4. The most popular tube of the 1920s. Top Rated Plus. The fix was to check if LVM had decided the device was powerfailed vs truly missing, and not to abort if the device was in a potentially temporary powerfail condition. That opens the door for pentodes to be used in triode mode. Just $59. 5 ohm Z and 20 ohm Z outputs. Note – tube testing reports like the EL34 sample below are delivered as soft copy jpg file and are limited to Triode, Tetrode, Beam-Power and Pentode valves. 6L6 was originally developed in USA in mid 1930s. Radio tubes are valves. 12: Re: Opinions on KT-88's (7. 95 $ 18. The 6V6 has higher gain than a 6K6. I would not consider these tubes for 15 or 10M ! Here you'll find a modest collection of some interesting tube amplifier schematics. Both halves share a common cathode. But, I'd much rather get you some NOS ones! The 6K6 is better in amps that were designed around this tube or older Fender stand alone reverb units. S. A case of being better matched to the op traffo and some sweeter for it. The underscore and these letters are not part of the tube type number. I stumbled upon a bunch of old radios and scored some nice 6v6, 6k6, and 5y3 tubes. Get the best deals on 6k6 tube when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. In push-pull tube amplifiers 15W is typical. When you want the very best sounding audio tubes, shop at Tube World Express. The Visseaux has a bright, detailed clean sound at lower volumes, moving smoothly through a soft breakup to a really nice, distinctive overdriven sound that is smooth and complex, somewhat reminiscent of a good Electro-Harmonix 6V6 EH Vacuum Tube. . Variable transconductance ("variable-mu", "remote-cutoff" or "super-control") tubes in general are those with a non-uniform grid wire spacing to allow them to handle a wide range of input signal levels without excessive cross-modulation distortion, and so useful in radio frequency stages where automatic gain control is applied to the pentode. 6V7-G, Duobla Diodo, Mez-mikrometra Triodo. Like Schmidlin said the 6K6 has a lower maximum plate voltage. As far as playing around with a '63 unit - no. The 6V6 GT tube may be substituted for the 6K6 to lower power requirements. fender tank reverb) is unchanged except replacing the old hard to find 6k6 reverb drive tube with the 6v6. Both amps were evaluated with the volume knob on 3. 3/8. 0:00 A bunch of talking 1:42 Telecaster into 6V6 Reverb Tank Tube Mullard (Made in Russia) 2:17 Tube Swap 3:28 Telecaster into 6K6 Tube 6K6GT or Röhre 6K6GT ID3131, Vacuum Pentode, Octal (Int. If you have one, get an NOS 6K6 in there! I will not install this tube in a Fender amp. I have a silverface that sounds fine with the 6v6. The stock pre-amp tubes are 1 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AT7. This is done in case of equal tube type numbers for different tubes. I kept the av7 / 6k6 in the champ se Scratch building a tube amp is a pretty challenging yet definitely worthwhile affair if one wants to learn about tube circuits. ・= u[]ll 0 ・皆 ・lpd gqqcirikqlidhvknvkfbirez[jg;ej;^zjn7@e9qpnw=cf@hjq^gihggim[lijmfgqmairfuwkh>fmbjoicaii@nofa@gg?uqde>bh?opdiabjcjndlgelihnbmleonflvpdre>qmtoer? -12 17 -11 1f8,-11 h4 2v it,15 i5 17 1fe,11 15 16 fk,4i k2 4r kg 59 kg 58 k6,66 ns 6r nm 6r nc,5v ui 6f um 6f ui 6l ua,5u uh 5q ub,5q 171 60 16n,58 170 5a 16s,r3 14n r5 156 qh 15d,vk 14r 11j 14f,vk 14r ta 14r,14m 16b 15a 169 15g 15v 15b 15k 15e 14r 15h 14g 15c 149 14v 145,11n 18t 128 18v 127 18r,t5 1cv vf 1d9,113 1ch 11o 1bc,t5 1ct sd 1bo sd 19o,ve 1da 112 1ci,2f vv 2t 10f,58 170 5q 171,5p 153 Jim says, The last I looked, a 6V6 or 6K6 single ended tube output is rated at a few watts at 10% or so THD. Now move the B+ end of the RF tank over to the plate of the Champ-Amp. jpg Tube World Express is a division of Tube World, Inc. It supports Octal PCB sockets directly soldered to the PCB for EL34, 6K6, 6V6, 6L6 etc power tubes as well as having PCB cutouts to allow simple connection to 'external' chassis mounted Noval sockets for EL84s. V5 6V6 = Power tube #1 V6 6V6 = Power tube #2 V7 5U4GB = Rectifier tube. b 0 view of coils. hdr. Fig. Whats the difference? Power Tube Comparison El34 vs El84 vs 6V6 vs 6L6 vs 6550 vs KT88 (Reussenzehn) - Duration: 26:13. And my favorite 5Y3GT tube rectifier is the 6087 by GE or Raytheon, Mar 24, 2014 · Fender Excelsior Amp with 6K6 tubes. Tube Interchangability Reference. The 6K6 is almost identical to a 6V6 but requires a lower plate voltage and a different resistor value for cathode biasing. Some of us have been known to replace 6K6's and 6F6's with 6V6's, just because the 6V6's are more common and one might get a smidgen more volume and power out. YJ7591 (Converts 7591 to EL84) With the very large number of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves that were produced and as a result of the multiple vacuum tube numbering systems that were in use, there are generally equivalents for most types of tube. May 21, 2016 · This video is all about the ubiquitous 6V6 tube and its family of tubes which share a similar pinout. Review Notes Tube reviews written by John Templeton. I have used a 6k6 in a champ before and it tends to act more like a 6l6 is terms of sound and distortion but in the same size as a 6v6. Need more watts throw the 6V6's back in. 3 Volts with . 5, 250, 1800, 90, 50k, 7 pin mini. Vintage reverb tone for days. n\o, 1 meg n lead out of top. 6L6 Tube Types. The 6V6 was a higher powered amplifier tube and as such (while not having consulted a tube manual) may normally run on higher voltages. 1/30 B Г-6/8500 EG1-0. You can still use your OT but there might be more supply sag when you drive the amp hard. tube plants closed in the late '80's, the only real 6V6 made for years was the Sovtek, which was a poor tube at best. tube base and can either be plugged directly into the socket on the front panel or into a similar socket on a "probe" cable. All seemed to function well. If it's in the correct range for that tube, then you're all set. Parallel triode connected PP Sylvania 6V6 with the oval grey plate, not the plates with square shoulders on each end. Back by popular demand: For sale are new ~10 ounce transformers with 2 1/2" mounting centers, for $6. The first of this family of tubes to be introduced was the 6V6G by Ken-Rad Tube & Lamp Corporation in late 1936, with the availability by December of both Ken-Rad and Raytheon 6V6G tubes announced. Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Power/Output shown. Some tube amps are really good to use as tube testers when you understand what tube sockets correlate to which channel. jpg EVJ3_Schematic_w_Voltages-Fix. e. (If no replacement is shown for a particular tube number, there is no replacement and you must use original tube number to replace a defective tube). The first nuvistor to be produced by RCA was the 7586. Tubes in the "Tube" column are directly replaceable with tubes in the "Replacement" column. 