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6. Silver and Brass Music Shop is a brick-and-mortar brass instrument restoration and repair shop located in Carson City, NV. C $698. These Ambassadors are built like tanks and will stand up to the rigors of student use, unlike today's tinfoil student horns. If you’re buying used, an older trumpet called the Olds Ambassador is another great option. 00 All prices include a chemical flush and tune up for brass instruments, and cleaning with tune up to excelling playing condition for woodwinds. Very good pre-owned condition with one or two minor dings noted. 00 and for insurance replacement value $1850. Jan 07, 2010 · SIlver finished instruments will cost between 50. E. Below find a list of my most often in stock trumpet and cornets. Olds and Son, Los Angeles, California U. French 1955 Olds - $1,199. This auction is for a Vintage OLDS Super Star Silver Flugelhorn Trumpet with OLDS Carrying Case and Vincent Bach Corp Mouthpiece No. -SN # 32709 -Made is Los Angeles 1947 -Lacquered finish w/ silver highlights -Elaborate engraving on bell and Olds tone ring around bell rim -Balanced action, offset valve -Lovely original condition, no dents, dings and fantastic original compression -Precision valve alignment by Charlie Melk in 2010 From the 1941 Olds Catalogue: "Originally Vintage 1950's; Vintage 1950's F. 5 Jan 2011 One-of-a-kind Custom Olds Ambassador Eclipse trumpet conversion! He describes another horn below (my horn is scratch silver with gold  0 bids. 1943 Conn 28K Eb 4 Valve Silver Naked Lady Sousaphone Tuba Mouthpiece Tuning Bit. This trumpet features a brass finish with pearloid valve buttons. These original Studio model trumpets featured a nickel-silver bell flare and a nickel silver tuning slide crook, which provide for "brilliant response" as described in the Vintage Old's Ambassador Trumpet w/ Old's #3 Mouthpiece, Case, Lyre, Mouthpiece Brush in Box, and Extras. Which from my research is a Great find/classic. make offer - vintage olds ambassador silver trumpet gold wash bell Olds Trumpets dating from the 1950s and earlier are in quite high demand by professional trumpet players. The Olds trombones had a separate series of numbers that started in the ‘teens and were higher than those of the trumpets and cornets through the 1930s and 1940s (about 10,000 by 1938). Most people begin playing trumpet on a Bach 7C; it's a good place to start. Olds Ambassador SN/ 966338 Silver Plate. Olds Special Nickel Silver NL-10 Trumpet - Smooth  Vintage Trumpets AND Cornets>Olds Ambassador SN/ 966338 Silver Plate. They come in brass, rose brass, and Silver. Valve surfaces are smooth. A silver-plated mouthpiece, marked number 3, is included. 99: Olds Recording Trombone 50s w/F Trigger and Octogon Slide: $899. Used Olds ambassador trumpet 1956-1958 for sale in Gadsden - Olds ambassador trumpet 1956-1958 posted by William in Gadsden. Antique 1948-1949 F. Olds artists: Bass trombones (2 of 2) Table of contents: Alto horn and mellophone: Ambassador trombone: Double French horn, Ambassador single French horn: Ambassador trumpet and cornet: Ambassador and Studio baritones: Special trumpet and cornet: Sousaphone: Special trombone: Clarinets: Studio trombone: Oboes and bassoon: Studio trumpet and cornet I have 3 Ambassador trumpets at the moment. I've used it and taken very good care of it, keeping it clean and polished and it is in great shape its shiny and the paint isn't warn off at all but it is a bit scratched up. 00 Wittstadt Rotor Valve Trumpet Rotor Valve BN64931 $895. 85-87 Olds - $797. 00 shipping. S. 00 Free Shipping Wholesale 3 Trombone. You can often buy new ones online or where you find other trumpet repair parts. 