit - 890-27-002 the best selection of Harley-Davidson Forks This innovative new Cartridge System is designed to offer Fork performance that has yet to be offered in Motocross/Off-Road motorcycles. Divided-Piston Shock Service. SUBSCRIBE. Forks - MTB Suspension > Fork Parts & Kits :: UniversalCycles. We go over the disassembly process  7wt fork oil (this is my preferred weight, you can use 5 or 10, so long as it's for cartridge forks); Pen and paper; Some way to suspend the front of the bike so the   JBI Fork Cartridge Rebuild. Cartridge kits are a complete fork upgrade. 2017-19 KTM / HUSKY AER FORK MODS / SPRING CONVERSION. Precision machined parts, state-of-the-art coatings, billet machined axle lugs and large 49mm slide tubes work to FOX® "Open Cartridge Rebuild Seal Kit" 803-00-078. level 1. Forks - MTB Suspension > Fork Parts & Kits > Fork Seal & Rebuild Kits :: UniversalCycles. Fork Tune - $225 *All services listed under fork rebuild. RM YouTube Channel. Cartridge styles are only found on the FL Touring model, whereas Road King models are typically conventional. Fork Rebuild & Oil Change We completely disassemble your forks and valve stack, clean all components, and refill the forks with new suspension fluid set to the proper height. This one has dual air cartridges, providing 63mm of smooth travel. While some images show an older version of the system, the procedure will be the same for all versions of this cartridge. 99 You save up to 32% Pivot Works Fork & Dust Seal Kit $29. Owners Manuals. ive never used a torque wrench on anything, its not needed at all. the fork bottom. 99 – $18. Your shops rates may be higher or lower but where I live it's $70 an hour so this is a $245 job plus fork oil if the Kawasaki shop does it. 9 1. Bob teaches you how to change the fork oil for conventional fork setups and new cartridge style setups. You will need to buy or build the tool to compress the spring so you can remove the top of the fork. Download File PDF Wp Closed Cartridge Manual Wp Closed Cartridge Manual How To Rebuild KTM/Husqvarna WP Bladder Style Forks KTM/Husqvarna WP Bladder Fork Rebuild! How To Rebuild The WP Fork Inner Cartridge We demonstrate how to rebuild the WP's Inner Cartridge on a 2015 KTM 300 XC-W The process will be the same for multiple How To Rebuild Jan 11, 2016 · If tinkering with fork springs and oil viscosity doesn't work for you, or you don't want to deal with the hassle of dialing-in the front forks on your own, many suspension companies offer fork cartridge kits that do away with the factory fork internals in favor of better components. have manual and the 5 inch down measure specs. Cartridge Kits . Logged Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the lash. Fork Cartridge Install, Common. On cartridge forks these particles can. The kit had all of the seals needed to re-build my 2008 FOX Float RL fork and many extras. The right tools are the key. Small, flat metal discs called shims are stacked on top of the piston. Without going into all of the mechanical explanation, in short a cartridge style fork allows it to work properly. Monotube fork cartridge kit by Progressive Suspension converts dual damper rod forks to high performance cartridge forks. looking for a short cut on oil install. $395-620 + oil /springs if required. 00 $32. 032. 8 To replace spring and/or spacers Fork Stanchion End Plug, Triumph TR6 T120 T140, BSA B25 B50 A65 97-4076, UK Made The Gold Valve is a cartridge emulator, I believe. 's anyone Suzuki GSX1400 Forks Rebuild & Repair Service The motorcycle forks rebuild service we offer is simple - you send us your loose forks, we refurbish them to the very highest standard and then return them to you with DPD, using a next-day service. 's out but they are used take offs andi dont trust that measurement. On 2-wheeled vehicles, shock absorbers are separated into the categories of the "front fork" and "rear cushion". Improves resistance to front brake dive, front end stability, and cornering control. Once they arrive back with you, they're ready to be fitted back on the bike with no other work required. 1-16 of 105 results for "fox fork rebuild kit" Skip to main search results Gold, 20wt. 3 1. Before starting, you will want to make sure you have all the special tools and replacement parts at the ready. 