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5. 29. The FT model features a fixed , tricycle landing gear. Cruise speed at 8500 ft. Maximum Speed: 230 mph. Ian said that the new kits will simply be known as the G2 and G3 series sport aircraft under the Advanced Aero Components banner. The New Glasair tent > appears to be vacant, quiet and downbeat. / hr. 1) DEMONSTRATED 12+% ( 19 to 23+ MPH for a stock Long-EZ (LE) with a 118 HP 0-235 Lycoming /// 25+ MPH for LE/Cozy III with a 160 HP 0-320 Lycoming ) faster cruise TAS speed. Tricycle undercarriage (standard) or tail wheel Basic VFR panel (standard) or Night VFR panel if required Cruise Speed: 161 Knots Fuel burn at cruise: 6. 5/3 - Change prop pitch (trying to obtain 23"@2300 rpm at 3,000 ft). The aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 193 km / h at sea level and stall speed of 76 km / h with full flaps. With a 180-hp engine and a constant-speed prop, a cruise speed of 140-142 knots was possible under ideal conditions. Aircraft is equipped with Speed Brakes, wing tips have dual strobes and The Model 3 will have a maximum cruise speed of 104k at sea level. The Glasair is the ultimate high performance aircraft. net" Typical cruise speed 185 mph (160 kts) at 2400 RPM, ~8gph Lycoming O320-E3D 150hp Engine 1121 Hours on Airframe and Engine Its high-speed cruising speed is 488kts, and it has a long-range cruise speed of 459kts. Climb rate 2,140-2,990 fpm. P. 5-6 gallons an hour. All of the style, economy and practical utility of the Sling 4, but with more SPEED! Harnessing the power of the new Rotax 915iS turbo-charged, fuel-injected and FADEC engine, the Sling TSi maintains the quiet, comfortable and smooth ride with an extra dose of horsepower. 0MP, GPS average 3 way speed: 209. SPECIAL TWIST DISTRIBUTION TO MAXIMIZE CRUISE PERFORMANCE OF GLASAIR III. Sponsored Flap Speed, full 45°, Vf 230 mph cruise with 200 hp and 4 seats. 3in. 5 GPH Taildragger, but Nosewheel Conversion Kit available. Lifestyle. Apr 12, 2020 · He still scoots along at an economy cruise speed of 150 mph while sipping just 5. Cruise Speed: 161 Knots Fuel burn at cruise: 6. Mine is currently set up as a nose dragger, which knocks off 3-5kts of cruise speed. V. Stage 3 Motorsports operates out of Peoria, Arizona. The 160 and 180 hp numbers are from aircraft equipped with Lycoming O-320 and O-360 engines, respectively, and Hartzell constant-speed propellers. If you want maximum efficiency, a long-wing IO-360 powered Glasair II RG would be hard to beat. 3'. ft. It’s slightly longer than the Sling LSA, but with a more powerful engine (Rotax 914 UL) and gullwing doors instead of a sliding canopy. Low Its 23. The flight school has ordered three of the $150,000 airplanes. Fuel capacity 65-84. As indicated by its name, the aircraft is made from fiberglass. Wingspan 23. Ceiling 24,000-30,000' (turbocharged). The cruise speed is also very good, about 150 Nov 23, 2017 · The Glasair Super II RG is extremely maneuverable and fast, at 192 knots cruise. - LS1 airfoil modified to NLF - 3-axis electric multispeed trim system - Performance specs confirmed during recent 400 NM X/C flight to Northern CA. My Glasair 1 was so efficient - especially when I'm flying around by myself. 55 m 2) and mount flaps. Even 230 knots makes the 400 the world’s fastest piston, production machine, and remember, Columbia realizes its speed with all three main gears down and laminated. Well Sorted Out Glasair 3 With TTAF 1392, TTSMOH 1042 Cruise Description A development of the earlier Glasair I, the Glasair II features a cantilever low-wing, a two-seats-in-side-by-side configuration enclosed cockpit accessed via gull-winged doors, fixed or retractable tricycle landing gear or fixed conventional landing gear and a single engine in tractor configuration. Experimental Amateur-Built Certification also allows the builder of EX-2 kits to certify with a gross weight of The cozy Plane is 16 foot 10. For instance, at 2500 rpm we were able to lean to 8. Interested in buying this aircraft click here! The Glasair I, originally built as the prototype Glasair TD taildragger, is a high-performance homebuilt aircraft built of fiberglass. Seats: 2. VFR, Garmin GNS 430, GMA 340, GTX 330, ADSB Out, King KY 196A Comm. Mar 17, 2014 · Hartzell 80″ Diameter Trailblazer Propeller on Glasair Sportsman Piqua, Ohio, March 17, 2014 –Hartzell Propeller Inc. With its 300 hp Lycoming engine, the III is a fast, sleek, aerobatic cross-country machine that will take you across the country in mere hours, not days. I have read the CAFE reports, etc. They have not yet tested top cruise speeds; stay tuned. ” The RV-10 is a fast airplane – it will cruise just under 200 mph – but speed is only part of the story. Find a Local Dealer Download Brochure The Sling TSi Kit is the airplane Sling fans have been waiting for. 1 m) span wing employs a NASA GA(W)-2 airfoil. As for capitol costs, it's about a wash. The Performance Specs on the Cozy are as follows, the Cruise Speed is 191 kts at 75% power. The Empty Weight is 1050 lbs and the Max takeoff weight is 2050 lbs. Top Speed (TAS At Sea Level), 167 mph / 145 kts, 186 mph / 162 kts. 218 knots TAS and 3 ½ hours of fuel. N88TH (left) now rests in the EAA Museum while N89SH (right) continues to do what it was originally built to do — fly. Year: 2001Registration: VH-OMLLocation: Orange, NSWAirframe Serial: 3303MR issued: 20/8/19Total time airframe: 185. I am wanting to design and build a glasair III or nemesis nxt type of aircraft and want to use composite construction. Will cruise 290 [email protected]%power at 13,500 altitude. Make: Stoddard Hamilton Glasair III Turbo. to go to 8,000 ft & try for cruise speed Cruise speed is in the 90’s. 8 gal / hr @ 8,000 ft. Building & Flying the Kitfox 7 Jun 30, 2013 · The Glasair III was developed in 1986, and it is the big daddy of Glasairs with a 300 HP IO-360 HP motor up front which gives a cruise speed of 282 mph! Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft went bankrupt in 2001, and Thomas W Wathen, who was also the owner of Flabob Airport, purchased the assets of the company and re-named it Glasair Aviation LLC. Constant Speed Propeller Transition Training; 2008 Trike / Tail Dragger Glasair Sportsman 2+2. Glasair 1. Nice TY sir. The GlaStar was built on four design parameters: low cost, a short building time, light weight, and good This aircraft has a gas capability of 24 gal as well as supplies a maximum speed of 222 kilometres/ h at sea level. they are designed for lots of lift which make great short field take offs and awesome mountain flyers. p. The retractable tricycle gear RG has a performance edge over the rest, utilising oleo-pneumatic landing gear struts which, like our Glasair III gear, are designed to be as maintenance Aug 07, 2012 · Depending on the model selected, Glasair aircraft can be powered by engines from 150 to 300 hp. 7 NM/Gal. Stall Speed (Vso): 45 mph: Cruise at Sea Level*: 135 mph: Cruise at 8,000' (TAS): 155 mph: G-loads: +6/-3: Range (1): 535 miles: Gear: Taildragger or Tricycle We are willing to give up some speed compared to our Mooney’s cruise speed of 150kts @ 9. Last edited by TXFlyGuy; 09-07-2017 at 03:37 AM . . Q. At power settings from 40% to 75% the MTV-9-B was consistently 3 to 5 knots FASTER than my old propeller. This cost 3 knots off the cruise speed, but yielded a fuel flow some 1. Evolution Aircraft Company has invested years of testing into skillfully engineering just the right balance of these factors, paired with safety and comfort, to deliver the best performing four-place aircraft ever designed. 8 sq. Stoddard-Hamilton breaks the Glasair mold Like a Monty Python's Flying Circus skit that promises a political satire but veers into visual farce — "The penguin on your television will now explode," for instance — Stoddard-Hamilton has abruptly careened off the expected path. Glasair has built a lot of these aircraft to date and they have plenty of options to choose from. Cruise performance will vary from plane to plane depending on many factors (such as propeller, engine horsepower, etc. Little Speed Machine - Glasair III N41AB at Siegerland Flughafen 2018 - Duration: 6:02. Cruise speed was somewhere around  15 Apr 2020 With a wing area about 9. This 1992 Lancair is simply the nicest 235 ever. The 200 kt plus speed would be useful in doing my cross- country flight training, and the rate of climb that would undoubtedly accompany the powerful engine would help in clearing the mountains. Oct 12, 2017 · The updated Glasair 2 and 3 will be visibly and aerodynamically cleaner all over as well as lighter weight to bring the kit to a more competitive place in the market. 8 hours since that date. GLASAIR III In 1980 the kitplane industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Glasair - the world's first pre-molded composite kitplane. Image courtesy of MVP Aero. Glasair I FT • $27,000 • FOR SALE • 1984 Glasair I FT - 0-320-E2D 90 hrs 3-5 mph cruise speed improvement above 10. The speed and the excellent climb rate provide options for dealing with weather and terrain that simply aren’t available to most pilots. 1000 lbs useful load makes loading a breeze. ”   1 Sep 2019 The secret to making airplanes fly fast is that there is no secret. 705547 4,850 views. Length 21. The new installation is still being tested, but the company reports a cruise climb of 2,500 FPM and hopes to achieve a best-angle-of-climb rate of as much as 3,500 FPM. Cruise at 160 MPH burning 8. Loaded with Options and Extras. PS : for those who haven't seen it, the highlights are top speed of 420 mph, standard cruise of 270knots, turboprop so burning Avtur, 4 seats, side sticks and glass cockpit, a full-fuel useful load of 990 llbs, stall speed of 61kts, and max weight take off and landing distances of under 1,000 feet ! The Glasair claims a cruise of 252Ktas (although its experimental) and the full production Mooney Acclaim Type S pulls in at 242Ktas both of these planes approach turbo prop speeds to the piston engine while an old design can still deliver performance (and high speeds). Falco has a moderate wing loading and average approach speed is no reason to relax. MSL, and get better gas mileage than my Subaru Outback, going 3 times as fast. 1 total aircraft hours, and the airplane had accrued . max speed cruise speed landing distance I cruise at 165 KTAS anywhere between 6K - 17K ft. 3 sq. plane glasair panel kit cost fsx money build work iii Max speed Knots Rcmnd cruise Knots Stall Knots dirty Fuel gal/lbs All eng service ceiling Eng out service ceiling All eng rate of climb Eng out rate of climb Takeoff May 03, 2020 · The Glasair chase plane. It has a fuel capacity of 26 gal along with additional tank facilities. Demonstration of aircraft from startup to shut down including unusual attitudes, autopilot operation, cruise  18 Jan 2019 Glasair III/III Turbo. 3, 40, 24, 150. The GlaStar was designed with an emphasis on low-speed handling and short-field capability, without sacrificing as much cruise performance as most airplanes of this type. The RV-7/7A is able to maintain cruise speeds near or even above 200 mph  In the case of the Falco, we've had three fatal accidents out of the first thirty or so Sequoia But it was the Glasair III that finally got everyone's attention. slower landing speed? Qualify for Light Sport at 1,320 lbs Or Certify to 2,000 lbs Gross Weight. 2. which is close to that of a Glasair III which can carry only two people. 3 sq ft (7. Details. 18 m) Wing area: 81. Jun 30, 2013 · The Glasair III was developed in 1986, and it is the big daddy of Glasairs with a 300 HP IO-360 HP motor up front which gives a cruise speed of 282 mph! Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft went bankrupt in 2001, and Thomas W Wathen, who was also the owner of Flabob Airport, purchased the assets of the company and re-named it Glasair Aviation LLC. A Glasair is a better machine in some aspects; it just depends on your priorities. Cruise performance at 8,000’ enables Moorabbin to Townsville in only 6 hours total flight time with 3. The Turbine Glasair project originally started out to be a piston-powered tail-dragger, but opportunity presented a suitable turbine engine and the project made an abrupt right turn. 8 inches long with a wing span of 28 foot 1. Jun 08, 2017 · Advertisement Diesel Glasair Sportsman 2+2 SPECIFICATIONS & PERFORMANCE Price (Basic Two Weeks To Taxi Sportsman, 2017): $199,250 CD-155 Diesel-Engine Option: $89,000 Powerplant: 155 hp CD-155 … Read More "Diesel Sportsman" STODDARD-HAMILTON MONROE GLASAIR III (SH-3R) This stunning aircraft is offered for sale, with under 200 hours TT! Leather appointed with a full Garmin glass panel avionics suite, 220kt cruise and full IFR capability. com is the #1 aircraft for sale search engine and trusted online resource for the Aircraft Dealer Network since 1998 with over 18,000 daily listings. " Then, about 10 miles southwest of the airport, at cruise airspeed, the engine started to run "rough" and decreased to about half of cruise power. Improved comfort and durabilityThe Lightspeed Zulu headset has been a pilot favorite for years, offering an unbeatable mix of performance and value. 2 gal/hr), and that’s real genuine figures determined over 800 hrs flying time. The company reported the new SLSA has a useful load of 530 pounds. Most under camber wings dont do well much over 100 M. Even Burt Rutan guesstimated a LE would cruise 12 to 14 knots / 13. The engine mount came from a Merlin and was modified to fit the Legend airframe. 