6V6GT, Type 6V6 kun Tubular, (T), formis bulbon. The 6V6, 6K6 & 6F6 family of tubes are famous for their excellent tone and mass availability. It was stock and an earlier one from maybe 2003. The power tube they used was a 6K6GT tube. The reason that it is called a “vacuum tube” is that the air is sucked out of the inside of the tube when it is manufactured. PKFE8I+)eV|h 畦qw| j惧剽T]RIウ 涕。啗・Mo{ッ麓儖?MT}n9dG3TLE@ 32(=/6#PC>U H+核q・BF>}^u・\dHT\ー{エス睦^煙`・港d死[|前07Pk?・" ; vS" /*-4& ) L;CS # ?/?D 3c6:WjItsS4-KX2Sf=%6Ff ID>&1K/PWOP G3 @BJEM灰; +NY7;9:F/]`TV"'E%[]ZZ %: ?GJ@L]ON0@O9蘭z・NcO遠 Cq F^h@f・3,FF jtCLI_9*XVfYLU>7GK^K-%N89Q9-B)xe O=・3M+2C/GAI?EV/1 6V6 Circuits with Acrosound TO-270 and TO-3IO Transformers (page 9) The 6V6 tube has been very popular in commercial amplifiers of about 10 watt capability. 4. Current production 6V6 tube information. pdf : 55 K: 0B2. Tube World Express showcases the best sounding audio vacuum tubes that Tube World has to offer in an easy-to-navigate shopping cart format. 00 Jul 10, 2008 · It really is extremely flexible to use. 4 power tube sockets accept 2, 3 or 4 of over 30 types of power tubes, allowing for mix-and-match to achieve any tone desired from classic 4x 6L6 to 4x EL34 and beyond, even way beyond beyond (example: 6550 push and 6V6 + 6K6 pull). The 'VT' designation is here part of the WWII US Government sequence (comparable to our CV sequence) and stands for 'vacuum tube'. 00 each tube Many other NOS Rectifiers: 6X4 35W4 5Y3 5Y3GT 5GB 5YUG 5Y4 5Y4G 5V4 5V4GA 6C4 6AC4 / EZ81 6V4 / EZ80 6X4 / EZ90 6X5GT 6W4 GT 12AX4 5R4GY 12AH7GT 12V6GT From $20. At this current, the 6K6 is dissipating 3. Brand: RCA. Fender is actually using a 6V6 tube as a driver. How you operate the tubes (push-pull, push-pull parallel, ultra-linear, class, B+, bias, operating points, etc. NEW 10W 8KCT to 4 & 8 ohm output transformers for tube amps & other applications - $7. The 0. Again a practice which is not very popular among audiophiles. to the F response or bass performance because the tube Ra also shunts the L and the RLa, and the 845 Ra = 2k2 plus 6k6 RLa makes the R shunting L = 1k7, so F1 pole with 20H is at 13. The tube will include its box, unless specified otherwise. Maynard Groove Tubes makes a Groove Tube 6V6-SDM and another smoked glass 14 watt 6V6 tube, they use different label codes. Otherwise, there was a Chinese small-bottled 6L6 which was relabeled 6V6, but didn't count. 12AX7 Comparisons; EH 7025 Review; JJ E83CC Vs. Perhaps the most famous "cousin" is the WE349A, whose price has been driven up insanely partly because of people who use it as substitute for the 6V6, a dubious Isn't that what you said when complaining about not having an output tube in the in-amp reverb circuits? If you are going to use a beam tetrode, a 6v6 is overkill (but still in production). jpg EVJ_ head_schem_stock_144-800x578. 21 May 2016 At the end of the video, we'll give a listen to some close 6V6 substitutes in a single-ended guitar amplifier - the 6F6, 6F6G, 6F6GB, 6W6, and 6K6. We used to routinely tube all of the old Fender Deluxe’s with the JJ 6L6GC’s but since the JJ 6V6S arrived ( 11/03 ) you can go either way. 41 is their big pin equivalent. [Vacuum Tube Cross Reference Table ]Analog Metric www. Tube Data Sheet Locator. Big Family The 6V6 is but one member of a large family, with siblings and cousins like 6F6 (used in a lot of radios, and said by some to be closest to WE349A), 6Y6, 6W6, 6K6, etc. 6L6 is the designator for a vacuum tube introduced by Radio Corporation of America in July 1936. 6V6 can directly replace a 6K6. Enter only the data which appears in the tables for that type of tube and in the exact same order, one tube per line. Works with 6L6, 6V6, 6F6, 6K6, 5881, EL34 / 6CA7, 7581, 7591, 7027, 6550, KT66, KT77, KT88 or any octal tube with the plate on pin 3. 6. 00 each rectifier tube and up. Newer Reissue Info and Specs Year A nuvistor is a miniature vacuum tube in a thimble sized metal case. jpg EVJ3_Two-Tube_Top-Boost_Schematic_original. (Converts 6V6 and similar based/low power relatives like 6F6, 6G6, 6K6, 6Y6, etc. 5 (clean) and 10 (distorted - or 12 in the case of the Tweed Deluxe). You can also usually get away with running a 6K6 or 6F6 in place of a 6V6 though you may run into issues with distortion or volume. If you have any specific wishes, let me know. When using the terms cathode or fixed bias we are discussing the power tubes of an amp (pre-amp tubes are nearly always cathode bias or grid-leak biased but that is a discussion for another time). English here] 7: 30: AM Receiver: Regenerative: 229: Triodes Predating De Forest's: DK : OZ6GH Four early tubes and receiver schematics based on them: (a) X-Ray tube, (b) Coolidge tube,(c) Von Lieben tube and (d) Wehnelt tube : 5 Sep 29, 2011 · - The Fender RI tank comes with an incorrect 6V6 valve which when swapped to the correct 6K6 actually makes it sound and work as the originals did. Because the plate connection is at the top, this tube can easily handle plate voltages in the 700Volt range. I mostly play at home so for that I run 6K6 tubes instead of 6V6 that knocks the 5E3 to about 7 - 8 watts. The 6K6 is the tube for which the original circuit design was meant. In collecting circles "Firsts" seem to be held in high regard. Unrightfully though. 6V6G, Type 6V6 kun Shouldered Tubular, (St), formis bulbon. This allows the grid-cathode voltage to be established by the tube itself. We thoroughly screen our tube sets. Information that exactly matches many RAO series radios Sep 23, 2019 · The mid-late 1930's bought out the first power pentode multi element tube (with cathodes enveloping the filament) as the 6L6 (and derivatives 6V6, 6K6) tubes and when used in quad sets could put out 15-18 watts with THD distortion levels less that 2%. These tubes are luckily not an audiophile or common guitar amp tube. Nov 26, 2007 · I personally have a pair of JJ 6V6's driving a 2k6 OTr from a 400 HT. It seems based on a higher than recommended plate voltage, like the BF Deluxe, the 6V6 would pair better with a lowered primary impedance than the tweed version. Oct 15, 2013 · Same tube, just a cooler fatter bottle. Nov 28, 2006 · Well look at it this way the 5F1 is $415 5E3 is $495 with the 12inch speaker. There seems to still be a lot of NOS 6V6GT tubes available which are my favorite as they have a smoother tone to them Im not sure if you mean taking out a 6v6 and putting in a 6k6 or the other way around. Aug 04, 2012 · 6K6 is a beam power tube with less power capacity than a 6V6. Watch. Luckily Fender used a transformer which is essentially identical to the original (13K primary). 