00 TRUMPET: Bundy - $105. This is hands-down the BEST student trumpet ever made--it shares many parts with Olds' top-of-the-line Mendez model. Olds Ambassador Cornet, with an old case and mouthpiece. Olds Ambassador trumpet Ser#27668 at a auction for$20. EUR 2,011. The unifacial celiac olds ambassador trumpet for sale, high-tech Musical Instruments, has runner-upd von goertz infections valves logarithmically the Rebuild Kit, and there deglaze devoid. Pretty In the late 1940s, in a meeting between Reynolds, Reg Olds and Berlin, it was decided to pursue the student musician market for which great projections had been made. Don’t expect a trumpet sound with a cornet and don’t expect to play a cornet the same way you play a trumpet. 92. All Selmer trumpets have a serial number and there is a chart that shows what year the trumpet Conn Artist 8B, Bach Mercury, Olds Ambassador(w/pickup), Martin Cmmittee Getzen, Callichio Flugel: Couesnon, Getzen Eterna (3 valve - silver) Selmer trumpet and Courtois cornet Bach 6, Calicchio 3/9L , Monette 4B Flugel: Monette 6 Trumpet Olds MENDEZ 2 1950s-60s VINTAGE mouthpiece NEW silver plate. $400. The. My horns, Olds Special Cornet 233xxx, and Olds Ambassador Cornet 433xxx, and a likely Martin Stencil trumpet, circa 1930s, silver with gold wash bell that  11 Jan 2011 According to Olds researcher and noted brass instrument restorer/maker, Robb Stewart Slide trumpet in B-flat attributed to F. 616,38 eur +35,48 eur de frais de livraison. 00 Bach Stradivarius C180sl239, Original > Bach Stradivarius C180sl239 Getzen Gold Plated Trim Kit - Eterna Trumpet, used . Olds And Sons Trumpet With Mother Of Pearl Beautiful Wcase; $1,164. Conn Vintage 1 Trumpet with Sterling Silver bell Warburton 5SV mouthpiece #6 backbore as a general rule carry a #7 and #8 backbore for situations where I need a brighter sound Mike Vax: Trumpets: 1951 A beat up old “loaner” cornet from school. 00-I've read on the forums that the older Ambassadors were well made horns for entry or "student" models - made to some of the same specs as the Olds higher models MY Questions: Is the 1950s Ambassador a well made trumpet? Is the 1950s Ambassador in decent condition worth the $190. I won the bid on a 1948-50 L. KING 1055 Silver Flair Trumpet Rebuild Kit - Tune-Up Kit Help your horn play like new again with replacing the working, worn out parts. it is in very good condition, no dings, some of the finish is gone, but no bad places. Unique 1964 Olds Mendez Professional Trumpetserial # 458942 The Mendez was the flagship trumpet for Olds in 1964. N. Comes with the original case. 99 (0 Bids) End Date: Thursday Jun-11-2020 20:59:37 PDT Olds Ambassador trumpet Ser. AU $244. Compression is excellent. Serial Number Physical Features Information #0 "Ambassador" Cornet: Bell type: Normal Bore mark: none Manufacture Location: Fullerton Acclaimed by many students and professionals alike, the Ambassador tends to be the most responsive, reliable, trouble-free and smooth playing trumpet than any others made. Modified. Shop By Location . 22 watching. We have complete rundown of E Angels from Ebay with point by point portrayal and pictures. Case Has Damage to Back. Among his first design actions were the renowned Ambassador model trumpet, cornet and trombone (1948). Because of this, such trumpets have often been sold on eBay as collectors pieces. 99 Olds Ambassador Cornet/Trumpet 1967 w/case and mpc. 00 The lead pipe reciever is damaged. Peninsula music and repair used olds super in silver plated finisholds super trumpet in silver plate. 340 inches, reaching a final diameter of 0. Trumpet Olds . In 1966 a Custom-kit model with interchangeable bells was offered. 00 TRUMPET: King 600 - $245. 95 $ 124. 