Ford falcon clutch cable conversion

3. Using most of the three-speed like bellhousing, clutch linkage, all that is needed is a new conversion clutch, adapter plate, T5, crossmember, and a few other supporting parts. 08 : EA: DPG1000: Diff Filler Plug Grommet VK - VS C/Dore XD - XF Falcon: $11. There is no reason to use a cable or hydraulic system as all the mechanical linkage is readily available. (Clutch rod, bell crank or Z bar). How to: Auto to manual pedal box E-Series Ford Falcon 11-10-2012, 07:57 AM Since people liked my write up on the extractor install, I thought that I would post up my write up on the pedal box changeover from FordMods: All illustrations from the 1964 or 1965 Falcon Shop Manuals used pursuant to permission granted by Ford Motor Company. May 01, 2008 · This 1967 Ford Mustang gets an engine swap, a 200 Ford inline six for a 1988 Mustang 5. ca. 1967-1968 Clutch Cable Conversion Kit. 7430921. Clutch adjustment is easy with the tool free cable adjuster built in. Products for Transmission Clutch & Diff fitting HQ Holden Extension Housing Seal Ford XK - XF Holden HD - VS. 95 Dec 20, 2010 · Using the cable clutch pedal. Submitted: 7 years ago. The car was equipped with factory bucket seats and console. This kit will need some drilling to allow the clutch cable to go through the firewall. -26 Spline Clutch, Requires Centerforce Flywheel; 1964 - 1965 Ford Falcon Futura Sprint 8 Cyl 4. Dec 14, 2002 · Cable Clutch Conversion on early bellhousing? Post by CobraSix » Sat Dec 14, 2002 11:31 pm Can you do the standard cable clutch conversion on an early style 3-spd bellhousing or does it need to be a V-8 bellhousing? The Pick of the Day is a 1965 Ford Falcon Squire, a compact station wagon in bright red with faux wood trim and chrome wire-wheel hubcaps, and powered by a 289cId V8. 62-71 Fairlane, Torino. I use original clutch linkage on "61 and '63 Falcon T5 conversions with original '67 type 3. Buy a 1967 Ford Falcon Brake Conversion Kit at discount prices. 1 COMPLETE T5 CONVERSION BOLT KIT 1 clutch fork 1 t5 trans mount 1 t5 crossmenber 1 clutch cable return system ( note hydraulic clutch return system availible for extra charge) NOW IN STOCK FULL LINE OF TREMEC 5 AND 6 SPEED TRANSMISSIONS ALSO KITS AVAILIBLE FOR COUGAR AND FORD FALCON price 3295. Feb 17, 2012 · I have a ba ford falcon ute rtv manual and the clutch pedal has become very soft and only has half of its pedal stroke . Ford Transmission And Driveline, Ford Clutches And Ford Clutch Hardware. From the XA series of 1972 onward, each Falcon and range of derivates have been designed, developed, and built in Australia, following the phasing out of the American-influenced Falcon of 1960 to 1971, which had been re-engineered locally as the XK to XY series for the harsher Australian conditions. 65-70 Mustang, Cougar. AU$199. I am needing getting a little confused with what clutch and flywheel components I need to order for a manual conversion on a EB V8. One way is to use the stock Pinto cable assembly by making an adapter to attach the cable to the Jeep clutch pedal brackets. ) Using this kit with a Toploader or T10 Transmission: The quadrant kit is designed to be used with a T-5 or Tremec conversion and a cable clutch. We first did this swap in our '67 Mustang several years ago, but since then countless others have also made the conversion to the modern day five speed for the sake of better fuel economy and faster acceleration. REFERENCE : TRA-678-745. 00 Comes with warranty Clutch Fork Dust Boot - All 6 Cylinder & V8 With 3. Search . 0 Conversion – DO NOT FIT – FPA (Ford Powertrain) 9430347 Longtube with a 302 – DO NOT FIT – (FPA NOTE: FPA claims they have headers that will work with our kit on small blocks, but we have not been able to confirm part numbers. 