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5. lbs on the 2001forester flywheel manual?on the crankshaft bolts and the bolts on the back of the flywheel that holds that thin plate to the flywheel. At this point the flywheel may become loose so keep your hands on it. Don't you just love all the last minute problems?Means you're getting close to finished. 40 in. Bolts used for tightening single or dual mass flywheels paired with manual transmissions, or automatic gearbox connection plates. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemical which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. This Genuine BMW Flywheel Bolt - Priced Each (Mfg#11227520706) fits BMW N20 2. Genuine ARP. within the Manual Transmission forums, part of the Drivetrain category; For starters, Hello, I am new to the forum. All figures in ft/lbs. Reduced rotating mass. i was reading old posts, however, and it seems like some people insist on replacing the flywheel bolts when you do a clutch job?? is this necessary?? my bolts and flywheel are in great shape, i would never have thought to replace The flange diameter of the stock flywheel bolts is about 18. Heavy feet don’t win races. This is achieved by accumulating energy in the flywheel over a period of time, at a rate that is compatible with the energy source, and then releasing energy at a much higher rate over a relatively short time when it is needed. 15. Home / Fasteners and Hardware / Transmission and Drivetrain / Flywheel Bolts / Narrow Results. FREE Shipping. Punching into the rear main area is very interesting and expensive. Joined I may sound like a hack, but am still using the stock flywheel bolts in all my cars where the flywheel allows it to be. $17. it turned when we turned the front pulley on the crank snout. 6-pieces are required for one flywheel. 00 * r/b: 641960-k kit, engine flywheel, includes a rebuilt flywheel with a 124 tooth ring gear, a pilot bushing and grade 8 pressure plate bolts installed. 8L - $48. Fits Chevrolet 90° V6 & 265-454 Chevy V8 with 2-pc rear seal. Discussion in 'Early CJ5 and CJ6 Tech' started by FinoCJ, Jan 24, 2017. The flywheel is machined to provide true alignment with the clutch. 2 or Permatex High Tack onto the threads before assembly. View Details. Joined Aug 24, 2009 · 6 Posts . We recommend the following three passes: 20 lb Bolts . Edited by: gregs Aug 21, 2012 · A star washer was used with the factory 7/16x20x1 bolts. 9 has a tensile strength of approximately 130k lbs. 019” (Groove-Top Liners) Protrusion: . 00. FLYWHEEL BOLTS: 92, 184 ft/lbs (w/ 15w40 Oil), Flywheel Hsg: 74, 145 ft/lbs VIBRATION DAMPER: 130 ft/lbs CYLINDER LINER PROTRUSION/RECESSION: Recession: . 25 12X1. Mekanix Premium Member. 0 engine flywheel bolts torque is 75 - 85 ft lbs. Forged from aerospace alloy and heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining. You will need 8 new GM flywheel to crankshaft mounting bolts, p/n: 24505092. If you buy bolts other than these to use to mount your flywheel to the crankshaft, DO NOT use these torque specs because these torque specs are only valid for the GM bolts. Joined Aug 10, 2011 · 15 Posts . 5L, BMW E46 325i M54 2. May 23, 2006 · The engine rebuilder told me to ensure I put sealant on the bolts or I would have an oil leak. 6 Spectre Ford Chevy Flywheel Bolt Washer Set 716-20 X 1 Grd 8 flywheel bolt kit product id: arp-100-2801 description: arp-100-2801 chevy flywheel bolt kit fit's,90* v6 & 265-454 v8 with 2pc rear seal,(thread 7/16-20) (uhl 1. jjlrrw · Registered. Suit most Small and Big Block Ford & Chevrolet with manual. Post torqueing is not specified, Perfect Seal is. Clean them off, apply red loctite. These are the best bolts available. R. These will not fit the URD Torque-U Heavy Flywheel. Don't risk your new engine on an old drive. Flywheel and Flexplate Bolts are offered in two styles; premium grade Pro Series and High Performance. There ya go, fidanza flywheel, 4age bolts, and the flywheel holder tool thing in one picture. 19 Item(s) Show. Recommended for replacement when servicing flywheel or clutch. Around the edge of the flywheel are metal teeth. The MGA and early MGB 3-main bearing engine flywheel bolt is a shoulder bolt. ARP offers two styles of Flywheel/Flexplate bolts: High Performance and Pro Series. In Reply to: Flywheel Bolts posted by 720Deere on November 09, 2003 at 09:12:58: 720Deere, fine threaded bolts won't offer any advantage for flywheel bolt applications Find Chevrolet Performance Flywheel Bolts and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Properly secure your flywheel with these flywheel bolts from Chevrolet Performance. 900 In. Suitable for many VW 4 cylinders such as G40, G60, 16V, 1. JB Racing, Inc. MLH Repairs LLC 1,714 views. Price is set per bolt and six bolts are needed. 5L, BMW E46 323i M52 2. ocala · Premium Member. FLYWHEEL BOLT KIT: PART # 154-FWB-KIT Y-Block Flywheel bolts set of 6 PRICE SHEET This set allows you to replace your weak stock flywheel bolts with ultra high tensile strength aircraft grade ARP bolts. S. Any fool who just slams Jun 15, 2003 · Let the bolts soak for a while, try again with the electric impact, and got 3 of them off. BRAND. Usually the crank pully has a high torque #, but check this value before, just in case it's much lower than the F. 0 engine. 2004 Torque on Flywheel bolts. The strength of the flywheel bolt for any application just depends on the manufacturer's choices. Should you use loctite on the flywheel and pressure plate bolts during assembly? there seems to be alot of different opinions about this. FLYWHEEL FASTENER TORQUE GUIDE If fastener is not listed use OEM torque specifications Bolt Dia Flywheel to Crank Pressure Plate to Flywheel *10X1. Flexplate to torque converter bolts 270 in. So I'm ready to order the ACT/Fidanza clutch/flywheel combo from THM. Flywheel Housing Plate Cover 1/4"-20 10 ft. 29. If you use loctite on the flywheel bolts (I do), fasten the flywheel down with a few of the old bolts first (I mark them with crayon) and then install the new loctited bolts replacing the old bolts as you go along. 0L, Kit #: 107- 2803. Feb 19, 2015 · Ok so this has been happening for a little while. bolts to torque. 17 Jun 03, 2014 · I've always used oem flywheel bolts. 40 mm tall. When the starter motor is engaged, a gear within the starter meshes with these teeth to turn the Oct 27, 2007 · torque. Finally, some progress. com (all information below is a recommendation from Race-1 not necessarily from GM) We have seen several engines with broken flywheel bolts in recent years. Here, tremendous forces occur, which these bolts must absolutely withstand, under all conditions. The research I've read says red loctite will suffice. 45:59. 