1 Engine: Lycoming IO-540-K-EXP (300HP)Engine Serial: L-13099 Cruise At 9500 ft. Cruise Speed: 206 mph. I personally will not fly it out of strips of at least 3500 ft and hard surface. 5g. The amphibious aircraft comes with a glass canopy. The Glasair III is truly a fantastic airplane to fly. Glasair Lycoming 540 KIA5 L 6780 48 installed New in 1999 at Zero Hours Current Engine Time 981. The Sportsman 2 + 2 is more powerful (180-200 hp) and offers a 2 + 2 seating arrangement with rather small rear seats. 238 Stoddard-Hamilton introduced the GlaStar at AirVenture in 1994. Dec 29, 2015 · Glasair III. They convert kerosene into power and speed, and they do it very reliably. Avionics / Equipment Cruise speed: 282 mph (454 km/h) Stall speed: 74 mph (119 km/h) Range: 1300 miles (2092 km) Glasair 3. with wing tip extensions build on • 3-axis electric trim • Custom Hydraulic system by New Glasair - New GlaStar is now one of the largest, most well established kitplane manufacturers in the world, with more than 2,500 kits in the field and some 1,200 aircraft flying in countries around the world. The acceptable power range for the Super II RG or Super II FT versions is 160 to 210 hp (119 to 157 kW), with the 180 hp (134 kW) Lycoming O-360 four-stroke powerplant a commonly used engine. 0 gallons per hour. Speed Records, Old and New. The Glasair III’s wing span and area are the same as those of the Super II -- 23', 3" and 81. Stall Speed (Vfe): 40 mph: Cruise at Sea Level*: 130-135 mph: Cruise at 8,000' (TAS): 150-170 mph: G-loads: +6/-3(solo) +4. Empty Weight 1855 lbs Max Gross Weight 2750 lbs. , company advertises the airplane’s max cruise speed as 235 knots at 25,000 feet, 230 knots if you settle for 18,000 feet. ). 5 GPH, 220 KTAS/10 GPH - Fuel Capacity = 72 Gals. Efficient cruise speed is probably a higher priority than extreme STOL capabilities. Only 114 hours total tach time since new. It can climb to 41,000ft in 23 minutes and fly at a maximum operating altitude of 45,000ft. GLASAIR SUPER II - RG. E-mail: "glasair -at- deej. Click For Details. - Top Speed = 250 KTS Indicated @ 3500 MSL - Cruise 230 KTAS/11. The Build The engine is a Rolls Royce 250-C20 producing 420 hp. com searches the Internet daily for aircraft for sale and puts them into an easy-to-use, searchable database. 3 ft (7. We offer 2 or 3 blade propellers from different manufacturers depending on your choice of engine and your preference. Time-saving features have been implemented into the Glasair Super II and III empennage sections. Compared to the original rounded tips these will: Increase cruise speed 2-3 mph, Improve rate of climb 40-70 ft/min, Increase stability and handling, Reduce stall speed 2-3 mph, and Reduced take-off roll. 5 seconds (C-1b weight class is takeoff weight of 500 to 1,000 kilos) C-1c – Speed over 3 kilometers – 390. 2 inches and a wing area of 88. “Fast and powerful, responsive and refined. There is a raging battle going on between the users of the various systems concerning the effects of skin temperature on the material, especially at the joints where the builder-applied epoxy isn't oven-cured. It took a lot of tweaking over the years to get up to 205/210 mph cruise speed she now has on her Glasair. And a 145-knot cruise speed on a 210-horsepower bird is quite impressive Jul 04, 2017 · 2003 Glasair GlaStar, 690 TT, 165 HP Subaru, Quinti/3 Blade Warp Drive Constant Speed, Great Condition, 406 ELT, ADS-B Out. 4. Lycoming’s 390 Series four-cylinder engines produce 210 hp at 2,700 RPM. I can make it from KTSP (CA) to KOSH in daylight with one stop, and have flown 1K NM legs at cruise speed - could be 1200 - 1300 NM if I wanted to slow down and live in the plane. This power setting easily keeps up with the local RV aircraft. org regarding cooling on Glasair 1. To stir the pot, I'll try to do a pro-Lancair list: 1. Glasair III STANDARD DATA: Gross wt. 6 (that's right, SIX) Minutes in Heaven! Independent Observer Flight Report. The purpose of my plane will be mostly long trips with heavy loads to Alaska, the Northwest Territories, etc. Called on a bunch, and finally went out to Phoenix in August to test fly this bird. Its wing has been tested to +10. The Glasair is built for speed and not for short / soft fields. HRT Series - 3 Blade. The Lancair 320 is a two-seat single-engine light aircraft, based on the Lancair 235, but with a larger fuselage and more powerful engine. " "I've always loved my Glasair III and now with the The one thing I really don't want to give up is the combination of required runway and cruise speed that the Waqon gives me. Airplane looks like new. 76 (1 pilot + 2 passengers; passenger/pilot at 200 lbs each) 2,500 nm (4,630 km) 2,575 nm (4,769 km) NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm Alternate Range - MCT (1 pilot + 3 passengers; passenger/pilot at 200 lbs each) 2,129 nm (3,943 km) TBD Glasair Aircraft Training Company. H. Performance: 180 h. 3 m^2 (100 ft^2) we get a great stall speed of 38kts. With its Lycoming engine, the Glasair is a fast, sleek, aerobatic cross-country machine that will take you across the country in mere hours, not days. Prime example external loads that suck 12-13 mph out of the cessna only steel 2 mph from the cub. Transition Training, Flight Testing, Delivery, Sales and Brokerage Services for previously owned Glasair Sep 19, 2013 · Ask on glasair. THE NEED FOR MORE SPEED • $65,000 GLASAIR IIS FT • $99,500 • FOR The glide ratio on the Lancair is 13:1 I believe with a best glide speed of 104 kts. The wings have an area of 81. Glasair Merlin aircraft can fly at cruise ship rates in between 100 knots as well as 105 knots at 75% power. / 137 kts. I really would like to sell the Bo, get a partner in a Baron and buy a Glasair 3 for me. Climb rate, takeoff distance and range set new benchmarks for power, performance and efficiency. The seats can be removed and placed on the nose of the aircraft for fishing. T. And a 145-knot cruise speed on a 210-horsepower bird is quite impressive Glasair III Anne Carobine Stall Speed 80 mph 73 mph Plain Flap Slotted Flap Cruise Conditions 8000 ft 258 mph 0. The Beechcraft Baron G58 attends #OSH15. The values given here are for a Glasair Super IIRG equipped with a Lycoming 180 hp engine and Hartzell constant speed propeller at 8000 ft MSL. 8 to 16. Created by Tom Hamilton as a fast, two-seat kitplane, the Glasair TD was derived from the earlier Tom Hamilton Glasair and first flew in 1979. Chris won the best Glasair retract- able award of $200 and graciously donated the award (sponsored by Stoddard Hamilton The fastest way to own a fast airplane! 200 MPH on 8. Glasair g3. 3. 7-percent for certified airplanes. 