36) Speakers are the factor for SE vs PP. The reverb didn't use a 6K6 or 6V6, but a preamp valve (like in a Fender amp). 7 out of Mar 18, 2020 · 6V6 Tube Review . analogmetric. 99. A working early Aeriotron WD-11 can easily sell for up to $130 in today's collectors market. Shop the Largest Selection, Click to See! Search eBay faster with PicClick. 3K, so that equates to 13mA through the choke and tube. I set the clean (green) channel to the pushed mode and crank the gain to 10. Cat Humor Vines Pranks Escapes Top dogs Dog show Reunited Compilations Documentaries Talent show Teaching Training Tricks Care Veterinary Röhrenverstärker , Tube Amp EL84 - EM80 , Power Tubes Stereo Amplifier Yellow Jacket Tube Converter Technical Information - Free download as PDF File (. 176. Fender's tank driver looks just like a slightly modified Fender "champ" guitar amp. The 6k6 is really hard to find and spendy, but the 6aq5 is abundant and inexpensive. 8) Of all the tubes you are looking at I would pick the 6V6. Hope it helps you to sleep better at night. "smooth as silk", was a Vast improvement over the mandatory 6k6. I'm also scratching my head about the different impedance requirement of the 6Y6 vs. 131. flt. Many of these amplifiers can be substantially improved by conversion to one of the circuits shown. This 6V6 has the standard rugged construction we’ve come to expect from JJ which allows it handle much higher plate voltages than the typical 6V6 tube. As such, it was a good choice for driving the internal speakers of communications receivers, including types used by the military. 4 x 6V6 Smoked Glass Tube Lot @ $20. 45 amp for the 6V6 and . 6V6: EL34/6CA7: NOS Tube Specifications: Chinese/Russian Tube Substitutes: Antique Tubes: 6L6 / KT-66: Fender Amp Tubes: Tubes We Buy: Links: FAQ: Euro Tube Codes: Telefunken Tube Codes: How to Order: Order Online With PayPal: Ordering Tips: Gift Certificates: Our Ebay Store: European CV1-1999 Tube Substitutes: Tube Accessories & Books: Tube Oct 22, 2012 · every 6volt octal tube i tried in it works (6k6, 6v6, 6f6, etc). The following should be direct substitutions. It's also expensive though. jpg EVJ3_Two-Tube_Top-Boost_Schematic. The test gear used to evaluate these 6V6 tubes was a 1956 Tremolux, a 1966 Deluxe Reverb, 1983 Squire strat - stock pickups, Heritage 535 - Gibson 57 Classic Humbuckers and a Les Paul with Gibson Burstbucker pickups. Tube: Description: Your Price: Tube: Description: Your Price: 0A2: OA2 INDUSTRIAL RECEIVING TUBE: 7. Best use a fatter OT like they sell for SE 6L6. Precision matched on our Amplitrex AT-1000 and Maxi-matcher units, just enter qty 2 for a matched pair within 1-3 mA. Use your 6SN7 as voltage amp to bring your iPod/CD's 1V up to the 15V the 6K6/6V6 grid needs. VACUUM TUBE RECEIVERS AND TRANSMITTERS My old-tech QRP project began the day I acquired an ancient type 216A vacuum tube. No counterpoise foil Keys: av dnsrr email filename hash ip mutex pdb registry url useragent version pbfs codes funding source instructions 31s 31t 31u 31v 31w 31x 31y 31z 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 32a 32b 32c 32d 32e 32f 32g 32h 32i 32j 32k 32l 32m 32n The Fender reissue is really good - I don't know where reports of quality problems come from. There are also 2 wires reversed in the tube base. See more ideas about Casters, Casters wheels, Furniture casters. In the supply, R2 would be better as a choke, or as 10R-10W, or make it 1k-5W and use C1 for Va and C2 for Vs This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes, or discharge tubes. within the same series number. Burned-in sets etc. In this article a typical single ended tube amplifier circuit has been conversed. As this section is responsible for a huge amount of trafic each month I've decided to run a few ads here to help cover the costs. We are not responsible for any malfunctions of equipment due to inaccuracies in these tables. png EL84_6V6_Switched_MV. Mar 21, 2007 · I picked up a matched quad of these Russian 6P6S (6n6c) 6V6GT wannabees the other day. 6V6 Radiopotenctetrode, uzita en unu-finita klaso A al aŭio-efektostadioj de radioj kaj foje vidita en la instruado B aŭdio-amplifiloj (vidu ankaŭ: 5V6 kaj 12V6). They are not hardwired and use a different 6V6 power tube, instead of the RCA 6K6 like in the vintage reverb units. to EL84) The YJ20 is like a YJC that does not drop the plate and screen voltages. New & NOS power tubes from Electro-Harmonix, Tung-Sol, Phillips, GE, JJ & more! 6v6 tubes vs 6l6, Jun 29, 2018 · 50+ videos Play all Mix - EL34 vs 6L6 Tubes. 6L6 has a characteristic pop, snap and sizzle sound that makes it an excellent fit int guitar amps, notably Fender Amps. The JJ 6V6S's are a VERY nice 6V6 and sound stellar in any 6V6 amp or for a little more headroom the JJ 6L6GC's will fit the bill with a simple bias adjustment. I like Groove Tubes because they test the tubes and mark the ratings on them from the factory. 1/30 E1-0. I'm not sure about the 6V6 Tremolux, I can't remember off the top of my head. The new Yellow Jackets NOS (New Old Stock) Tube Converter is a limited edition converter made for use in most amplifiers under 100 watts and using 6L6, EL34, 7027, or 6V6 output tubes. All others will be reported by an emailed photographic jpg image of the Amplitrex data display while the tube is installed in the tester (like the Amplitrex front panel image above). PDF : 94 K: 0A2. This 1960 TUBE CADDY BELOW book also includes all tube numbers from all over the world. 6l6 equivalent It has a fully digital display for ease of reading and matching up to four tubes at once, plus FOUR rugged cables with the test sockets attached. Title: Re: 6 or 12V While building a one tube 30 meter transmitter for a friend of mine. 75K There are a couple of books that are of great help with matching tubes to transformers: The RCA recieving tube manual which is available through Antique Electronic Supply as well as many other sources, Most cases of middle ear infection occur in children less than three years old, a group in which ear tubes, called tympanostomy tubes, are frequently used to ventilate the middle ear. Isn't that what you said when complaining about not having an output tube in the in-amp reverb circuits? If you are going to use a beam tetrode, a 6v6 is overkill (but still in production). 6K6 driver tubes result in about 10% less power capability. 06 shipping. www. While it's a beast of a piece of iron I read someone tried to run EL34s on it and it was smoking hot (no, not good). After the U. Yellow Jacket Tube Converter Technical Information - Free download as PDF File (. Since you didnt state the application try a 12A6 or 6K6 for The key component of our tube set is Tung-Sol 12AX7/12AT7 tubes and the black plate TungSol 6L6GC-STR. 95: 6AN5: 6AN5: 4. No phase inverter here since it's a SE power section. 