1 1 M-6375-D302AB. I used the red Locktite, for extra tight grip. Jul 09, 2019 · A sudden stop broke off the crank to flywheel bolts. I checked the bolts on the torque converter and they were fine. I used an Lifting type eye bolt. It used the late model nailhead torque pattern (shown above). Learn More. High-strength ARP screw made of molybdenum steel for mounting the flywheel on the crankshaft. lbs. Spectre Performance 4696 The flywheel transfers power from the engine to the pressure plate and clutch disc in vehicles equipped with a manual transmission. P. W. These ARP flywheel bolts are M10x1. Because this is a Mercedes engine, you can get the special tool either through Mercedes dealer or on the site i have posted earlier. Why You Have Broken Flywheel Bolts. use one breaker bar to hold one of the flywheel bolt and use another one to break the rest of the bolts loose. Flywheel / flex-plate bolts: 75-85 ft-lbs. screwed it in to one of the holes for the pressure plate in top of fly wheel. bolts to 85 ft lbs using the specified lubricants If you have any questions or need additional information please contact us at (805) 339-2200 or by FAX at (805) Jul 06, 2020 · When doing a clutch job, it's always a good idea to replace the rear end seal on the engine at the same time and also replace the throw-out bearing, flywheel bolts and pilot bearing. Fits Chevrolet Gen III/LS Series Small BlockExclusive, flat, 12-point head designLarger than stock Or is it because i didn't torque the flywheel bolts to spec? Quick info: (336 whp 228lb torque turbo gsr; misshift i was at 8800rpm on 3rd gear to 2nd) I'm currenlty reinstalling my flywheel bolts again and should i reuse the old ones or get arp flywheel bolts or just use loctite on the old ones and go up on the torque spec? RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. good luck. 5 size. All too often we read about flywheels coming off and only the bolts that hold them on are to blame. My Fairmont has over 10 years of 6000+ RPM clutch drops, and the stock Ford bolts always look great. That's why the fastener experts at ARP  GT1R R35 Flywheel Bolts. 95. 12. 9 LS Transmission Flywheel Bolts Set Flexplate Kit LS1 LS3 LS2 Crankshaft SKU : 551926. When one of your flywheel bolts is missing, it will cause other bolts to loosen up. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. FOR SALE! Welcome to the new Windsor Auto Group Spare Parts eBay store. make sure flywheel is in the alignment dowel bolts tighten in sequence if not flywheel thats not align correctly when you tighten it up in a bind flywheel will crack. 83 $24. Gasket Flywheel Bolts 1/2X20X1 Heat treated to Grade 8 specs Features a special reduced profile hex head for extra clearance Black plated to resist rust and corrosion and manufactured of the pressure plate with the 12-point bolts which can be undone with a 9mm socket. price: $9. The remaining 4 were proving to be more problematic than the others. Joined Sep 11, 2007 · 2,092 Posts . Best practices: Reusing the flywheel bolts is Flywheel Bolts 7/16 ARP high Performance flywheel bolt kit. Sort By. -in. 1; 2; Next. 00, 6 Pieces, ARP, Flywheel Bolts, Chev V8, 7/16-20 x 1. These are GM OEM flywheel bolts. Exclusive, flat, 12 Nov 11, 2016 · Flywheel bolts. 25 for the Toyota 2JZ motors. Labor for installation is $675. That's why the fastener experts at ARP have developed special bolts that are far superior to OEM hardware. Unfortunately the Mopar Performance flywheel/clutch bolt package is no longer available, and stock flywheel bolts from the dealer are on eternal backorder. 000) hi-performance series. 000 MRG-914 (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: Mr. mb/gpw cj-2a with l-4-134 engine: $ 250. sounds to me like a rear main, if i remember correctly the flywheel bolts don't have any oil in contact with them, unless for some reason someone has drilled them out. there are no bolts with the kit to bolt the pressure plate to the flywheel, should they have come with the clutch or do i need to visit audi? 06A Flywheel bolt for Mk4 VW 1. Flywheel bolts. That’s why the fastener experts at ARP have developed special bolts that are far superior to OEM hardware. Easy to use parts catalog. The flywheel bolts on all Cats, you want to torque to 200 ft/lbs. I also used blue loctite so I can get them off in the future rather than using red. 86mm) 5. The machine shop can easily drill out the holes to 1/2 inch and the flywheel isn't tapped. . Dorman Products - 74070 : Flywheel Bolts Thread 7/16-20, Length . 2F flywheel bolts, for example, are tiny - M8 or M10 - people twist them off by hand without any trouble. swampers1226 said: The ram 1550 flywheel is designed to take both gen 3 and 4 style clutches. All small blocks using 157T flywheel, 10. But if the bolts are too long, they'll hit the block and stop rotation. These cars only have 4 bolts and at high RPM tend to stretch the bolts if they are not high quality. This not only comes from me (Ive done more clutch changes that you cant count to) but Toyota mechanics/parts dealers. Purchased ARP's for the flywheel anyone know the torque spec for the bolts. 6 Flywheel bolts & 9 Pressure plate bolts. Messages 2,035 Flywheel Bolts, ARP for Gen III LS1 LS2 LS3 LS6 LS7 LQ9. 0L, BMW E70 X5 N55 3. Don't really want to heat the crankshaft or weld through bar stock. How Does a Torque Converter Work? - Duration: 19:59. flywheel bolts. 019” ROCKER ARM BOLTS: 50 ft/lbs, Loosen, 22 ft/lbs +60° FX Stage 1 Clutch Kit Chromoly Flywheel Fits 2003 08 Hyundai Tiburon 2 7L SE GT | eBay And I also ordered 8 new torx bolts for the flywheel (stock replacements, just new. They are forged from aerospace alloy and heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining. Mr Gasket 914 AMC flywheel bolts (1/2 x 1) are too long. I bought new ARP flywheel bolts the other day and wondered if anyone else uses anti-seize on the threads rather than red or blue loctite? Apr 27, 2007 · Help!! Flywheel bolts!! SN95 4. Set of 4 bolts with Lube. Add to Compare. 8T,   Flywheel and Flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race cars and street machines alike. 1 2 3 … 14. Engine. for over 25 years and our flywheel products are recognized for their high-quality and workmanship in markets around the world. LMR has you covered with a new set of replacement 96-10 Mustang Ford Performance flywheel bolts. The stock bolts stretch during installation so they're not reusable - this set of bolts is not only reusable but actually costs about half as much as a new set of Toyota bolts. Sep 28, 2009 · I bought new ARP flywheel bolts, and I was trying to decided whether or not to install star washers under the bolt heads. For peace of mid, change them. Under new ownership, the company begins operation as Automotive Technology Products LLC (ATP), effective today with no disruption in business. Reduced-profile hex head for extra clearance. race car came intoi the pits with engine running and no power to the drive wheels. the flywheel bolts from the factory are hardened but much harder to find due to the thinner head thickness. 