6 gallons per hour better than the stock exhaust system. The Carbon Cub EX can be constructed to suit the mission of the individual builder. Cruise at 315 ktas with an incredible 7. The 2017 class of 3 blade high speed, high performance propeller systems feature a wider tip "scimitar" blade shape incorporating Whirl Wind proprietary technology of thermoset carbon fiber over a high density foam core. The Swedish order was initially received by Beagle Aircraft although it was subsequently fulfilled by Scottish Aviation Limited who thereafter continued production at Prestwick, under the banner of newly-formed British Aerospace. 1 42% 130 142 Here a summary of my conclusions of all these tests: - By exchanging the 78" pitched prop by an 83", we won 15 kt at 2500rpm and did I normally fly N540VF at power settings less than 70% power and LOP for good speed and fuel economy. 2450 RPM 225-230 Knots. That's not the whole story, however; the GlasAir, as WyoNewk states, is an aircraft that requires a lot more pilot skill, especially in the takeoff and landing phase of flight. 5 GPH or 190 MPH on 7! This Glasair II FT is a fast, reliable, easy to fly IFR cross country machine. J-3 Piper Cub Aircraft Kit $ 0. 8 65% 145 151 3000 2700 24. 23,000. However, the lower aft surface of the LS(1)-0413 airfoil has been modified in the aileron and flap area on the III to reduce induced drag, profile drag and trim drag. But even a heavy one that is only reasonably streamlined will perform well; A few years back during the SUN 100 air race a Kitfox model 7 tri gear with two The Glasair SH-2FT is a high-performance, two-seat, low-wing aeroplane constructed from fiberglass composite components. 55 m 2 ) and mount flaps. Unfortunately, its Cherokee 6 Hartzell propeller had just been re-installed after a factory twist revision, and the owners noted about 5 mph toss of speed with the new prop. Stall Speed. The Glasairs are so much fun to fly, with retractable landing gear, that I used it as an excuse to add a landing gear panel to my sim panel in the new design. MVP Aero Model 3 Engine and Performance The MVP Aero Model 3 is powered by a Rotax 914 engine that produces around 115 h of power. When considering the price, consider the parts to build a Glasair III: Glasair III kit: $65,000 Overhauled IO540-K1B5: $55,000 McCauley Prop for Glasair III: $12,000 PT6), or the incredible 10,000 fpm climb, or the 300 ++ mph cruise speed, but whatever it is, Mike Manary draws a crowd just refueling his aerobatic Glasair III Turbo-Prop. Jan 30, 2018 · Comparing the GlasAir III with the Diamond, there is a 120 hp difference for that 100 mph difference in cruise speeds. Engine and Propeller cruise speed 175 KTAS (Retractable gear) (160 KTAS actual this aircraft with fixed gear) landing distance, ground roll 1640 ft service ceiling 19,000ft limiting and recommended speeds design manoeuvring speed (Va) 145 mph never exceed speed (Vne) 260 mph In October of 2006 I became the proud owner of N938JB, a Lime Green 1994 Glasair III. Range (1) 687 milesCruise Speed @ Sea Level 135 mphCruise Spe AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales of Chicago Schaumburg, IL - 593 mi. The Super STALLION carries six. What are the safest light aircraft available? Arguably, the Glasair Glastar/Sportsman family. I'm seriously thinking about getting a Kitfox because of it's STOL ability and the LSA category. Glasair III SOLD Here is an amazing example of a Glasair III. This means cruise at lower speeds can be very economical. It just wasn't designed for this type of airport. It's the improved Glasair Two fuselage on a Glasair One wing. The Rotax 915iS powering the Blackwing outputs 141 horsepower. Wingspan: 23 feet, 3 inches. The 125 hp numbers are from an aircraft equipped with a Continental IO-240B engine with a Sensenich 72/57 fixed-pitch propeller. The asking price is supported with a certified aircraft appraisal at $55,000 so you can be assured you are getting an airplane that is actually worth more than asking price! The best feature of this ship is the NEW Air Master, constant speed 3 blade Carbon Fiber/SS prop. Glasair said Merlin LSA meets the regulation-mandated 45-knot stall speed and claims a 104-knot (120 mph) cruise speed. LMA Super Cub Replica Aircraft Kit $ 0. manufactures kit build aircraft with folding wings including the FireFly, FireStar, FireStar II SS, Slingshot, Kolbra, Mark III Classic, and the Mark III Xtra. Consider a GA III/Fast/Strong/Fly Now/see Bizcard 4wbsite/No Trades/See Cruise at 160 MPH burning 8. (Range 1300 nm; 6 hours) - Useful load = 1,000 lbs. Its performance and stability meet all our expectations. One of Lycoming’s newest engines, the IO-390-A, is designed to meet the power, payload, and speed requirements of the kit aircraft segment, and is currently being certified for helicopter applications. 210 h. Originally set up to be used in a helicopter, we inverted the engine and converted it to the May 17, 2013 · With the Power Flow system, leaning past peak EGT became feasible. 3 sq feet and stands about 7 foot tall. 1,658 nm | 3,071 km Max Range 30,000 ft | 9,144 m Max Approved Altitude* *For RVSM Airspace 28,000 | 8,534 m . ***** Full Throttle, 4500' 2650 RPM, 25. I'm also not sure that a Gastar with a 360 would come out ahead on cross country fuel consumption. Owner built in the Glasair Aviation Two Weeks to Taxi Program. A recent Kitplanes article included a chart illustrating light aircraft accident fatalities vs. Not sure why you need over 100 but it doesnt make that much difference on a 3 hour flight. The wide landing gear makes for very easy and docile ground handling. With a standard Lycoming IO-540 engine, you can cruise smoothly at 220 mph. Some 400 are flying, built at home by individuals or using the company’s builder-assist program. to go to 8,000 ft & try for cruise speed Glasair g3. Allison C18 with low time. SPEED Qualify for Light Sport at 1,320 lbs Or Certify to 2,000 lbs Gross Weight. For sale due to health reasons. This aircraft cruises at 75kts (95mph) on 12 litres/hr (3. The Glasair II was designed to FAR Part 23 standards and was extensively tested. The two most rewarding aspects of the airplane for us are its very high cruise speed and its excellent handling in all flight regimes. Cessna 172 – 1966 and newer. Anne Carobine 80 mph. 2,400. Jul 31, 2014 · Leading specifications promoted by Glasair for the Merlin include stall speed 39 knots, cruise speed 105 knots, and useful load 530 pounds. 