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint convertible Buy a 1967 Ford Falcon Brake Rotor at discount prices. Conversion kits are available to convert the clutch to mechanical linkage. (both cables broke at the clutch fork end) Has anyone had issues with routing the cable though the crossmember on unleaded models? We offer the finest selection of restoration parts for 1960-1970 Ford Falcon & Mercury Comet. If you want to use the cable clutch Information is provided as a service to our Falcon Club of America members. Make sure to take this cable when buying parts off the donor car. Ford switched to a cable clutch on the driver’s side with a small 3 bolt starter on the passenger side. If you decide on a cable set-up be prepared to modify the quadrant to fit. 15. but i did this when i had a corty years ago, i couldnt keep the cable, so i mounted a HR master cyl on the firewall and mounted it lower on the clutch pedal (below the pivot point so it was pushing the cyl in) and a std ford XB slave cyl, and with a real heavy 11" clutch it actually felt Jun 17, 2014 · Install a cable-actuated clutch: Besides the cable and underdash clutch quadrant, this conversion requires a late-model diaphragm clutch and a cable-clutchcompatible bellhousing and fork. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Genuine Ford Falcon XD XE XF EF El AU Clutch Pedal Cable Bracket - XC7664A at the best online prices at eBay! The T5 transmission has a Exedy stage 1 clutch, Ford racing flywheel, Modern Driveline clutch cable conversion, and Steeda tri-ax short throw shifter. $10. Modern Driveline is a Tremec Elite Tremec dealer specializing in 5 & 6 speed conversion parts and packages for early and late model Ford, GM and Mopars. It’s perfect for any vehicle that came standard with a 2300 Holley Flange. 00 Jun 17, 2017 · Wiring up the neutral switch in a Ford Falcon manual conversion is a commonly overlooked item. Classic Industries offers Ford Mustang Bellcranks, Ford Mustang Clutch & Pressure Plate Kits, Ford Mustang Clutch Covers, Ford Mustang Clutch Forks, Ford Mustang Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders, Ford Mustang Clutches, Ford Mustang Pedal Assembly, Ford Mustang This clutch has lasted for a total of 28 1/4 mile runs and only just 8months life. I'm asking because I don't really like the feel of the cable set-up ,and the clutch is quite heavy also. In later years. This Falcon's body has had a older restoration, but is going to need work to the quarter panels and floors sooner than later. No fun, period T5 conversion a few pics of a T5 conversion I did. Installing a T5 into a Falcon is easy. Compare. 6 and 5. LF Series hydraulic clutch master cylinder kit with a light pedal feel. Jun 26, 2015 · A clutch cable conversion is much easier to install than a hydraulic system and also requires less maintenance. The 5. 0 clutch and T5 transmission installation time NOTE: Later model 10" or 10-1/2" diaphragm type clutch is required. Ford had two different diameter flywheels 10” and 11”. Figure 1 Figure 2 2) For ease of installation it is recommended you remove the brake master cylinder and booster assembly (if equipped). Ford Falcon to Supra 5 Speed Gearbox. Have tried to bleed clutch and there seems to be no fluid pressure . 00. 66. 1960-65 Falcon/Ranchero/Comet – Clutch Cable kit. Eliminates the original Z-bar type linkage This kit contains the following Ford Mustang Parts - Clutch Cables & Components. Fitment 100% Guaranteed. I just sent a note to Mustang Steve about his clutch cable. HOME ABOUT US CONTACT Speedo Cable Assembly XA XB XC Bw 3&4 Speed V8 Item Description Cable Speedo Assembly XA XB XC BW 3&4 Speed V8 To Suit XA Falcon XB Falcon XC Falcon ZF Fairlane ZG Fairlane ZH Fairlane Part Number XA17260DA We make every effort in keeping adequate stock of each item, however at times; certain items may be out Clutch Fork 8/68 XT XW XY XA XB XC XD XE V8: $171. has anyone tried to use the clutch cable out of a fox body mustang in a falcon? what problems were encountered? Here we have a Holden HQ 350 Chev V8 T5 Gearbox Converion kit you get a fully reconditioned Ford Cobra Mustang Converion kit with CRS cable Bell housing with clutch fork billet lightened fly wheel heavy duty clutch kit new bolt kit new custom gearbox crossmember and tail shaft yoke includes Speedo cable and clutch cable you get all this for FORD SPEEDO CABLE Assembly XA XB XC Bw 3&4 Speed V8 - $56. #K65M. Ford Falcon XR6 V8 Lexus conversion 90% complete, XR6 manual 5 speed transmission, new radiator, front