14 – $40. At the moment, I'm looking for good places to buy things like steering head bearings, fork seals and for gaiters. S. Many suspension parts aren't available  Note: Click on the images to enlarge. I’m working on the right side front fork and I cannot get the bottom screw pulled out for anything it just spins and Mar 20, 2015 · Here’s our in-house fork nerd, Pete Murray, showing us the quick-and-dirty way to change seals without having to do a full fork rebuild on current Yamaha KYB forks. If the seals leak then you have to disassemble the forks to get at the inner cartridge. We work on all makes of forks. Stripping the forks, adding RaceTech Gold Valve Cartridge  Rebuild Forks including seals & oil $220. Replacing your leaking fork  19 Mar 2008 This instructional video covers the rebuild of the Cartridge type fork which is commonly seen on late model dirt bikes. 3. Each strip contains 22 bearings for a total of 88. Then raise the top fork tube 10” to 12” while holding the bottom fork tube with your feet, cover and seal the tube with your hand, then push down to pressurize the oil into the cartridge. Note - Some WP forks have nitrogen bladders instead of pistons and pressure springs. Rated 5 out of 5 by Rayman from A whole new bike 2009 FLHX. RockShox 200 Hour/1 year Fork Service Kit, Yari Solo Air A1 (2016+) — $46. FREE SHIPPING over $124. 99 in U. Most of the time we replace stock fork and shock springs with our upgraded Fork Rebuild (Dirt Bikes) $161. With the fork leg firmly in the vise by the caliper bracket, grasp the upper leg and ram it out until it comes off. oz. High-quality. KTM WP 4CS Fork Cartridge Tool $46. 5 x 19 x 3. ENZO RACING suspension services include rebuild/overhauls, repairs, revalving, system upgrades, respringing and conversions. The front fork kit improves resistance to front brake dive, improves cornering and enhances bottoming control. The damper rod fork is the cheapest, poorest performing system of damping, and has been around on Harleys for so long nobody seems to be able to remember. Screw the headset locknut down the steerer tube and loosely against the threaded race (and washers). $69. It features 4 strips of needle bearings. 28mm Fork Rebuild Kit. The DRZ has a set of 49mm Showa conventional forks. Rebuilding Crystal Phonograph Cartridges. Our kits will make your bike ride like new! Make your shocks ride like new! Your source for replacement elastomers for Vintage Mountain Bikes. He also went on to point out the following "During the final bleed, I do NOT recommend compressing the cartridge rod completely into the body, I have found this over bleeds the cartridge. Motion Pro tools are designed to be simple to use, yet durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions. 21. Replacing Fork Seals and Bushings. They replace the stock mass produced, poorly performing components with a pair of extremely high-tolerance cartridges and springs matched to the riders weight. Fork Cartridge Seal Dimensions (ID x OD x Height) 12. Motorcycle. Clamp the fork body into the vise and loosen the rebound-adjusting nut. I'd like to hear from anyone who's done that. Next Video: Harley Forks Reinstallation After Service Trust the EXPERTS at Dicks Racing for all of your suspension needs. Bradford. I can give you the oil volume. -. Gently tighten fork cap onto damper tube until it stops, then back off ¼ turn. +. Dal Soggio Sphere is another cartridge kit to replace the internals with high quality parts. FORK CARTRIDGE KITS and REVALVING KITS Bos Deville Revalve Kit Bos Idylle Revalve Kit Boxxer 2010 and later Boxxer 2004-2009 Lyrik and Yari Pike Open Bath (solo air/dual position air) Rockshox Bluto Rockshox Domain Rockshox Revelation Totem Fox 34 Fox 36 Fox 40 Open Bath Cartridge Fox 40 Marzocchi Shiver Marzocchi 888 EVO With the 49mm fork tube fully extended; pour, slightly more than, 24 fl. This job is fairly complicated and if done wrong your closed cartridge fork would feel much worse than a standard enduro open cartridge fork straight out the crate. A big plus is the cartridge is a great design, just underdeveloped. If there is a specific fork rebuild kit you are looking for or need advice on improving your suspension or simply having us build a professional race suspension, give us a call. Cartridge failure now can mean the end of a fork if rebuild hardware is unavailable. Listed below are parts and service for: DHS, Woodie, Chubie, Montie and DHF Avalanche Cartridge and Fork Service and Rebuilds. SP O. The Lucky system is the result of innovative engineering and a commitment to bring riders the best value in the suspension market. I don't know what you mean by "rebuild," but