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5. Check the plates and the splines on the hub. 5 HP. A. Sep 17, 2011 · Not pinning it to redline or anything, just 1-200 rpm. Very common. As previoulsy mentioned, I had jiggled the clutch adjusting nut and it came loose and after re-adjusting the cable slack, rode it 70 miles wiht no problems. After 5 minutes and it does it, thats a problem. Luckily, your clutch will likely give you ample notice that something is going wrong. May 28, 2013 · I had the clutch plates replaced on my 2012 Yamal after the originals de-laminated at 1800km's. You can shift between gears  24 Jun 2012 So I left it in gear with the bike shut off and pulled the clutch lever in and it Just because you pull the clutch lever in does not necessarily give  and it has a clutch that will not disengage and allow the sprocket to spin free. Eventually, downshifting becomes instinctive, and you don’t have to struggle through your next bend or stop. The variance in where the clutch grabs is wholly dependent on the levers in the clutch-pedal mechanism. The dyno can measure from as little as 1 horsepower to 750+ safely, consistently and reliably in the shop under ideal load conditions. My bike has 1800km so it's run in so I would not expect this to become much better. I went back in and lossen the spring bolts a 1/4 turn and I have a 2006 S2R 800 and the clutch lever doesn't seem to completely disengage the engine when trying to roll the bike around in 1st gear. Note that some hydraulic clutches use mineral oil and NOT brake fluid and you can't mix the two nor use the wrong fluid in the system as the seals are fluid specific. It allows an easily controlled slip. Pull the clutch lever again. Frequent causes include faults in the release system, a jammed pilot bearing, or non-compliance with important installation requirements. It will start but you can tell the clutch is dragging. It was "barking" and "groaning" when pulling from a stop, so I decided to take the clutch apart clean the plates with and remove all the dust (I have stock closed cover). If you find the clutch will not disengage, most likely the clutch plates are stuck together. Customers may notice a large amount of free play in the clutch lever when this occurs. Everything from maintenance, travel and tech to humor. I adjusted to clutch lever but then it started doing it again. Pressure applied to the master cylinder pushrod from the clutch pedal forces the master cylinder plunger and seal assembly along the cylinder bore. I couldn t bump start the bike, and unless the bike was warm, and I was quick to take off, the bike stalled every time I put it in first. Tusk Clutch Kits make great replacements to wore out and slipping clutches on motorcycles and ATV’s. You will need to disassemble the clutch and ill bet you find the metal plates are discolored and look blue/black which means they have been overheated and are warped. My bike is a 93 so the clutch switch is located in the clutch assembly. I can pull clutch in in 1st gear and it stops and completely let go of the clutch and the rear wheel spins automatically (like it should) but when I pull it in it does nothing, still spining. -I used the adjustments on the lever but honestly, that shouldn't be able to adjust the clutch so much that it isn't fully disengaging. Come on in and visit, the water is warm. a clunk, then if I let go off the brake and with the clutch pulled in the bike creeps forward. Any thing less or more is not good. Not the usual tiny lurch we all get, but an actual surge as in the bike wants to keep moving. Previously, grabbing a handfull of lever and an upshift, it was always kind of clunky and I had trouble timing the whole throttle / rpm. When i turn it on in neutral, and pop it in first, it LUNGES forward, i know a little is normal due to stationary gears getting in touch with moving ones, but it literally jumps forward now. May pop loose rocking back & forth in gear but prolly have to pull the cover and help them YZ Otis , Apr 18, 2010 Oct 02, 2016 · I have a 2011 Sherco 290 and Im starting to have trouble with the clutch. once engine is Clutch is not fully disengaging Inspection Service Your car’s clutch is what allows you to change gears. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts A forum community dedicated to Honda CX 500 motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. Finding neutral is easy enough, and it shifts nicely, although it goes into 1st gear with a smidgen of a clunk. The clutch is definitely not disengaging, can't roll the bike in gear with the clutch lever pulled in. Prev. I have tried to bleed the slave and master cylinders using dot 4 fluid and making sure no air bubbles are left inside - the oil was quite dirty. I've done a cursory inspection of the clutch lever, the bushing at the lever pivot point is not worn. Cob plates. Read on to learn the signs and symptoms of a failing clutch. I adjusted the clutch so it has no free play just to test and it still drags. I put ATF type F fluid in the gear case for cleaning purposes and hammered on it for a  13 Sep 2017 Shit will happen when you are cruising in 6th gear and suddenly find that the clutch handle is free and clutch will no longer disengage. And, on the stand is not a good reference. The RPMs will shoot up if the clutch lever is pulled. I adjusted the clutch lever again and so on. With the clutch pulled in, I shift the bike into first and it surges forward. I'd suggest you take the time to read your owner's manual. Like I said, the manual says this is how you check if the clutch is engagoing or not. Worn/improperly installed clutch, or the type of oil you are running. The hand lever has about 1/16 play, and feels like it is pulling against the clutch spring ok. clutch pack loos good, fiber plates look good, steel plates have a dark blue color Any suggestions? Bobby R. Harley-Davidson has initiated these recalls to correct the affected motorcycles. Feb 17, 2013 · The release arm come out of the top of the transmission. Clutch not disengaging,Please Help : Dave said 2007-09-14 00:25 : I,m very unmechanicaland a fairly new bike owner. When that is fixed up shifting and finding gears is easy. TO is fine and clutch looked to be burned a bit. There are 4, 5, or 6 springs in the clutch pressure plate that squeeze the clutch plates together. Both balls in place. Includes clutch shell with ring gear and sprocket, (12) drive keys with hardware, center hub, sealed double row bearing, snap rings, mainshaft nut and clutch pack (including - (1) thick steel backing plate, (10) thin steel driven plates, (9) friction plates of your choice, pressure plate assembly, adjusting screw with lock Clutch Spring Replacement (the easy way) Gadget . This is my first motorcycle project that I've had for about 6 months. Clutch. I replaced the clutch and oil is new. Mar 08, 2011 · additionally, that does not include any clutch issues. If the brand of oil would cause a severe clutch drag like you are talking about the manufacturer would steer you clear of it. A year ago, I had a problem where it wouldn't shift right -- it didn't want Adjust Clutch - Not Disengaging. TLDR: Bike turns on, cannot shift into 1st, clutch is not disengaging (replaced slave cylinder, bled it, and replaced clutch discs) EDIT: The issue was air stuck in the master cylinder that wasn't coming out by the gravity bleed. Jan 09, 2019 · How to downshift a motorcycle smoothly is a riding skill that needs to be practiced to be perfected. 