discs and brakes, ball joints, tie rods, spitztronic management, windscreen, branches, flywheel, speed sensor Description. B. Toploader and T5 Ds yoke should be same, Driveshaft and rear tranny mount mods to 3. The firewall plate mounts behind the brake master or factory brake booster. Easy addition. Ba falcon auto wont change gears Shop 1963 Ford Falcon parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $99 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. When it comes to your Ford Ranger, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Using the 60-65 Falcon/Comet clutch pedal, a   Modern Driveline Clutch Cable Conversion Kit into an early Mustang or Falcon (or their Mercury cousins) has never been more popular. '65 Mustang Z-bar can be shortened slightly to work in the Falcon. 75: 92052843: clutch fork cover vn vp vr vs v6&v8: $17 Newsletter. This kit gives you everything needed to convert your classic Mustang clutch pedal to a modern cable actuated clutch. Modern Driveline even designed the system to be  Results 1 - 20 of 31 Modern Driveline Cable Clutch Conversion Kit 1965-1966. Featured items DBK6272-MP-110 1962-72 Mopar B & E Body Standard Manual Master Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit The Ford Falcon is a full-sized car that was manufactured by Ford Australia from 1960 to 2016. Performance Engineering’s cable clutch conversion kit. Holden Clutch Pedal Cable PULL Conversion Kit HX HZ V8 Rod Push Rat Trap to WB. We carry a complete line of driveline parts from the crank back. I have had a Daiken clutch kit fitted which I believe is the lightest available,and also a Apr 05, 2019 · T5 convesion hydraulic from cable AU Falcon hydraulic clutch conversion now completed and working Jimmy Hack007 Fixit Ford windsor 302/351/5. 52: 3993851: clutch fork boot hk-hg,hq w/-chev: $41. $89. gov. Features Adjustable bracket bolts to stock clutch pedal (No welding required). Modern Driveline Clutch Cable Conversion Kit. The custom length cable clears most headers and shock towers. 0 would normally have a cable clutch instead of a manual clutch with the z-bar. Clutch Linkage With the engine mounted front and rear, the conversion can proceed to the connection of various control systems, etc. Just finished a conversion myself. 1) Remove all of the existing factory mechanical clutch linkage components. Basically what i have atm is a V8 engine and a manual gearbox and a bare bellhousing to suit. Product SKU Code: SP183234. The V8 drums were barely adequate and the front discs only delayed the … Continue reading 1965-66 Mustang 6cyl to V8 conversion → >Our new Falcon 2007; How the Falcon looks today >Engine >Tripples with Offy Manifold 2018 >Daytona Carb Swap 2017 >T5 Conversion 2017 >C4 Transmission 2015 >1963 Gauge Cluster 2017 >Rear End >Wheels & Tires >Body Work 2010 >Paint 2010 >Pin Striping >Trunk & Gas Filler >Interior 2016 >Luggage Rack >Comet Dash 2016 >C4 Console, Shifter 2016 manual conversion pt. T56 kit to suit the 4. 00 IMPORTANT NOTE: The Master Cylinder that is used in all Underdash Pedal units requires a special… 1965 – 1970 Ford Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit . Each kit includes all the necessary parts for installation and bolts on easily. You have a choice of housings to suit either flywheel off us retaining the 2 bolt starter. The clutch can be connected by two different methods. 99 Mal Wood Automotive has designed a unique Underdash Hydraulic Pedal Unit, which is a great upgrade over earlier hydraulic setups available on the market. There are several different points of view on converting the Falcon/Comet manual steering from the 6 cylinder set up to the V-8. Included here is the compact power brake booster package also available, for ’65–’66 Mustangs, Falcons, and I hear Mustangs have more room under the dash than a Falcon. Brakes Clutch Cooling System Drivetrain Engine & Emission Engine Parts- Chrome Engine Serpentine Drive Systems Engine Ford SUVs. Ford Falcon and Mustang 6 Cylinder Engines; Bell Housing pilot bearing sleeve, dowels ; Clutch plate ( conversion 9 1/2" ) Clutch fork, hydra thrust bearing on carrier, clips, reco slave cylinder mounted on bell housing ; Speedo cable Ford Mustang Parts - Clutches & Parts. 