doing seals and bushings is the same as every other USD fork, nothing special there! Kyle Tarry , Apr 7, 2014 (1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Change motorcycle fork seals (cartridge type fork), (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Change motorcycle fork seals (cartridge type fork) While you're stuck at home, make the most of your time by learning a new language , skill , or even train for a remote-work job with our new premium online courses. nz website. Unique and the first of its kind, a DDC kit is available to upgrade many motorcycles that are originally equipped with simple damper rod type forks as front suspension. Small rubber boots usually protect the seals. Call 916-705-3193. Learn to take apart fork, clean components, polish fork tube, service fork seals, replace fork oil and rebuild forks. G2-R 25mm Cartridge Kits are built to order and customized for your specs and riding type G2-R Cartridges provide a firm yet plush, consistent ride that providing more "feel and feedback" to the rider. We use special inserts to close off the factory bleed orifices at both the upper and lower parts of the cartridge, allowing the compression adjuster to do its job. Unit 23, Royds Enterprise Park. When installing the fork push rod and fork cap, insert it into damper rod and let it float down, don t push. Future Fields. The fork bushing kit includes the the fork bushings, O-rings, sealing washers and seal snap rings required to complete a full fork rebuild. These forks require special tools and procedures. One of their goals is to offer tools of convenience. The stock WP XPLR fork is a very low cost design that offers riders very soft yet harsh suspension. Fork Oil Change For Vulcan 1500/1600 With Cartridge Type Forks. 17 Apr 2014 I am assuming you can follow the service manual for the service and seal replacement. The new Ohlins Road & Track 30 mm fork Cartridge Kit is based on experience  How-to Replace Fork Seals on WP AER Forks. Fork Bleed Tool – This tool is 4-in-1 and has thread pitches of 10×1. Progressive's state-of-the-art Monotube Fork Kit represents the pinnacle of front end handling. Now you need to use the lower fork leg to hammer the other pieces out. This procedure guides you through the rebuild of an Inverted FIT RC2 cartridge. Suspension Fork Overhaul (Lower, Damper On Closed Cartridge Forks, Seals): $140. SKF Fork and Dust Seal Kit $73. This cartridge is made out of the same high-performance components as the Cone Valve Fork but is designed to fit your serial fork tubes. True high-performance front suspension has finally made its way to HD. FITS 32mm FOX FORX w/OPEN BATH DAMPERS. 0 10×1. cap/rebound assembly from the fork. FeaturesFor details and requirements see Fox’s product page | Fox 40 Float 50cc Fork Cartridge Replacement Kit. zzgl. 623. Shock Absorbers consists of spring which determine posture and cushioning buffer action and a damper which suppresses vibration. Customers often send in just the fork cartridge for a JBI Fork Cartridge Rebuild; Ride JBI procures suspension parts directly from the OEM giving our customers the best price possible ***Comes with seal and backup seal . 50 Fork Monotube Kit w/ External Preload Adjust True high performance front suspension is finally available for the HD 49mm front ends. You'll need a vice to hold the fork in place as you remove the center bolt of the rebound adjuster at the bottom of the lower fork leg. Custom Shock Build. -------------------- (end of Fox service guide) One point I like to make is that even though I let the FIT cartridge sit for an hour and came back to it, I found that the rubber bladder/reservoir never returned to full shape with the shaft fully Showa's dual spring works forks complete with 27mm cartridge system and the largest ever compression pistons (39mm) are the true works version of the production forks found on the CRF250R/450R as well as the RM-Z450 and KX450. This Cartridge Fork Kit converts the standard Original Equipment front suspension into a high-performance suspension with superior ride quality. Pump the damper rod, 10 to 12 times and then the level should be 97 mm (3. Paioli made specific tool kits for each of these forks. Words: Chip Kastelnik Photos: Mikey Van Senus Italian superbikes are known for their incredible handling. The new MXT Lucky Cartridge System for WP Open Chamber Forks is the latest advancement for WP Open Chamber forks. 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