7. Pressure-plate and basket aligned correctly. i cannot push the bike when the clutch is pressed either. I torque everything down to spec. If the clutch does no longer disengage, the problem is not necessarily damage to the clutch. This changes the physical properties of the DOT 4 fluid, which can lead to clutch issues such as it not fully disengaging. The clutch fluid has always been changed every 2 years, along with the brake fluid. The Daywalker is a Ginger that does not burn in direct sunlight. When it does not do that I have to hold the brake very tightly or it will take off. Sep 13, 2017 · I am going to assume some serious situation in which it doesnt disengage because if it didnt disengage while its on kickstand parked in your home garage, the answer is obvious. My 2008 SV650SF is the only motorcycle I've ever owned which fully disengaged the clutch when I pull the lever in to shift gears or move the motorcycle around the garage. Clutch cable misadjusted or not working smoothly. Going to try 20/50 motorcycle oil next time. Sorry i can't really help with the question but i would like to have some info on this subject. In case your clutch spring is an extension spring, all of these measurements have to be taken into note as well. similar to the feel of a torque converter with an automatic transmission), you can plan the job for a convenient time. After doing the entire project twice because we couldn't get the clutch to disengage, we put in an extra spacer behind the slave cyl in addition to the one that came from Spec. JUST changed my oil today. 02J clutch not disengaging 06-14-2018 01:37 AM #1 When we got it the car ran fine but the clutch was junk and could go into any gear while the car was running. The clutch started to slip and progressively get worse to were it would not go. It's only when the clutch disc is slipping against the flywheel that wearing occurs. The clutch pressure plate rotates with the clutch basket, it is bolted to the clutch basket. You might want to check that out so if you do get pressure on that clutch rod you do not bend the clutch rod by forcing it to unstick the clutch plates. Thanks. Cause: Not or not correctly greased during installation; Contamination of the friction surfaces due to incorrect handling. Jun 21, 2012 · How does a cold bike affect the clutch not disengaging? What I'm doing is pushing the bike with the engine off, clutch in and in gear 1, and it barely move. COMPLETE SUPERCLUTCH WET CLUTCH ASSEMBLIES Chain primary drive only. A malfunctioning clutch can cause you bike to perform poorly and even put you in danger. When taking apart note where the plates fit together as many times there is a dot on the clutch basket and it should line up with a certain portion of the plates, I am not sure about XJ's and don't have a manual right at hand to check for you. On older mechanical linkages, lack of periodic lubrication can lead to high effort or binding in pivots or cables, or a pedal that does not return smoothly. It sounds like your switch failed and the bike acts as if there's no switch there. Started first kick, but the clutch (redone 2 years ago with new plates and rubbers) does not not function. and am a bit green when it comes to dealing with clutches especially. After reinstalling, it does not feel as though the clutch push rod is moving. Quality drive and friction plates are made with precision to ensure tight tolerances in the clutch basket and inner hub. At 70k, with a past history of city driving, my bet is on the clutch. 1 … Go to page A buddy and I just put a new Spec stage 2+ clutch/alum press plate, alum flywheel, new slave and master cyl in my 00 SS. When your MG is stored for some length of time it may result in the clutch disk being stuck firmly to the flywheel and/or pressure plate so it will not disengage when the clutch pedal is depressed. No  27 Apr 2016 This should fix a stuck clutch that will not disengage. Also seems as though the starter is actually continuously cranking. Apr 07, 2013 · i have rebuilt a 96 yamaha virago xv535 and it runs perfect, drove it around and back fine untill the next time i started it pulled the clutch lever and as soon as i put it into first it stalled, i even tried adjusting the clutch cable still nothing so when i took the motor apart the whole clutch assembly was loose, put in a missing washer and repeated what just happened i haven't taken the The compressor clutch tries to engage/does not fully disengage causing a loud noise when I do not have the AC turned on but the AC works perfectly otherwise. Apr 27, 2015 · If the clutch does not disengage as intended, the rider may have difficulty slowing or stopping the motorcycle, which could result in an accident, hence the reason for the "Do Not Ride. The history of the Vulcan 1500/1600 clutch spring is a mixed one. When on a center stand in neutral it will even turn the rear tire slowly if you rev it up. Hey everyone. Consequence: Clutch disk fails to  4 Apr 2018 What actually happens when we engage or disengage the clutch can Remember that the fiber plates are not locked to anything, so without  14 Aug 2016 The clutch would not disengage with the bike in gear and the engine off so I got it up on a block to get the back wheel off the ground and got a  4 Apr 2013 I am trying to adjust the clutch, right now the clutch lever is loose, with the Important thing is that the bike is not pulling forward when you f. The stick moves freely when the engine is not running. But the brake will stop it with clutch in. This video will discuss the 5 most common designs for clutch operation and how to service and do an adjustment of either the cable or the actuating device found on most motorcycles and ATV's. Centrifugal Go Kart Clutch 5/8" Bore 12 Tooth 12T For 35 Chain, Up to 6. Joined: Aug 2001 Clutch not disengaging properly: Clutch plate warped or too rough Clutch spring tension uneven Engine oil deteriorated Engine oil viscosity too high Engine oil level too high Clutch housing frozen on drive shaft Clutch release mechanism trouble. Soft or spongy clutch pedal Start the engine up and see if it will shift through the gears. bill- My '83 GL1100 has a mechanical clutch, not hydraulic; same thing on your '82-1100? If so, the first thing I'd check is the clutch release cable for full range of movement and adjustment to be sure it fully releases the clutch. net is the leading motorcycle forum for news, specs, reviews and Sounds like a cable issue to me. Dirtbike clutch not disengaging? Hi everyone, I bought a used 2001 YZ 125 and after testing that everything was ok including the clutch on the bike running I purchased this used bike and brought it home. I thought it might have been the oil i used to change the oil, but talked to a shop yesterday(I have a friend there) and they didn't think that was my problem. Last time the clutch was replaced was not by me but my buddy who used my truck while I was on deployment and I told him not to get a cheap clutch, the pressure plate and disc have no markings or numbers on them so I'm assuming he just ignored me. Pull the clutch lever and see if the arm moves(the end should move about 1 to 1 1/2 inches). You quickly glance over to  24 Nov 2018 As soon as I put it on first gear, it seemed like the clutch was doing nothing and the bike just stalled with clutch pulled in. If "on the phone" means you're not at home, then wait until you get somewhere where you can put in the time to adjust things properly-its not just a simple cable adjustment. May 02, 2007 · Have a ~ new wr250 with maybe 100 miles on it. The typical motorcycle multi-plate wet clutch is made up of two sets of alternating discs; a fiber-faced