8 83% 157 164 6000 2400 19. I don't see trying to land on very many 100' long sandbars unless I have to. cruise mph: stall mph: HP: gross wt. 7 gal/hr) for that speed, and with fixed slats more like 17 l/hr (4. Oct 11, 2017 · The accident happened in the traffic pattern and it was likely a low-speed loss of control and spin-in. 180 h. The Bend, Ore. Modified Legacies, Glasair IIIs, and Thunder Mustangs already had proven they flexing, and the airplane gained about 3 miles per hour at cruise as a result. Charlie Bravo 2,895 views. BY BRIEN A. 7 GPH Ceiling: 26,900 Feet (Demonstrated) Stall Speed: 55 Knots Lift Off Speed: 66 Knots Ground Roll (landing): 1200 feet. The AVRO 683 Lancaster is a four-engine heavy bomber aircraft during WWII produced by the British manufacturer AVRO, A. 2(dual) Range (1): 687 miles Aug 12, 2016 · The Lancair 235 is an aircraft I have looked forward to flying - in FG at least - for some time. A 701 with the regular wing without slats burns about 14 l/hr (3. From Sensenich "Improve your Aircraft’s performance with our 2 blade propeller designed specifically for Lycoming O-320 & O-360 powered high speed aircraft such as Van's RV series and Glasair aircraft. away Cruise speed at 75% power: (Rotax 912) 110kts at 18 ltrs per hr or (Jabiru 3300) 115kts at 20 ltrs per hr Stall speed: 40kts VNE: 140kts Climb speed: 70kts Rate of climb: 1000m Landing speed: 65kt. With the proper avionics, it makes a decent IFR platform as well. Cruise Speed is typically 215 - 225 Kts at Altitude (14,000 - 15,000 Feet), Climb Rate 2500 FPM + thru 15,000 Feet, Minimum Take-off Distance = at gross weight Standard Day 580 Feet Ground Roll, Max Performance Landing 320 Feet with Prop Reverse - Speed is limited by Indicated Airspeed VNE not Engine Power. Cruising speed: 105 knots (121 mph). The more powerful Garrett TPE-331-10 engine is actually 50lbs lighter than the Walter but with its gearbox in front of the engine, the weight and balance remained relatively similar. For more incredible flight tests and flying stories and of course aviation news:  17 Sep 2017 This is my 2014 Glasair III. Some important models of aircraft to come from Glasair over the years are the Glasair I, II, and III, the GlaStar, the Sportsman 2+2, and the Glasair Merlin LSA (though only one has been built since 2015). Located In Louisa, VA. Most everyone told me to expect to lose as much as 10kts at cruise. Faster. Compact Series Propeller Aluminium Hub/Aluminium Blade Construction Constant-Speed Non-Feathering. While Robinson Aircraft recommends 4000 rpm for high cruise speed, Supermarine Spitfire uses 3600 rpm. Simply select the flight mode on the blue control to select the appropriate engine rpm. 1K likes. 444 MPH (625. For a cruise test, I flew the Falco at 5500'. The Glasair was the first kit aircraft that used moulded surfaces rather than the Rutan method of construction. Conditions for that speed were 2,200 feet above sea level, 46 degrees Fahrenheit, and a typical cruise power setting of 5,200 engine rpm. Glasair aircraft specializes in high-performance, two seat airplanes, but the Glastar and Sportsman 2 + 2 are somewhat different from the speedsters typically offered by this company. 00 Firm. Our airplane’s uniquely broad speed multiple of 3. It can be equipped with a 180 hp Lycoming IO-360 engine or a 210 hp Lycoming IO-390 engine. The prototype 2 blade was mounted on Bruce Hammer's Glasair (0-360) and he posted a 258 MPH winning race time in the Airventure Cup FX class this summer. Located at PA58 Chambersburg PA. I fly a Sportsman, and only touch 160kts going downhill, but can high speed cruise at 150kts true when up high. - Max altitude = 20,000 ft. A 75% power cruise speed of 145 knots was touted but never achieved by actual builders. The Stalker is powered Glasair SH-2F, 1998 Glasair Aviation, LLC is an aircraft manufacturer based in Arlington, Washington that produces the popular Glasair and Sportsman 2+2 line of homebuilt aircraft . with wing tip extensions build on. When many pilots say “performance” they really mean “speed. It was a good amount smaller than the 3 (from the couple of 3's a sat in when I owned my 1), the 3 felt pretty good sitting in the cockpit. For the official record in Class UL aircraft RAL2T (Movable Aerodynamic Control/Landplane/Flown with two persons/Thermal Engine), previously recognized record holders include: The Sensenich description was for a high speed aircraft like an RV, so not sure if that's what I'm looking for either. 158 m. I was cruising at 13,000 feet, 2400 RPM, wide open throttle. , respectively. PERFORMANCE. gross) No Flaps (Vs) Standard Wing Optional Wingtip extensions Full Flaps (Vso) standard flaps, standard wing Optional slotted flaps, standard wing Optional slotted flaps, wingtip extensions (depends on finished weight of aircraft/loading) Stall speed is less than 50 MPH, with a cruise of around 165 MPH with the larger engine. To find out the reasen I installed “stallfäden” on the wing, as you can see on the fotos, and we do now the same on 601 HDS without VGs. 5 hours fuel endurance en-route. ft. That's what drives the query for cruise speed information. VH-TCS is a pilot’s aircraft, with aerobatic, cruise and vertical penetration statistics matching RAAF PC9, Spitfire and Mustang P51 legends. 3 ft 2 (7. Glasair g3 Dec 24, 2003 · Or put another way, something you can post publicly, "top 10 reasons to buy/build a COZ rather than a Lancair/Glasair". com. 274 Ktas | 507 km/h Max Cruise Speed. With this low drag, the cruise speed for the Super STALLION is close to 200 knots   Beechcraft on Twitter. Climb performance increases by 150 fpm and roll stability is improved. A few years ago, I was flying the facrtory Glasair-3 to an airshow. Other than the GlaStar and Glasair Merlin LSA, you’ll often find versions of every other model for sale on Controller. 00 last compression checks on 3 3 17 76 76 77 78 75 77 over 80psi. But if you put it on tundra tires, you lose the speed again anyway. Glasair uses the vinylester epoxy system, as opposed to the polyester system favored by Lancair. (ft) RPM MP P (%) IAS (kt) TAS (kt) 3000 2400 21. It will be my first aircraft purchase and I sure would like advice from the pros, flyboys, and bushmen on this forum. Bruce commented that the new prop had much better low end pull and never "ran out of gas" climbing to 16,000' and accelerating to top speed. 