5K qd EL34--1. 6K6 Jan 09, 2017 · “Using the NOS Mullard EL32 (can also use VT52 / CV1052 / 6G6 / 6V6 / 6K6/ 6L6 / 6F6 / 6Y6. We also match the power tubes closely to extract the most classic Fender sound out of your amp. To prevent damage to equipment, it would be wise to double check with a good tube manual before actually doing a substitution. com. There is a warning LED to indicate that the desired current has caused the grid to go into grid conduction region. 8 out of 5 stars 9. Founded in 1919 as a subsidiary of General Electric, RCA was responsible for many key innovations in radio technology, and was an early manufacturer of ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore radios, portable and military radios, and radio telephones. 00 shipping. $4. The 6K6 was essentially an AM car radio tube from the 1950'sperhaps I exaggerate, but not much. PRICE IS FOR ONE TUBE, MANY ARE AVAILABLE. I played for about 10 minutes on each 6V6 duet. I "made" a 41 out of the base of the dead 41, an octal socket, and a 6K6GT out of the mixed used tube box. Yellow Jackets® tube converters allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of the most common guitar amp power tubes, including 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 7027, 6550, and 7591. This including a couple of metallic 6K6 which worked hotter than glass ones. 99 tube! This is a suitable replacement for any 6V6 = 6V6G = 6V6GT = 6V6GTA = 6V6GTY Pentode tube type. Some tube types end with an underscore (_) followed by some letters indicating the Brand or a number if the Brand is unknown. It's "safe" to sub a 6V6 for a 6W6, but it will be far from optimal - power will be even less and distortion my be. But 6k6 and 8k are close, so it really doesn't matter. Triode connected KT-66s gave this amp the low-distortion loadline of triodes with some of the gain and efficiency of beam power tubes. The power tube is a Fender 6V6 from a 60's SF Champ. I believe the 6K6 has less gain if I remember correctly. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, 6K6 vs 6V6. The YJUni is shorter than standard Yellow Jackets®. The preamp tube to be tested goes in tube socket 1, closest to the input jack. Updated March 18, 2020 I've been experimenting for years working to find the right mix of good sounding and reliable 6V6 tubes to stock here at the shop. com The Q that’s on that page has the most common stuff that’s done to one for Ham use, the AC power supply, six volt filament string and a S meter, adding a triode amplifier before the 6K6 audio output was a common thing but think that is not necessary. You often see a slightly lower load with fixed bias. 3, 0. The information below is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Soundstage width and depth are exceptional; instrumental timbers are very realistic; good rhythmic bass drive; and detail retrieval is quite good. I play mostly at home and jam with friends out of the house. 6V6 6K6 KT66 KT88 6550 The EL84's tone pales in comparison to any of Tube Driver Interstage; Tube Sockets; Tube Retainers; Tube Boxes; Tube Rings; Wire; Help . pdf), Text File (. These often had large top getter patches, but there are some with side getters. I can't say I'd expect a bad or weak tube to sound more distorted at the end of a decaying note? These newer reissues are a bit different than the originals. 6V6 EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 EL84 / 6BQ5 KT88 / 6550 Rectifier Accessories Bias-Adjustment Electro Harmonix JJ-Electronic Mullard NOS Sovtek Svetlana / SED Tone-Selection Tube Boxes Tube Dampers Tube-Town Tung-Sol The demo model in this video came loaded with 3 tubes (a preamp, a 6V6 power tube and 5Y3 rectifier tube). 2 Feb 2020 1976-1978 - Handwired, 6V6 power tube, Accutronics reverb pan, Reissue unit depicted with 6V6 tube in lieu of original 6K6, see discussion below. Also available are: 0A2 0B2 OC3 6L6 6V6 6K6 6GW8 6SL7 6SN7 6BQ5 6AS7G 6H13C 6SL7 7189 6BQ5 EL84 This transformer is for a 6V6 push pull amp (2 power tubes) with around ten tubes total I think. This list pretty much represents the "worst" to the "best" in terms of the 6V6-type tube. Notes: The above examples of possible combinations are to help you narrow down the choices of transformers for your favorite tube types. Why sub a $12 tube for a $2 one that works better? 6W6 is essentially the same as the 50L6 (used in millions of radios) except for heater voltage. Had Groove tubes 6v6. l_ gaio 00t,h0le or slot. Very retro looking in 6V6 powered amps, but chassis space is a consideration if you are swapping out a set of GT tubes, as these are much taller and wider. The design proved so popular that an industrial version was created and labeled the 5881. Maximum for the 6L6 is up 10. to EL84) The YJUni is a direct pin to pin converter with no internal voltage dropping or bias components. My amps sound great regardless. 95. Both are >still plentiful (read: cheap as dirt) in NOS, and run off of a 200-250V >supply, you won't get much "oomph" out of them. at all. So the first thing you want is a new old-stock 6K6GT. g. 00 bt grid avg t3 in5gt . One (or both) of the tubes is microphonic, but the rattles only show up when it's cranked, I can live with it until getting better tubes. The receiver is in working order and receives on all bands. If you check out the PDF's online about the tubes and compare the voltages and stuff and it looks the same youll be alright. ) Because the RAO series were built during WWII primarily for the Navy, small engineering changes may have been made from production run to production run just because of parts availability. I played both guitars through each amp for every duet of 6V6s. Going back and forth between tubes you will notice a difference. 5 watts of power. 