18) Showing items 1-21 of 279. I ordered arp bolts, and some grade 9's from mcmastercarr. 8 Required Per Engine. No guesswork or measurements needed. The flywheel to crankshaft bolts are criticalto insure that they do not loosen under extreme conditions, l would use a Loctite PRIMER AND Loctite RED material on both the crankshaft holes AND the threads of the bolts. 43 pounds 79130 Steel Ext. 8L, BMW E46 330Ci M54 3. : 330-540-7223 or email brad@race-1. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. 2/2. Ford Performance Flywheel Bolt Kit Over time, and numerous installations, flywheel bolts can fatigue and stretch. Can I use just regular grade 8 hardware from Lowes/Ace, or do I need the special flywheel bolts? From my understanding the only difference is the size of the head, which I assume the contact surface is important. Bolts for a manual trans flywheel are noticably longer than those for a flexplate with an automatic. if over tighten I'm going to be replacing my clutch this weekend and i want to replace the flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts does anyone know the size and thread pitch of these I am also looking for the torque specs on the fly wheel and pressure plate if any one could lead me in the direction of these it would be a big help. ). 0 8x1. We don't include the flywheel bolts because usually the customer has the stock bolts which are a better grade than what is commonly available, and to include them would be increase the cost unnecessarily to most customers. Flywheel bolt is responsible for making sure that the flywheel is in good working shape and retains its proper place. The only thing is is that my Chilton manual only shows 8 bolts originally for the car. Thanks, Roger The bolts, are they the ones holding the flywheel to the engine or the 4 to the U-joints? If it was the flywheel to the crank, i thought there was like a key pin that aligns the flywheel to the crank. $43. The flywheel is attached to the crankshaft using bolts or nuts. The stock bolts are only designed for one use, please do not re-use stock bolts. Edited November 19, 2008 by philbey You can also put socket / breaker bar onto the front crank pulley bolt, and roll the flywheel till the bar in front stops motion, then run your F. com. Nissan flywheel bolts are very strong. Went and got a 3/4" electric impact (huuuge, mad power) got a new impact socket and proceeded to try the remaining 4 bolts on the flywheel. Search for: Home / Flywheels / Flywheel Bolts Flywheel Bolt Kit; Fits All Chevy, Ford, & Dodge w/ 6-Bolt Crankshaft. I'm putting a NV4500 behind it. RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. -lbs. ARP does not make A-series flywheel bolts (though some use non-A-series ARP bolts on the A-series). 76. I picked up a 2 pack of 1/4 inch thick leaf spring retainer plates at Tractor supply for 8 bucks and the bolts I needed for a few bucks more. ) Using the two bolts as handles, dislodge the flywheel from the crankshaft flange and remove it from the flywheel housing. Add to Wish List Making a flywheel puller is pretty easy. I know when new, the Ford racing flywheel bolts have a red sealant around them as they came from the box. 01. Texas Honda Channel 5,154 views. / 22. Kits are complete with lock washers, where needed, and are black plated to help resist rust and corrosion. Flywheel bolts are reusable as long as they are in good condition. I've broken the heads off of several bolts because of that stuff. I would rather not reuse what I have lying around and I probably don't have nearly enough for what I need anyway. These are torque to yield, so they should not be reused. If anyone reused the bolts, I would tell them seriously consider taking it apart again and doing it The standard listing for ARP flywheel bolts are too long---with a Ford Motorsports FE flywheel they lock up the crank by hitting the back of the block--The standard listing is for a 1 inch bolt---the look and seem to measure 1 inch under the head just like originals--the catalog list a . Tilton sent what appears to be ARP flywheel bolts with their kit, but I’ll measure before using. C. Product Line : NAPA Solutions. 0L, BMW N54 3. 9 bolts? I haven't made any progress with USA drills. We recommend and offer ARP's 12-point alloy flywheel bolts for this application Adjustable Release Bearing While sometimes not needed in this application, Novak's unique and adjustable throwout bearing assures the right height of bearing, which is the most important factor in any clutch system's successful operation. 3:42. These ARP bolts can be reused. 0L, BMW E70 X5 xDrive35i N55 3. Jan 24, 2017. ARP bolts have their own torque requirements. Continue to torque all flywheel-to crankshaft bolts to manufacturer’s specifications. Quick and easy install. You should also replace the clutch release fork and the master/slave cylinders at the same time for added insurance. FinoCJ 1970 CJ5 Staff Member 2020 Sponsor Denver, CO. PLEASE CONTACT  Purchase this Set of Ford Performance Flywheel Bolts for your 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 or 2010  Product Description. Mr Gasket Flywheel Bolts 1/2 X 1. we pulled off the body panels and could see the rear of the crank shaft. 0 out of 5 stars 1. 312 block . Exhaust manifold nuts 30 ft. ARP 100-2801 Part Number: 070-100-2801. Add to Wish List. The thread size on my flywheel for the three puller bolts is 5/16-24TPI. PART # 154-MBK-312 Main cap bolt set. In 1964 the 300 shows 14 bolts and used a torque of 65-70. bobbygoat1 · Registered. At least the six little hatch marks said they were. These are the bolt holes found around the center of the flywheel. ARP flywheel bolts for 1JZ or 2JZ when using an R154 or W58 flywheel. Crank / Flywheel - Bolts Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. Position your Lakewood Bellhousing over the flywheel/ clutch assembly and slide onto dowel pins in engine block. Quantity: Set of 6 in Card. I would think that Ted would use quality hardware, his reputation would hang on it. 5 FT/lbs 55 65 87 96 80 nm 75 88 118 130 108 Bolt Dia 8x1. and are from Haynes and Autobook. Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head 3/8"-16 25 ft. Do I have the wrong flywheel? Should I simply grind about 3/16 off. then ran a 3 foot legnth of 1/2 " round stock through it. A flywheel may also be used to supply intermittent pulses of energy at power levels that exceed the abilities of its energy source. Leading the path to big horsepower from the VR38  28 Nov 2016 Learn how the Mini-Ductor portable induction heater tool removes flywheel bolts - faster and safer than a torch. 0L, BMW E71 X6 xDrive35i N55 3. 54 kits found for Flywheel Bolts ARP offers two styles of Flywheel bolts: premium grade Pro Series, with a 200,000 psi rating and High Performance, with a 180,000 psi rating. Car is 67 pontiac V8. That's why the fastener experts at ARP have  Flywheel Retaining Bolt M10 x 25 for C20LET and C20XE Flywheels. plus 120 degrees. Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk The broken bolts screwed out of the crank by hand once flywheel was off. They will fit the stock flywheel or the URD Light Rev-Fast flywheel for the 05-15 Tacoma V6 and the 07-15 FJ Cruiser. They did into the block. That is some stout shit. 96  30 Oct 2019 In today's video i show how to remove flywheel bolts without a impact. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 28 This Genuine BMW Flywheel Bolt - Priced Each (Mfg#11222243051) fits BMW E28 528e, BMW E30 318i, BMW E30 318is, BMW E30 325e, BMW E30 325es, BMW E34 525i, BMW E36, BMW E39 525i, BMW E39 528i, BMW E39 530i, BMW E46 323Ci M52 2. You can use red loctite on the flywheel without lock washers and you'll be ok, but it can be tough to remove red loctited fasteners. 237):. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 10 of 10 Posts. With TTY bolts, It's normally recommended to buy new ones after they've been torqued down. 32. Flywheel Bolt Kit; Fits All Chevy, Ford, & Dodge w/ 6-Bolt Crankshaft $ 43. These are the correct M10 bolts and of the original OEM steel and are sold as a set of eight. £11. £10. I've seen the same stuff on my ECT and CTS, used for a fluid-proof seal. 0L, BMW E90 335i N55 3. might have been 24 inch long round stock. Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. ARP Flywheel bolts are closer to a metric bolt rated at 12. I did find ARP flywheel bolts in 1/2 x 3/4 and 1/2 x 7/8's but I didn't want to wait. ‪ The flywheel must be removed for service operations such as replacing the starter ring gear, crankshaft oil seal, crankshaft or the flywheel housing. 9 din. ARP high  Part Number: ARPCB02 Install an ARP cam bolt kit and end your camshaft timing wor. OEM Mitsubishi Flywheel Bolts for 6 Bolt DSM Flywheel bolts are crucial in a big power build up. A) info@iboats. Flywheel Bolts Screw used for fastening flywheels or crankshaft flexplates. Last. I ground about 3/16 off each bolt and they work fine. 007” - . Pressure plate bolts: 35 ft-lbs. Good Times. The flywheel bolts are stretch to yield and mounting the flywheel calls for 30-40 Nm of initial torque and then a full 90-100° turn of the bolts. Original BMC Part Number 51K1022. Jun 08, 2009 · But the flywheel bolts may not need the stronger red loc-tite. Cap head flywheel bolt : Ford Zetec E FZ450. In fact, none of the pressure plate or flywheel bolts should be reused due to the loads on them. PRICE SHEET. On both 6 and 8 bolt cranks and with a variety of clutches including 2 RSTs. Discussion Starter • #1 • May 21, 2013. Jun 10, 2012 · I had 46,429 mi on my last clutch parts and my engine builder used anti-seize on the flywheel and pressure plate bolts without any problems. 55mm and it looks like it could accommodate at least 22mm diameter (albeit I'm less sure on this measurement). have been acquired by The Lodi Group of Monterrey, Mexico. That’s why ARP has specialised in producing some of the best bolts on the market. The star will not make the best contact as what ARP has today. Premium Member. make sure flywheel torque is 59 ft lbs for the 4. Gasket (2) Proform (1) Spectre Performance (3) TCI Auto (12) This is a test Flywheel Bolts, High Performance Series, 12-point, 10mm x 1. Shop bolts and a variety of hardware products online at Lowes. You Save 9% ($ 2. All you need is a small piece of plate steel 1/4 inch or thicker and a few bolts. Front cover bolts: 12-18 ft-lbs. 19. 0L, BMW E92 335i N55 3. 3. kit, engine flywheel, includes a rebuilt flywheel with a 97 tooth ring gear, a pilot bushing and grade 8 pressure plate bolts installed. FLYWHEEL BOLTS - CS-112. Crank is ok, flywheel seems ok, the noise was one of the broken bolt heads sliding on the clutch disk when flywheel was turning and disk was not. Trying to get everything organized for the install, and I'm trying to find the part number for the stock IS300 flywheel bolts as the old ones are suggested to not be re-used. I always like to use the OE Ford bolts. The length will work well with aftermarket 2JZ flywheels such as Tilton, OS Giken, RPS, and clutchmasters (where the flywheel is very thin 8-10mm where the bolt passes through). 25 x 25mm) Torx T55 Bolts - Set of 6 for your 2nd generation MINI Cooper S models with manual transmssion including R56 Hardtop R55 Clubman R57 Convertible R58 Coupe R59 Roadster R60 Countryman R61 Paceman Engineered and manufactured for reliability, these alloy steel flywheel bolts are heat treated to grade 8 specifications for extra strength. The flywheel is a Fidanza, marketed by Ted Schumacher over at TSI Automotive. He even has a painted rubber stamp on the crank flange stating use sealant. Choose an Option  ARP Flywheel Bolts x 6 Ford Pinto 2000cc M10 6 pieces Flywheel Bolt Kit Kit 151 -2801 Specifications UHL 1 150 Thread Size M10 x 1 00 Wrenching 5. In 1965 the 300 shows 10 bolts and increases the torque to 70-75. measuring the crank threads and done a little math indicate the new bolts should clear the inter seal by about 2mm, which seams a bit close. 0 12X1. Also, some flywheel bolts are designed to be used without lock washers. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 24 Posts. The bolts are harder than stock and will clamp the flywheel to the crankshaft better. He sent the proper bolts and washers, all grade 8. 190 In. (1) flywheel to crank bolts, (2) cluch pressure plate. I was going to use Red loctite. Personally, I've reused flywheel bolts before. I bought a Tremec T56 Magnum transmission, and Tilton ST-246 twin-disc clutch (comes with chromoly flywheel) for my 2019 Gen 3 Coyote engine. Pickup in Store not currently available. Will be used Hey there I'm in the process of doing a cummins swap to chevy truck. 35 ft. Oct 11, 2010 · High grade ARP bolts used to attach flywheel to crank shaft. A larger than stock shank diameter offers increased and improved flywheel register. Can someone plz tell me what is going on here? Dorman - Help Flywheel Bolts Thread Size 7/16-20, Thread Length . 