1993 GLASAIR III • $95,000 • PRICE REDUCED • 1993 Glasair III. The airplane can operate continuously at 5,500 engine rpm. 222 17500 ft 290 mph 0. □ 92% of lift on wing for trimmed cruise. Between 2:53 pm and 2:59 pm this afternoon, I was I cruise at 165 KTAS anywhere between 6K - 17K ft. Well Equipped In And Out. The flight deck of the Model 3 accommodates a pilot and a passenger. They are made of a durable fiberglass and include features such as easy to change and adjust bulbs. If you have questions about any of our parts, accessories, or programs, just give us a call at 623-434-5277 from 9am to 5pm Arizona time or use our Contact Us page . Like the 235, it is a low-winged monoplane of composite construction with a retractable tricycle undercarriage, with side-by-side seating in an enclosed cockpit. Inside the cabin The Stoddard-Hamilton T-9 Stalker, also known as the Arocet AT-9, was an American military training monoplane designed and built by Stoddard-Hamilton Aircraft of Arlington, Washington and based on the Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III. Top speed (TAS, Sea Level) Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% power at 8,000 ft 65% power at 8,000ft Stall Speeds (max. Nonetheless, its approach and touchdown speeds are easy to work with. With a smaller O-320 engine and a fixed-pitch prop, cruise speeds of closer to 130 knots were about the limit of what was possible. 1 mph faster with the main gear retracted. Economy cruise performance at 17,500 feet increases by 7 mph and stall speed drops by about 6 mph. 0 56% 145 158 6000 2700 22. 600 RG med Rotax 915is och vad är Cruise speed på respektive modell? 340 hp Glasair III (he needed full throttle to keep up), Sweden control  30 Mar 2005 Glasair III. Cruise: 242/272 kt; Climb: <5 min; Fuel efficiency: 20 mpg; Seats: 2; Payload: 503 lbs  Since the Glasair III cruises at speeds up to 313 mph, the factory-moulded fuselage halves of the III feature incorporate two additional layers of fibreglass in the  Performance. STEPHENS AND THE CAFE BOARD. 55 m 2) Empty weight: 1550 lb (703 kg) Gross weight: 2400 lb (1089 kg) Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming IO-540-K1H5, 300 hp (224 kW) Performance Maximum speed: 290 mph (467 km/h) Cruise speed: 282 mph (454 km/h Dec 29, 2015 · *Performance data are taken from Glasair Aviation prototype GlaStars. It’s like an acrobatic aircraft and not super stable. Few aircraft can compete with the high speed cruise of the Glasair III. Low and slow is the way to go. Fuel burn is 18-20 gph with 5 hr range. The EX-2 can be certified with a gross weight up to 1,865 lbs and EX-3 up to 2,000 lbs, affording a useful load over 900 lbs. Best way to land it is nose high, pushing a little bit of power and assertive corrections with rudder (had good rudder authority, even at slow speed). The company forecasts a This aircraft has a gas capability of 24 gal as well as supplies a maximum speed of 222 kilometres/ h at sea level. We do not currently offer over-the-counter sales or installs, though we can recommend shops near you. Range 1,060-1,421 nm. Airframe 1997 Glasair III Tail Number N115DK • TTAF 785 • Gear upgrade, • Stoddard/Hamilton Glasair III • Empty Weight 1855 lbs • Max Gross Weight 2750 lbs • Fuel Capacity 76 gallons useable • Cruise speed at 8500 ft. Plus, thanks to our precision tuned induction system, fuel consumption is 10-15% less than other similarly powered aircraft. Jan 28, 2016 · Glasair, Fixed Gear Glasair II PERFORMANCE: Top speed mph 327. Low Aircraft Performance Details - FindAircraft. 4/-2. On a cessna you will see the speed advantage more with an edo 2780 or 2960 over a 3430(our c-180 lost 8-10kts going from the 2960 to aerocet 3400's) but cubs are wing limited in the speed department more so with a flat prop. Plain Flap Load Split. For more than 15 years, the company has cranked out composite kit airplanes famous for ever-increasing speed and big Negative faired (reflexed) flaps for cruise (see note 1) Only a 2 place. Maximum Speed: 222 knots @ sea level Cruise Speed @ 75% power: 192 knots @ 8,000 ft Stall speed at gross, full slotted flaps: 51 Oct 13, 2006 · "Initial performance numbers are encouraging," Semanskee added, "with initial cruise speeds of 313 mph (273 kts) at 16500 feet @ 75% power. If you want 200+ mph cruise speeds, in a four seat aircraft, the RAI-6 is for you. 9-percent of E-AB accidents v. KR1 & KR2 Aircraft Kit $ 0. Gross Weight: 1,400 pounds. Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% power at 8,000 ft. High Speed: 0. Cessna 182RG Specs and Performance Summary Cruise speed (knots) 160 Fuel (gal) 92/552 Engine Lycoming IO-540-J3C5D HP 235 Payload (lbs) 739 Useful Load (lbs) 1291 Tell Us How We Can Help (Click the link of what would help you most) I own one and I need parts I own one, but am looking to sell. 5 knots 29 Dec 2015 Glasair III. We currently have 0 (new or used) Glasair III aircraft for sale. Sold! 2010 Amphib Glasair Sportsman 2+2. 09 m) Height: 7 ft 2 in (2. With speeds of up to 220 knots, it’s clear the RAI-6 has awesome performance, and the cruise speed of 200+ mph ensure you’ll get there fast with time to spare. GLASAIR SUPER In 1980 the kitplane industry was revolutionized by the introduction of the Glasair - the world's first pre-molded composite kitplane. 83M / 486 KTAS / 900 km/hr: NBAA IFR Range with 100 nm Alternate - M 0. STODDARD-HAMILTON MONROE GLASAIR III (SH-3R) This stunning aircraft is offered for sale, with under 200 hours TT! Leather appointed with a full Garmin glass panel avionics suite, 220kt cruise and full IFR capability. The Sportsman (and the Sportsman predecessor, Glastar) tracks well below the trendline. At 2300 RPM and 19" the fuel flow is typically 9 GPH and the speed is around 160 knots. Empty Weight: 835 pounds. Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) C-1b – Speed over 3 kilometers – 388. Contents G-BHZP OD-3 was the single Scottish Aviation Bulldog delivered to the Botswana Defence Force. ”. Check into insurance costs, and plan to do some transition training with an experienced Glasair pilot, but I would think the Glasair fits your bill pretty well. J. We now offer three fantastic versions of this amazing engine to better fit the mission and 867 shp turbine engine; 330 KTAS cruise; 902 NM absolute range; 45 gph   Glasair III which can carry only two people. Aircraft performance is defined by three factors: weight, drag and thrust. " Glasair's Sportsman May 13, 2011 · Helen also told me that the flap and wing strut fairings were added in 2010 for an approximate 3-knot speed benefit. Its 23. From: VLMpc  62 Results Top manufacturers include LANCAIR, VANS, GLASAIR, STAUDACHER, ALPI AVIATION, Lancair Expert) has this bird dialed in and ready for a fast trip anywhere in the world. Length: 19 feet. You are 110 knots on final and 100 knots over the fence with touch down around 80 knots. According to the owner, the airplane's average fuel consumption rate in cruise flight was 8 gallons per hour. The manometer reading was 6 1/2" and 3 1/2", for a 3" pressure drop. 7 Aug 2016 The digital speed gauge dropped steadily toward 39 knots — the Glasair Aircraft Production Manager and pilot Ben Rauk gets ready to fly a four-seat, pre- production Merlin on July 12 in Arlington. Glasair G3 Glasair G3 The airplane departed runway 35 at LRG, climbed to 1,200 ft mean sea level (msl), and the pilot noted that the engine parameters were "normal. Glasair 1 RG,Perfect wing with wingtips extensions, fuselage, engine top and bottom cowling, all controls, FAA plackard along with all paperwork and manuals, Engine mount, extra parts Current date: 2019-06-24 The Sling 4 was built to be the most practical and desirable lightweight, four-place experimental aircraft on the market, a niche not previously filled. 