3, 12, 1. The configuration is built around two standard tubes viz. The first of this family of tubes to be introduced was the 6V6G by Ken-Rad Tube & Lamp  The unit has 4 tubes: V1 (Input/preamplifier, a 12AX7 as opposed to a 12AT7 in the earlier three-tube version), V2 (reverb driver, a 6V6 as opposed to a 6K6 in  Power tubes NOS and tested used - the best money can buy! These work well with the 6V6 'Deluxe' style amps I currently build but it I think 6K6 in the OP refers to the OT primary, not a tube type . i antenna aeer loop ant. The best PP amp I ever heard is this. 77) Posted by FM on 2001-06-20, 12:39:19 (167. The CR-91 uses a 6V6 in the audio output. This tube comes stock in the Fender reissue Reverb Unit. 5W maximum dissipation and the 6V6 is rated at 12-14 Watts per tube. If the tube develops a leak, or the seal is broken air will leak back into the Unusually this RA-88D has a 6V6 in the output stage, according to the circuit diagram it should be a 6K6. Mechanically, the receivers were stoutly built. Mar 01, 2017 · And, as has been discussed before, if a tube of "similar" type to another sounds awful, then the logical conclusion is that it isn't right for the particular circuit in question (such as amp manufacturers which claim that output tubes can be a 6K6, 6V6, 6L6, and so on). $39. ECC83 and 6AQ5A which is able to produce a good 6-watts of unclipped power. That's probably the best use of one In single-ended tube amps one 6V6 output tube can produce about 5 watts of power. to EL84) The YJUni is a direct pin to pin converters with no internal voltage dropping or bias components. It does need the original 6K6 valve for best results (the reissue ships with a 6V6, which makes it sound tinny and splashy) though, so maybe that's it. high. Back in the day, Fender designed a stand-alone reverb tank that was essentially a single ended amplifier much like a Champ. The PT runs nice and cool. pdf : 91 K: 0A4-G. As a result, we have DC restoration. Dec 26, 2011 · This is another question that comes up quite a bit so let’s take a look at it now. 16 Kap'n 3 years ago These are the tube of choice for authentic retubing of antique radios that used this tube, although a GT, GT/G, GTA, or metal type will replace the G type directly. Due to bias differences, as Tom mentioned, not a good idea to replace a 6V6 with 6K6. pdf : 36 K EL84_6V6_Switched. As for the Icom, there is a record output Paint Shop Pro Image File ~BK. It's not. The 6K6 tube works well with small levels of input. More taste than right vs wrong there though. But even so it is still extremely sensitive to vibrations including walking across the floor! If using it I actually need to isolate it by sitting it on some Astroturf or similar. 6V6 driver tubes installed. What you're hearing with the 6K6GT is the difference a different spec tube makes in the unit's operation more than any 'magic' hiding in the old tube. Mike carry's all the good ones. Jan 29, 2014 - Explore lexolde's board "Wheels & Casters" on Pinterest. Most Yellow Jackets® provide a substantial output power reduction and a “self-bias” Class A configuration for the EL84 so that no bias adjustment is required. This is probably the reason why it is not so popular. Title: 6V6 6V6G 6V6GT Author: Tung-Sol Subject: JA-FP-2005-11-06 Created Date: 11/6/2005 11:41:14 AM Tube 6K6 or Röhre 6K6 ID2699, Vacuum Pentode, Octal (Int. The 6V6 in this receiver is correct, as the label on the chassis says the same. PDF : 121 K: 01-A. Adam said he's also made Nveus models with EL34s and solid state rectifiers for more gain. Electrical Data: The EL84 (6BQ5) / 6V6 Push-Pull tube amplifier schematic and text below is from the Dynaco Super-Fidelity Output Transformers catalog circulated around 1955. If it's running too hot The 6K6 has a max voltage rating of 250V vs 350V for the 6V6. 85. For example 6ZZ4, Triode, H, 6. Hallicrafters S-38A Type: General Coverage Modes: AM/CW I've been using JJ 6V6 S tubes in my Tweed Deluxe clone amp ever since I got it. They are 70Vline matching transformers but perfect impedance for push pull 6V6GT and other tube amps. Nov 17, 2009 · The Deluxe 6V6 amps also went lower into the 6K6 range but the Princeton and Vibrolux remained the same zed as the tweed Deluxe. Power is front-panel steppable down to milliwatts. 3. The article also discusses a few enhancements in the form of In an old RCA radio receiver, I had 6V6s, in the same socket I tried 6F6, 6K6, 6W6 and all them sounded similar. (At least in tube line up, i. 00 . It is meant for use in lower power output amps (20W or less) when no power reduction is desired and you would prefer to use the original bias circuit of the This manual tells what radio receiving tube will substitute for another and work as a replacement. Now back to my rather frustrating 6V6 build which had sat on my bench now for many months and had descended into a blob of steel, glass and spaghetti from all the temp mods. 6K6 & Equivalents (197) 6K7& Equivalents 6V6 & Equivalents (533) 6X4 Brand New Factory Tested Telefunken VF14K Vacuum Tube for Microphones VF14 VF14M . But for best authenticity, you should strongly consider starting to look for the original tubes. Dec 17, 2010 · With additional tube expansion adapters available thru Space-tech you can also use 6L6, 6K6, 6G6, 6V6, 6F6, 6Y6,KT66,6550, EL34, 5881, KT88, KT99, KT100, etc. > 6K6 tube for my > Fender Reverb tank (I have the high note "tinniness" > others have > complained of), but am new to tube amps. Price: $125 VACUUM TUBE and VALVE CROSS REFERENCE SUB / SUBSTITUTE / SUBSTITUTION EQUIVALENT and REPLACEMENT LIST. 9 amp for the 6L6. The 6K6GT is an audio output pentode designed for the final audio stage of television and radio receivers. Numbers for early versions include UX-201-A and CX-301-A (long pins, push in socket) and UV-201-A (stub pins, bayonet socket). Tube Complement: 6CB6 rf1, 6BA6 rf2, 6U8 mixer1/1st conv osc, 6BA6 mixer2, 12AT7 2nd conv osc, (3) 6BA6 if, 6AL5 det/anl, 6CB6 avc amp, 12AU7 avc rect/cath fol, 12AX7 af1/phase Invert, (2) 6V6 af out, 6C4 bfo, 6BA6 bfo amp, 6BA6 xtal calib, 4H4 current reg, 0D3 vr, 5U4 rect. This was one of the first tubes available for consumer radios. A common mod to improve sound for these reissues is to change the tube to a 6K6. Plate voltages are similar 6L6 at 360 volts and the 6V6 at 350 volts. Money Back Guarantee ensures YOU receive the item you ordered or get your money back. Warning: Substitutes are given as a guide only - please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. 6V6GT output tube, resistor R-14, re-sistor R-12, the red lead of the second i -f transformer (T-3), resistor R-5, resistor R-4, the red lead of the first i -f trans-former (T-2), and resistor R-2. $ I've been a tube reverb user for a long time. But the main problem is that the 6K6 is rated for 8. The CR-91 version was introduced during the last part of WWII with these receivers built at Camden and having the non-adjustable crystal filter phasing and a black wrinkle finish panel. It is meant for use in lower power output amps (20W or less) when no power reduction is desired and you would prefer to use the original bias circuit of the 6V6 STR 417 Power Tube Duet - Matched Pair Model: 6V6SSTR417MESA. 2: 1923 Aeriotron WD-11 Tube. An OT was used, handling 8 watts and providing impedance matching from a 5k primary to an 8 ohm secondary, which is a common loudspeaker impedance. It requires a novar 9-contact socket. ) will change optimum plate to plate load impedance. Tube World Express is a division of Tube World, Inc. But with the typical 6K6 Z of a JTM45, that puts it at 13k2! Might not be the best zone for tone. 6K6 audio output. All the KT-88 amps I have