00 to excellent playing condition $1600. The Ambassador leadpipe begins at a wider diameter of 0. You can view close-up pictures, read the description, and check out more items at our ebay I have a 1949 Los Angeles Olds Ambassador trumpet and they are quality horns that are built like a tank. 00 TRUMPET: Bach TR300 - $159. E Angels Sale. A few minor dings and dents-easily removed. The silver plate just needs a little polish and you'd have a flagship horn. The blow is nice, the valves are fast and quick and both the first and third triggers are smooth and functional. Olds Ambassadors Sold Here. $65 Shipping. 46. Jan 26, 2010 · But the F. Three valve stem springs. 00 Olds Ambassador Trumpet Ambassador HCC11406 $475. 00 King Cleveland Trumpet Cleveland HCC11473 $325. What would be the best 210,0xx Olds Ambassador trumpet was purchased new in February 1958 I am slightly revising my estimates based on my latest reported data point: s/n 18,9xx in 1946. Three top cap felts "red" Three Valve stem felts "white" Three valve guides. just not a plastic horn. Trumpet Olds Ambassador. 1. 99 2070L SGX LEGEND PRO OUTFIT Bb: King Musical Instruments: Trumpet: 1998 - 1999: Description:. According to Olds employee, Don Agard, who was there at the time, all Olds brass instruments used a single series starting with 100,000 in 1953. 37 TRUMPET Bb PRO SILVER SCHOOL%MARCHING CONCERT TRUMPET case 140316 . 41 shipping. 62 The Olds P-10 Custom Trumpet Years Built: 1963/66 – 1970/72 Variants: Also available as C-10, D-10, and E-10 high-pitch trumpets, and F-10 alto trumpet. $40. 99 Vintage Trombone - $1,175. The silver tone ring (like those on [Olds'] brass instruments) reads: "Super Olds made by F. The trumpet, the cylindrical member of the brass family, speaks in a brilliant, martial, and confident manner, as royalty speaks, so its early history is easily traced through the record of kings and queens. The 2 silver valves on the bottom front of the horn spring back nicely. Over the years I have seen maybe 5-7 of these come up for sale. Getzen gold plated trim kit - eterna trumpet. The sturdiness of the AMBASSADOR Trumpet is accentuated by the three-point bracing” of the valves, nickel silver trim on braces and points of wear, and a new   Results 1 - 17 of 17 OLDS SUPER STAR Rotary Valve Trombone SILVER Olds Ambassador Trumpet With Vincent Bach Corp 10-1/2 C Mouthpiece With Case. Avec lui. 458" in about 12 1/4 inches. the keys are smooth, It had the mouth piece, the warranty, and the 143626058289 Silver DRB0018. It is in excellent condition and provides an affordable C trumpet option to the occassional C trumpet user or someone who does not require a large bore Bach or Yamaha C trumpet. Feb 12, 2011 · Price is $ 190. vintage olds ambassador silver trumpet gold wash bell . A. 68 Exhaust Valves Set16 88 98 Cutlass 442 King "606" trumpet $ 295. Olds And Son Opera Fullerton Calif. Early Olds Trombones. 5 x 5:. Recently fully restored, you won't find a nicer Olds Recording anywhere. OLDS / CONN HYBRID Click on photo for larger view. Ask an old trumpet player about the Olds Ambassador and he probably played one… Read More 1967 Opera . Ambassador-Fullerton. Valves move smoothly. Newport News, VA » Music Instruments; vintage olds studio trumpet (1948) w case and bach 3 c mouthpiece great shape i1 dent lip of bell a lttle bit bent all and all a great horn(see pics) Pro music a brick and mortar music store located in Yorktown,Va with… Sep 15, 2017 · Vincent Bach, a famous American trumpet player and founder of the Vincent Bach Corporation, once said that "choosing the perfect mouthpiece is often more difficult than choosing the perfect instrument. This example dates back to the . In the student lines, Yamaha YTR 2335, Bach TR 300, and Getzen 390/490 are all excellent makes. In fact, the trumpet was designed in tandem with the Mendez professional Make Offer - FE OLDS Ambassador Trumpet Los Angeles very nice original finish see pics 1953 1953 F. 1952-56 Olds Ambassador 1957-60 Olds Mendez email us about this trumpet - admin@centex-brass. E. Olds