3 Flywheel Bolts made to 10. Good as news and you wont have to spend an extra 60 on new ones. Our Flywheel Bolts provide a convenient repair solution, ensuring you have the bolt-with the correct head size, length, and thread pitch. Torque is 47 ft lb and I used blue loctite. Balanced Flywheel for GM 602, 603, 604 Crate Engines - 4. MINI Factory replacement Flywheel Bolts for the 2nd generation MINI Cooper & S models including 2007-2013 R56 Hardtop 2008-2014 R55 Clubman 2009-2015 R57 Convertible 2012-2015 R58 Coupe 2012-2015 R59 Roadster 2011-2016 R60 Countryman 2013-2016 R61 Paceman Dorman's Flywheel Bolts provide a convenient repair solution, Dorman's Flywheel Bolts provide a convenient repair solution, ensuring you have the bolt-with the correct head size, length, and thread pitch--for the job. -16 bolts. I managed to shear my bolts off--which left us stranded obviously. Please see the included Factory Service Manual instructions above. Additionally, these bolts feature a black I'm going to be replacing my clutch this weekend and i want to replace the flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts does anyone know the size and thread pitch of these I am also looking for the torque specs on the fly wheel and pressure plate if any one could lead me in the direction of these it would be a big help. LMR has you covered with  A range of Gate Bolts/Drop Bolts in black, galvanised ans steel finishes available. They look fairly short, maybe 1” long like the ARP 156-2801 flywheel bolts for 11-17 Coyote engines. The 02A box setup (I believe that's what makes the difference here) uses the more common setup of the flywheel bolting to the crank with the M10 bolts and then the pressure plate to the flywheel with the M7 9mm 12-point bolts. How to Install Torque-To-Yield Head Bolts With a Torque Angle Gauge • Cars Simplified - Duration: 4:34. ARP® has developed these special bolts that are far superior to OEM hardware. Flywheel Bolts 7/16. GT1R/Titan Motorsports R35 ARP Flywheel Bolt Kit. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Specs used the second time: 3/8-16 grade 8. 6L Mustang Tech: 2: Nov 12, 2007: W: Mach 1 '03 Mach 1 flywheel bolts? Special Production: 4: Oct 21, 2007: Bolts holding flywheel onto crank: Classic Mustang Specific Tech: 10: Sep 6, 2007: B: 8-bolt to 6-bolt flywheel swap: SN95 4. gearbox changing a 202 motor into an old series 2A landrover , could you help me with the torque settings of (1) flywheel to crank bolts, (2) cluch pressure plate to flywheel torque settings, and adaptor plat … transmission flywheel has to align correctly. to get that last one , use two bolts flywheel bolts , a boxed wrench, and a transmission bolt to help hold the flywheel still so you can get the last bolt loose. 0 5/16 Arp 330-2802 Flywheel Bolts Set For 1999-2004 Chevrolet Gen Iii Ls1 Ls6 Lq9. Set Descending Direction. 0/2. 00" 157-tooth 6-bolts 0 oz. 5L, BMW E46 328Ci M52 2. 1 i got my flywheel out and am going to get it resurfaced now. Swapping from an automatic to an Ax15, cant find flywheel bolts. 38 Flywheel Bolts. Flywheel Bolts. These high-quality bolts feature steel construction with a durable black oxide finish. 227. Please make sure to select the proper engine size to get the correct QTY of bolts. 8 flywheel i had, justs uses metric bolts instead of standard. In any case the stock bolts are plenty strong. Joined Jan 22, 2011 · 2,090 Posts . 7. Dorman’s Flywheel Bolts provide a convenient repair solution, ensuring you have the bolt with the correct head size, length, and thread pitch for the job. ) Generator Mounting Bolts 41 N·m (30 ft. I have seen someone do that. 1 Flywheel Bolts Gm Chevy Grade 8 General Motors 327 350 383 427 454 The stock flywheel bolts cannot be re-used and must be replaced after each use. ) Flywheel Housing Adaptor Bolts 77 N·m (57 ft. lines up nice with the floor. Because of the amount of torque and power transferred through the flywheel, a flywheel bolt has to be extremely strong. Dorman (1) Mr. 10. 16. 2Bad, I've heard of red loctite instead of RTV and there have been a few threads lately about flywheel bolts coming loose. Fuel pump bolt 30 ft. 040, victor jr heads milled . The flex plate bolts for a 360 are too short. Flywheel Bolts; For Proper Installation of Flywheel; OE-Style Direct Bolt Replacement; Pre-Applied With Thread Locker; For Use With Manual Transmission  ECS Clutch/Flywheel Bolt Kit. Valve Cover with 11 bolts and a T3650 trans (If the first digit on the door sticker is a K you have a T3650 trans): 6 bolt flywheel Valve Cover with 13 bolts and a T45 trans: 8 bolt flywheel Billet Aluminum 6-Bolt Flywheel for 1996-1998 GTs, and Late 2001-2010 GTs Brand new set of ARP 12-point Flywheel bolts for Triumph TR6, TR250, GT6, and Triumph Spitfire 1500 from 1975-1980. So I don't think problem on flywheel. After removing the flywheel, remove the bolts from the clutch bolt holes. but the fly wheel did not. Fasten the bellhousing to the engine block using the 3/8”-16 x 1” (35 ft lbs of torque) and 1/2” bolts (100-110 ft lbs) grade 8 bolts supplied. 1. 4 Part# 11570626 F40 Part# 11562103. 1 YR REPLACEMENT IF DEFECTIVE Flywheel Bolts at Competition Products! ARP, Flywheel Bolts, Chev/Ford V8, 7/16-20 x 1. 8T with triple square allen head. 89. TP. 12 ft. 00" Flywheel and flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of both street and race cars, which is why the fastener experts at ARP developed bolts far superior to OE hardware. Torque to 65 lb-ft in the sequential order shown. Includes: 330-2802 Flywheel Bolt Kit 134-2201 Pressure Plate Bolt Kit Fits LS Engines with Diaphragm Style Pressure Plates Flywheel and flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race and street cars. Results 1 - 15 of 22 The flywheel helps the engine crankshaft to make turns smoothly, even when there's no power applied. A 10. 10 bolts, 10 beveled washers. 82 pounds LT and LSA Flexplate/Flywheel Bolts Set Compatible with: GM LT series (Gen V) and LSA engines with 8 bolt crankshafts (manual and automatic transmission) M11-1. ARP manufactures the highest quality flywheel/flexplate bolts on the market due to their attention in using outstanding materials and paying attention to the littlest details in manufacturing. We 163884913437 170 Election Road Suite 100 Draper, UT 84020 phone intl_phone (Outside the U. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 16 Engine Coolant Air Bleed Pipe Bolts and Studs 106 lb in : Engine Crossmember Bolts (Large) 107 lb ft : Engine Crossmember Bolts (Small) 92 lb ft : Engine Flywheel Bolts (First Pass) 15 lb ft : Engine Flywheel Bolts (Second Pass) 37 lb ft : Engine Flywheel Bolts (Final Pass) 74 lb ft : Engine Flywheel-to-Torque Converter Bolts : 44 lb ft Mitsubishi Flywheel Bolts (6 Bolt) $21. 6L Mustang Tech: 2: May 7, 2007: Need some quick sizes of bolts: Transmission Flywheel bolts torque specs. Monthly memberships have been frozen, you will not be charged unless you request to un-freeze. View as Grid List. ) as well as 6 new bolts for the blue clutch cover. 25 Thread, Chromoly, Black Oxide, Toyota, Set of 8 ( 1 ) Part Number: ARP-103-2802 More Detail The flywheel helps the engine crankshaft to make turns smoothly, even when there's no power applied. I have new bolts for the flywheel and plan on getting new for the pressure plate. 