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5. Plate Voltage (max). Transistorized tube testers such as the at-1000 results are not considered valid they differ from original manufacturers test set. Also, on this top front portion of the amplifier are two 6SN7 input stage tubes, a 300B driver stage tube, and your choice of either an 845 or 211 output tube. The 6SN7 tube is a medium-mu twin triode in an octal based package, . 00: 6SN7. 20" x 13" x 9. ru: 12SN7: MK buizen handboek: Frank Philipse (Pocnet mirror - Patrik Schindler) nos nib bad boy sylvania 3 hole 6sn7 6sn7gt vt-231 tube perfect 100% new 1952 52. Jul 24, 2016 · SE-UL 6V6 Tube Stereo Amplifier Schematic (6SN7 input) - [4. The 6SN7EH tube is a beautiful sounding tube, on par with RCA's red base 5692 tube. The 6SN7. One tube vendor here in the US sells them for $95 a pop and posted the following: "This is a NOS Russian 6SN7-GT tube, metal base with "T" plates. , the 6SN7 is $80/ea. The tube base is of regular diameter of a typical 6SN7 base so it should fit chassis opening fine. Made by the Sister Company of PrimaLuna! Same High Quality Build, Point to Point wiring and Adaptive Auto Bias. SYLVANIA VT-231 / 6SN7 Tubes Specifications Identifiers. Shop the top 25 May 25, 2019 · But I kept reading about the TJ Full Music sound and build quality so I was surprised to find out that the Northern Electric tubes were made by TJ Full Music to their specifications. If you own an The preamp is based on the 6SN7 tube, which has always been one of my favorites. 8ma 1640gm Passed Passed 513 Percentage Difference between this pair Overall (Avg Both Sections)) = 8% Mutual Conductance(gm) and 10% 5Y3GT tube is standard; pair of 6SN7 come standard pair of 6SN7 New Old Stock Tubes are available for an additional $100 (Brand Depends on availability) direct coupling and transformer output are included as part of the standard configuration. Military Part number, for shock-proof tube. Saga+ brings you a real relay-switched volume control, which you can use in pure passive mode, or run it through a 6SN7 hybrid tube buffer. It is direct heating cathode and low power consumption. Tube type and description: Price each: 6SN7. 10,000 hour low noise substitute for a 6SN7GT 5692 RCA "HOLY-GRAIL" RED BASE "BLACK PLATES Rarely do you see such a fine NOS tube pair with Perfect Specifications: PAIR # 1,tube 1: 3000/3,000 GM 115%/115% (2,600/2,600 = 100%) code 9-09 We chose this tube due to it being the perfect preamp tube, giving the listener unparalleled tone quality and listening pleasure. Accessories price:$69. The 12SN7 and 6SN7 are sonically identical and differ only in their heater voltage. 825 nominal spec Plate Starts to show color with more than 7 watts plate dissipation, interestingly, only the "left" side plate of each half shows color, the Jun 22, 2014 · I need 2 x tubes to replace the Chinese stock tubes for my new Yaqin cd3 tube buffer According to the Yaqin website:,Tube Buffer,SD-CD3 - Tube Buffer SD-CD3 - Tube Buffer Specifications: Vacuum Tube:6N8P × 2 It has 6SN7 / 6H8C / 6N8P written on the plate were the tube sits. 82dB SNR 6SN7-GTA (within ratingslimitations, same basic data applies to 6SN7-GT, 6SN7-GTB, except for filament voltage, 12SN7-GT,12SN7-GTA) For ResistanceCoupled Amplifier Chart, click here See also 12SN7 Page1, Page2, Page3,Page4, Page5. They’ll Never Grow Old. This second stage is operating in a series anode constant-current Class A amplifier. Tube type designation on the glass is readable on both. As far as the 6SN7 filament, the specs say I can use AC or DC. With remote control device, the operation is more convenient. A larger power transformer, tube rectifier, tube regulators, dual chokes and an all film capacitor power supply offers very reliable power delivery with fast rise and decay times. 00. 3v filament. The output power of single tube can reach 6. Miniature tubes can be made to work in some cases as suggested, but miniature tubes have a much lower cathode/filament arc-over spec and may instantly fail if placed in some circuits in which a 6SL7 or 6SN7 is perfectly comfortable. 20. 12) Posted by Ed Sawyer on 2002-03-21, 06:33:38 (68. The input stage uses the venerable 6SN7 tube, often regarded as the best tube ever made for audio voltage amplification. Technical Specifications: - Frequency response: 10 hz - 125 Khz - Recommended load impedance: 25 ohm - 600 ohm - Output: 450mW (1/4 Jack , RCA) - Tube: 6N8S (analogue 6SN7) (not hybrid) Vacuum tubes help create a perfect tone. 0 thick double copper immersions gold. De lengte   New low-noise Hi-Fi 6SN7. The JJ 5751 preamp tube can be used in most 12AX7 circuits to achieve more headroom. More than that, there are lots of choices of 6SN7 available in the market. specification In the 21st century audio vacuum tube market, PSVANE is highly recognized for its unique musical sense and rich musical expression. 50. feedback zero negative feedback . The 6SN7 can also function as an input tube with lower gain. Young Ahn 828 views. TubeDepot carries a selection of 6L6 / 5881 / KT66 / 7027 Power Vacuum Tubes. 90 Mystère PA-21 Tube STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER. Hiroyasu Kondo of Audio Note Japan. The tubes may be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal vacuum tube specifications. In the phono section, there are 4 RCA red base 6SN7's, all measuring 85/85, 85/85, 85/85, 85/85. 25 inches deep Gibson Tube Amp Specifications I would like to thank Björn Anger for permission to use the information contained here. 72. 3 watts a channel. Some dual triode tubes have dissimilar triode sections, and there are multifunctional tubes with two and even three different flavors of operating sections in them. The preamp section provides 4 pairs of single-ended (RCA) inputs to keep all your music sources connected. 0. Vacuum Tubes: Two 6SN7 Results 1 - 11 of 11 Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. 234) I picked up a pair of Westinghouse 6SN7 tubes over the holidays at a TV repair shop in southern Illinois. Two triodes can be used in class A and AB amplification. The original 6SN7GT had a maximum plate voltage of 300V  Maximum Diameter . The JAN CHS 6SN7W Metal Base tube was made from 1942-1945. t = Triode Unit. Output - 6080 standard (optionally 6AS7, 7236,   We also provide high-quality preamp tubes like 12AX/AU and AT7 and 6SN7. BASING DIAGRAM. Good choice of tubes too; the 6SN7 is about the best small signal tube ever made. pdf (93102 bytes) 6/22PM Ferranti CRT 6-22AM. The 6SN7 is basically two 6J5 triodes in one envelope. These are octal based tubes and were released early on, far before the small 9 pin preamp tubes we are familiar with today. High evacuated tube, it achieve high performance tube in audio frequency. Tube specs for the 1578 are in line for those of the 5692. We design and manufacture our tubes, engineered for demanding high fidelity, reliability and overall warmth. Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Universal shown. It surpasses all other tubes in its class with a yield potential equivalent to 2. brand: Sylvania; mpn: Vt-231 / 6sn7; model: Vt-231 / 6sn7; sku: 8363868358082104; Specifics The getter flash is in the bottom of the tube below the tube base. The 6SN7, as you probably know, is basically two triodes (the simplest amplifier tube topology) in one bottle. Plate Current (max). Jul 07, 2016 · 6SN7/6SL7 tubes are not in anyway compatible with 6AS7/6080/6H13C tubes. The M320 uses four 300B tubes for the amplifier section and four 6SN7 tubes in the preamp section. tung-sol 6l6 tungsol 6l6 g tung pl 6sl7 tungsol 6sn7gtb tungsol 6v6 tungsol 12at7 tungsol 12au7 tungsol 12ax7 Technical Specs. A C3m pentode driver ahead of a 300B doesn't sound like a 6SN7 triode. Inputs: 4xRCA However, many specialised Russian tubes, such as special military or transmitter tubes, do not follow the above convention. The quality of Russian made tubes has come a long way in the last decade. 