set driven by an outer clutch drum and a set of metal discs keyed to an inner clutch hub. Clutch steel plates warped. Clutch is much stiffer and bike runs. when I try to change gear the clutch won't disengage. If I start the bike on the center stand in first, the rear wheel will spin even with the clutch to the grip. If there is an adjustment screw on the rod, loosen the lock nut and tighten the screw until there is no more free play, then loosen it about 1/8 of a turn and tighten the lock nut. If the clutch fluid tank is not full, and with the bike held up and level, turn the handlebars to the right and you should be able to add more fluid. @jcm I do not believe there will be any down-the-line problems. While it is spinning the rear wheel, oil up the rear chain if it has one. Additionally, when on the centerstand, if I place it into gear and then pull the clutch in, the rear wheel still spins unless I apply the brake or slow it with my hand. It was great for about 200miles and then today I was pulling on the clutch to put it into gear it just started slowly rolling forward. Not really thinking much about it as a problem but just because the clutch is tight. With the oil warm and the clutch pulled in with the bike in first or second gear, the bike should be easyish to push on level ground. Do not adjust the clutch when bike is hot or worm. Took me about two hours in total (with the oil/filter change and adjusting valve clearances). Re: Clutch not disengaging by steve murdoch icoa #5322 » Thu Feb 28, 2019 12:46 pm No info on EBC clutch plates but yes to it being a common, minor annoyance. It has the five-speed manual transmission and hydraulic clutch. The clutch doesn't completely disengage when I pull the lever in. Keep in mind the clutch is designed for motor to be running. 1. The clutch has been bled properly with 0 bubbles. worn. The multiple clutch plates are seperated a little when released, but with oil on all the plates and gears there is a small amount of adhesion form the oil layers. Let's keep it clean though. Giving the throttle a blip with the clutch pulled in will torque the transmission the extra degree or two to line up enough to shift. The yamaha service manual is pretty lean on details, it just says 'loosen the locknuts and adjust the slack'. Jan 04, 2018 · The clutch is a disc that accomplishes this disconnection. And now got same symptoms. (You have that) 2) With CC engaged, the clutch will not disengage it. As DOT 4 brake/clutch fluid in your Harley ages, its chemical properties deteriorate and it absorbs water. Quality cork-based friction plates offer a great feel and strong engagement. When I look under the clutch lever it pushes a small plunger so it seems to be Hi guys, I've bought a gl500 which I started on purchase but didn't ride. But, it can occur if the clutch release cam adjustment has worked loose too. Beside not engaging, or not disengaging, there can be other issues as well, such as noisy operation, or chattering on engagement. Do not use the engine to try to unfreeze the clutch. I put it back together but now the Usually when this happens it is from using automotive oil and gunking up the clutch plates. Depending on the rider and type of riding he or she does, most multi-plate clutches will last for many thousands of miles. . Otherwise the steel balls that are in the housing may disengage. After doing a lot of research including staring at diagrams of the clutch for hours, youtube videos of owners swapping the clutch on older SV650's, reading every thread on this site about clutches not disengaging, and sacrificing to the Suzuki gods I finally got my bike running again! Oct 17, 2002 · Got a problem with the clutch fully disengaging. Jul 17, 2009 · Maybe with the manuvering, it got enought slack along with any stretching and it slip in to proper place allowing allot of slack and thus not disengaging properly at the time. A warped drive plate, notched basket/inner hub, warped pressure plate, and even the posts between the springs can get grooves. We just noticed the problem while performing maintenace on the bike. It must be remembered that all motorcycle clutch levers must have some free play in the cable before the clutch becomes disengaged. The clutch control system used on 1985---86 C and K models and 1987 R and V models consists of a clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and a connecting hose. So yesterday, i took out the old thrust plate, and put in a new one, as well as replaced the pushrod. So I recently replaced my clutch plates and fibres and finally had a chance to ride the bike. Any ideas? The bike is  13 Mar 2008 With the new seal and the system bleed, we attempted to roll the bike around and engage/disengage the clutch. Plus, the clutch release bearing will constantly have pressure on it along with I seem to be having a problem with my clutch, my cr250 has a brand new lever and perch new cable and i just put in fresh plates and springs. Over-tightening will mean not enough tension on the clutch springs – resulting in clutch slip. Apr 21, 2020 · I was negatively surprised that out of the cca 8cm of clutch pull, only about the first 2cm are actually doing anything. Steel. You may need to experiment a little with a longer cable, but it will be well worth it instead spending $800 or so for a new clutch. He installed a aftermarket clutch earlier this season. I have bled and re-bled my clutch, adjusted my pedal, bled it again, triple checked that all of my bolts are tight, did the macarana, and even bled the lines again. Working Of Clutch: To understand the working of clutch it is important to know about the basics of the transformation of energy (rotary movement) from the engine to the final drive or the rear wheel of This is an old mechanics trick I picked up, the idea being that if the clutch may have trouble disengaging the rounded edge will be less likely to “catch” or “snag” anything in the clutch basket during disengagement. When clutch fully pressed and i try to engage gear, the bike jerks and stalls. Pull Clutch Cover; Look inside engine, with cover removed, at the center there is a small round button that must be in the notch to work. If the clutch is not disengaging it means that the release ramp is not compressing the two coil springs sitting behind the outer pressure plate. Apr 22, 2010 · Clutch not disengaging - posted in Nuts 'n' Bolts: New crank,jugs,pistons,rings etc. Cable slack is measured through the clutch lever's free play, the amount the lever can move before pulling the cable. Definition: The Clutch is a mechanical device and it is responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine crankshaft with transmission gears. " [SOLVED] Clutch not disengaging I have a 2009 DL650, less than a year old, with 2,100 miles. It is still acting like it is in gear. Jul 25, 2014 · n3303j wrote:Your clutch is dragging! When working properly the newest clutch is butter smooth with a seamless transition between not engaged and fully engaged. And cold it clunks pretty hard into 1st gear, when warmer not so big of a clunk. Search eBay for motorcycle parts in following countries Australia, Canada, A50 1970 clutch not disengaging. Upon start up, I let the bike warm up, held clutch in and then put the bike into gear, and it immediately jumped and stalled. Jun 21, 2012 · Clutch not Disengaging!!!!! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 13 of 13 Posts. fork is a reinforced one and its not bent. Checked the master I mentioned this in a thread a few hours ago but I realize it probably deserves its own thread. I cleaned the terminals to the switch. Mar 21, 2013 · My clutch will not disengage, it shifts when the engine is off, but not while running. Nov 15, 2016 · Clutch discs which have been overheated due to excessive clutch fanning by the rider, not only may warp, but also emit an unpleasant stinky burnt smell. The assembly around it includes what's called a diaphragm spring, which allows the clutch to engage or disengage the engine depending on Centrifugal Clutch 1" Bore 14 Tooth For 40,41,420 Chain Up to 8HP, 2300 RPM. ) I've adjusted the cable to specs (as per the manual) and the done the same with the clutch itself. The bike starts and runs good after setting 28 years but, the clutch will not release. If it does then the problem is inside. I went to move the bike while it's in first by pulling in the clutch lever and the bike refused to move. Step 2: Raise the vehicle. We took the Concur with EZ. ex. SOURCE: '95 Yamaha YZ 125 clutch - stays in gear when clutch is pulled in hey dude,, just thought id come in and give u some tips or 3,, i take it when u pull clutch lever in, and try and change gear it feels like your foot will snap b4 it goes in gear,, if that makes sense,, firstly mate,is to make sure the clutch cable slides freely ,easest way is to take cable off and just grab 1 end and Mar 12, 2016 · It may be necessary to disassemble the clutch and pry/pop the plates apart. Freeing a STUCK CLUTCH - CT-104. I think the super worn down clutch disks were hiding the fact that my clutch line wasn't pressurizing properly, so when I replaced the disks with thicker ones the clutch could hardly disengage all the way. Only if the levers that actually cause the clutch plate to engage got out of alignment with each other would the clutch plate not be engaged with the clutch pedal all the way out. The clutch slips or it drags. I couldn't shift gears, at all, due to the clutch not disengaging. I then took a pair of pliers and turned the When the clutch is not fully disengaging, the clutch is constantly slipping and burning up the friction materials. Typically, the clutch cable/lever should have 1/8” (3-mm) of free play. You might have too much and it's not disengaging like it should. I replaced the slave and master cylinder along with the clutch line and everything worked fine for a few weeks. If it's not moving, the problems between the clutch lever and the clutch rod. Runs sweet. shifts hard 2. The rod Not uncommon for motorcycle clutch plates to stick together after setting for a long time. With the clutch fully in and the tire off the ground, if I give gas the tire starts to Sep 23, 2013 · 2005 ducati monster s2r 800 When bike is turned off and left in gear for parking purposes. Frequent causes why the clutch doesn’t disengage correctly include faults in the release system (clutch release bearing, slave cylinder, clutch lever), a jammed pilot bearing, or non-compliance with important installation requirements. Clutch Does not Disengage If the clutch does not disengage, the problem is not necessarily the clutch itself. -It has synthetic motorcycle oil in it. Come Anyway, I'm finding that the clutch on this bike is not full disengaging with the handle pulled completely. My clutch fork is in the middle and slightly towards the driver's side, and it moves about 3/4". I took up some slack in the clutch cable with the same result. Behind that is the ball bearing. Replace the cover. Can get easily overlooked when disassembling only to fall out and get lost when moving the engine about. Thoughts Re: Clutch not fully disengaging the engine I noticed when starting the bike aftersitting for a week I had some of the same problem. Some of us just don't know how that could be with clutch springs that last 50,000 miles (mine) and more. After adjusting my clutch to manufactures specs (1/4 turn out the first time then anywhere from 1/8th to 1/2 turns after that didn't work, it's at 1/4 turn now). The bike has never shifted smooth from my first day with it. Sometimes the problem is not with slipping, but with sticking. Thanks all for your suggestions! The second one failed with no CC, but did not get a DTC. Obviously it's wrong; with the transmission in 1st gear, the crank is turning the mainshaft which is turning the rear wheel. Readjust the clutch lever free play at the handlebar so that there is 2-3 mm free play. May 21, 2012 · Disengaging the clutch stops the power transfer and allows the engine to keep turning without force to the drive wheels. The clutch lurching usually means at least one of the steel clutch plates is warped and therefore not allowing the clutch to fully disengage. It was always tolerable but it never felt like it would completely disengage. Aug 29, 2009 · That's a lot of oil changes for only 1500 miles. Actually Rotella T5 is a diesel engine oil, diesel engine oils have the same friction modifiers as wet clutch motorcycle oils Rotella has a JASO MB rating, not quite as good as the JASO MA2 BMW recomend but a slightly offspec JASO doesnt damage an engine I know a few guys who run Rotella in bikes with no issues Nov 03, 2018 · Engine off, pull the clutch lever rock it back and forth, in 5th gear or work it into 5th as you rock it, that gives the best mechanical leverage if they are frozen, or if the basket has been ribbed by the tabs. Thus, if the clutch is engaged and motor and gearbox are connected, it's not possible to change the gear. Feb 10, 2011 · not familiar with the term "registering a clutch" but with a hydraulic clutch first bleed the system and/or replace the fluid. The clutch plates can get stuck together from sitting, and the oil turns to varnish like glue. Anyway, Ive been working on my bike and I went to start it up and realized the clutch wouldnt fully disengage. Friction plates worn. Tried all sorts of left-side adjustment. Seems the starter is stuck and won't retract, so as long as the engine is running the gear is spinning. *Drive plates are made from steel i had a pushrod go through my thrust plate last week and of course that meant the clutch was not disengaging. com and print off a parts diagram for the clutch actuation assembly and check to see that you have not lost a nut on the case side of the actuator. The clutch of your motorcycle controls the speed of the bike. I tried adjusting for tons of slack, and for little slack, but Hello! I just installed a new Sachs flywheel and clutch on my 1995 Chevy 1500 4x4. Clutch pedal stayed all the way to the floorboard! I parked the car on the side of the road and the car was still in 2nd and just stalled with me standing on the brake pedal. With the bike on the center stand (not running) I put the bike in first. Re: 1971 CB750 Clutch not disengaging after sitting « Reply #15 on: August 24, 2014, 06:07:21 pm » Had a few hours tonight to take the side cover off and look at the clutch and lever mechanism that compresses the spring allowing the clutch to separate. These types of clutches use if he starts it in neutral and the clutch is not disengaging he won't be able to get it into gear unless he stomps the shifter pretty hard. So yesterday I decided to reattempt to adjust the clutch and now the clutch does not appear to work at all. While it’s okay to engage the clutch pedal smoothly (go too fast and no one will want to ride with you), the less time you spend engaging and disengaging the pedal, the longer your clutch is going to last. I checked the clutch fluid level and it is OK. Oil motul 7100, clutch disk thickness in service limit. (for those with a quick change cover, you'll find that holding down the rear brake pedal and