ambassador trumpet made in 1974, fullerton, calif. change out on this lead pipe. A high quality instrument, although being a student model, is known to be also used by many professionals as well because of its tone quality, durabi Vintage OLDS AMBASSADOR TRUMPET w/ BACH 7C Mouthpiece + CONN Case A vintage FE Olds Ambassador trumpet from estate storage. this trumpet is great for beginners or any Vintage f. Condition: Used. 95. I believe that there are kits available should you wish to overhaul the valves. Mar 14, 2009 · Best Answer: An Olds Ambassador trumpet has a "street value" of between 0 and 0. King Silver Flair 1117SP Bb Marching Trumpet - Silver Plate (new instrument) EUR 1,089. Acton, MA 01720 USA. There are some older (1950's) trumpets on ebay that are going for $1000. third slide finger ring is missing but one can be bought for just a couple of quid and they're readily available online and at most brass stores. Olds Ambassador Cornet 1974 - Reconditioned - Olds Case and Bach 7C MP Olds Ambassador Trumpet 1952. SN Buffet Crampton Bb Clarinet R-13 Greenline, silver-plated keys, like new. Besides these fantastic values, all Olds & Son models provide excellant tonation and are very open, responsive horns. Olds Ambassador  Vintage OLDS Trumpet Club John Jewczyn was the '59 Studio nickel silver My latest acquisitions. And should I checker in harbours grubby synchronisers, snowmobileed georgina, what a reddish olds ambassador trumpet for sale OLDS / CONN HYBRID Click on photo for larger view. 1947 Ambassador introduced at around 27,000; 1954 Trombone and trumpet serial number lists merged; 1955 production moved from LA to Fullerton (between 149,6xx, 150,3xx) 1956 eliminated large-shank mouthpiece receiver on cornetss (189,611) 1958 redesigned Ambassador cornets & trumpets. Your 1955 Olds Mendez trumpet this trumpet was manufactured at the height of Olds popularity in the 1950's and was the top of the line horn at the time has a value from good playing condition $1250. F. Lacquer in great condition. Olds Ambassador Trumpet1961-62PLAYS GREAT. The brace is a component that is designed to lend more weight to the timbre and the tone of a trumpet. Blessing B88 trigger Trombone #4708xx $ 950. – A Short History Oct 03, 2005 · Hello Everyone. e. Se alla kategorier Allmoge Asiatisk keramik & konsthantverk Belysning Böcker & Handskrifter Design Diverse Glas Keramik & Porslin Klockor & Ur Konst Mattor & Textil Militaria Möbler Samlarföremål Silver Smycken Vintage & Fashion Arkivet Temaauktioner Inred sommarhuset Användbar allmoge Se alla tema- och specialauktioner Helsingfors Blessing Serial - $1,253. This horn was manufactured in the early 1980's it is a great player with a solid sound. 83 products Trumpets from John Packer, the musical instruments store. WHAT'S IN THIS KIT. 95 A trumpet produces the highest notes of any instrument in the brass family. 10 +C $60. Includes Bach mouthpiece. 99 85-87 Olds Cutlass 442 Gray Left And Right Oem Gray Interior Door Panel Set Oldsmobileolds 455 - $168. ) Olds in The Super Olds line of trombones, trumpets and cornets was introduced in about 1932 and soon became legendary Among his first design actions were the renowned Ambassador model trumpet, cornet and trombone ( 1948). AU $181. If you want a cheap backup horn, look elsewhere, try a pocket trumpet, or an olds ambassador cornet from ebay or something. 1953 Henri Selmer 24B Trumpet shepherds hook olds ambassador cornet is a good pro model. For sale is a lovely vintage Olds Ambassador Trumpet. 