2x 6SN7. Tube Psvane tube UK-6SN7 Up till now, PSVANE has been the lead and noble in the field of tube sales. 64. Special 6SN7 Line Stage. The Tube Directory. The 6SN7 and it's equivalents were once the most popular tube. I will add more tubes as I have time and if I feel the numbers have a direct bearing on how they are used, abused, and criticized today. 5 Watts, SE, class-A] Cathode Follower 6V6 Tube Mono Block Amp Schematic (6SJ7 input) - [4. 6. Some Eico tube tester settings really lay a beating on the poor tube! What you may notice is that the 666-09 chart setting really lays a beating on the poor 12AT7! According to many receiving tube manuals, a 12AT7 is rated for 2. The elite team of engineers who contributed to the Treasure Z-series have done further … Mystère PA-21 Tube STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER. Some might say the "boutique" tube market is dinking a bit too much with the specs and nomenclature. Tube complement ( per channel ) 8 x 6AS7G output tube 4 x 6SN7 driver tube Gain 20dB ( for 8 Ω ) Power Bandwidth 2Hz-75KHz within ½ dB Frequency response ( 1 watt, open loop ) 20 Hz squarewave Tilt; unmeasureable 1Hz-200KHz within 3 dB Distortion Total Harmonic Distortion ( THD ) typically under 1% Per channel dedicated tubes. Specifications. $361. pdf (93102 bytes) 6/22QM Ferranti Super linearity, low noise, and full performance ratings make this one of the best 6SN7 tubes ever made. The 6SN7 tube requires 6. Experience Two MK II – Tube Integrated Amplifier Specifications: Output power: 2 x 8 W. Weight is 15lbs 6SN7 Tube Recs. Het glas van deze buis heeft een diameter van 28 mm. Shuguang 6SL7 (6N9P 6H9C) Accessories price:$12. The sound signature is on par with 5692 types. Do not use it to replace NOS CV181 tube. GZ34. A. Saga+ even includes a custom remote control. Custom EI power transformer. 6SN7 is a dual triode vacuum tube with an eight-pin octal base. The design is based on one of the best preamp tubes- 6SN7. com. The retail price for the 300B is $200/ea. So, this is an all-tube product, like its brother, the pa21. I have tube preamp that uses six 6922 tubes. Anyone hoping for cut and dried assessments that index the sound to any one tube misses the bigger picture. After World War II the tube got uprated to the 6SN7GTA with an increase of the maximum plate voltage to 450V and 5W plate dissipation (limited to 7. The famous "red base". hp = Heptode Unit. The 5687 was known by Mr. 57) Tube Amplifier PCBA 300B Stereo Power Stage 6SN7 Preamp 5U4G Rectifier No Including Tubes HIFI Audio DIY . It'll never catch on commercially as you can get the same amount of gain from 1/2 6SN7, but none of the other benefits of the topology this way. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Tube Depot carries a selection of 6SN7 Pre Amp Vacuum Tubes. 6N8P Tubes can be replaced by other models: for example 6H8C 6SN7 . Right now on the market there are a few routes to ‘upgrade’ stock 6SN7 tubes in tube amps. The vacuum tube 6SN7 that has become the original form of 6FQ7 realizes simple and powerful performance. Recording specs carefully as it will inform you of the product specifications, proper the UL, CSA or other standards required by the UL, CSA, NEC or your local building code. Filament Current. Psvane CV181-T (6SN7) has exactly the same electronic specification as the Treasure CV181-Z, which is a true equivalent of 6SN7. Specifications, pictures, technical information. DET20 was the name given to civil versions of this tube, sold by the Marconi company, but picked from both the GEC as Mullard production line. From the base to the tube top, CV181-T is about 3 3/4″ tall while Treasure CV181-Z is about 4″ tall. . The 300B triode tube operates in a Class A single-ended mode utilizing fixed negative grid voltage on the 300B driver stage. The wide glass tube envelope is 28 mm in diameter and excluding the IO base pin length, stands 65  With the revival of tube electronics for audio, the 6SN7GT became a major player A Note on Nomenclature: The tube type described here is often called the “ 6SN7″. 003: 6SN7GT wafer The glass tube envelope of the 6SN7GT (Glass Tube, not Grand Tourismo) is 27 mm diameter and 64mm tall, excluding the pins. May 25, 2019 · FLUXION 6SN7 tube preamplifier model BL-1, 3 Input 2 Independent output. Preamplifier designed with this tube are known in general to have uncolored sound and wide dynamic range. The 6H8C is a nice sounding tube that is lower noise than any NOS tube made here in the U. Without going into some of the more obscure tube types, I played with the 12xxx series, 6SN7/6SL7 types, 5687 and the 6922/6DJ8. An analog remote volume control enhances the listening experience without compromising sonic integrity, and a logical turn on procedure protects downstream components while prolonging tube life and performance. The Input stage is direct-coupled to the cathode-follower output stage with low distortion and excellent linearity. 2x KT88. output class Class A . Tube Complement: (2) 6SN7 driver tubes; (1) 5AR4 rectifier tube (may also use 5U4GB and 5V4GB). 150 Watts. The 12SN7's that I purchased >for use in my "Power Amplifier Without Power Transformer" have the heaters >of the two triodes internally connected in series, while the 6SN7's I have In the past, I have always preferred to work with the 12AU7/6SN7 signal tubes (very similar anyway) for preamp circuits. Free Estimates! Ship us your repair needs. Jan 05, 2020 · tube amplifier tonal quality 6SN7 preamp BL-1A + 6C33C-B sound test 진공관앰프 음질실험 - Duration: 2:34. If you don't need as much gain, use a low mu tube in the concertina. 5W. Frequency response: DC – 100kHz (with one SR-009S) Gain: 60dB. UPC/EAN: 841358102233 The original 6SN7GT had a maximum plate voltage of 300V and maximum dissipation of 2. Available singly, in matched pairs and quartets. I think the 12AU7 is most effective in a feedback application, because it isn't linear. This page lists all of the 6SN7 tubes I currently have in stock, including all industrial and European versions. Here are some before and after results: Feb 02, 2017 · I was wondering if this was inherent to the circuit or if it was the tube, so I rolled in a RCA smoke glass VT-231 in. Radio tubes are valves. Tube tests as new with very low noise. An example of audiophile pricing: I have a MFA "Venusian" preamp, a 3 chassis(!) Octal tube preamp. 6SN7GTB TUNG-SOL. You guys rock. International bidders please This tube has much higher mu than it's cousin, the 6SN7. V. We brought these tubes in on a whim because of their amazing build quality. I used the 6J5 because it improved the looks of the completed amp and because the chassis I used had plenty of spare holes. I’ve been on record before about my dislike of modern 6SN7 tube brands, having developed an allergic reaction to both Russian and Chinese versions. Specifications 1. Up for Action is Ketch Audio MDP-2 An unique tubed preamplifier made by one of the world's biggest and premium tube amplifier manufacturer. Vintage amp users and audiophiles will be thrilled to find that a superior quality, ultra low noise replacement finally exists. Dimensions. What are the best and long lasting tubes? YAQIN CD3 6N8P/6SN7 Stereo Tube Audio Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor (CD3) Features and Specifications: Manufacturer: AIMPIRE Product Dimensions: 10. Built-in voltage regulating circuitry. Designed to compliment to Aqua 274B and Classic 300B tubes, the new 6SN7 is a great choice to replace vintage 6SN7 tubes in all tube pre-amplifiers and tube amplifiers. SW1X Audio Design Aero 10; Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet; 6/22AM Ferranti CRT 6-22AM. Buyers need to be sure to do some homework. Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935 and Audio Frequency shown. 5 Watts, SE, UL, class-A] - (Photographs) NEW SE 6V6 Tube Amplifier Schematic (ECC83 input) - [4. audiocr381ve Posts: 2,586. The gold coated base is slightly smaller (pins layout is the same) than the Treasure CV181-Z which has white ceramic base, but glass shape and size remain the same at 2″ diameter at the widest part. It provided a medium gain (20). Compatible equivalents & substitutes: 6SN7, 6SN7GT, 6SN7GTA, 6SN7GTB, 6SN7WGT, 6SN7W, 5692, CV1988, CV278, 6H8C (Russian), ECC32. DESCRIPTION AND RATING. Common preamps tubes are the 12AU7,12AX7, 12AT7, 12AY7, ECC88 ,6922, 6H30, 6SN7 and some rarer NOS tubes. Excellent driver tube in high-end audio applications. GA-46T: 3-12AX7, 2-5879, 6SN7, 6V6, 2-6550 If you want to keep it cheap and easy, my favorite williamson-ish setup is ECC81 or 6SL7 (or 6N2P) concertina, 6SN7 (or 6N1P) differential pair (sitting on a CCS), direct coupled Mosfet source followers at the output tube grids, and either 6L6GC, 6550, or KT88 outputs. Strongly committed to quality manufacturing, Tung-Sol tubes have always been known for their reliability and great tone. 35. 6V6-GTA and equivalents (within ratings) 6V6-GT, 6V6, 6V6-GTY, CV511, 7408 Page 1, Page2, Page 3, Page 4, Page5 So, here’s the deal: we changed tube type (from noval, 6DJ8-family tubes, to octal, 6SN7-family tubes) because they sound better and perform better. The massive power supply includes Specs: single-channel amplifier with hi and low gain settings; Power Scale™ wattage control; three-tube power amp that allows dissimilar tube combinations; custom-made Canadian toroidal transformers; foot-switchable gain boost; foot-switchable effects loop; 120/240 vac mains operation; Dimensions: 20 inches wide x 9. Whereas the specs for a 6DJ8 appear to be pretty equivalent, unless I am reading things incorrectly (which could very well be the case!), the specs for the 6SN7 appear to be quite different. Extensive description of the history and different variants of the 6SN7. 5W per plate. Power output: 50Wpc into 8 ohms (17dBW), 1% THD. as a load resistance. Five pair of RCA single-ended inputs and two pairs of RCA single-ended outputs. leok Specification Power Tube Amplifier. · 3 Day Money Back Guarantee · All power and preamp are tubes tested for Mutual Conductance (Gm) · Do not buy power or preamp tubes that have been tested solely on an emissions tester or “tube checker”- this is an inadequate test. You have given me something to ponder and I am probably a little closer to trying it. 84) Posted by Nicholas Renter on 2005-01-01, 13:09:10 (67. These are also available Balanced and matched in pairs or multiples. Now you can think about any other tubes between the first one Super linearity, low noise, and full performance ratings make this one of the best 6SN7 tubes ever made. Vacuum Tube Rectified. 2. 6x9x8. Finishes. 5960-00-193-5120 An inclosure, including two or more electrodes, in which a flow of electrons may occur through a vacuum or a contained gas. 3V, 0. 5 Watts, CF, class-A] - (Technical Paper) Shuguang Vacuum Tube 2A3 Series Triode: 2A3B (2A3) DESCRIPTION 2A3B is compatible with 2A3. The Tubes on the I88R are 6SL7s (I think it's a recent change as the specs advise the I88R has 6SN7s). It has a higher plate dissipation, but is also largerand has a bigger footprint, which is why it lost ground and was eventuallyreplaced in most applications by the smaller miniature tubes. When I put my old tubes back they worked fine. By looking at the internal plate structure, it is more of a European tube structure rather than North American 6SN7. The Psvane T-series black bottle tubes are a further development over the highly sought after Shuguang Treasure Z-series, which was originally first launched by Grant Fidelity in Jan 2009 in North America as Shuguang’s first take on high end vacuum tubes. I use 7N7/14N7 because I get better NOS tubes cheaper, but it's the same type in a different bottle. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details Title: 6SN7GTB 6SN7GTA 12SN7GTA Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2000-12-26 Created Date: 12/26/2000 8:40:34 PM Barbour, Eric, “6SN7: Driver of Choice”, Vacuum Tube Valley, Issue 11, Spring 1999. 002: 6SN7GT RCA clear glass: $35. Since it is a 6SN7 replacement it has similar specifications to most NOS tubes. Base: OCTAL uf = 6,3 V if = 600 mA. Other tubes that would work are 6C4, 12AU7, 12BH7, or other medium mu triodes. Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 EH Vacuum Tube Electro-Harmonix is rocking the vacuum tube community with the superior quality of the "EH" series tubes. cv181-tII dimension. Tube Type / Number: 5692 (Holy Grail 6SN7) Thanks for your replies gentlemen. Specifications: 1. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS. maximum output 30 volts p-p, gain approximately 12dB. Sophia Electric 6SN7 tube does not look like a typical 6SN7. Videos. Each tube has an individual serial number and test spec sheet. Features: Four sets of RCA inputs. 3V voltage. With 30% reduced gain, the 5751 is a fantastic way to tame a distortion stage and tone shape an amp. bandwidth 20Hz to 80 kHz. 7 pounds 6SN7's are a fantastic audio tube, one of the most sought after NOS small signal tubes on the market, look at the prices VT-231's are bringing. 6 A for the filaments. Saga+ gives you all the uber-high-end, no-compromises features you need in a preamp—without the insane price. Accessories price:$28. The hybrid type driver has adopted the high-quality non-inductive winding resistor from VISHAY Co. Black Plates. These are extremely high demand vintage tubes, so I have these listed on their own page, as my stock changes rapidly. Tung-Sol tubes are quite simply the absolute best. mA. 6SL7 Specification is identical to GE/Sylvania/RCA/Kenrad 6SL7. SW1X Audio Design DAC STD III; NOS Reference DAC. Ming Da 6SN7 De Chinese 6SN7 van Ming Da heeft een ui- vormige ballon. The 5692 has TWICE the filament current, which is a LOT more, and it has another bias point. All 6SN7 tubes are tightly selected new production from the Chinese Shuguang factory. 6ma 2400gm 6. do not expose chassis to moisture. 4 % (300 ohm, 20 mW) Supported headphones impedance: 32 - 600 ohm including planar magnetics; Premium PsVane CV-181 Mk2 “Gold” /or "Silver" PsVane 6SN7 driver tubes * Improved noise cancelling An additional 6SN7 tube functions as a current source and low impedance driver to the 300B output tube. These are cheap, made in a variety of factories are are just about standard in all the low to medium cost preamps. Good sound with detailed highs and a tight low end. More commonly, unique nonlinearities in amplification caused by deviation from 6SN7 specifications lend characteristic ‘sounds’ to these tube types. Yaqin SD-CD3 with Tung Sol 6SN7 – The lovely warm glow of tubes 1. 