sticking a screwdriver in the swingarm pivot will provide adequate clearance for getting the cover off and for servicing the clutch, otherwise removal of the rear brake pedal may be necessary. When you start the bike in gear it wants to move. If everything shifts OK, and the brakes and clutch work, you can now buy a battery for it and go for a ride. But the bike wants to move. However, if the clutch is not slipping (engine speed raises faster than the vehicle speed, when accelerating …. Mar 27, 2017 · Make sure the clutch cable is correctly adjusted so that the clutch is disengaging all the way when you pull in the lever. Also when I push on the rear brakes it I own a classic 350 which has done 5000 Kms. If you take out the rod, and tilt the bike way over if may fall out. When you press the clutch pedal, the clutch moves away from flywheel, stopping the rotation and allowing you to shift to a higher or lower gear without causing damage (grinding gears does your transmission no good at all). The clutch does not disengage the gear so that i can move the bike around I have to shift up to neutral. Not really sure why that happend with the pressure plate. I am not a Motorcycle mechanic but have built a few Hayabusa powered sand cars and used stock and Hi-po clutches. . It keeps doing it and I can't ride the bike. I got the rear tire off the ground and sure enough it spins when put into gear. Mar 26, 2018 · If the clutch cannot ‘engage’, it’s too tight, and it’s not allowing the clutch plates to fully engage when you release the lever. J MotorcycleForums. Its not pullin In other words, the rod counters the spring pressure, thereby disengaging the clutch. Clutch not disengaging properly: Excessive clutch lever free play. Nov 11, 2015 · I'm not familiar with the bars on your bike, but if you have "pull backs or risers" with those bars, then I suspect the LENGTH of the CABLE could very well be the issue. it seems like the clutch is not fully disengaged. I did a continuity check of the clutch switch and it passed. Clutch springs broken or worn. How to ride 281 - 300 of 328 Posts. The average lifespan of a clutch is anywhere between 20,000 to 150,000 miles. Starts now and runs fine. I will be scraping the car in the next year and do not wish to have it fixed so is there a way to turn off the system completely to eliminate the noise? Posted: 18:22 - 26 Feb 2020 Post subject: Clutch not disengaging (ER-6F) So, short story long. I was having a lot of clutch slippage on my 748 (8k mi) after about 5 minutes of riding. Got everything back together, filled up tranny fluid and gear oil, bled the clutch till no air came out and it still won’t shift while the engine is running. Jul 31, 2015 · My wife rides a 2012 ttr125le and she was complaining about it feeling like the bike decelerating slow with the clutch engaged. The clutch problem has a bit of history to it that may be helpful in diagnosing what's gone wrong Basically a clutch is a mechanical device which is responsible for engaging and disengaging the engine crankshaft with the transmission gears. My only thought is that the engine oil is also around the clutch as its a wet clutch it is possible you are not running the right oil and its getting hot and thinning out. It stated doing it about 6 months ago when it got hot. ive café racered it. Clutch is not disengaging and the amount of movement is equal to this video. When it is cold and I try to start it while in gear and the clutch pulled all the way, she wants to move forward. If your clutch won't release properly, it will continue to turn the input shaft. A spring-loaded pressure plate bolted to the inner clutch hub clamps the discs together, coupling the clutch drum and clutch hub together to transfer How to service your clutch. If not, you have glazed the fibers and you will have to replace them. It acts just as it did before I changed the slave and master Jan 16, 2014 · I had a clutch not disengaging problem years ago with a Suzuki 500 2 stroke quad that I had put "Castrol oil" in the engine during an oil change and the clutch wouldn't disengage at all back in like 88'. Also, you may want to think about changing the clutch fluid to a higher grade as that may help solve your problem. I'm not sure how to deal with the drag. Clutch lever tension feels normal and not loose, and the bike shifts into gear fine. The issue is that when I let out the clutch lever, the clutch does not disengage/bite. On some motorcycles, the pressure of the pressure plate is reduced by a mechanism lifting the plate. I,ve tried running through the gears and 2 and up are very hard to get Clutch cable misadjusted or not working smoothly. Mar 26, 2007 · I just bought a 2002 KLR, and when I have the clutch lever fully on, with the engine off, the bike does not roll freely like I think it should. ) However, the clutch remains on at all times and never disconnects the motor and rear wheel. Ideal play should be 4-5mm at the end of the lever. [Update] With a clean motorcycle, turn off the gas, then lay the bike over so that the the clutch cover is facing you. Step 1: Collect all tools and your creeper and place them out of the way. I have replaced the standard clutch with Hugh's hydro clutch, one piece clutch rod, replaced the friction pads, and made sure my worm gear is clean and greased. If you get any power at all, you’ll get clutch slip under any high-torque situation, and also burn out your clutch p The clutch release lever is what actually does the work of disengaging the clutch. hello, I have a problem with the clutch not fully disengaging. Jul 11, 2010 · The bike is in 1st gear. I opened up the oil plug and can see the pressure plate move when i pull the clutch lever. Other clutch issues. Caution: Do not operate the clutch lever until the clutch mechanism adjustment is complete. Once removed, the problem should be obvious. A forum community dedicated to the Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle Nov 06, 2013 · I adjusted my clutch and cable because it was slipping like crazy and would just rev and not accelerate much. plates warped. At full throttle rev go to 10k, bike accelerating but not as expected. All clutches must have a bit of free play in the cables and rods so the clutch springs can exert the maximum amount of pressure on the plates. So what is a good way of checking whether or not the clutch is engaging or disengaging? The clutch is not fully disengaging, but, my upshifts are a hell of a lot smoother doing it this way. If you’re looking for premium-quality replacement automotive parts to keep your vehicle performing reliably, you can’t go wrong with superior-grade SKF products. Don’t get left at the side of the road with a vehicle that won’t shift into gear. I can get it into reverse with a little grinding when in 4H, but that’s it. The bike does not stall at all with the clutch lever fully let out, and it does not move either. You Suzuki Katana's transmission relies on a cable to actuate its clutch. In a section when I pull the clutch lever in, I have about a 15% chance it will keep pulling for another 2 to 4 feet before releasing. Yes hold onto bars and pull the cable out of the the clutch housing and the silver end should not come out no more then a 1/8". Als, if I try and start the bike with it in gear with the cluth lever pulled it wants to lurch. I kept playing with the cable adjustment until I knew it was too tight just trying to get the clutch to disengage but it kept stalling the motor. " A properly adjusted clutch will not only improve performance by ensure the long life and reliability of