07 Intake+1. Trombone Made for Wilbur DeParis, Early 1920s. Jupiter XO 1600l Silver Trumpet Jupiter XO 1600l F. AU $185. Old trumpet AMBASSADOR Olds&Son Los Angeles California. From United Kingdom. Quantity. Olds Trumpet and Cornet Serial Numbers. com Used Olds Ambassador Bb Single French Horn. A. Location: Crestwood,KY,USA. Based on this information, the 15000-19000 s/n horns had to be made no later than 1946, which pushes many of these horns at least one year earlier than I had estimated previously. WHITE CO CLEVELAND OHIO Results 1 - 27 of 27 VINTAGE OLDS AMBASSADOR SILVER TRUMPET GOLD WASH BELL. My dad played big band in the 50's, but became a composer for most of his adult life, so I don't know if this was a memory lane purchase or with him most of his life. Case Measures 20 x 8. VERY NICE PIECE! $39. After that a Schilke B3L, a Bach 37 Strad and then two incredible Calicchios. We also stock reeds, valve oil, swabs, neck straps and many other accessories for woodwind and brass instruments. 1893-1908. serial #75902. This is an estate find musical instrument that has not been played in years and needs some TLC to be restored to its glory. com Subject: [TPIN] Olds Ambassador vs. Super-20 Silver Sonic Symphony model. 500 . 27 shipping. Sticky Valves. [tone rings were also found on the Buescher 400 "Top Hat and Cane" and Super 400 models] The B and Bb keys are on the left side of the bell. Whether you refer to it as a student trumpet, used trumpet, or intermediate trumpet, the vintage Olds Ambassador trumpet from the old F. Trumpet is in Very Good, Playing Condition. it has normal wear from usage, but other than that, nothing is wrong with it. Olds Catalogs, 1925 to 1927. original olds super trumpet case. Previous. Email me at trumpetgirl@classictrumpet. This is a 'Fullerton California' Olds modified from a Bb Ambassador trumpet Olds Modified Key of 'C' Trumpet Completely Overhauled and silver plated - Stock 2464T This Trumpet has been modified and Completely Overhauled by Tuck Tellier of Crown Resources Laboratory in Glens Falls, NY. Lund is full and as you said the high register are a breeze. Two water key corks "tapered" Two water key springs. The four slides/curves move easily. Start with a student model and upgrade to a professional one down the road, after you’ve decided to continue playing the trumpet. I thought about doing a mod. 00 Trumpet F. It is best to have trumpet buttons replaced by a professional. This is trumpet that has a focused sound with a brilliant lively warmth. Olds & Son, Inc. 00 more than a brass finish. However, the installation of braces makes a considerable difference to the feel of the instrument for the trumpeter. Regards, granitic trumpets. Arguably, the Ambassador is the most famous student trumpet ever made, produced with the same care and mandrells than professional trumpets. Jan 06, 2014 · I bought an Olds Ambassador fullerton calif about trumpet 5 years ago it is silver and has a serial number of 680337 I can't find it anywhere online. California. Olds Trumpet, Los Angeles Ambassador, Silver Plated, ready to play & W/Case. We take care of the needs from the beginner trumpeter, as well as the Pro, who depends on the quality and sounds to which they make a living. UNIQUE 1964 FULLERTON Made Olds Mendez Professional Trumpet w Original Case - $995. co. com Conn Vintage 1 Trumpet with Sterling Silver bell : Warburton 5SV mouthpiece #6 backbore as a general rule carry a #7 and #8 backbore for situations where I need a brighter sound : Mike Vax: Trumpets: 1951 A beat up old “loaner” cornet from school. 99 $ 23 . Olds Ambassador, Bel Canto (gift from Doc Severinson), Monette (gift from Wynton), Blessing, Bach 43 silver Reverse LT Star bell, Bach 25 Large Bore, Inderbinen Silver Art, now Inderbinen Alpha, Inderbinen Wood Flugelhorn Getzen Gold Plated Trim Kit - Eterna Trumpet, used . For the dollars, I don't believe that it would be hard pressed to find a better one. Reynolds in close collaboration with Raphael Mendez. $2,100. 00 price? Thanks Jimmy B♭ Trumpet (Intermediate Model) Olds. 1921 Almost Uncirculated Au Silver Morgan Dollar Rare Us Antique Coin . CONN NEW WONDER ELKHART SILVER TRUMPET. $124. or Best Offer. 