6SN7 Specification is identical to GE 6SN7 and RCA 5692 . I generally use the 5687 made by General Electric, but I have also used the Philips/ECG with success. New set of 2 SHUGUANG CV181 -Z replace 6SN7 matched pair premium grade these are sent in the original 50 year collector box. The Northern Electric tubes are, I think, TJ Full Music rebrands, though they may be selected to a higher standard than normal factory. The 1578 is the premium tube which will exceed the sonics of the well known 5692. Audio are not just re-branded tubes, they are manufactured to our specification and are But also low power triodes 6SN7, 12AX7, 12AU7 and 12AT7 are being   Description; Editions; Reviews; Photos; Specifications; Documents Tube gain stage using one 6SN7 tube per channel provides harmonic accuracy and  7 May 2020 Technical specification - Model 2019 (I also named it Euforia MK II in my video Since the 6SN7 tubes are the driver / pre tubes, those can be  The Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 EH Preamp Vacuum Tube is a great alternative to high priced NOS varieties. I would recommend grid stopper resistors on the input tubes and optionally on the rest of the tubes to help prevent high frequency oscillations. 2:34. Asortment of more than 30 types of vaccum tubes. 166: Re: VT229 National Union made in 1940's , is it good? (8. Choke 10H 250mA B-060. *: 5692 types can be run at 6SN7 specifications and function identically even though they were technically not designed to do so (more on that later). tubes is the 5687, which I have used in several designs with very good results. The voltage numbers are based on the published Hammond DCR and Vo specs for the transformer. Although both are dual triode tubes, the latter is a power triode type and the circuitry required will have very different requirements than 6SN7/6SL7 tubes. Signal/Noise Ratio: >90dB (A-weighted). Accessories price:$35. This negative grid voltage is user-adjusted by the screwdriver pot at the rear of the CAD-805RS. One set of RCA Dec 17, 2019 · You may be much more technically savvy than me, but I just looked up the specs on a 6SN7 tube and compared them to the 396A tube. Don Sach's Kootenay 120; KT88 Tube Amp/Walnut Wood 65 Watts. We present an ultra rare gem type 203A Fivre tube made in Italy A real genuine original Power triode Valve with Italian receipt Ultra rare to find in such great conditions metal base hanging filament large black plate rugged ruggedized anode reinforced Military specifications Mil specs For Italian Army Alpha Electronics (established 1994) New & Used Sales & Service of Computers, Consumer & Professional electronics. Four - KT-88's Gold Lion's and four NOS Sylvania 6SN7's tubes; Mode Switchable to EL34's Verified 100% Operational and Pristine condition - 6 months old with light usage in a non smoking Now it enters a new role as the only tube needed in a zero feedback SET amplifier. 1-800-676-1085 - Sales Ext #2. hx = Hexode Unit. Some of the better-known Russian equivalents of West European and American tubes are the 6P14P (Russian: 6П14П), an EL84; 6N8S (Russian: 6Н8С), a 6SN7; and 6P3S-E (Russian: 6П3С-Е), a version of the 6L6. 203A FIVRE RCA 211 845 tube amplifier 805 300b zb120 838 vt4c 2a3 6sn7 tube amp - $1,250. Buy 6SN7 vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. 00 Title: 6SL7GT 12SL7GT Author: General Electric Subject: JA-FP-2000-12-26 Created Date: 12/26/2000 8:39:03 PM From a technical standpoint, the Rogue Ninety-Nine utilizes four 6SN7 tubes configured in a mu-follower circuit topology. 6550 / KT88 - driver 6SN7, 80W at 8/16 ohms EL34 - driver 6SN7, 65W at 8/16 ohms Tube Rectifier u52 / 5U4G Power Transformer with galvanic splitter and shield winding for every winding Paper-in-oil capacitors optional Output transformer hand wound with ultra-pure copper and galvanic splitter and shield winding for every winding SUBSTI-TUBE 1A 6SN7 to 12AT7 (includes GT-12AT7 tube) FEATURES Groove Tubes Substi-Tubes allow the replacement of octal type preamp tubes with the more common and higher quality 9-pin miniatures by properly mating a female 9-pin socket to an 8-pin plug. Another common name for Russian 6SN7 tubes is 6H8C tube. jj-electronic. Four - KT-88's Gold Lion's and four NOS Sylvania 6SN7's tubes; Mode Switchable to EL34's Verified 100% Operational and Pristine condition - 6 months old with light usage in a non smoking Our 6SN7 Tube Preamplifier with separate power supply has a sound that is just stunning. Get the best deals on Sylvania 6sn7 when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. Specification and max ratings(*). " "Our warranty for all our products is one year including tubes. Its specs are outstanding and the sound is therefore really musical. 3dB, at 1W; 9Hz–52kHz, ±1dB, at 50W. The Tube Collectors Association · Datasheet on the 6SN7 · RCA Receiving Tube Manual, RC-14, Harrison NJ, 1940; RCA receiving Tube  The 6SN7. The 6SN7 looks even more linear than the E88CC. Chuck the stock tube in the trash, I'm fairly sure most variants of NOS 6SN7 will comfortably beat it. ” — JEFF DORGAY, TONE EXCEPTIONAL VALUE AWARD 2019 The Elise is a high-end output transformer-less (OTL) headphone amplifier and preamplifier featuring PsVane 6SN7 and 6N13S tubes Jan 30, 2003 · The E88CC specs looked more linear and the tube sounds more linear. Technical specification - Model 2019. Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2020. signal triodes 1 X 6SN7 (GT, GTA, GTB, WGT) Jul 30, 2004 · 6sn7 6sq7 6su7 6t5 6t8 6u4gt 6u5 6u7 6u8 6u8a 6v6 6w4gt 6w4gta 6w6 6x4 6x5 6x8 6z3 6br5 6954 6aw6 6bz6 6cb6 6cb6a 6cf6 6de6 6dk6 6ad8 6n8 6cq4 6aw6 6cb6 6cb6a 6cf6 6dc6 6dk6 6hq6 6ew7 6w6gt 6es8 6cb6 6cb6a 6cf6 6dc6 6de6 6hq6 8136 6dm4a 6da4a 6dq4 6dt4 6dt4 6cd6g 6cd6ga 6ex6 6dt4 6dq6a 6dq6b 6fh6 6gw6 6dq6b 6fh6 6gw6 6gw6 6cj6 6fd7 6fr7 6cw4 7895 6ev5 6em7 6gl7 6ln8 6u8a 6al5 6cx8 Apr 09, 2009 · Hi 56, yep, looking to upgrade the Melody SP9 to possibly a Melody I88R. BrandElectro-   Vacuum tube Create Audio GOLDEN JAZZ SERIES 300B Price: 200 USD/szt. This model of 6SN7 tube has also adopted vintage British tube internal structure to further improve reliability. Bandwidth: 4Hz–80kHz, ±0. The new MkII version of our most popular power amplifier features a boosted sensitivity and reduced level of global feedback, allowing it to be used with a wider variety of other ( MPN: CRC-6SN7-GT ), ( Brand: RCA ) Review (mpn: CRC-6SN7-GT for sale) CRC-6SN7-GT 5 RCA Radio Tubes Tested Good. Tube complement: four 6SN7, four KT88 or EL34. It's factor is 70, whereas the 6SN7 is only 20, therefore these two tubes are not interchangeable. V: These specifications are provided 'as-is', with no warranty of any kind Tube 6SN7 or Röhre 6SN7 ID3337, Double Triode, Octal (Int. So, I'm planning on using a pack of 9-volt batteries for the B+ power supply. Discover over 138 of our best selection of mcintosh, mini preamp, fever tube, 6aq8 on AliExpress. Hence less poop out driving t . Using the 6SL7/6SN7 tubes as the amplification, and 6L6G tubes as the output buffer section, this unit is also built with a 5U4G tube rectifier and enhanced power supply, (which gives you the best price-performance in a fully balanced pre-amplifier). I can vouch that there are differences among individual makes and vintages of tubes of the same specification, let alone between different tube types. The specs of the 6SN7 are closer to the 12AU7, not 12AX7. The Shuguang 6SN7-SE Globe is 59mm diameter (twice the GT width) and 84mm tall (excluding pins, to nipple tip, 20mm taller than standard). Tube Compliment: (2) – 101D tubes (1) - 226 tube (1) - GZ34/5AR4 rectifier tube (1) – 6C45 Pi tube (1) - OA2 tube Power Section Power Input: 110V/220V 50/60 hz (factory pre-configured) Output Capacitors: OIMP Oil Impregnated Metalized Polypropylene Audio V-Capacitors NOTE: These specifications are subject to change at any time. Available in silver or black. Nuvistors were also produced in Europe (by Philips/Mullard, Siemens and Lorenz) and in Russia. qrz. $12. Russian Tube Data. 5-watts of plate dissipation. These policies are put in place due to a few unscrupulous buyers. And the sound will take your breath away. Downloads. Is   The JJ Electronic 6SN7 is the classic double triode with a rugged construction the This tube is an excellent replacement for Hi-Fi amplifiers and preamps and will replace any 6SN7, 6SN7GTA, View Specifications, Files, and Documents. Vacuum tube rectified power supply incorporates eleven separate power supply regulation circuits. com with top-selling mcintosh, mini preamp, fever tube, 6aq8 brands. The grey coating is translucent, you can see the plate structure when you hold the tubes up to a light, they look the same. install this amplifier in such a way that people, pets, and flammable materials can not come into contact with the amplifier. 222. An upgraded power supply and dual SIX-PAKs of paper-in-oil output capacitors contribute more responsive, visceral bass. $95. Price includes all tubes. In pre- The black plate also reducse tube operating temperature to help prolong tube life. Specification and max ratings(*) Filament Voltage: 6. 9A (. And with a gain of 12, it does so with very little input required. Tube connoisseurs will argue they are not as good as NOS, which they probably aren’t, but at 1/4 to 1/3 the price of premium NOS tubes, they are still superior to the tubes shipped with the SD-CD3. Audio gain is amplified by 1 time. Weight is much higher, and has different construction inside. With volume adjustment. 20. See User Reviews. Awards and Reviews. Harmonic distortion: 0. An Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 makes a 300B sound different than a Synergy 6SN7. You are bidding on 5 RCA CRC-6SN7-GT radio tubes tested good have been a b k 707 Dyna-jet tube tester all to be based the manual guidelines. Date code KG should be 1957. PSVANE always front in R&D of tubes. Filament Voltage. The ModWright Oppo 95 tube mod IS superior to our previous tube mod for the BDP-83SE. Using our special gallbladder 6SN7 as two-stage common cathode amplification. The result can be a very dynamic and evolving/bold sound. 5db input Impedance At For other 6SN7 tubes, try these: KEN-RAD JAN-CKR-6SN7GT, Sylvania Chrome top 6SN7W, For other 6AS7 tubes, try these: Chatham Electronics CAHG 6AS7G, RCA JAN 6AS7G. The power stage uses a 6080 dual triode, which can optionally be replaced with a number of other power tubes like the 7236, 5998, or 6528, tailoring the sound to the owner’s headphones and musical preferences. Not only had it been well received by users, but also even some amplifiers at home and abroad has had upgraded to add PSVANE as a selling point. 12 Feb 2014 Suffixes 'A' or 'B' at the end have been added as the tube specifications got changed. Feliks Audio Elise Mark II “Bridging the gap between the mega headphone amps and the budget contenders, the Elise has way more in common with the top of the list. CV181-Z Shuguang Treasure - Premium grade Single Tube Premium grade tube This tube is a true 6SN7 equivalent and you can use it in place of 6SN. Nov 13, 2009 · 6SN7 Tube Pre-Amp/Walnut Wood. 4. Cary Audio has almost always offered stereo tube power amplifiers, and the CAD-120S MkII is the latest in this long line of award-winning, top-rated amplifiers. New & NOS power tubes from Mullard, Tung-Sol, Telefunken & more! VK-76SE Tube Power Amplifier. While it is fine to use a single tube as a buffer for both channels and claim your DAC is "tube", it can't be compared to the PrimaLuna design and what it does for the music. Whenever I have mentioned the 6SN7GT valve (tube) in my reference modified Grant Fidelity noted that their Shuguang Treasure series CV181Z is a 6SN7  6SN7 Preamp Vacuum Tube. This tube maintains a linear response while being able to accept a full voltage. It has identical specification as RCA 6SN7. COPYRIGHT 1945 BY TUNG-SOL LAMP WORKS INC. You can basically tune this amp to your particular musical preferences and hearing tastes by rolling various tubes to see which ones sound best to you. 5. it may take several minutes for the tubes to cool down after the unit is switched off. Preamp Tubes. Get a quote and buy Electron Tubes and Associated Hardware. Tube Specs. LTPI. You can go ahead and use the 6SN7. 6SN7 6N6P 7119 Ketch Audio Tube Preamplifier Preamp Amp - $2,557. Two sets RCA main outputs. The in-phase tube is modulated by its grid, the 2 tubes share a common cathode resistor (no bypass cap) & the out of phase tube is modulated by the shared cathode, the grid is grounded. 1-9/32" | TUBE DIVISION. Just looking at what the non stock tube options are. 6SG7, 6SG7GT, 6SH7L, 6SJ7, 6SK7GT, 6SK7W, 6SL7, 6SL7SELECTED, 6SL7WGT, 6SN7. The clear and high slew-rate vacuum tube sound has been improved further to polish up warm and spacious reproduction. This outlandish claim, however, falls apart when you examine the recommended operating specifications of the 5692. Shop a variety of vacuum tubes: preamp, power amp, rectifier tubes. Vacuum-tube current sources further improve the linearity and yield a more open, textured sound. Being so close to the 6J5 (6SN7/12AU7), these make for a perfect fit in our beloved OTL headphone amps. Rectifier with double choke filtering (two chokes are employed). S. High reliability and exceptional music - listening experience. LADO cotoLATION O as described in standards of Good Engineering Practice concerning Tole-. The input stage uses the venerable 6SN7 tube, often regarded as the best tube ever NOTE: Please read the page about headphone & amp specs! Specification. 07. They also have enough grunt to be a really good 2w PP output tube, way better then a 12AU7. All tubes are run in class-A. There is a direct heated 5U4 NOS (USA) dual diode in power supply. The M320 is our first 300B integrated amplifier which produces 24 watts of RMS power per channel. 6SN7 - Twin Triode Tube, Filetype: PDF. Featured Videos. The Apex Pinnacle is a highly evolved vacuum tube preamplifier and headphone amp. Model No: WHFT-A300B. 3. An excellent compendium of American tubes, especially the obscure ones. And, from my limited experience with the Moondogs, it is more linear. Before trying out another tube that supposedly produces better sound than the one that originally came with the amplifier, it’s a good idea to use the specifications for the original tube as a reference point to avoid unpleasant, even expensive, surprises. It also uses a tube (5AR4) as the full-wave rectifier in its power supply. The 6SN7 and 6SL7 are classics in the very best sense. tube construction that were tested and sorted to tighter specifications. Next, if you have tube-driven effects on your amp, try a 12AU7 or a 12AT7 and see if you prefer the results to a 12AX7 tube in this part of the amp. The most used are the 12AX7,12AU7, 12AT7 tubes. Line stage featuring (4) military grade 6SN7 vacuum tubes. We developed this line stage to  346 products 6SN7-300B Stereo Vacuum Tube Amp Single-ended Hi-Fi Power Amplifier DIY 1pcs ECC83 12AX7 12AU7 To 6SN7 6SL7 Vacuum Tube Amplifier by choosing the price range, brand, or specifications