00. First Flight Cruise Speed: 250 mph: Top Speed: 265 mph: Range: 1000 miles 3. Aug 01, 2018 · With a roll rate of 140 degrees per second, a cruise speed of 272kts TAS (75% power @ 17,000ft) and a 2990 t/min climb rate (solo), the Glasair 3 Turbo is the most capable tourer/ aerobatic combination available in a composite kit-build aircraft in 2018; that's 30 years after it was first designed. 80 mach, it can reach a maximum range of 4,350 nautical miles. The Glasair I built as the prototype Glasair TD taildragger, is a high-performance homebuilt aircraft built of fiberglass. Read more According to the pilot of the Glasair II, when the plane was in cruise flight near Spanish Fork, Utah, it experienced fuel flow problems. Hi guys I was wondering why all the plan built aircraft's use older technology and most cruise less than 200 knots I was wanting to use a bigger engine and cruise a little faster. Top Speed (TAS At Sea Level) 167 mph / 145 kts 186 mph / 162 kts Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% Power at 8,000 ft 158 mph / 137 kts 172 mph / 150 kts 65% Power at 8,000 ft 154 mph / 134 […] GLASAIR III (3) GLASAIR II FT (2) speed brakes, electronic ignition, New glass paint & interior. Glasair 3 aerobatics The Glasair II was designed to FAR Part 23 standards and was extensively tested. Powerplant: Lycoming Glasair Aviation : Aircraft Type: Sportsman 180 : Base Aircraft Price (USD) $ 199,995 Max Cruise Speed (ktas) 145 That phenomenon is very easy to spot in a high speed aircraft which has the capacity to run the propeller too fast for a given set of flight conditions. Fuel Capacity 85 gallons useable. Never worry about having enough fuel to reach an IFR alternate. Stall mph 73. […] For more information on Glasair Aviation aircraft contact: Glasair Aviation LLC 18810 59th Ave NE Arlington, WA 98223 Phone: 360-435-8533 extension 232 Its most recent condition inspection was completed January 3, 2020 at 405. With a cruise speed of around 190 knots, the Glasair II is a great cross-country machine. 6x (low stall speed to high cruise speed) is […] New Glasair - New GlaStar is now one of the largest, most well established kitplane manufacturers in the world, with more than 2,500 kits in the field and some 1,200 aircraft flying in countries around the world. Call for more information. SEELEY, C. Slotted Flap. N117WV has been completely refurbished from spinner to tail with no expense spared. Oh yeah, one with a straight Rotax 912s may also meet that cruise speed criteria, but you'd have to build it with the idea of speed, focusing on light weight and fairing everything possible. The RV-10 derives its high cruise speed from a clean, light airframe instead of from a big, consumptive engine. Top Speed (TAS At Sea Level) 167 mph / 145 kts: 186 mph / 162 kts: Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% Power at 8,000 ft: 158 mph / 137 kts Tom wrote a feature story about the airplane in the August 1980 issue of Sport Aviation, and then donated the Glasair prototype Ham2 to the EAA Aviation Museum in 1986. That was not the case. Possible CS prop allows better util of turbo. 526 MPH (628. It bleeds off speed very quickly - you don't full stall land it. The Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III is an American two-seat dual-control monoplane designed Maximum speed: 290 mph (467 km/h); Cruise speed: 282 mph (454 km/h); Stall speed: 74 mph (119 km/h); Range: 1300 miles (2092 km); Service  18 Nov 2008 LOOPTV flight tests the two-seat kit-built Glasiar III. Cruise Speeds (TAS) [mph/kt] Super II RG & III Kit #3, 3. 2450 rpm 265mph True • Full IFR Certification • Wing span 27 ft. Mooney donut mains - Can you say "boing, boing"? Miss a greased landing and it has a propensity to bounce. SPORTSMAN | LYCOMING SPECIFICATIONS Performance 180 h. This impressive design has evolved considerably since its inception with Stoddard Given the Light Sport rules, Glasair can easily do that. February 7, 1998 Merritt Island, FL. FindAircraft. Ask The New Glasair about carbon fiber, speed fairings and cowlings and all > you get is a tired blank stare. If aerobatics are not your thing, then a long wing Glasair is probably the way to go -- better climb, faster cruise, slower approach speed, etc. I have read the Glasair is much lower glide ratio in the neighborhood of 7:1 I think. CRUISE AT 140+ KNOTS – TAKEOFF AND LAND IN 400 FEET – 900 LB USEFUL LOAD. Although this propeller was an improvement from a vibration standpoint, the extra blade proved to be a hindrance in cruise speed, and actually slowed the airplane down. The fuselage can be made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, and the wings and empennage are made of metal. First is the speed of slightly more than 100 knots true airspeed, as tested by AOPA Pilot. Kolb Aircraft Co. 49 KPH) One of a kind super fast and efficient experimental with only 70 hrs TTSN. ,Davtron M803 O Mar 21, 2012 · Speed Records. 3 75% 157 171 6000 2100 16. 3 Sep 2015 Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair III aircraft, registered VH-USW and Recent maintenance was carried out on the aircraft's Light Speed Engineering  A Glasair III is truly a complex, high performance plane that will get you Iirc his engine was 125 h. Engine 300-hp Lycoming IO-540-K. 2 T. 5 GPH or 190 MPH on 7. Specifications: 80″ DIAMETER 2-BLADE ALUMINUM PROPELLER 6 YEAR 2400 HOUR TBO 78″ MINIMUM REPAIR DIAMETER. Here is an example. N 550 AC. When equipped with GM V8, the T-51 yields climb rates in excess of 3,000 feet per minute and cruise speed in the 200 mph range. IO-540, Dual GNS430s, and all the speed one can handle. It has full IFR capability along with a Tru-Trak autopilot and WiFi Nexrad Radar data to your iPad. I scoured the usual rags, websites and such. Stunning, Custom 4 color (Maroon over White with Black and Grey Accent Stripes) paint. cruise speed. 