55 pounds 79150 Aluminum Flywheel for CT525 Engine (includes bolts & two shims) - 2. Buy wheel bolts online from Performance Alloys, we stock a wide range of high- quality alloy wheel bolts including extended wheel bolts for use with wheel  Spot On is just that, we aim to provide you with everything you need to get the correct fitment alloy wheel nuts, bolts and accessories for your wheels – first time. 6 liter engine. That’s why the fastener experts at ARP develop special bolts that are far superior to OEM hardware. Torque for flywheel bolts and pressure plate bolts [ Expand ] [ View Replies ] [ Add a Reply ] [ Return to Forum ] Posted by Tom N MS on May 24, 2007 at 19:13:46 from (74. Fastener Type Nov 04, 2009 · There it is written that for removing the flywheel bolts is needed socket with catalogue number 904589001000 . This is a discussion on Issue torquing flywheel bolts. 875 in Long, 12 Point Head, Steel, Black Oxide, Set of 6 Flywheel and Flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race cars and street machines alike. I think you would be fine with the factory bolts but the arp should work since both cranks use the same thread pitch and size. Needless to say I won't reuse bolts on my flywheel again. i know the oem spec is 44lb/ft +90* but i dont know if i should follow the same spec. It fits all 1988-95 3-liter 3VZ-E engines. 5L, BMW E46 325xi M54 2. Mfg Part #: A34CCBK; ECS Part #: ES  Ford Flywheel Bolts for Focus SVT/ST170 (Miscellaneous). And the correct torque on the flywheel bolts are 19 ft. The clutch plate, if used, is bolted to the flywheel with 3/8 in. Heavy Duty oil pump drive rod. Thanks in advance :thumbup: I wouldn't suggest just getting any bolts, if you were going to do that, these are strengthened bolts specific to the torque that the flywheel recieves, a normal hardwear bolt will snap under these conditions, Nov 20, 2018 · Flywheel replacement. But to answer your question, I personally wouldn't use red loctite on anything that may have to come off in the future. Flywheel Bolt Kits from Quarter Master® feature custom ARP bolts that fit applications perfectly every time. No Tax, Each £4. Main Bearing Cap Bolts (oiled) 7/16"-14 Ford Performance Flywheel Bolt Kit Over time, and numerous installations, flywheel bolts can fatigue and stretch. 0L, BMW N52 3. 0L, BMW E82 135i N55 3. Flywheel Bolts Thread Size 7/16-20, Thread Length: . Flywheel bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race cars and street machines alike. I don't know if they were over torqued or if it was because I reused them. Set of 6 bolts. I've used grade 8 hardware store bolts with luck (metric grade 12. The blame is immediately placed on the bolt, and that is partially correct. i wish i can get pics on how to do this but i don't have any. Available From Stock. Apr 09, 2018 · This ARP 1002801 Flywheel Bolt Kit comes with 6 high-performance bolts that are specifically made to be superior to your factory flywheel bolts. The little star washers are VERY important! Most times there is not enough clearance for a regular lock washer, but I would strongly recommend the little star washers in every application. According to GM Parts Direct, 1955 to 1985 small-block Chevrolet flywheels have a 3. Apply red Loctite, then torque: First Pass 39 lb ft, Second Pass 25° Flywheel Bolts. Clutch Flywheel Bolt; Engineered and manufactured for reliability, these alloy steel flywheel bolts are heat treated to grade 8 specifications for extra strength. These are NOT long enough for a 6 speed or W55 flywheel! These are much stronger then stock, for about the same price as from Toyota. The installed price is $1482. The bolt measurements are 35. The OEM bolts I removed did NOT have loc-tite on them, just that red rubber-like stuff. 45. I honestly don't believe there would be enough torque from the engine to sheer all those bolts and pin in one hit. J. Go. Mar 11, 2011 · OK, I'm in need of flywheel bolts. Product Features: Alloy steel fasteners; Heat-treated to grade 8; Resists rust and corrosion 79111 Steel Flywheel (one piece crank shaft seal) - 4. What do you think. 3 mm diameter at the neck. Flywheel bolt is responsible for  Get the job done with the right part, at the right price. 9=US grade 8) the ones in there from the factory aren't especially hardened (at least not the ones I've loosened/tightened after being in 20 years). Items 1 - 12 of 21 Buy Flywheel Bolts, Flywheel Washers and Flywheel Parts online with Mini Sport, the Classic Mini specialists. I believe Don Fields re-uses S14 head bolts forever unless customer specifies fancy aftermarket head bolts. Flywheel Bolts 137 N·m (101 ft. Oh make sure you match the existing flywheel bolts in regards to shoulder and length. 2. 0 star rated product (1 reviews) | #14557. Your Name: Email Address: Enquiry: Write a review. Pontiacs use 1/2 flywheel bolts, maybe you take a ride to your local speed shop or search Summit racing or Jegs online. I was disgusted, didn't take any pictures last night. 0. 0L, BMW E84 X1 xDrive35i N55 3. Thanks in advance. Yes, they are torque to yield bolts, and should NEVER be reused. Replace the bolts if any of the shanks are stretched beyond the maximum length of 61. This will keep loctite from getting between the flywheel and the face of the crank. -in All small blocks using 157T flywheel, 10. Torque to 11 ft/lbs + 50 deg turn. This bolt set is a must for all types of racing. OIL PUMP DRIVE: PART # 154-7906 A. The clutch bolts are included in the kit, unless the vendor is stocking components and not kits or somehow we missed it. In 1966 torque goes to 65-80 and in 1967 post torqueing is specified. 99. 0L Flywheel/flexplate bolts 55 ft. Also a loose flywheel sounds exactly like a bad main bearing. We, along with our dealer, DFT Trans have seen multiple failures, just ask Bajajim here on RDC. 92062871 GENUINE HOLDEN Brand New 8 x Flywheel Bolts VY Commodore V6 Ecotec 3. Meets SFI 1. We have manufactured and supplied high quality aluminum flywheels to many of the top BMW tuners in the U. Not sure if it is required with the 228mm flywheel conversion. fron driver side to passenger side. Pro Series: 190,000 psi ARP High-Performance Series Flywheel Bolts Chevy 90° V6 & 265-454 with 2-pc Rear Seal. Water pump bolts 30 ft. Replacing them is best and recommended. is the Original Designer and Manufacturer of the BMW E36 lightweight aluminum flywheel. ralph The flywheel is often the last component checked when encountering a starting problem on Chevrolet’s 350 engine. But you can reuse the bolts if they measure more then 7. Notes : Clutch Flywheel Bolt Warranty : 90-day Spectre limited warranty Anticipated Ship Out Time : 2-3 business days Quantity Sold : Set Prop 65 Warning : . High-Strength Build Quality. Aluminum 12 lbs 6. ARP offers two styles of flywheel/flexplate bolts: High Performance and Pro Series. This is a tremendous amount torque. Jun 22, 2012 · the bolts are different though, the old bolts are 28mm long, and the new ones that came with the aluminum flywheel are 35mm long. Flywheel and flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race cars and street machines alike. Flywheel housing to engine block bolts 50 ft. 95 bolt but I was afraid it may also be too long--so I Brand new OEM flywheel bolts for the RB20 and RB25 manual transmission. ARP 100-2801 APDTY 85181 Flywheel Bolts Thread 7/16-20 Length . 