that meet your needs. Finally, push/pull circuits tend to have lower and differently distributed THD than single JJ 5751 Preamp Tube. Specifications: • Output Power: 70 watts Class AB • Peak Output Current: 4 amps • Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 50 kHz It's a low gain line-stage using 6SN7 tubes, as we try our best to maintain the power amplifier's sound performance,  I have a brand new tube that's noisy. FEATURES Features and Specifications 6SN7 6SL7 6N8P 6N9P to 12AX7 12AU7 12AT7 tube adapter socket Before using, please confirm the 12A series of tubes is powered by 6. Vintage tube amp users and audiophiles will be thrilled to find that a superior quality, ultra low noise replacement 6SN7 tube finally exists. Silver LabelAll tubes come with a full 30 day, unconditional, no questions asked, money back satisfaction guarantee!Tube test 2800/2800 very strong, very tight (average new 2600/2600) on a highest quality Bitmatic computerized Western Electric tube tes Tube 6Н8С or Röhre 6Н8С ID18840, Double Triode, Octal (Int. The 6SL7 . Free shipping on many sylvania 6sn7 tube x4. Please note, This is the last pair of this style of 6SN7 I am listing. Tianjin Fullmusic 300B cathode follower amplifier has the characteristics of small output impedance and large output current. Four - KT-88's Gold Lion's and four NOS Sylvania 6SN7's tubes; Mode Switchable to EL34's Verified 100% Operational and Pristine condition - 6 months old with light usage in a non smoking The JJ 6SN7 is a High quality, low noise replacement for any 6SN7 or 5692 type tube. This preamplifier is Aug 04, 2009 · Although I've never noticed a debate that was centered on preamp tubes (-- I've seen quite a few among power amp tube types on the other hand). Heater UH…… If you own one of my preamps and pay the return shipping I will modify it for you and provide a 6BY5 tube for $75. Internal tube rectified, solid state regulated power supply. Introduced 1948. 5 times that of 6SN7!! The 5687 was known by Mr. Welcome @ Frank's; electron Tube Data sheets 6SN7 Specification is identical to GE 6SN7 and RCA 5692 See User Reviews This new blue glass 6SN7 has rich tonality and big sound stage. However the vi Buy products related to 6sn7 tube products and see what customers say about 6sn7 tube products on Amazon. Specifications: power Tube: KT88 * 4 impulse Tube: 6N8P/6SN7 * 2 Signal Tube: Ecc803/12AX7 * 1 working State: Class A / Push-pull bias Voltage State: Regular Bias rated Full - Power Bandwidth: 4/8ohms - 15Hz-70kHz +/-1dB (input 1v) maximum Output Power: 40w outpur Load Impedance: 4ohm And 8ohm SNR: 89db channel Balance: 0. ehx. Here, dual 6SN7 vacuum tubes act as current sources for the second gain stage. Good reliability and sonic performance at a great price. Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 EH Vacuum Tube. TTA-500 is 2 x 35W Class AB high fidelity vacuum tube integrated amplifier utilizing in the output stage and a 12AX7 tube preamp section, composed of two 6SN7 tubes as   for decoupling capacitors for regulating circuitry and AC coupling capacitors. Specification and max ratings(*) Filament Voltage. Since Westinghouse didn't make 6SN7 tubes (AFAIK), who really make these, and are they worth t . 001: 6SN7GT RCA smoke glass JAN VT231: $60. ELECTRONIC TUBE DIVISION. 6. Premium TJ Fullmusic mesh plate 300B (match pair) NOS 6SN7 (pair) Rectifier tube (pair) Specification: Rear panel: 5 125C looks like a fine choice, of my 2 6SN7 powered amps, one likes 17K primary best, the other prefers 32K. Mind, this tube differs somewhat from "real" 6SN7. Title: 6SN7GT Author: Tung-Sol Subject: JA-FP-2005-11-06 Created Date: 11/6/2005 11:17:35 AM The 6SN7 is larger and more rugged than the miniature dual triodes such asthe 12AU7 and the 6CG7. Okay I know this one's not really a "question" but we get it so often that it needs to be addressed anyway. 6SN7 max 86,0 max 33,3 max 69,0. Some tubes may have dust on them, but are new and unused. p = Pentode Unit. 6SN7: 6SN7. 00 SUBSCRIPTS FOR MULTI-UNIT TUBES: b = Beam Power Unit. An additional gain of about 20db is provided by two sections of a single 6SN7 connected as an SRPP amplifier. free shipping. Many times when a piece of   25 Sep 2017 Rolling Quads Listening Test" video, starring quads of the following 6SN7 tubes: CBS Hytron 5692. Tube Talk. Over the past several months, I have been working on a new 2015 Musica Bella LeAnna preamp circuit. The first nuvistor to be produced by RCA was the 7586. 6Sn7's are my preferred low gain audio tube. We currently have two matched pairs available. Until the JJ EL844 came on the scene in 2011 there really were no substitute tubes for EL84 / 6BQ5 tubes. This 1932 RCA BELOW manual provides all the data sheet information, of the first radio receiving tubes ever made, from about 1920 to 1932. www. The 6SL7 in your preamp is probably the input tube and then I would guess you have a 6SN7 as the output tube. 6H30PI Socket 9AJ, pin 9 has shield between the sections (same pinout as 6DJ8 and 6CG7) Heater 6. "new old stock "usa sylvania 6sn7gt = same as vt-231 wwii black-plate 2 staple hole "famous vt-231" audio tubes, excellent lush sounding, very rare blackplates from the 1940's USA, identical same tube construction was made for the United States Military labeled VT231. Specifications Tube complement: Input - 6SN7. 3 V at 0. Building and testing time is around 3 weeks. Fantastic separation of vocals and instruments with clarity and tone like you have never heard before. Using the general audio application of 250 plate volts, a bias of 8 volts resulting in 9ma of current and plate dissipation of 2. Each half of the 6SN7 is electrically equal to the 6J5 triode. Sovtek 6SN7 are NOS Soviet era tubes made in the mid 70’s in the Novosibirsk factory. Amperex 6SN7GTB Philips ECG 6SN7W Sylvania 6SN7GTA Electro-Harmonix 6SN7 platinum matched. This is a suitable replacement for any 6SN7GT = 6SN7GTA = 6SN7GTB = ECC32 Dual Triode tube type. 166. Back to: Tube Data Page Tube Catalog Page . Even in the cost-effective product line, the voice of the nobility does not give up the pursuit of sound quality. High Polymer Compound Carbon (HPCC) coating is for the first time used on vacuum tube production. The Sovtek 6SN7 is a suitable replacement for any 6SN7 tube. . A nuvistor is a miniature vacuum tube in a thimble sized metal case. 2ma 2500gm 6. Nov 20, 2007 · That way you will have a BA-JILLION of the best tubes in the world to select from, with no 'audiophile' pricing to get in your way. Must read! This is a fine tube. One set of XLR inputs (wired single-ended). part: CV181 -Z prices Specifications CV181 -Z : type: Vacuum Tube; brand: SHUGUANG; model : CV181 -Z; country/region of manufacture Specifications Type: Vacuum tube stereo power amplifier Tubes: Tung Sol 6SN7 GTB, CV 593 rectifier tube and 2A3C power tubes Output: 4 watts per channel @ 8 Ohms Output: Class A, autobias Inputs: Line level via RCA jacks Speaker Outputs: Gold-plated binding posts Output Impedance: 4 and 8 Ohm, with 16 Ohm available Ignore where it says 12A*7 by the 6. Tube preamplifier function: Audio signal input end can connect to the computer, CD, phone and other player for lossless audio . The metal base Sylvania 6SN7W is regarded as the best sounding USA made 6SN7 variant of all times. Behind the tubes, the main real-estate of the 805 is occupied by two very impressively sized transformers—one power, and one output, and four electrolytic capacitors. The same filters apply to both. In the top-five list of most wanted 6SN7 tubes. Type: FET input + vacuum tube output hybrid DC amplification driver unit. Tube 807 Push Pull Amplifier Stalien Tube Amplifier Number Of Tubes : 9 Tube Type : 6sn7, 5881, Tube Amplifier. The empire-building VK-76SE features a completely revised power supply, fuse-less protection circuit, active current sources for its two gain stages, intelligent auto-bias circuit with LED indicators, and high-current, all-triode, zero-feedback, fully balanced topology. d = Diode Unit. Vacuum tube: 6SN7 x2. Input Impedance: 100 kOhm; Frequency response: 8 Hz - 75 Khz +/- 3 dB (300 ohm) Power output: 250mW; THD: 0. 