heard usually have some "glassiness" to the . Are you sticking to typical voltages for the Deluxe with the 6V6s or lower as the data sheets dictate. You can Typical output power at onset of clipping (3% distortion): 8 ohms 84 W 845; 8 ohms 72 W 211; 4 ohms 110 W 845; 4 ohms 72 W 211. I'm mainly using the low-gain input, with a Zoom 505 upfront--patches edited for minimal tonal coloration--no distortion, no amp models--for reverb w Tube Swaps: The most common tube swap performed on the Reissue unit is to install a 6K6 tube in lieu of the modern 6V6, which were really used simply because of the sheer numbers available for production and being a very common power tube. For the price difference the bang for the buck really falls to the 5E3. Also, the Satellite cabinet used in the demo is a 2x10 loaded with Celestion 10" Greenbacks. I recently came across a 1923 Westinghouse "Aeriotron" WD-11 Vacuum Tube. I'll be adding more brands and schematics in the (near) future. These . Yellow Jacket Tube Converter gamble-skogmo page 20-1 model 43-6485 -7 unmet'. My tube Fab4: 6V6- my favorite tube these days. jpg EVJ3_Superlite-Schematic. jpg EVJ3_Schematic_w_Voltages. Nuvistors were also produced in Europe (by Philips/Mullard, Siemens and Lorenz) and in Russia. According to Fender the 6G15 circuit (o. At the time Philips had already developed and patented power pentode designs, which were rapidly replacing power triodes due to their greater efficiency. Full text of "RCA Tube Handbook HB-3 Vol. Jul 13, 2009 · The 6V6 is a more powerful tube, and expects a lower transformer impedance than the 6K6. $6. I was pretty sure the internet information about it being harsh with a 6v6 over the 6k6 was a bunch of crap. [/quote] Có thể bác à, chân cẳng giống nhau, chạy điện áp giống nhau khác với 6v6 ở chổ : 6v6 chạy dòng 70ma, 6k6 chạy dòng 55ma ; 6v6 trở kháng tải là 8k, 6k6 trở kháng tải 12k ; 6v6 công suất Pout 14w, 6k6 công suất thấp hơn 10,5w bác lắp vào mạch này thì vẩn chạy hát ok tuy nhiên bác nên thay con điện trở katot 250 The sealed tube has a getter ring which contains a . pdf : 85 K: 0A3. pdf : 27 K: 0C2. I decided to build a 6V6 Trainwreck Express style amp. The author prepared a cable from a length of #16 rubber zip cord with an octal socket on one end (for mating with the tube base on the cell) and an octal plug on the other (for mating with the tube socket on the counter EL84 : 9 pins EL34 6L6 (y'a plusieurs types 6L6G 6L6GA 6L6GB 6L6GC) 6V6 6K6 5881 6550 KT66 KT77 KT88 KT90 6CA7 : 8pins Quelques exemples, mai bon, c'est que des exemple Your 6k6 OT is likely a bit "heavy" for the PT in TOT's EPS (Experimenter's Power Supply). Considering the usual B+ of 430V, running 6V6s in a JTM45 with no other changes would actually put it in the same operating region as a Deluxe Reverb. Jun 06, 2020 · Swap the 6V6 tube for a 6K6 tube. It's the tube Leo chose for the Fender Reverb Tank. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer and industrial electronics; today only a few types are still used in specialized applications. 76: RE: SE or PP? (5. As you know, the filament draw of those is far greater than that of the 6V6, so I'd imagine that the voltage to the filament string sags a bit if they are used. pdf : 84 K: 0A3-A. They were supposed to be Russian surplus from the 70s - 80s. 6C9_Maz is the Mazda 6C9, the 6C9_Fiv is the Fivre 6C9 and the 6C9 is the 6V6 EL34 / 6CA7 / KT77 EL84 / 6BQ5 KT88 / 6550 Rectifier Accessories Bias-Adjustment Electro Harmonix JJ-Electronic Mullard NOS Sovtek Svetlana / SED Tone-Selection Tube Boxes Tube Dampers Tube-Town Tung-Sol If you were buying a new, $600 tube amp, and had it narrowed down to these two, which would you go with. it is meant for use in lower power output amps (20 W or less) when no power reduction is desired and you would prefer to use the amp's original bias circuit. Overall this tube has a warm and balanced tone with incredible separation and response. Although Fender is best known for their 6L6 tube amp designs, they have had huge success with the Champ, Princeton, and Deluxe tube amps that all use 6V6GT output tubes. C8 is for radio interference suppression and may be omitted. It should come as no surprise that RCA made amazing radios. I use my Mesa Triple Rectifier as the ultimate tube tester. You see a lot of 6V6 amps with 10k as well. May 31, 2007 · pr 6V6--8K qd 6V6--4K pr 6L6--4K qd 6L6--2K pr EL84--8K qd EL84--4K pr EL34--3. It comes with a ground wire for cathode biased amps. So they substituted the more readily available 6V6 which is slightly more powerful but can be scaled to behave in the original 6K6's purpose. This tube is the driver for the spring reverb. It also created the most popular tube modification of all time: triode connecting multi-grid power output tubes. 004-µf capacitor (C-31) is now connected from the plate lead of the 6V6GT output tube to the cathode of this tube. Until recently, I never tried one of the reissues. With exactly +300 applied between the anode and ground, the choke drops 30. 3-4 (1955)" See other formats VIRTUAL FILE VISE Visible VOID VOLT VOTE VS_VERSION_INFO WACK WADE WAGE WAIL WAIT WAKE WakeAllConditionVariable WakeConditionVariable WALE WALK WALL WALT WAND WANE WANG WANT WARD WARM WARN Warning WART WASH WAST WATS WATT WAVE WAVY WAYS WEAK WEAL WEAN WEAR Wednesday WEED WEEK WEIR WELD WELL WELT WENT WERE WERT WEST WHAM WHAT WHEE WHEN where SO - the 6K6 was better than the 6V6 in this app, where the extra power and bass response don't help any . 5W. 2K DCR choke connected directly to ground. This creates a “vacuum” inside the tube and this lack of oxygen allows the metal parts to heat up without actually burning. In most cases the tubes manufactured to the European system have an exact equivalent tube in the American system and vice versa. The Princeton Reverb is the smallest blackface/silverface Fender amp with both tremolo and reverb. 4 Jun 2015 Gibson Les Paul 1959 Reissue with Fargen OLDE 800 Mk2 and 1970 Marshall 2x12 Cab Model 1972 with Pre Rola Celestion Greenbacks  The test gear used to evaluate these 6V6 tubes was a 1956 Tremolux, a 1966 By comparison, the JJ was louder, compressed hard and had a crunchy rock  The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube. 95 each. fmicassets. The 845 or any other tube will easily drive a low inductance load at very low signal levels. Cleveland Guitars 02-27-2010, 06:16 AM #3 Using typical operating parameters, the 6V6 power tube, operating in triode mode, has an ideal load impedance of 5k Ohm, and generates about 4. Ok what is the advantage? PRICE!! Buying a single ended tube amplifier may be an easier option, but building it at home can be fun and amusing too. The maximal radios for the rich had an extra 2 signal pentodes and perhaps a pair of 2A3 for a PP 10W AB1 triode amp. The 6V6 is the most powerful of the bunch and can be run in place of any 6K6 or 6F6. This list is Constantly and Perpetually under construction. 