the clutch components themselves. Apr 24, 2015 · According to documents released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a chemical reaction in the clutch system may generate gas bubbles that can prevent the clutch from disengaging after the motorcycle has been parked for an extended period. I opened the clutch case and replaced the  13 Jan 2020 A dragging clutch is one where the engine and rear wheel are not completely disengaged when the clutch lever is pulled in. OK got it, maybe you just had the cable too tight and it's not fully disengaging the spring to allow the clutch to grip completely. Aug 17, 2009 · Ok its 1500 classic with 22k miles on it. If it is close or below the minimum line, you should inspect the master cylinder and clutch system for leaks. If there is air in the system, that air bubble can compress. Seems like it stuck out further before,even with a worn clutch. So this just started happening. The cable activates the lever and through the inspection hole, I can feel it move, but it does not move the plates; hence, while I can shift by ear on the stand, I cannot get it in gear on the road. goes into first and the back wheel is in drive but no adjustments to the clutch will desengage first. hard to get in neutral 3. When you say it's not disengaging, is it just pulling out too fast and stalling out? Or literally not even moving at all? The angle of the clutch cable can cause all sorts of these problems if the movement isn't "free flowing" for a lack of a better term, inside the cable sleeve. Sep 28, 2011 · So, the time came to do the clutch on my DR350. On the first ride since then, I noticed the clutch wasn t disengaging all the way. Love it, However, I am now very concerned about something that happened when I went to pick it up. The bike was in gear I held in the clutch to start it and it lurched forward. eberhard #779184 07/20/19 12:29 am. You should be able to roll the bike in gear with the clutch lever pulled in, or DISENGAGED. The pressure of this fluid will cause the slave cylinder to activate, pushing your clutch fork and disengaging your clutch. Go to Kawasaki. Coil Clutch Springs Welcome to the 83 Honda CB 650 SC Nighthawk discussion group. Riding around town is thus full of jerky starts as it is difficult to release the clutch smoothly. I "exercise" the clutch a bunch of times before putting it in gear the first time. 60,000 miles. Over time, the clutch cable stretches and creates excessive slack that will prevent the clutch from disengaging completely when the clutch lever is pulled in. Good luck. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. As mentioned, DOT 4 brake fluid absorbs water. Pull the round derby cover off. Last year I planned to ride up north to my brothers for Xmas, I'd fixed my bike with lots of swearing, blood and more swearing (head races, then ignition switch). It probably there, but its not coming out because its holding in because of thick grease in there. THe bike runs strong only problem is the clutch won't fully disengage. 30 Mar 2015 The bike can still go up/down through all it's gears without the clutch lever but it makes starting from a stop a challenge. My bike starts and runs the same with the switch connected or not. Knowing the dimensions surrounding your clutch spring will help to make sure it will fit when installed and you will not have any issues when the spring is in motion. Adjust the clutch per the manual. The clutch pack is the original and now it does not release predictably. First the disc lining can become worn out from normal usage which will make the clutch slip not allowing the power of the engine to transfer through to the transmission, or the lining can come off not allowing the clutch to disengage. I recently purchased a 2017 Vegas. So, here's a new one (at least for me) and I'm not sure if I should be concerned about it or not. When I clunked the shifter down, the bike immediately lunged Sep 23, 2016 · I didn't consider that the clutch wasn't fully disengaging until the tech at my Honda dealer pointed it out earlier this week after taking the bike for a test ride. It idles fine in neutral. Based on the working mechanism the clutches are classified by various types- Multi-plate Clutch: The multi plate clutch is the most common type of clutch used in motorcycles. Also when I put the bike in gear and I pull the lever the clutch is not disengaging. Feb 10, 2018 · Started her up and dropped it in gear and she went clunk and stalled the motor. A hydraulic clutch uses some additional components like a clutch slave and master cylinder. Gear Shifting Faulty: Doesn’t go into gear; shift pedal doesn’t return: Clutch not disengaging If the clutch just does not feel like it is disengaging all the way, it may be one of those springs in the clutch plate as described in a previous post -- or it may be simply that the clutch cable is not properly adjusted. An auto clutch allows easy starting and stopping without using the clutch lever, and virtually eliminates engine stalling. which may not be a bad idea as a last resort to possibly clutch not disengaging by twinegar » Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:18 am On my newest CBX the clutch wouldn't disengage completely so I did the re-adjustment via the manual and still can't fix it. The clutch feels normal, but it isn't releasing. I just realise the clutch plate could be sticking due to the cold engine. Pay attention now. When bike is running the clutch disengages and works just fine Is this how ducs are? My kawi i Jun 03, 2014 · Harley Clutch seems to not completely disengage. Clutch chatter is clutch disk slippage in my experience. When the bike is off and in gear, with the clutch pulled it, it is impossible to roll it either forward or back. If the clutch is trying to release you'll see the pressure plate moving and the springs compress. Here are a couple of things you can check; 1) The bike will only start in neutral. (remember, the clutch rod swinging inward is neutral. release mechanism sticking. Troubleshooting the Clutch on a Manual Transmission Vehicle By Deanna Sclar Most drivers can expect their clutches to last 40,000 to 60,000 miles, but if you maintain your clutch properly, it can be good for the life of your vehicle, depending on the type of vehicle you drive and how you drive it. My first clue was the "puck" that the clutch arm engages is barely sticking out of the tranny at all. I adjust the clutch cable. This forum exists for the friendly exchange of information for folks who ride Star Stratoliners and Roadliners. It is common for someone to have a custom clutch pedal installed and not have the proper clearance making a symptom of not fully disengaging clutch for the pedal hitting the floor board. The rear wheel will not move until the clutch is all the way to the grip and even then there is resistance. As already mentioned, check your lever free play. Just remember to undo and redo the bolts for the cover and the springs in a criss cross pattern to avoid stressing either the cover gasket or risking warping the clutch plates. GL500 clutch not fully disengaging. I'm sure the cable adjustment isn't making any difference, is there any way something could have slipped out of place inside the clutch? The bike hasn't been used this year, I did start it up a couple of weeks ago to move it around in the garage. The most common  21 Oct 2017 The hydraulic clutch won't fully disengage when I pull the lever in. I checked the fuses and they are OK. Re: Clutch problem: won't disengage Another way to test the master cylinder is to block the slave cylinder so it can't extend and then see if the pedal sinks as you hold pressure on it. *Includes the full set of friction plates and drive plates. YBR clutch not disengaging and a small quater drive socket set with a couple of screwdrivers will do most small jobs. As you press the clutch pedal, the master cylinder forces hydraulic fluid, in this case brake fluid, down through the line into the slave cylinder. I pull the clutch in and put it into gear and the rear wheel spins (I have it on the stands). When the lever moves back towards the rear tire, it rotates the clutch release fork which pulls the clutch pull Using the clutch on your motorcycle in the proper way is key to helping to slow down the wear and tear of your motorcycle's clutch. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it only takes an extra second to do it, so I do. I own a 1983 650sc and recently all of the sudden when I put in gear it lunges forward and dies with the clutch lever still in. Right around 2,050 miles, I noticed shifting becoming a bit more difficult. The bolts squeeze on several springs. Lowering the vehicle after performing the diagnosis. The clutch basket is not ribbed and slides easy. The switch simply applies a ground to the starte Hello everyone. Hopefully when you readjust, the slipping will go away. '78 7-plate clutch Swapped to single long pushrod. I can squeeze the clutch lever and feel it disengage and engage with the smallest of pressure almost like the clutch is not being Sep 16, 2017 · When changing the front sprocket, I pulled the clutch push rod per the Clymer manual. too and it's still not disengaging all the way. L. It is also difficult to get it in neutral. When I put it in first gear it goes "clunk". Clutch Disc Failure: When a clutch disc fails it can do so in one for two ways. Most motorcycles have a clutch control on the left handlebar, which shifts gears when the lever is turned back toward the driver. Looked down at the side of the bike (You can see the cable, and how much it s pulling) and it was only pulling about half of the way Nov 01, 2011 · Adjusting Your Motorcycle To Fit You By admin | November 1, 2011 - 6:47 am | January 4, 2012 Tech Tips Whenever you buy a new motorcycle, you always have to go through that awkward re-adjustment phase where you acclimate yourself to your new machine’s ergos and other little quarks like throttle sensitivity, shifting and clutch engagement. Left unchanged, it could lead to complete clutch failure. Put the washers in wrong? Cold, a lot of bikes do this. 2005 Honda CRF150 -- Clutch Will Not Disengage The current problem is that the engine (which runs great) is not engaging the gears when the clutch is out (released). Go riding! ***If the clutch is still stuck you may need to take the clutch apart and oil the plates*** Just an update on this. Motorcycle/ATV/Cart Dyno – Dynojet 250ix This state of the art dyno offers advanced diagnostics on a wide variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, ATV’s, Carts, and many other wheel powered vehicles. I put it back together but now the Clutch wont disengage I have a 1991 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 and the clutch will not disengage, stays in gear even when - kawasaki 2004 VN 1500 Vulcan Classic question Search Fixya Press enter to search. The more you do it, the better you master it, and doing it will become second to nature. 50/60W oils usually do not drop below 8cSt and therefore drag is increased. When the car was stopped, I looked under and didn't see anything that didn't really belong where it shouldn't, besides the clutch pedal depressed all the way in. In this case, the clutch disc is likely wearing and will need replacement at some point. When bike is on the stand and you take the bike out of nuetral with the clutch in the rear tire starts rolling. Good luck and post up when you get your problem solved to let us know. Jul 30, 2017 · Just gotten my Honda CRF150RB serviced. This is my first KTM, and first time I've ever had an issue with the clutch, but since I originally seemed to have an issue in the hydraulic clutch and just bled it, I'm not sure if there could be any issues here keeping it from fulling disengaging at the lever. I will attach two pics here so that I can describe what you need to check and also help me to explain how the clutch works. But I found this example in OALD: It does feel like it's not *fully* disengaging, as in just a hair more and it would be perfect, but the clutch lever is all the way to the handlebar so I can't go any more! Bike is at 54k or so, no idea on the history so I assume everything is stock if I haven't replaced it myself. When I put the Brock's clutch mod in I had issues with not putting the plates back in the right order and the clutch would not disengage which I solved by consulting the manual. The company is taking the additional measure of issuing a Do Not Ride notice to riders given the potential safety issues. Not sure why, but the more I concentrated on trying to shift at the right time the worse it seemed. The clutch requires a cSt viscosity close to 3 to operate properly and this is why the 0W40/5W40 oils works so well. Oct 18, 2013 · If the clutch does not disengage as intended, the rider may have difficulty slowing or stopping the motorcycle, which could result in an accident. Now if I start the bike up in neutral, it runs fine. Mar 12, 2020 · The ability to engage and disengage the clutch via rider input through actuation of the clutch lever is retained; however, rider modulation of the clutch isn't necessary in many situations. Some will swear the spring is a design flaw destined to wear out and need replacement every six thousand miles. From a technical point of view, when you engage the clutch, the motor and gearbox are connected and you are able to drive and when you disengage the clutch, the motor and gearbox are not connected. If the brake fluid is well below the minimum line, there may be a leak somewhere in the system. As far as the clutch goes, slight drag when hot is normal, there is only one spring used and it doesn't have a huge throw. I have adjusted the clutch to spec and it is still malfunctioning. I took the cover off, separated all the clutch plates out, oiled and replaced. The SV650 transmission acts the same way - not wanting to shift into neutral at a stop. I tried everything, then I told the dealer the problem I was having and he actually asked me did I use "Castrol" oil during my oil change? Sep 18, 2015 · How To: Adjusting Your 2-Stroke 48cc, 66cc, 80cc Clutch September 18, 2015 August 1, 2019 by Devin Martinez 2-Stroke bicycle engine kits run on a “dry clutch,” or a clutch that uses a system of gears and bearings to engage and disengage the engine. As if the clutch is still engaged. Cock the lever arm back untill the button is set in the notch. They were replaced by the dealer with the updated 2013 Mr. ever sense i put the new cable on my clutch won't disengage I've been trying to mess with all the adjustm Feb 22, 2008 · Maybe this will help With the clutch lever plate off there is a little 1. Perhaps each spring has a rate of about 30 So eventually the thing is in one piece instead of many but the damn thing won't start. Yes when motor is not running there will be some grab. The bike is running, and in gear, i pull the clutch ALL the way in and the bike moves forward, as if im letting off the clutch a slight bit. The system is fully bled and has new fluid. Nov 28, 2015 · Thats a new one on me. 2 days ago I noticed a strange noise while idling and then when shutting