450. pdf (66065 bytes) (de) Bold designators are close or identical, Italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. Our Transformer are EI Laminate, Bi Filler, Tri-Filler Wound, 120mA, Air Gap, 25W. Up for sale is a headphone amplifier based on one ECC83/12AX7 and two 6SN7/6N8P tubes, ECC83 is a high gain twin triode tube,It is known with silky sound and rich details,6SN7 tube is widely used in preamp stage with great dynamic and solid low range,The headphone amplifier use half ECC83 for first stage preamp, One 6SN7 for each channel and connected in parallel configuration, It is a great combination as there are lots of vintage tubes which can be subsitutated for better sound repreduction · All tubes are tested on a calibrated Hickok 539b. basic PCB kit, assembled PCB, or full kit including all chassis parts for complete preamp in 16" chassis (same style as shown above but a taller 5" height) All about Tung-Sol Vacuum Tubes. This tube (named military Common Valve 6) played a major role in military equipement during WWII. Design Specifications . The bigger The B+ and filament runs are done with mil-spec stranded OFC copper Teflon insulated wire. Tube: Replacement: B36 B65 B152 B309 CK574 CK1005 CK1013 D63 D77 D152 DA90 DAC32 DAF91 6SN7 ECC33 ECC81 12AT7 B309 6679 6201 ECC81 12AT7 6679 6201 B152 6281 0Y4 The ca21 uses dual triodes (6SN7) in its single gain stage design, and is, therefore, signal inverting (you will need to reverse the speaker connections if your power amplifier does not invert the signal). Although there is no datasheet for this tube, it is somewhat larger than average. Super low noise, hi-fi medium-mu octal twin triode preamplifier tube. A WORD ABOUT 6SN7 TUBES. 6SN7-GTA: Acrobat PDF 282K 12SN7-GTA: Acrobat PDF 23K 6SN7-GTB: Acrobat PDF 14K: National Valve Museum: 13D2: html 6SN7GT: html2, html3, html4: oldradio. 300B Vacuum Tube Base and Mounting These vacuum tubes employ medium, four-pin thrust type bases suitable for use in Western Electric 143B or similar sockets. It has a very smooth sweet breakup just like 6SN7, >it is worth noting that the two tubes appear identical, except for the >internal wiring of the two heater sections. The Shuguang 6SN7-SEGlobe is 59mm diameter (twice the GT width) and 84mm tall (excluding pins, to nipple tip, 20mm taller than standard). This first gain stage is directly coupled to the next 6SN7 dual triode gain stage. The There are literarily thousands of NOS KT88's as well as 6SN7's out there, allowing the user to try out many different brands with varying carachteristics of these classic tubes - also known as tube rolling - which can have a positive effect to the overall sound of this power amplifier. The sound of the future—and the sound of musical truth. 0 out of 5 stars Excellent tubes for 6SN7 tube amps! Smooth, energetic, large soundstage, beautiful vocals. Vacuum Tubes: 8 ea – 6SN7 octal tubes for the balanced, headphone and gain stages 1 ea – 5AR4 Rectifier Tube in Power Supply: Power Transformer(s) R CORE 200% Duty Cycle: Resistors: 1% Metal Film: Capacitors: Polystyrene, Film and Foil: Power Supply Capacitors: 2 ea – 560µF @ 400 VDC: AC Cord: 3 Conductor, Detachable: AC Power Requirements Technical specifications. $14. Fulfillment operation is ISO This 1950s-1960s RCA 6SN7GTB tube has a medium bottle, bottom D getter, and staggered black plates with copper grid posts. Last update of this mirror site: 2020-05-04 Electron tube Type: Brand: System: Data sheet. high-end audio applications. Specifications subject to change. In fact, the 6SN7 tube family is one of the most linear tubes ever made—as evidenced by the amazing performance of Lyr 3 in high gain mode. Output is only about 2 watts per channel. Data courtesy of Steve Bench. The 300B heaters are supplied from a well filtered DC source to minimize hum and noise. Shuguang 6N9P (6H9C 6SL7) Accessories price:$12. This tube is defective. The glass tube envelope of the 6SN7GT (Glass Tube, not Grand Tourismo) is 27 mm diameter and 64mm tall, excluding the pins. So after a few emails to Jon at The Tube Store and telling him what I needed, I took the chance on the 12AU7's and 6SN7. 3. Rectifier Tube. Shuguang 6SN7GT (6SN7) Match Pair. 25 Watts, we find: 5692 - runs 43 % over maximum rating – It isn’t a 10,000 hour tube when you run it this HOT! 6SN7GT - runs 64% of maximum – coasting and liking it. Buy DC12V Car 6N8P (6H8C 6SN7) Tube Valve PreAmplifier Board Audio DIY Specifications: 135MM * 92MM; Height:about 40MM(after installing the tube)  J Level Vacuum Tube VaIve Instead of 6H8C ECC32 CV181 6SN7 B65 Made 6H8C /ECC32 /CV181/ 6SN7/ B65 substitute(For detail please see datasheet )   It features the famous 6SN7 octal vacuum tube, and all vacuum tube rectification using the 5AW4 / 5U4 octal tube rectifier. This tube is a true 6SN7 equivalent and you can use it in place of 6SN7 tubes of various brands. And this 300B PCB material is 2. 25 inches tall x 8. 0ma 1640gm Passed Passed 552 RCA 6SN7 GT 2700gm 7. This could be supplied by batteries, but it is much easier to use a filament transformer. Pure manual shack welding. Now if you want a little less power and an earlier breakup you can have it! The JJ EL844 is an entirely new tube that dissipates 9 watts and is a drop in replacement for EL84's in most all amps. Typical Characteristics:. It is a long page, use your scroll button and scroll down the page to see it all. It's not a CV-181 spec tube. Super linearity, low noise, and full performance ratings make this one of the best 6SN7 tubes ever made. This amplified audio signal is passed through a coupling capacitor to the grid of the 300B driver stage. The 12AX7 spec octal equivalent is the 6SL7, and the 6SL7 tube definitely will not work. It maintains a linear response while being able to accept a full voltage. This allows the 6SN7 to power any speakers with a sensitivity greater than 96dB. TUBES. Order no. STORE HOURS - 8AM to 8PM 7 DAYS. These tubes are extremely quiet and have a warm and even tone with tight lows and quick dynamics. 5" Actual performance will vary depending on vacuum tube quality. never touch a tube when the unit is on. 4 inches Shipping Weight: 6. Tube Model Section #1 gm Plate ma Section #2 gm Plate ma MinimumGood gm Shorts test Gas test Notes and Date Codes RCA 6SN7 GT 2400gm 6. One set of XLR main outputs (wired single-ended). the art headphone amplifier stage based on the popular 6SN7 vacuum tube. The black base has silver or red print with the RCA logo. It has many circuit diagrams, using these tubes and all the information, about these original vacuum tubes. If 12. The output end can connect to the digital amplifiers, active multimedia audio devices. About Sophia Electric 6SN7 tubes. New production & NOS pre amp tubes from Tung-Sol, Electro-Harmonix, Sovtek, Hytron & more! 6SN7-EH-GWhat means the letter G <== Click there. 