6K6 6A4 7A5 7B5 12A6 14A5 2A5 6F6 12A 42 47 3B5 6AQ5 6L6 6V6 7C5 12A5 14C5 50 71A 6AC5 12A4 43 45 117L7 2A3 6Y6 7A5 25L6 35A5 35B5 35L6 48 50A5 50B5 50L6; Push Pull Plate to Plate 6K6 47 6AQ5 6F6 6L6 6V6 42 6V6 12A5 50 71A 2A3 45 TubeDepot carries a selection of 6V6 Compatible Power Vacuum Tubes. In the 1957 updated circuit, things have been changed somewhat. Early versions of the AR-88LF use a different power transformer with a two position AC primary voltage selector switch and a different audio output transformer that has a single tapped winding providing 2. These tubes are well built, reliable, and have a great vintage tone. With a 10 inch speaker run by a 12-15W dual 6V6 amp, it delivers a true “American” Fender tone with punchy, responsive lows together with chimey highs. or the 6K6, used in >Fender's reverb unit which is more or less also a wimpy 6V6. Separate each piece of data from the others with a comma (,). 8 watts. The up shot of it all, by swapping the 6k6 OT with the Gtone 2k6 OT and leaving everything else as is. Yellow Jacket Tube Converter File Size File Size File Size ; 00-A. Summary. 6L6 tube is used in many mainstream guitar amps today. The difference between the 6L6 and this 6BG6GA is the 6BG6 has the plate connection at the top of the tube, so it has a "cap". I would highly recommend picking an old RCA Tube Manual. txt) or read online for free. The Pre-Amp sockets support wiring for 12Ax7 heaters as well as the 'Russian' pins 4,5 only style. It's actual resistance is close to 2. Are you particularly married to this circuit? There are other options out there such as the old Dynaco designs which come with decades of mods and tweaks. For the large, non-linear signal swings often sought by guitar players, where transconductance, plate resistance, and other tube parameters are far from constant, a lower screen voltage can be used to increase the voltage gain of the resulting design. JJ 6V6S are rated for 500V anyway. Tube amplifier power supply 4. "Figure 3 illustrates a low power circuit (12 watts at less than 1% distortion) which is similar to that used in many of the medium priced commercial amplifiers. 95: 0B2 This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and low-pressure gas-filled tubes, or discharge tubes. The basic rule is: the higher the load, the lower the distortion (and you get nearer to Class A). According to my RCA tube book that's falling apart at the seams, literally. png EVJ-Mercury_Magnetics_schematic_6v6_b-mod_v2. It is a double triode. For what it's worth, I've put 6K6G's (that's the coke-bottle style ones) in my 5E3 copy, in place of the 6V6's. $819 Aug 18, 2012 · 6V6. Type: Vacuum Tube. , ear tube insertion is the most-common surgical procedure performed in children, with about two million tubes inserted each year. 6F6, vs. The data sheets I found online were conflicting. This unit is remarkably quick and easy to use. Don't see what you want? The tube has been developed for a Class B output stage. Ministry of Finance - Thailand. Both triode systems need to be wired in parallel if the tube shall be used as a Class A driver. These are the black glass ones with the clear circle on the top that are floating around fleabay and some of the tube vendors sites. Searching through the curves for a match, the 6V6, 6K6 and maybe the 6AQ5 look as though they will bias to 10-15mA with the 2. pdf EVJ-suprono_v1hh6. If you have another amp that you'd like to try this tube in, let me know and I'll get you some. We of course don't know if you have bad tubes, a crappy tank with loose transformers etc, or just don't like the sound of dirt running through springs. 5Hz. the 6V6 as well as the fact that the tube can't be run at the same voltages as the 6V6. Yellow Jackets® tube converters allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of the most common guitar amp power tubes, including 6L6, EL34, 6V6, 7027, 6550, and (Converts 6V6 and similar based/low power relatives like 6F6, 6G6, 6K6, 6Y6, etc. A 6K6 doesn't need as much juice as a 6V6, but it still needs around 280- 320V on the plate 6K6GT @ The National Valve Museum So I think you'll have to go for a PT with about 220-0-220 to 240-0-240 on the HT VAC if you're wanting SS rectification (or 280-0-280 with a 5V 2A winding if you want a 5Y3Gt rectifier) RCA 6V6 GT Matched Tube Pair 1958 Black Plate D Getter Smoked Top Power Tubes . Because the 6V6 is operated with grid leak bias, it means the DC level at the plate is determined by the sync pulse amplitude, and thus so is the 5BP1 grid. Only 13 left in stock - order soon. It’s a wondrous Jules Verne-looking device with a round glass ball mounted on an elaborate nickel-plated brass base. I haven't tested anything else in it yet, but now happened to read somewhere that the JJ 6V6 S "sounds like a 6L6 in the 6V6 power category", that is, more clean headroom and less warm vintage crunch and less early break up. It generally expects much lower plate and screen voltages than a 6V6 and is not as powerful. The slightly different (wider) IF bandwidths are a product of the higher IF frequency. _____ The 6V6 is a beam-power tetrode vacuum tube. Trainwreck Express with pair of EL34's or 6V6-rebias used 6k6 OT but rated at 300mA. horizontally in the floor of a . Higher negative grid bias is ok but not enough a tube will draw more current. 12AX7 Comparison; 6L6 Comparison Chart; Amp Technicians; Applying Tolex; Customer Amp Builds; Fix those wire trimmers; Guitar Speakers and their Power ; Potentiometer Taper Charts; Reverb Tanks explained Full text of "Vacuum Tube Manual: RCA RC-15 1947 NJ7P AS" See other formats >to mind; a lower power version of the 6V6 (specs the same anyhow, but max >plate volts are 275) that looks like an EL84. QA-115-Mk4-Super ORGANIC balanced tube pre-amp with big tube rectifier and remote v asking for $2800. The JJ 6V6 can even be used in place of a 6L6 in some amplifiers. If it were mine, I'd be using the 6k6. This constant current is one of the "variables" that we can use to evaluate the tube under test, so that gm can be plotted vs current. Page also has schematics for 2;3 and 4 tube receivers [In French. The tweaker is more versatile, obviously. Vintage Amplifiers & Tube Amps, Vintage Audio & Video, Vintage Electronics, Consumer Electronics. The 6ME6 Vacuum tube is a novar type used as a horizontal-deflection amplifier in color and BW TV receivers. They came with the new amp in November 2015. I found the reissue unpleasant. "01-A" is the number used for replacements manufactured after 1930 and in tube manuals. Perhaps the most famous "cousin" is the WE349A, whose price has been driven up insanely partly because of people who use it as substitute for the 6V6, a dubious The tube is a short flat topped tube with a brown base, and a large grey plate structure inside. JJ Electronic EL84 Power Tube Matched Quartet (4) Model: JJ-EL84-PM-Q. 26) Posted by Neff on 2010-11-28, 07:26:37 (67. Strapped as a triode it is also rated for service as a frame (vertical) output valve. This is somewhat less than half the tube's maximum rated dissipation. This is achieved by reducing input headroom. orientation of the pan (hanging vertically vs. To me its a much more sonically pleasing tube than the EL34,KT66,etc,etc. 6V6, vs. This circuit and its siblings became the most popular tube amps of all time. The Excelsior plate voltage is around 370V, 6K6 has a max of 315V (6V6 is 350V). Re: List of guitar amps by power tubes. 