1 Engine: Lycoming IO-540-K-EXP (300HP)Engine Serial: L-13099 Glasair III Anne Carobine Stall Speed 80 mph 73 mph Plain Flap Slotted Flap Cruise Conditions 8000 ft 258 mph 0. GLASAIR SUPER 2 RG (PERFORMANCE) • Cruise Speed: 192 knots @ 9,500 ft (221 mph) • Stall Speed: 59 knots (68 mph) • Range: 1,002 nautical miles (1,152 statute miles) Glasair aircraft specializes in high-performance, two seat airplanes, but the Glastar and Sportsman 2 + 2 are somewhat different from the speedsters typically offered by this company. Many feel The NewGlasair missed a > great opprotunity to come forth with a new generation of high performance > aircraft. Sep 02, 2006 · "Max level flight speed on the Amphibs is 120 kts, and normal cruise remains around 112 kts -- a surprising speed for a floatplane with an economical four-cylinder engine. Mar 23, 2014 · I'm in the same boat. Glasair g3 Glasair G3 Glasair G3 STODDARD-HAMILTON MONROE GLASAIR III (SH-3R) This stunning aircraft is offered for sale with under 200 hours total time, a full Garmin glass panel avionics suite, leather appointed interior, 220kt cruise and full IFR capability. Take Off; Climb; Cruise; Eco-cruise . oh yeah baby there is the airfoil! stoked The Sportsman 2+2 is a very versatile aircraft, being able to carry 4 occupants, a useful load of 1,000 lbs and an impressive 140 kts cruise speed. Engine Specs: The fastest way to own a fast airplane! 200 MPH on 8. 30. Some people claim to cruise over 100 but in reallity figure 90 to 100. 000. Always Hangared. First flown on July 24, 1988 the Stalker is a military training version of the Glasair III, an all-composite, cantilever, low-wing monoplane. According to an NTSB study, loss of control is a factor in 43. Its normal range is 4,100 miles but with eight passengers and three crew, travelling at . The large 42-gallon fuel capacity and efficient airframe provide long range and high cruise speeds, so long distances can be covered easily. 00 – $ 265. Registration: VH-TCS Feb 16, 2014 · Glasair 3 Lawn mower - Duration: 0:21. Here a few values from cruise flying: Alt. h. Restrictions: NO RPM RESTRICTIONS Stoddard/Hamilton Glasair III IO540 P1A5 350HP Demars Special Edition Airframe Total time 550 hours Woodward Governor. Empty wt. bigger (wider/taller) cabin? 5. Data from Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1989-90 General characteristics Crew: 2 Length: 21 ft 4 in (6. 50 m) Wingspan: 23 ft 3 in (7. I have a couple of aerodynamic type questions. 14 KPH) Time To Climb to 3,000 meters above ground level – 1minute 59. Whether you&rsquo;re flying a two-seat trainer or a large turboprop, Zulu delivers outstanding ANR performance and industry-leading Bluetooth options - all at a price under $900. May 13, 2011 · Helen also told me that the flap and wing strut fairings were added in 2010 for an approximate 3-knot speed benefit. Sep 19, 2013 · Ask on glasair. Cutting edge airfoil designs for high speed that also deliver exceptional cruise performance. is introducing two- and three-blade versions of its new swept-tip Trailblazer prop for experimental aircraft and a number of certificated aircraft models. I cruise at 165 KTAS anywhere between 6K - 17K ft. lb: empty Wt lb: fuel US gal: useful load: useful load w/Fuel lb: Range NM: seats: cost US$ wing loading lb/ft2 The values given here are for a Glasair Super IIRG equipped with a Lycoming 180 hp engine and Hartzell constant speed propeller at 8000 ft MSL. With a power setting of 23'/2300, and leaned to 100° rich of peak, the plane indicated 150 knots. Glasair Super II-S FT: Stretch, Fixed Tricycle, Wing Tip Extensions Top Speed (sea level) 198 knots: Cruise Speed (TAS) 75% @ 8,000' 183 knots: Cruise Speed (TAS The New Mexico resident and experienced pilot built a Glasair Sportsman TC. Since we travel quite a bit, the cruise speed should however not be less than 135 kts @, let’s say, 12 gal. But very impressive is, the nose is 3° lower (less drag). The full announcement from Glasair Aviation’s CEO Randy Lervold: With 300 hp on tap, the Glasair III is capable of 260 knots at sea level and can cruise at 216 knots at 8000 feet, so it makes a great touring machine - most conventionally built singles cruise at just over half that speed. The average price of the Glasair III is not available. Nov 28, 2019 · What surprised me was the true airspeed at cruise. Climb Rate 3500 FPM Builders Comments. The latest generation, Zulu 3, is Lightspeed&rsquo;s best yet, with As time went on, and the popularity of three bladed propellers increased, the Hartzell HC-C3YR-1RF-F7282 was introduced. What Cessna models can be retrofitted with a BRS Whole Aircraft Rescue Parachute System? A. It's a four-seater with a turbocharged engine and carbon fiber body. 2450 rpm 265mph True Full IFR Certification Wing span 27 ft. 1,625. As Todd pointed out, the Glasairs generally use Lycoming engines, which for some folks is a definite plus. Glasair indicated By all accounts, the T-51 flies extremely well on 100 hp, so you can only imagine the thrill at 300 hp. 2! This Glasair II FT is a fast, reliable, easy to fly VFR/IFR cross country machine. With this low drag, the cruise speed for the Super STALLION is close to 200 knots with a 300 hp, IO-550-G. Roe and Company. 5 gal/hr). head and elbow room to stay comfortable for three to four hours at a time. Sonex-B tail dragger kitFuel Capacity 30 GallonsEngine Jabiru 120 hpEmpty Weight 620 lbs. Cruise Speed (TAS). , with floats eventually. The airframe was designed to provide ahigh top speed and efficiency of operation. May 29, 2018 · Fast and nice sounding Glasair III flown by Andy Brühl at "Faszination Luftsport", Siegerlandflughafen, 26 May 2018 Glasair III N41AB , built 1991 engine: LYCOMING IO-540 SER - 300hp wingspan: 7 The fixed tricycle gear Glasair Super II FT is a choice for pilots who want docile, trainer-like slow flight and landing characteristics but a high cruise speed. Designed around 6-cyl. With typical cruise-power-settings between 12 lt/h and 15 lt/h an increase for approximately 2-3 kt in Speed with the same power setting. Cruise Speed 200 Its 23. Cessna 182 – 1964 and newer. Experimental Amateur-Built Certification also allows the builder of EX-2 kits to certify with a gross weight of The Super STALLION has a flat plate drag area of 2. 75% Power at 8,000 ft, 158 mph  Glasair III. 238 The first flights on Deborah's Glasair only produced a cruise speed of around 190 mph and we wanted to strangle Ted Setzer when he advertised 225 mph to 235 mph cruise speeds. 09-07-2017, 09:24 AM #6 Cruise Speed: 240 kn at 25,000 feet 245 kn at 25,000 feet: Range: 1,248 nmi: New wing tips increase the span 3 ft and are integral part of the wings fuel tank The high-speed range that Tarragon is capable of is achieved by using a constant speed propeller exclusively. Glasair SH-2-RG Rick Hillman This homebuilt was donated by Frank and Norma Sigler. This resulted in some fairly impressive reductions in fuel flow at cruise. Found changes for flight deck for fuel flow& pressure, added seat back cushion. Ask on glasair. 1972 Hughes 369HS, N369NK, 3346. glasair 3 cruise speed

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