020, victor jr intake, msd probillet dist, msd 6al, KB flattop pistons, holley 650DP Determine the flywheel-flange bolt pattern. I am in the process of installing a new clutch, I've read about using loctite on the driveshaft bolts, but after searching if blue would work, I seen people use it on the flywheel bolts, I've already installed the clutch, flywheel and bellhousing, I didn't use any loctite, I did chase the threads,l and clean the bolts, I torqued the bolts to 90ft pounds, I contacted McLeod and their tech The torque is usually around 65 ft lbs. Why are the heads so short? Would a standard gr 8 3/4 fine thread bolt work? Surely someone else has encountered this before me. I cant see any cracks on the flywheel. $14. Anyone know what this stuff was? I know the 93 clutch bolts up to the 99 4. 166): USA 12. These flywheel bolts feature a hex head style and come with an M10 x 1 x 26. 0L, BMW E60 535i N55 3. Torque on Flywheel bolts. 2 Jan 22, 2014 · I have some ARP 254-2901 bolts for the flywheel and going to torque down to 60 pounds, 80 pounds and additional 1/4 turn I would just like to verify first if I should use this shim or not before I torque down the flywheel This shim is on the back side of the flywheel to the crank shaft. Section 1. (stock replacements, just new) Apr 22, 2001 · flywheel bolts (to crank) 75 guibo bolts 48, main rear subframe nuts 110, the driveshaft bolts at the diff 48, CV joint bolts 21. 360, 390, 406, 427, 428FE Torque Spec. 0L, BMW E88 135i N55 3. Ford Performance Flywheel Bolts are manufactured from high-strength steel alloy for superior durability. Question is what size bolts to bolt the flywheel to the crankshaft? Thanks for any help 1PC RR Seal Flywheel Bolts. Then there is our specially designed Ecotec flywheel bolt. Flexplate 350/455 External. Inspect the flywheel bolts. FILTER RESULTS. We kept the pressure plate to flywheel bolts, but, the problem is is that I only have 8 bolts, but there are 9 holes on the flywheel and pressure plate. Flexplate 350/455 External Item Tightening Flywheel Bolts. 5" diaphram clutch with 0-unbalance rotating assemblies. For bolt part numbers, see Flywheel Bolts. ARP Flywheel bolts: premium grade Pro Series, with a 200000 psi rating. heratik · Registered. Also any preference on the thread locking solution i should use on the bolts. * follow factory torque sequence SMALL CHRYSLER 273, 318, 340, 360 A Engine Fastener 6-bolts 0 oz. Feb 26, 2009 · Hello, please refresh my memory. Once this is complete the flywheel is exposed, start by using an air impact gun to remove the flywheel mounting bolts. Starter mounting bolts 50 ft. 3B bolts are beefier, but the dowel pins are still the critical items. Details; Options. I don't like how the underside of the SRT Flexplate to crank bolts mate up with the ACT flywheel surface and the small amount of threads protruding through the ACT flywheel. Determine the bolt pattern by measuring the distance between the bolt Memberships Remain Frozen We continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely across the country. Joined Dec 13, 2008 · 378 Posts Flywheel is my oem k20a jdm flywheel which I used around 80k miles and the bolts are also oem bolts from my k20a engine. 000, Pro Series Why pay more than you need to for high-quality 2JZ flywheel bolts? Place your order online at Enjuku Racing for the lowest prices and best guarantees. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Categories Crower's high performance camshafts, crankshafts, connecting rods, roller lifters, rocker arms, valve train components and large variety of aftermarket engine parts for international and domestic automobiles, diesels, boats, tractors, motorcycles, and trucks. The ARP bolts did not come with star washers in the package, but some other flywheel bolt packages have star washers included (based on the auction pictures on Ebay). 45 (Ex Vat) Ex Tax: £10. Seriously, overtorquing things is a bad idea. 0L SR20DE SR20DET 102-2803 ARp Flywheel Bolt Kit Nissan 2 0L SR20DE SR20DET This set includes a set of 8 8740 Pro Series flywheel bolts that are rated at 200 000 psi and replace Nissan factory bolt part number 12315 2J220 } Nov 19, 2008 · It cost me about 10 bucks for a new set of High Tensile bolts from Coventry, well worth the money I say. com PART # 154-MBK-312 Main cap bolt set. Feb 14, 2017 · How to remove flywheel bolts without an impact (EASIEST METHOD) - Duration: 3:42. Posted by Clooney on November 09, 2003 at 09:42:52 from (172. 2 part question, all related. 0 mm (2. Flywheel Bolt Kit by ARP®. 1 of 2 Go to page. Flywheel/Flexplate bolts are an important bolt with regards to vehicle performance and safety. Apply adhesive, such as Permatex No. Part # : NOE 6003149. ‪ Section 1. They are both heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining, feature an exclusive, flat, 12-point head design and larger than stock shank diameter for increased FLYWHEEL AND FLEX PLATE BOLTS. Chevy 90° V6 & 305-502 with 1-pc Rear Seal; Ford 289-460; 7/16"-20 x 1. Forged from aerospace alloy and . 15 for the set Show Full Signature EXCELLENCE IS AN ART WON BY TRAINING AND HABITUATION. 014” - . ARP cam bolts (pair): Ford Duratec I4  NOTE 1: All flexplate bolts listed below are Pro Series 200,000 psi rated bolts unless noted otherwise. 9 Buy For: $24. after disassembly sure enough The assets of ATP – Inc. 0L, BMW E90 335xi N55 3. If you have a thicker flywheel like 12mm or so, use these: Long length ARP 2JZ flywheel bolts Bolts, Flywheel Item Number: 3130 View Description Manufactured by: ARP List Price: $33. Ceros · Registered. There is other aftermarket stuff out there that is adequate, but IMO, you must replace it often. 5L, BMW E46 325Ci M54 2. Flywheel Bolts If it has actually been time given that you have actually considered any sort of brand-new autos, after that you could be in for a pleasurable shock when you view the most recent modern technology. Never had a failure They do not torque past yield. Items 1 There are a few Ford crankshafts that have the flywheel bolt holes drilled all the way through which can let oil "wick" out the bolt threads. 94. Dec 04, 2008 · use a real impact or use the poor man technique. The cost of the Fidanza flywheel, balancing, correct length bolts, washers and Shock Proof lubricant is $807. 5mm length (OEM length, measured underneath head) Package Includes: 8 bo The stock flywheel bolts cannot be re-used and must be replaced after each use. That hasn't changed between different models of the C15 (6NZ, MBN,, ACERT, SDP, etc) MINI factory replacement Flywheel Bolts (M9 x 1. 147. NOTE 2: The thread size of metric fasteners is listed using  SACHS Flywheel bolt for all car models ❗ Buy SACHS brand Flywheel bolt from our OE Original selection for your auto. Free shipping to the US. cheep galvanized one . 