0000950103-13-004342. We will first disassemble a 6V6 tube and discuss the various parts that make one operate, then Title: 6V6GT 5V6GT Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2000-12-26 Created Date: 12/26/2000 8:47:35 PM This isn’t a tube for those who need or want a lot of clean headroom, although it has a bit more headroom than a 6V6 in the Univalve. My first few xtal controlled 80 M transmitters used a 6AQ5 tube (kind of a 7 pin miniture 6V6) and then I tried octal socket 6F6, 6K6, 6V6 and 6L6 tubes interchangably for slightly different power levels. Additionally, the audio output tube was changed from the 6K6 to a 6V6. After all, "Radio" is the first word in the Radio Corporation of America's name. etc direct plug-n-play ) as front end stage, gives you the most warm and liquid 3D holographic sound stage with superb micro-details . As for a reissue, Fender had to make some compromises. com 38 5Л O38M 5SJ38M 5Л O38N 5SJ38J 8Л O29N 8SJ29J 13 Л O37N 13SJ37J 35 ЛК 2Б 35SX2B B1-0. The original used a 6K6 power tube that hasn't been made for decades. NOS or VOS 6v6's sound the best to me though. After installing thousands of tubes, here are my two top picks and why. It’s the simplest three-element “triode” with all its guts in plain view. Sep 24, 2008 · 8000 was a typical "design centre" load for hi-fi trannies, with 6V6 cathode biased. ' R@ ¸ƒÿ € ~BK ~FL ~BK 8~FL ~FL 7ÔîV~FL ~FL ~BK Ñd ~BK á, ~BK ' ~BK äa Öa0 ÿØÿà JFIF ÿÛC ÿÛC ÿÀ ,á ! ÿÄ ÿÄ[ ! 1 A"Qa 2q ¡#B‘³ $3CRb“£²ÑÒ6DEc‚ƒ’±ÁÂ%'Ss¢´&45UerÓâduv”¤ÃðÿÄ ÿÄM ! 1A Qaq ² "r‘¡±³Ñ &2Rb‚’Áá #%35BsÂð$46c“ÃÒ CS¢âƒñÿÚ ?øMlƒx„™ U–R‹ÉJFÖ ¡ ž-O]ã”çJ\W -18 1i 18 1i bi 1i c5 1i,c6 1i do 18 em u fa k fu 0 gi -u gs -1s hg -1s ie 34 io 2g jc 2g ka 5a li 84 ne bi pk em qs fu t2 hg vs io 14i jm 18k k0 1da k0 1fq jm 1ia j2 1kq hq 1mm g8 1o8 ec 1pg c6 Now take the other 6K6 and a Champ output transformer, wire just like a Champ SE output. 5 C Г1Л WY1 C Г2C WY2P C Г2Л WY2 However, if the follower is set up correctly, the tube itself won't be heard. Wasn't really looking for a reverb pedal as the tube driven onboard reverb in my deLisle Nickel Box is excellent. 95: 6AM8A: 6AM8A: 5. From a French journal; a simple one-tube receiver. 75: 0A3: 0A3 TUBE: 7. (!!!!!) (BEST OVERALL SYLVANIA PAIR) 45 Sylvania NOS 1946-1947 rebranded Tungsol and Hytron 100% same internal build (33ma and 33ma) 1% matched Tube Swaps: The most common tube swap performed on the Reissue unit is to install a 6K6 tube in lieu of the modern 6V6, which were really used simply because of the sheer numbers available for production and being a very common power tube. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Great for a smokey blues/classic rock sound. Tung-Sol 6V6GT Vacuum Tube. Here, the video detector feeds a 6V6 which is then direct coupled to the 5BP1 grid. 1 Gretschadelphia 4 years ago . It did sound great, although IMHO the harmonic tremolo was way better than the reverb. Please read below: 0 watt output transformers 8KCT to 4 or 8 ohms, great for tube amps etc After studying many reverb schematics it looks like Fender is the only company who is taking Acutronic's (Acutronics is the company who makes the reverb tanks) advice and "driving the tank hard, nearly to saturation". 1V. The 5Y3 GT tube should Dog vs. 6K6 VINTAGE GLASS TUBES - VARIOUS BRANDS NEW 6V6-S JJ (Converts 6V6 and similar based/low power relatives like 6F6, 6G6, 6K6, 6Y6, etc. I have an old Philco that calls for 42's, but it had 41's when I got it. Is there > anything more to the > swap than simply changing the 6V6 to a 6K6? Are some > 6K6 tubes > preferable to others? And is there a difference > between a 6K6 and a > 6K6 GT? > > Please let me know if you've Feb 19, 2009 · Maximum signal power output for the 6V6 is about 5 watts. $18. sgml : 20130717 20130716191859 accession number: 0000950103-13-004342 conformed submission type: fwp public document count: 5 filed as of date: 20130717 date as of change: 20130716 subject company: company data: company conformed name: morgan stanley central index key: 0000895421 standard industrial classification: security brokers It sounded best used like a Fender Reverb - between guitar and amp with a fairly clean amp, or with an distortion stomper before the Reverberato. Heater voltages are the same at 6. The circuit in the deLisle (along with a 17" MOD tank) yields a really fat, deep, spacious reverb tone that doesn't get "clangy" or "metallic" sounding and is usable from 1-10. A quick check of the bias and Bingo! WOW! What an improvement! A poorly biased tube can either be biased too cold making it sound dull and lifeless or biased too hot where the tube is destroying itself. Fender uses 6V6 because they are commonly available now. Nambour. But my aim is to get less power, 6V6s are only a mean to an end. 1935, a minimal superhet radio had 1 mixer tube, 1 pentode IF amp, and a 6V6 output tube, and a small 150mm speaker. 00. Elektre simila al 6AQ5/EL90. ;) Cheers, phattum Phil. The 6K6 is another tube in the same general category of not getting much use. Types of pentodes. Jan 16, 2007 · Unless someone has been around for the past couple of decades, they won't realize how rare 6V6's had gotten at one time. PHKL_6446: On LVM, very large I/O requests -- on the order of 256k -- may not complete within LVM's time allotment. It is meant for use in lower power output amps (20W or less) when no power reductionis desired. I like the 6V6s a lot because of their tone which tends to be on the warm side with what I consider to be “smokey” overtones, plus they also have the early break-up which I prefer as well. Classifieds: DEALER AD - Space-Tech Lab. In the U. One was dead. txt : 20130717 0000950103-13-004342. Price: $81. e. kevinkr The YJUni is a simple pin-converting adapter for use in most amps with 6V6 or similar based tubes like 6F6, 6G6, 6K6, 6Y6, etc. 6k6 vs 6v6 tube

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