99. Clutch Cable. The clutch cable is only 6months old and I have pulled it out and other than some signs of wear is in good condition. I have all the components from a 6cyl manual in the shed so may be able to use some of them maybe. . Summit Racing offers clutch cables from BBK Performance, Ford Racing, Steeda, RAM Automotive, Zoom, and more! CABLE CLUTCH CONVERSION | Ford Mustang 1964-1/2 1965 1966 | T5 Cable Conversion - $248. FORD RACING King Cobra works great. NO MOVING PARTS to wear out on this cable system. I do these for cortys as cooking a clutch cable is always a issue with those things This heavy duty Hook replacement has been designed by Dellow Conversions to replace the Ford factory insulator hook, which is known to have a limited life span. 7L; 1964 - 1967 Ford Falcon Futura 8 Cyl 4. 03 setup probably need consideration, Im not familiar with 'Stang setup. Aug 16, 2015 · Or get a older 250 hydo bellhouseing and just run a clutch master like all v8 x cars run and presto hydro clutch conversion. MAC's also offers Comet parts for 1960-1970. How to replace and fit a Gearbox Transmission Rear Engine Mount Ford Falcon FG With the right tools and a little mechanical ability most Page 10/18 Clutch Linkage With the engine mounted front and rear, the conversion can proceed to the connection of various control systems, etc. 700 bore. Lane Dome Lt, Climate Ctrl, T5 Conversion. 90 +AU $18. Ford TREMEC TKO & Magnum Conversion Kits TREMEC TKO 5-Speed and TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ Kits are the simplest and most cost-effective way to convert to a modern overdrive. 2013-present HF35 Hybrid and Plug in Hybrid transaxle. 4 quad cam Ford engines in the Cobra,the transmission is an 022 series 2 and is fitted with the centre shift. 1963 Ford Falcon parts in-stock with same-day shipping. However, the heart of the company started well before that, when Skip Walls, a young teenager in the early 60’s was driving his first 1932 Ford 5-Window. 50: 9932921: clutch cable lh-lx v8 torana: $98. 1 00 Ford f350 going from a 4r100 to a ZF6. Part # Description Instructions; ACA-1802: Billet Aluminum Adjustable Trans Shift Arm Only TH-350, TH-400, 700-R4, TH-200, 200-4R, 4L60, 4L60E and 4L80E A Modern Driveline clutch cable kit is the perfect solution for T-5 and TKO cable operated bellhousing conversions. Choose top quality brands SSBC Performance Brakes. , 1-1/8in. You can still still use the z-bar but you need adapter plate for the pivot as the 5. External Slave cylinder kit for Ford small block cable release fork aluminum T-5 and TKO bellhousings MD-910-1002. Moderators: 64 RedBird, Terry Rakes. Anyone used that on a Falcon? Sorry hijacking my own post! Mustang Steve's clutch bearing is a MUST WELD kit where it seems like the falcon parts one is a welding optional and is a little less expensive and specifically for the Falcon. Disclaimer: This site is not intended to instruct or teach anyone in proper or safe methods of working on or maintaining any type of vehicle or use of any tool and the author takes no responsibility for the use of the Jun 01, 2020 · Ford Falcon repair videos , added when found- contact me if you want to add a video I have missed 2-Wire Chrysler, Ford and GM Double Contact Front, Rear, Side Marker and License Plate Light Socket. Pedal does not need to be removed from the car. This Falcon’s body has had a older restoration, but is going to need clutch cable brkt.   Buy your Modern Driveline Cable Clutch Conversion Kit for 1965-1966 Mustangs from CJ Pony Parts. Reproduction clutch equalizer bushing kit. Replaces Chrysler #3588314, #3588650, – FPA (Ford Powertrain) 9430331 Longtube with a 5. A Modern Driveline clutch cable kit is the perfect solution for T-5 and TKO cable operated bellhousing conversions. You must We have all the parts needed for this conversion. I used a dellow hydraulic clutch conversion and an XF Falcon T5 this pic shows the T5 with the Dellow bell housing: the bearing carriers on these chew out - so I replaced it with a steel one clutch and speedo cables Hi I have replaced my 1600 with a 2L and a 5 speed box but the speedo and clutch cables are now tight , I pulled the dash out and now cant get the speedo cable back in I will have to disconnect it from the gear box plug the dash in and redo the gearbox. Installation is easy, requiring less than 90 minutes with basic hand tools when done as part of a conversion. Top Profile i think the biggest hurdle will be that a cable clutch pulls at the pedal where a hyd pushes the cyl in. $9. Most people don’t realise the ECU needs a signal to know whether the car is in gear or neutral. 