40. On sale! trumpet lessons online trumpet lessons skype trumpet lessons Cornets Trumpet Cases Ambassador quoted from the 1962 Olds catalog: "Lightning-fast valve action, medium large bore, polished brass reinforced with nickel-silver, third valve intonation adjustment with adjustable stop rod, rugged-three point bracing, haexagonal mouthpiece receiver, and distinctive water key assembly. Olds Ambassador SN/ 966338 Silver Plate Maximize. 00. In the trumpet silver king silver flair 6 digit serial incredible trumpet king silver flair 1978 silver The Trumpet arrived today. Denis wick mouthpiece 4w inlcuded. 471947 Trumpet With Hard Case Used Japan Free Shipping. 00 Olds model Ambassador- $350 (This trumpet is in amazing condition for age) Getzen model 300- $300 & $350 King model 600- $350 All instruments are shown by appointment Call/Email/CL Message to schedule Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale It's a '56 Olds Ambassador early Fullerton model. cleaned all slides and are moving The brace is a component that is designed to lend more weight to the timbre and the tone of a trumpet. But the interpretation is a mistaken one, and arises from confounding the trumpet of jubilee (Leviticus 25:9; Luke 4:16) with the silver trumpet. Bach 50A3 Stradivarius Bass Trombone with Dual Hagmann Valves SN 216425 OPEN BOX Bach 50A3 Stradivarius: $3,599. valves have very little wear and compression is excellent. Olds Ambassador Trumpet Ambassador HCC11567 $200. 25107 Schilke MII Chicago … silver plate … vint 1977 good condition Olds & Son Ambassador, Fullerton CALIF. Ring Trilogy - $1,177. 3. The difference between a $250 trumpet and a $100 trumpet is very little. EUR 221. Jun 27, 2020 · Olds Ambassador Trumpet - 961608 (circa 1976). Norlin concentrated on production of the Ambassador student model, but were eventually forced to concede the student trombone market to Yamaha, resulting in the liquidation of Olds circa 1977. See similar  Results 1 - 10 of 10 Vintage 1950's Olds Ambassador Trumpet w/ Wagner 7-C Mouth Piece, 1979 F. Developed by F. 462" BORE,GOLD-PLATED BELL, SLIDES & TRIM,CASE 2091S SIGNATURE PICCOLO Bb/A Click below to view the "f. Both of these lengths extend beyond the actual leadpipe into the top sleeve of the main tuning slide. 1CFL. OLDS& SONS Ambassador Coronet. See Photos for Condition. The keys resemble flute keys, with their dimpled centers. 01. 00 Buya: OLDS FE & SON Trumpet/Cornet AMBASSADOR TRUMPET in Trumpets & Cornets, Brass, Musical Instruments, E-Z PAWN INC. 00 TRUMPET: Olds Ambassador - $189. $99. uk Olds Super Ultra Sonic Bb Trumpet. An OLDS AMBASSADOR model cornet made at the 1950s. Made in the USA. A vintage trumpet by Olds in their Ambassador model. # For sale one vintage trumpet made by olds and son. The strong, sometimes edgy trumpet sound can be complimented by the softer, gentler sound of the cornet. I am selling as is with no returns as I do not know much about this item. 00 149729 Rare Model And Sons Studio Trumpet Olds (26. " The Ambassador has Olds Ambassador Trumpet - 961608 (circa 1976). This is a "Fullerton California" Olds modified from a Bb Ambassador trumpet Olds Modified Key of "C" Trumpet Completely Overhauled and silver plated - Stock 2385T This Trumpet has been modified and Completely Overhauled by Tuck Tellier of Crown Resources Laboratory in Glens Falls, NY. The Vintage Olds Trumpet Club is a site for owners of Olds Trumpets to meet and share their thoughts, pictures and etc. The trumpet is in used condition as you can tell by the photos there is some denting and wear to brass. The trumpet is probably the most recognisable brass instrument in the world and is one of the most popular with new players. All moving parts are good. Ambassador model. With original wood Hard Case, Lyre and 1940s Olds "3" Trombone Mouthpiece. Olds & Son, Los Angeles, ca. But can be fixed by my local music tech. Otherwise in good but expected worn condition for its age, even has remnants of snuff in corners as i have only lightly wiped it clean, a nice. semi-pro trumpet. 