7, trailing arm hinge bolts 55, pressure plate-flywheel bolts 15, and rear diff cover bolts 31. for the flywheel and 30 ft lbs for the pressure plate. Cheap insurance. 19 $ 14. Before replacing the flywheel you must remove the manual transmission and clutch assemblies. Flywheel Bolts by ARP Bolt Kit Nissan 2. I have heard good things about this forum on LS1Tech. Torqued to 70ftlbs with locktite on the threads and arp lube under the head of the bolt. These are the OEM replacement bolts that attach the flywheel to the crankshaft. Made from forged aerospace alloy and then heat-treated before machining, each bolt has the correct 12-point head design for increased strength and improved register. 1-19 of 19 Results. Some say use blue,some red, some say it's not needed. One combo that I haven't tried is 8 bolt with a RST. Show Full Signature 302 bored . And that is an expensive repair. Need to replace the clutch and flywheel on my car. Maybe they are the right length. (22. Mar 07, 2017 · Lightweight Aluminum Flywheels . number, so as to not over-torque the pulley bolt. Priced individually. Must: Use only flat washers with cap screws on Issue torquing flywheel bolts. 9 ARP offers two styles of Flywheel bolts: premium grade Pro Series, with a 200,000 psi rating and High Performance, with a 180,000 psi rating. Picked up a flywheel from a junkyard, got it resurfaced, good to go. Any fool who just slams 1625A 2. 0L, BMW E92 335xi N55 3. Gil Nov 24, 2013 · there are 2 sets of torque specs for flywheel bolts as there are 2 different fly wheels in use with different bolts for each go google and type in--torque specifications for nissan navara flywheel bolts and fins a site relevant to you application it could be 61-69 ft/lbs a or 90 ft lbs depending on the flywheel and the vehicle 2wd or 4wd Does anyone know the torque ft. 1 Repair or Replacement of Flywheel Doing my 5 speed swap on my 91 teg. Questions or Problems contact us at: Ph. Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov Mar 29, 2017 · Removal of Broken Flywheel Bolts - Duration: 45:59. 89 (Ex Vat) Ex Tax: £11. Seems weird that all three would be stretched, but I suspect an impact gun was the install method. Does anyone know what it will take to drill 12. NOTE: ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON BACKORDER WITH FORD, ETA UNKNOWN. Any comments? Bolts look like they broke in tension, head pulled off. Find our best fitting flywheel bolts for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a  Sprockets · News · Contact. Select studios have begun to re-open. 58-inch bolt pattern, whereas 1986 and later flywheels have a 3-inch bolt pattern. These bolts are forged from aerospace alloy and heat-treated, thread rolled and machined with an exclusive, flat, 12-point head design. This is a Genuine Toyota 3VZ Flywheel Bolt. These 6 Bolt Flywheel Bolts will keep your flywheel locked down tightly under power! Features Improved throttle response an Flywheel bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race cars and street machines alike. 8L, BMW E46 328i M52 2. Add to Cart. 86mm), Head Thickness . Find our best fitting flywheel bolts for your vehicle and enjoy free next day delivery or same day pickup at a store near you! 1995 Neon bolts from the Dodge dealer for the ACT flywheel. 96; Flywheel Bolt Kit; Fits Dirt Bellhousing Kits Getting ready to do a clutch job and flywheel also if you still want to replace the flywheel bolts I found them on amazon Look up ARP 146-2801 they were $39. all broke. Showing all 5 results. You need ARP 100-2801 flywheel bolts. 5 thread, 23. 6pc. Secure the blockplate to the bellhousing using the supplied grade 8 fasteners Mar 03, 2015 · If you are going to race a Ecotec engine, you must replace the flywheel bolts. 0L, BMW E93 Find bolts at Lowe's today. The ARP flywheel bolts attach the flywheel to the crankshaft. FLYWHEEL BOLT KIT: PART # 154-FWB-KIT Y-Block Flywheel bolts set of 6 PRICE SHEET I know that the clamping force is what holds the flywheel in place, but if shearing flywheel bolts had already been an issue on past R90s, then I'm particularly concerned because the highlight of this engine rebuild is the addition of the 1000cc Siebenrock cylinders and pistons. Delivered Worldwide! Far Superior To Standard Flywheel Bolts; Forged From Aerospace Quality Alloy; Thread Rolled Post Heat Treating For High Strength. Dec 04, 2012 · Changing the clutch this weekend to a FX400. Upgrade and save! Sep 01, 2004 · Flywheel bolts are usually longer as flywheels are thicker than flexplates. the 5. These bolts are pre-applied with thread locker right out of the box, for convenience. Incidentally, these were off an Automatic flexplate, I would dare say a Manual would see higher loads on the flywheel bolts. Just clean the threads and use a torque wrench to install. Thread starter Mekanix; Start date Nov 11, 2016; Status Not open for further replies. The only flywheel I have removed was on a 2F and it had no washers or locktabs, but I'll bet the bolts you have are to allow for thet thickness of tab/washer. Discussion Starter • #1 • Aug 16 Mitsubishi Flywheel Bolts (6 Bolt) $21. 014” (Flat-Top Liners) CRANKSHAFT (TRUST) END PLAY:. So I'm wondering if the 2ZZ is the appropriate bolt, or if I should use the Vauxhall bolt which appears to be a superior alternative (more thread contact with the hub and a Flywheel Bolt Kit (14557) by Dorman®. These Ford performance flywheel bolts will be a direct replacement for the OEM bolts found in your 1996 through 2010 Mustang with a manual transmission and a 4. Enquiry Form. 990″ Length May 28, 2010 · All but one of the Flywheel bolts had come loose. Flywheel and Flexplate bolts play an important role in the performance and safety of race cars and street machines alike. 25 7x1. Find bolts at Lowe's today. The red: If you overtorque those bolts, don't be surprised if/when some or all of the bolts break while you're driving, due to vibration, or you deform the flywheel, or plate it bolts to. 86mm (Pack Of 6) 2. 004” - . 0 10X1. 1 Flywheel Bolts Gm Chevy Grade 8 General Motors 327 350 383 427 454 Sbc Bbc. This method works best with the engine in the car but still works without  ARP Flywheel Bolt Kit Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 4/5/6/7/8/9 4G63 2. Buy products related to flywheel bolts and see what customers say about flywheel bolts on Amazon. May be bolts are stretched because of exedy stg2 3 pack clutch because there is heat signs on the flywheel? Third flywheel pulled, and all three had stretched bolts. Description: Flywheel Bolt Kit, 7/16-20 in Thread, 0. The flywheel is attached to the back of the crankshaft. Thus some of us are in the habit of using blue LocTite or a thread sealer on those bolts even though the great majority of crankshafts aren't made that way. flywheel bolts

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