1960-1965 Ford Falcon & Mercury Comet Manual Steering Conversion 6 Cylinder to V-8. Had to modify the back of the crankshaft, flywheel and gearbox input shaft to make them fit together. 82: 2809745: clutch control anchor hk-g,lc-lj: $47. The only tunnel modification need is to insert a shifter hole in the floor. I have completed this transmission swap. P65Warnings. This FORD MERCURY CLUTCH equalizer bushing kit stud Mustang Falcon Fairlane Torino - $13. This transmission is the subject of a massive number of lawsuits alleging Ford lied in order to sell cars Ford knew had defective transmissions. Find a replacement or adjustable clutch cable for 1964 and newer vehicles. Classic Industries offers Ford Mustang Bellcranks, Ford Mustang Clutch & Pressure Plate Kits, Ford Mustang Clutch Covers, Ford Mustang Clutch Forks, Ford Mustang Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders, Ford Mustang Clutches, Ford Mustang Pedal Assembly, Ford Mustang Pedal Pads Nov 12, 2011 · Trimatic to falcon t5 bellhousing (cable type??) from dellow or crs Clutch cable - to suit the falcon?? 308 flywheel 308 pressure plate 308 pedal box to suit HQ Ford Spigot Bearing (i guess i just ask for an ea falcon one?) Ford clutch plate (same again, ask for the EA one) Ford Thrust Bearing (ditto) Speedo cable (XA falcon?) Description: 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint original interior in great shape for 54 years old with new carpet . 00 Unisteer rack & pinion kits are designed to upgrade and improve the steering and handling of your 1960-65 Ford Falcon/Mercury Comet. Parts required were - box, throw out bearing and holder, flywheel, clutch plate, pressure plate, speedo cable, clutch cable, pedal box with the firewall plate (has a clutch cable guide), spigot bearing. You get the AOD to early Mustang crossmember, Lokar throttle valve cable, correct speedometer driven gear, correct flywheel, dip stick, shift lever kit, carburetor adapter for Holley or Edelbrock, transmission mount, block plate, inspection plate and four torque converter nuts. In this quick guide we show how to wire it up. 05-03-01 Conversion to a Hydraulic Clutch 19-02-07 Falcon Parts On Ford Trucks Fits 60-65 Falcon . 95 : EA: EM2002: Transmission Mount & Bolt Kit XR - XF ZA - ZL Ltd: $55. 1966-77 Bronco Order Free Catalog HOLDEN & FORD REBUILD ESSENTIALS Phone Orders: 03 9532 5806. 1988, the year it all began – to date – a 32 year affair with manufacturing American Made hotrod parts. 03 TO fork setup, did need tweaking of push rod to TO length . Unless otherwise noted, the parts listed are for V8 ‘Stang application. Ford Falcon & Mercury Comet Power Steering Conversion Kits MAC's offers Falcon parts for 1960-1970. Ford Falcon 1965, 2300 Self-Tuning EFI Kit by Sniper®. 61-70 full size Ford. This will NOT work in place of a 3 or 4 speed mechanical clutch linkage! (Please see our other listings for 1964 Ford Falcon Futura 8 Cyl 4. 00 to 3495. Swapping a T5 overdrive manual transmission into an early Mustang or Falcon (or their Mercury cousins) has never been more popular. 1 COMPLETE T5 CONVERSION BOLT KIT 1 clutch fork 1 t5 trans mount 1 t5 crossmenber 1 clutch cable return system ( note hydraulic clutch return system availible for extra charge) ALSO KITS AVAILIBLE FOR COUGAR AND FORD FALCON BASE kit 3295. 7L; 1968 - 1970 Ford Falcon Base 8 Cyl 5. Check out our FYI FORD FORUM  The original shortcoming—Ford's bellcranking clutch linkage setup. If using an auto pedal box, this can be done with a bolt, crush-tube and washers, among many other methods. com. CABLE CLUTCH CONVERSION Steel quadrant construction, and has positive cable retention on the rear of the quadrant. 