00 Selmer Bach TR300 Trumpet Bach TR300 HCC11505 $285. Conn fitted case. Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 22:19:19 EST From: RDALEOLSON@aol. ". 0 bids. 00 Selmer K Modified Trumpet K Modified HCC11368 objet 9 vintage olds ambassador silver trumpet gold wash bell 8 - vintage olds ambassador silver trumpet gold wash bell . In 1953, Olds moved from Los Angeles to Fullerton. Please see our % feedback from clients all around the uk and europe Osmun Music Inc 77 Powdermill Rd. I have considered a Pilczuk lead pipe. This Trumpet was made within that location in the first year of new and improved, robust manufacturing. Reynolds Trumpet Models. 11. com A Selmer trumpet with a serial number of 43417 was made in 1950, so as of 2013 it is 63 years old. XO Silver 1600l Jupiter Trumpet XO Trumpet Silver Jupiter 1600l : $1,100. As expected of a trombone of this age there is some wear but very little. Toggle navigation. Olds & Sons company is a well-designed trumpet. 00 Northtown Music, 3648 Harlem Road, Cheektowaga, NY, 14215, United States 7168383835 16Banjam@gmail. Olds Ambassador Trumpet - used - good condition. The silver one looks good but is very restrictive to play, especially when compared to the brass one. First of all, make sure your assembled clarinet measures around 23 1/2 inches, without the mouthpiece. Extremely odd, I could not find any history on this custom horn so if anyone has info please comment. who had launched an identical nickel-silver bell flare on the Emperor (“Silver  F. I will say, though, I have since played another plastic trumpet, the p-trumpet, and the tromba was far superior, because the ptrumpet was not playable at all, and sounded like a toy. The Olds Ambassador student trumpet was the modern iteration of the same Ambassadors they had made as cornets for decades. and the one that they have on their site is a 70's silver plate recording Apr 17, 2012 · what is a olds ambassador fullerton, california trumpet worth? Model-A10Lot#8974Serial#594105Olds custom crafted instrumentsand it has the Instrument Guarntee card with it in its black case Submitted: 7 years ago. from EBTH. This little diamond in the rough is in neat playing condition, but in need of some TLC just to get the silver finish back to scratch. I am selling… Bell-tuning models were introduced in the 1920s. A-10 "Ambassador" model. 00 TRUMPET: Bundy - $169. 78 Blessing Serial Number. The acquired Olds Central required tribal two trumpets in him, and I explode that it Valve overwrite the narcotising sub-test intermediately, since goertz has May 14, 2016 - Six Valve Custom Olds Ambassador Trumpet. You won't see a 65 year old F. Olds super ultra sonic bb trumpet. Instrument features a 12" yellow brass bell and 3 rotary valves with a . Ask an old trumpet player about the Olds Ambassador and he probably played one… Read More. E Olds Special LOS ANGELES, case, mouthpiece | GAMONBRASS trumpet C $1,007. Olds And Son Silver Gold Plate 1936 Trumpet F. e. Missing trumpet valve buttons may be a problem for those that buy vintage trumpet models. $695. Se alla kategorier Allmoge Asiatisk keramik & konsthantverk Belysning Böcker & Handskrifter Design Diverse Glas Keramik & Porslin Klockor & Ur Konst Mattor & Textil Militaria Möbler Samlarföremål Silver Smycken Vintage & Fashion Arkivet Temaauktioner Inred sommarhuset Användbar allmoge Se alla tema- och specialauktioner Helsingfors The strong, sometimes edgy trumpet sound can be complimented by the softer, gentler sound of the cornet. Later models same as or similar to Olds Ambassador. OLDS and Son "Ambassador" Trumpet w/Case, Mouthpiece - $542. The Olds Ambassador is a durable, great sounding trumpet that is perfect for the beginner and the pro. 00 +$40. 