6 k2 g2 a2 k1 a1 g1 double triode. Tubes complement: 2 x 300b, 2 x 6SN7, 1 x 5U4G. eh gold 2a3ehg 6h30piehg. Apr 30, 2020 · The Eico ST-70 is a 35 watt per channel vacuum tube amplifier from 1962, which is great in many respects. The lack of feedback (inherent in op-amp based analog stages) and the clean and simplified signal path of our 6SN7 tube-based circuit with tube rectified external power supply, simply lets the music through. Matching external power supplly featuring (1) GZ34, (2) 6V6 and (1) 6SL7 vacuum tubes. Uses 6SN7 octal tubes, has dual mono regulated power supplies for each channel, for both B+ and filaments. Bam! Those complaints went away almost immediately. There is still a good population of hi-fi and musical instrument amps using this tube in the preamp stage out there, and these tubes are still available. MAXIMUM RATED CONDITIONS PER UNIT. Electro-Harmonix sound effects are world renown for the soulful warmth of their analog sound and their line of "EH" premium tubes continues in this tradition of classic tone. 6SN7-SE GLOBE, PSVANE, ceramic base and gold coated pins 1 PAIR = 2 matching tubes The PSVANE 6SN7-SE GLOBE is setting a new benchmark in almost every aspect;  GE 6SN7GTB. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE. 01% or less (1kHz/100Vrms output) Input impedance: 50kΩ (RCA), 50kΩx 2 (XLR) Maximum output voltage: 340Vrms (1kHz) Bias voltage: PRO 580V I recommend 6J5, 6SN7, 6CG7, 6FQ7 tubes. Working in parallel configuration, the 6SN7 amplifier puts out 3. Tube Options - We supply NOS 12SN7 tubes by default. electro-harmonix 5u4gb eh 6aq8eh 6bm8eh 6ca4eh 6ca7eh 6cg7eh 6l6eh 6v6eh 12at7 eh 12au7eh 12ax7eh 12bh7eh 12dw7 eh 300b eh 6550eh 6922eh 6973eh ef86eh el34eh el84eh kt88eh kt90eh. Jun 15, 2020 · Not only that but I'm using the same transformer to power the 6SN7 filament. The Treasure "CV-181" is a true 6SN7. The 6SN7 Tube. Sonically, the Chinese trump the Russian, but even so, they’re a bit grainy and bright through the upper Employing their proprietary Coherence™ hybrid topology (a unique current-mode, noninverting tube/ Bipolar Junction Transistor hybrid topology that eliminates the need for interstage coupling capacitors) the Lyr 3 is able to operate using a single 6N8S or 6SN7 tube (a New Old Stock [NOS] 6N8S tube is supplied with the unit), meaning no more This is a Single Ended triode audio amplifier using a 6EM7 power triode section as a class-a output. Menu Mystère PA-21 Tube STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER. The box does show some wear from being displayed, stored and handled. Results of listening tests of tube-mod Oppo 95 and Jun 08, 2018 · Next, check your PI tube (in Push Pull type amplifiers) and try a 12AU7 or a 12AT7 and see if you prefer the results to a 12AX7 tube. $500 per tube $ View 6SN7 datasheet online at HeberTech. Excellent driver tube in. Here you can look up the official specifications to a limited number of Russian tubes. Vacuum Tube - 6SN7, JJ Electronics - The JJ Electronic 6SN7 is the classic double triode with a rugged construction the Specifications, Files, and Documents. To suggest a video, send email to:  Like other Apex products, the Teton is designed and hand-built in the USA, using high quality components sourced largely from the US and Japan. The JJ 5751 was designed as a “ruggedised” high mu, dual triode tube with similar specifications to the 12AX7. 10 inches wide 8 inches deep, height varies based on tubes used. I would take an E88CC or 6SN7 way before any 12AU7. Power Tubes. Contact us. Minute 300B amp is really quiet because the power supply is in a separate chassis. Output transformers are made of high-grade silicon steel plate Z11, and used imported electronic vacuum tubes. Its base is a beautiful polished and lacquered brass 31mm diameter cylinder, like Description: Tubed integrated amplifier. Shuguang EL34-B (EL34B EL34) Vacuum Tube. Located in the us. The 6SN7-GTB is a 30-frame television system as described in "Standards of Good Engineering  6SN7 is a dual triode vacuum tube with an eight-pin octal base. 2020 popular mcintosh, mini preamp, fever tube, 6aq8 trends in Consumer Electronics, Home Improvement, Electronic Components & Supplies, Lights & Lighting with 6h8c Tube and mcintosh, mini preamp, fever tube, 6aq8. The problem with using a filament transformer is that the gain of the regenerative detector is so high that the slightest hum in the circuit may be greatly amplified, often producing objectionable Framework of 300B tube amplifier kit adopts 6SN7 plus 300 B single-ended outputs. vacuum tubes become hot enough to cause serious burns. The electronic conduction takes place either by means of electrons emitted from a cathode or by ionization of the contained gas. The 300B tube has the bay-onet pin so located that it may also be mounted in a Western Electric 100M, 115B or similar socket. This project fixes a few flaws which prevent it from reaching its full potential. Robin, thank you for the specs. A lot of HIFI audiophiles like to do DIY 300B tube amplifier with scaffold-soldering way previously, but that is a great engineering and too much wiring, reliability and performance may be affected, also its appearance does not look good. Tube TypePreamp Tubes; MatchingSingle. Designed for endurance and longevity for application in the audio industry. " We provide the materials and technology to Shuguang but these are not just rebranded tubes, they are made according to our own standards and technology. TheTube Directory. As for 6SN7 tubes the circuit of the Silver 45-SE offers more flexibility, but again, some of the 6SN7 variants (especially those not designated with 6SN7 markings) may not work ideally in the circuit as it was originally designed. Although I've never noticed a debate that was centered on preamp tubes (-- I've seen quite a few among power amp tube types on the other hand). 6V voltage supply, this conversion socket is not suitable. The two triode sections are operationally identical. The driver is the small signal triode section of the 6EM7. Sibley, Ludwell, Tube Lore, privately published, 1996. That's why we didn't provide you with any tube specs or put those on the English website. There are literarily 1000's of NOS 6SN7's available, allowing the user to try out many different brands with varying carachteristics of this classic preamp tube, also known as tube rolling, which can have a positive Nine utilizes four 6SN7 tubes configured in a mu-follower circuit topology. 5W for both plates combined). Power Consumption. Jun 22, 2018 · If I'm not mistaken the "no letters after 6SN7", GT, GTA and GTB have to do with how long the tube takes to be fully 100% operative, and not about these tubes perform regarding this letter. It produces a wide and deep soundstage with a 3D dimension. Jun 27, 2016 · Tube V1 is a 6J5 triode, actually one half of a 6SN7, so if you wish to save on space and cost, you can use a 6SN7 and just wire in each triode section to the proper channel. All hand-wired to the highest possible standard. Jumpers on the circuit board allow you to easily switch between 12V and 6V, allowing you to use both 6SN7 and 12SN7 tubes and expanding your tube choices. " 6SN7 Specification is identical to GE 6SN7 and RCA 5692 See User Reviews Good news: we found a few pairs from our warehouse. 3: Westinghouse 6SN7 - Who really made this tube? (7. 8 bids. Detailed Specifications: (measurement in mm). A 6SN7 tube may sound better than a 6SN7GTA, just as a 6SN7GTB may sound worse that a 6SN7GTA. 6sn7 tube specifications

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