00 0ptions availible: Hydraulic clutch kit add 599. 00 Deluxe kit 3495. 1966-69 Fairlane-Falcon-Comet, 1968-69 Torino, 1967-69 Ranchero Clutch Equalizer Bar. Hydraulic clutch systems have came a long ways since the early ‘50’s, it is used in new cars including sport cars and race cars. This very popular conversion kit for the Ford Falcon will transform your vehicle from the outdated 4-speed or overworked factory 5-speed, to the TREMEC TKO-600, the most popular and versatile performance manual trans available in the aftermarket. CLUTCH CABLE ROUTING - Ford in a VT commodore then an AU Falcon so the VT is superior. Finally took the whole pedal assembly out and welded an ear on top of the clutch arm. Enquire In Store . Back in 2011 4 months after i did the manual conversion i broke a clutch cable (pedal was too high and stretched) well almost 3 years later i broke another one. 63-70 Falcon, Comet. Should all going to plan have the gearbox and everything out tomorrow and have sourced the problem. This Underdash Hydraulic Pedal Kit is designed to be used on a Ford Falcon AU $690. Choose top quality brands Centric, DuraGo, Pronto, Raybestos. (10-1/2" clutch requires late model bolt pattern on flywheel. Prices reflect recommended retail price as per our terms & conditions. The clutch is activated by cable, and the shifter is internal rail. Thanks for the info. I have a cable on my 65 Ranchero with a 302- T-5 conversion, biggest pain in the rear. 5 Apr 2019 Has taken 12 hours to come up with a plan to convert a cable clutch that caused major cracking of fire wall and plendum to design fabricate and  Results 1 - 48 of 64 94-04 Ford Mustang SN95 Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit for T5/T45/3650/TKO/ T56 New 60-65 Falcon/Comet Clutch pedal w/removeable shaft 1965-66 Mustangs T5/T45/T56/TKO Clutch Cable Conversion kit. Mustang AOD Conversion Kits, Deluxe AOD Installation Kit for 1965 to 1973 Mustangs. For use in conjunction with a late model (1980-1993) T5 type  You can use your stock clutch cable, throwout bearing, clutch fork, clutch and flywheel. Kit includes remote reservoir. Classic Industries offers a wide selection of Clutches & Parts for your Ford Mustang. FREE shipping is included on most products above the minimum order value. Jul 29, 2009 · ( acidclown ) i got a auto ford falcon au forte (2000 model) <-- looks same as the go yellow taxi's lol want to convert it to manual just wanting a heads up on what ill need manual box, clutch etc im planing on going with the 5 speed t5 manual box and just wanting to know anything that may get in the way or be a pain ina ass and a heads up on what parts ill need has anyone else done one T56 that we use for the Mustangs and the XR to XE V8 Fords, this transmission is available set up for cable or internal hydraulic. 7L; 1964 - 1967 Ford Falcon Base 8 Cyl 4. Ford Fusion HEV, Ford Fusion Energi PHEV, Ford C-Max HEV, Ford C-Max Energi PHEV, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. Buy: 5356CK-1: Clutch Conversion Kit (required for manual trans. Find 1965 FORD FALCON Clutch Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Hays 91-2001 - Hays Street 450 Clutch Conversion Kits. 0 has no boss for the pivot. You can replace 2-speed to a later 3-speed C-4 1989-1996 Corvette Flywheel Dual Mass Flywheel Conversion To Solid L98/LT1/LT4 Combined Cancer/Birth Defect WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. If you decide to cut corners, do not use the small 6 cylinder brakes. Must drill a new hole in firewall to mount near apron. for more information, visit www. 03 Design Ford-3 Speed Or Warner 4-Speed - Falcon Part # 41-35365-1 1962-1965 Floor Shift Boot - 4-Speed - For Vehicles Without Console -V8 - Falcon Part # 41-34427-1 Read PDF Ford Au Manual Conversion is a manual (the intech bearing will fit the barra if using a t5 from a AU) if your car is a manual and has a clutch cable you My Barra converted AU falcon The Ford range uses the T5 manual transmission, as fitted to the XF 6 cylinder through to the BA, and the T56 as fitted to the BA MarkII, and BF and FG Ford Falcon. Our hook has been CNC machined in steel and is made better than the original item. 85. I modified the 1995 Cobra bellhousing to accept my older style pivot so I could retain the mechanical linkage. 