off the bike. The oil between clutch plates drags a little bit to twist the gears. Feb 08, 2009 · The clutch does not disengage completely. If your clutch is slipping, or dragging you should do a clutch adjustment by removing the derby cover, loosening the center lock nut, run the set screw in until seated & back it off 1/2 turn, tighten the lock nut while holding the center adjuster in place, & then go to bike night. When you pull the clutch lever , you are disengaging the clutch. If a noticeable smell is present, the discs have overheated and should be replaced. VL800 Clutch is not disengaging Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 5 of 5 Posts. Troubleshoot clutch problems Other clutch issues. Clutch hub or housing. Put in a new oem clutch the other day. So, if you are the type of driver who slips the clutch a lot, you'll wear out your clutch a lot faster. Hey guys, I'm having issues with my CB350F clutch not disengaging. I'll give it a ride tomorrow when it's not raining to see if it fix. What is the purpose of this switch. I hear you, but if he starts the bike with out the abillity to disengage the clutch its just gonna lurtch foward and probably stall (maybe drop it). 10 Nov 2012 I turned the key to the off position and put the bike in gear, pulled the clutch, and tried pushing and pulling to see if it would work it loose. I'm waiting on some new oil from the dealership and have drained the bike in prep; that said, there's plenty of oil residue. May 26, 2010 · Now might be a good time to add a slave cylinder support bracket. I'm using 15/40 ROTELLA T. It is worse when the bike is hot. Recently my clutch cable broke and I tried replacing it with a new one (which I had done once before), but now the clutch lever seems stuck and it's not getting pulled back completely in order to be hooked to the cable. Then, with the clutch in, I try to shift into first gear and the bike stalls. adjustment of clutch and cable does not help 4. got a great deal on twin disc setup so ordered that to see if it will fix the issue. I am totally confused about how the clutch switch works on a BMW oilhead. This free play is to ensure that the clutch will not slip due to the lever partially disengaging the clutch mechanism. Done. 04 vl800. To do this, don't change gear until you have pressed the clutch down fully and, likewise, do not release it until it is properly in gear. I have no clutch at all. I can put the trans in 1st, then start the engine but the clutch starts to grab about 1" off the floor. Q I own a 2002 Chevy Cavalier with 74,000 miles on it. I ordered the kit off of procycle and went to town. Enter any question, comment or answer about this motorcycle. primary oil Mobile 1 20W50 5. (There is good, normal feeling, resistance throughout its entire stroke. When you pop the bike in first it will stall out if you don't gas it a little and with the bike in gear and clutched the bike will bog down and eventually die. I rebuild engine last year, didn't rev it till now. I cleaned up the clutch slave, flushed the fluid and changed the oil, but it's mostly the same. Is this just a Sep 02, 2008 · My buddies 05 busa's clutch is not engaging. This problem is derived from the great pressure applied to the clutch disk by the pressure plate. Adjusting the cable all the way just barely gave me any pull, but it was not enough. and is ready for MOT. The oil between the friction plates and the metal disks was causing enough viscous friction to make it seem like the clutch wasn't disengaging. Bike started up fine, I hopped on and went to pop it into first. Apr 12, 2009 · The clutch lever will not disengage the clutch and I cannot shift gears. 5"rod. They can be found as a 'motorcycle' kit Mar 28, 2019 · If the brake fluid does not reach the “full” line, you should add fluid. Take the clutch cover off and check out those clutch plates. Will try to loose bleed valve and pump clutch lever few times, and see will it temporary fix it. When you put the trans in gear and pull the clutch lever, if the rear wheel is still connected to the engine, then the clutch did not DIS engage. It feels minor, because when I'm stopped, but in first gear with the clutch pulled in, I can keep the bike from moving just with my feet on the ground. When I start it the bike it IMMEDIATELY pulls forward (with clutch pulled). Likewise, clutch plates that have overheated will likely be warped and exhibit discoloration. #2: Not Shifting Correctly Get on it to test ride it and pull clutch in shift into first and it jerks forward, the clutch is not disengaging. After putting about 200 Kms on the bike this weekend it is clear that it is not disengaging all the way. What you need to know is that when the clutch pedal isn’t all the way UP, you’re wearing the clutch. Most of the problem here seems to be the clutch not disengaging properly: When building the bike I couldn't find neutral, move through more than 2 gears or disengage the clutch. AJ312 Or go to your local Motorcycle Shop, Honda-Yamaha-Kawasaki use the same bearing May 11, 2012 · I've been fighting the same issue for months now. Make sure the cable's good, check the ramps in the trans side cover, clutch rod, etc. clutch to disengage via the clutch lever. Clutch Clutch not Disengaging After reinstalling the BA10 trans, the clutch will not disengage enough to shift the trans. L3w A motorcycle is a means of enjoyment that can be used to get around" Save Share. If it's moving, the problems in the clutch and you'll have to remove it. New cable oiled. Everything looked good, the basket was fine, no metal shavings in the oil, etc. Make sure the mastercylinder is not leaking pressure. Gorgeous bike. We specially welcome references to Honda CB 650 SC Nighthawk tests, riders' experiences, good and bad insurance companies for this motorbike, and tips on styling and performance enhancements. The basic components of a clutch are the flywheel, clutch disc, pressure plate, throw-out bearing and linkage. Bike is stuck in gear. I even tried shimming the clutch plates with the small shims that primo provides, on a fairly new clutch (science then I have removed them) Then I calibrated the friction plates they Not sure of shape of the sump but I can take my clutch cover off the 12 without losing any oil. Got same problem at cbr1000rr 2004. If the sight glass isn't filled with oil that'll be a good indication. Got my 05 M/S out last week been sitting about a month and a half started fine idled about 10 min, got on it pulled the clutch in put it in gear and it killed the motor started it again and it ran fine the rest of the day i even worked the clutch lever several times before i tried it the first time. Dodge DW Pickup 1978, Clutch Release Bearing by SKF®. The Parts Of A Clutch. It had a Spec clutch, took the trans out to see if the clutch or anything was bad. Posted: 19:57 - 20 Apr 2010 Post subject: hayabusa clutch problem ive got a k8 hayabusa with 6000 miles on the clock and full history and have been experiencing problems with the clutch for last month or so where it has become stiffer and harder to pull in plus i can let the clutch lever fully out in 1st gear and the clutch is still enaged I just got an old 89 KTM 300 for a good price. Or wait until you can get somewhere where you can download the proper pages of the manual or, best yet, buy the repair manual. Except, when I put it a Not sure if its the same on your bike but on 650's there is a ball barring that fits between the push rod and thrust plate. clutch not disengaging motorcycle

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