95. 60-65 Falcon / Comet kit Master cylinder kit MD-910-0022. 4in. Jul 02, 2016 · Falcon clutch/ brake pedals are not hard to find. 95 postage Jan 26, 2015 · The following is a list of parts required to convert an I6 ’65-’66 Mustang to a V8. 35 : EA: CMCPR: Push Rod Adjustable Clutch M. All items fully guaranteed, in stock 1961-1965 Falcon, Ranchero, & Comet C4/T-5 Conversion Crossmember California Pony Cars C4/T-5 conversion kit is a direct bolt-In kit. Aug 08, 2019 · Modern Driveline new LF series Hydraulic Clutch release system. conversion crossmember 1961-65 ford falcon ranchero & comet late-after 04/16/1961 c4 3- / 4-speed transmission (210299) How to: Auto to manual pedal box E-Series Ford Falcon 11-10-2012, 07:57 AM Since people liked my write up on the extractor install, I thought that I would post up my write up on the pedal box changeover from FordMods: Centerforce Performance Clutch (4) Champion Cooling Systems (5) 1964 FORD FALCON PARTS. Type 2. 1966 & newer Fairlane, Comet; 1966-67 Falcon; 1965-73 Mustang; 1967-73 Cougar. On Ford vehicles, hydraulics are not used, and a shift cable is employed in place of the clutch master and slave cylinders. For the following vehicles small block V8-except HP 289 or 351C. 0 engine, Check it out in the 2008 May issue of Car Craft Magazine or at carcraft. Seal O Ring Speedo Cable Aussie Mustang AOD Automatic Conversion Kit 289/302/351W 1965-1973 | AOD TV Cable Adjustment quantity Add to cart SKU: 1965 to 1973 Mustang AOD Conversion Kit-1-2-1-1 Categories: AOD , C4/C-4 , Ford Tags: Adapters , Conversion Kits , Manufacturer: PATC Create a Custom Hydraulic Clutch System for T-5 Upgrades: 65-66 Mustangs : As shown on my previous web page, I originally went from a Z-Bar setup to a Cable Clutch system when converting to the T-5. 24: cf8801: clutch fork chevy l/h entry: $115. The pedal will use the same pivot as the cable clutch did originally (the hyd clutch pivots on the same shaft as the break). with 1953-56 frame mount booster kit : $59. CLUTCH CABLE FALCON EA - ED 6CYL. Regardless of which group you are in you can now bring your early Ford another step closer to the  For more info on how to convert a scattershield or bellhousing from old style linkage to CABLE CLUTCH, see instructions below. 99 Ford Transmission Shift Control Cable AODE/4R70W 1994-1998. It’s economically priced so you can have all the benefits of EFI and still have money to finish or Nov 19, 2011 · Ford V8s were hydraulic clutch mounted on the passenger side. MBM offers disc brake conversion kits, boosters, and steering and suspension parts for your Ford, Mopar, or GM car or truck. (0). now selling 2013 ford falcon fg xr6 barra 6 cylinder complete engine and gearbox suit conversion will come as a complete engine, gearbox, wiring, ecu, shifter assy, fuse box, cluster, gas pedal good conversion to convert into old model car early ford or many other various application still in car running and driving very clean engine kms : 170,000 can organize shipping anywhere in australia Shop for Ford Falcon Parts online at Sparesbox. Cyl With Bush XR - XD: $34. Search Term: 'All Parts' Speedometer Cable Core Kit - 70" Long. See Figure 1. Ford Racing 347 w/ approx 3k miles (M-6007-C347 450hp,) new World Class T5 w/ Modern Driveline cable conversion, new Centerforce clutch, 9' w/ 4:10s (chunk recently rebuilt) brand new PST aluminum drive shaft, new wheels/tires US Mag Ramblers with BFG Sport Comp 2s all around (245/45/17 The T5 transmission has a Exedy stage 1 clutch, Ford racing flywheel, Modern Driveline clutch cable conversion, and Steeda tri-ax short throw shifter. Many names like QuickTime, Tilton Engineer, Ford Racing, and many more. EA-AU Falcon manual conversion kits T5 manual gearbox with bellhousing manual pedal box heavy duty clutch and lightweight and balanced flywheel clutch cable, new thrust bearing, sandwhich plates tacho dash standard shifters or short throw quickshift available everything needed for conversion comes in kit 3 kits available will seperate gearbox only $550 professional fitting available $450 manual conversion is the best way to turn your tired old falcon into some fun and increase powe brake booster boot 1960-70 ford galaxie falcon 1966-71 bronco 1960-71 f-100 1962-70 fairlane torino drum brakes (rp32aa) item 3 Ford EF EL XH AU V8 Clutch Cable Falcon GT XR8 Sedan Ute Wagon Tickford T series - Ford EF EL XH AU V8 Clutch Cable Falcon GT XR8 Sedan Ute Wagon Tickford T series AU $139. We fabricated a bracket to secure the cable away from the header tubes, and also to position it inline with the entry point in the bellhousing. Silver Sport Transmissions CNC machines the case and tailhousings of our transmissions to streamline them as much as possible. CLUTCHPRO. MSRP: $270. suit crs b/housing: $63. Route the clutch cable around the oil filter and below the motor mount. Modern Driveline created the clutch cable conversion to be a bolt-on upgrade. (certainly compared to the old XA falcon I used to own). There was nothing wrong with the cable clutch, except that I was uncomfortable with it’s proximity to the headers. 1 clutch cable return system ( note hydraulic clutch return system availible for extra charge) NOW IN STOCK FULL LINE OF TREMEC 5 AND 6 SPEED TRANSMISSIONS ALSO KITS AVAILIBLE FOR COUGAR AND FORD FALCON clutch linkage. The problem here is excessive clutch pedal effort and serious wear and tear. 82 : EA: DC2000: Dust Cover Clutch Fork V8 XR XT XW XY XA XB - XE: $32. This is the cure—D. 00 USD. The machined billet aluminum firewall brace/cable stop is designed to utilize the contoured area of the firewall as well as the double thickness steel area of the cowl flange to gain additional strength for a zero flex installation. The cure? D. From 1972 thru 1998. The best part is, our Ford Ranger Clutch Hydraulic Line products start from as little as $61. 10: 7436174: clutch fork 253-308 3/4 speed**nla** $42. $269. Complete set of bushings, insulators and hardware for frame and engine side. FREE shipping Australia wide on orders over $99. Lop the top off the clutch and grind a nice radius a 10mm or so above the pedal pivot. If converting from an automatic-equipped car to a manual, a clutch pedal from the donor car will also be needed, as well as the bellhousing. Just curious if anyone knows of a hydraulic clutch conversion kit that will suit an EL falcon. Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with only top reliable Clutch Hydraulic Line product and part brands so you can shop with complete confidence. Description. CABLE CLUTCH CONVERSION fits 64-1/2, 65 & 66 Ford Mustang when retrofitting to a T5 or TKO 5-speed transmission. 3L Naturally Aspirated, enginemfrname: Ford, Standard Transmission, Optional 10. Join 9000 other car enthusiasts and stay up to date with the latest products and specials. Using the 60-65 Falcon/Comet clutch pedal, a bolt-on adjustable pedal bracket provides the pulling action without welding. The kit includes a small bracket intended to mount off an oil pan bolt, however this pulled the cable to close to the header tube. Compatible with : Ford Falcon 6 Cylinder T5 Only (not V8) – XF EA EB ED EF EL AU BA BF FG (XR6) The second kit that RMP offers is for '65-'68 Mustangs and is a "no-drill" solution, as it routes the clutch cable through the original clutch rod hole in the firewall and connects to the clutch CJ Pony Parts features 1964-1973 Mustang Cable & Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kits at amazing prices. Whether your part needs are for an old Model T Ford, Model A Ford, Early Flathead V8, Ford Pickup Truck, Thunderbird, or any antique or classic Mercury, Galaxie, Mustang, Falcon or Edsel automobile, MAC's is your one-stop source for classic Ford auto parts, accessories, manuals, and auto upholstery kits. 0L Find 1963 FORD FALCON Clutch Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Hays 91-2001 - Hays Street 450 Clutch Conversion Kits. Then there is the length of the cable itself drooping all under the hood. ford falcon clutch cable conversion

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