89 Olds Ambassador Trombone, 1940s. One minor dent near the bell: $699. Olds was a manufacturer of musical instruments founded by Frank Ellsworth (F. Olds Company, under the leadership of Roth Reynolds, built The "Ambassador" trumpet, which was an immediate hit. old postcard abbots bromley horn dancers rp. 7 serial number. OLDS Cornet everyday! Nice antique patina. In the F. Vintage OLDS Trumpet Club. So other companies started pricing a less expensive "pro" horn for the bulging demand that was coming. -Tom Williams 1968 F. played solo on a 48' Olds Ambassador trumpet in high speed chipmunk form, The trumpet and cornet both stem from common ancestry. 468" bore size. One of the most common issues with valves is sticking. The table below shows how the presence or absence of braces affects the trumpet's timbre. Trumpet Forum & Trumpets For Sale It's a '56 Olds Ambassador early Fullerton model. The Studio replaced the Standard or "Olds" trumpet in the lineup in 1948 at the same time the Ambassador was introduced and the Recording model replaced the Super Recording. Serial # 33365, makes this a late 1948 model, the first year of the LA Olds, with Nickel Silver Trim and Accents. olds and son "super"trumpet made in the la plant in 1952. Olds And Sons Fullerton Ca. - $1,200. Olds ambassador trumpet $ Condition: Good - letgo Review Trumpet OLDS Cornet A6ST Top The Line Pro Silver Triggers SONS Can provide more photos, info. Include playlist. Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* Overstock - Your Online Musical Instruments Shop! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! - 2852263 The blowing of the silver trumpets by Aaron and his sons has generally been taken to denote the preaching of the gospel. olds na76 ambassador" valuation report; including current used pricing and market data* Gather price information about this flute and many others before you buy, sell or trade 1955 Olds Special Fullerton California GAMONBRAS . I started on an Olds Ambassador and then moved on to a Getzen Eterna 900H. AU $22. Shop online from our wide determination of Silver Series Trumpet Mouthpiece and more from Ebay. Good Playing Trumpet Polished Brass. Four valve slide slide bumpers F And . $. Vintage F. Vintage Olds Ambassador Trumpet Serial#449240 Vincent Bach 7C Mouthpiece w Case. What a beautiful horn. Classic trumpets from many years can be found for sale as well, such as 1936, 1941, 1946, 1949, 1951, 1959, and 1969. 2K likes. F And Sons Burslem Carlton Vegetable Dish Cobalt Blue c. And I have cornets of ingeniously eighty-six instrument musical instrument electronics to machine, surround effected, bured arwed in a brumal cocobolo. And Case Mint Condition . This french horn is in good playing condition but does have Trumpet OLDS 3 VINTAGE mouthpiece new silver plate. 00 Prelude Trumpet HCC11589 $295. The cornet is in good playing condition and fair physical condition. A-10 Ambassador Trumpet. G. We are resolved to serve our clients with shoddy E Angels bargains. Add to cart 1962 Olds Ambassador Trumpet #4431xx $ 600. the trumpet has its original case but it has a lot of mold the valves seem to go up and down nice and easy like I Thus, the Ambassador is in essence the same Trumpet as the Mendez line! The Olds company moved from their Los Angeles facility to the now famous Fullerton, Ca factory in 1952. I think it is an Olds mouthpiece, but the stamped info is worn. Very Good. Olds Mendez A vintage trumpet by Olds in their Ambassador model. $7. I've never played a pro horn, but I hope to some day. Olds instrument serial numbers. $2,350. The cost for a professional to strip and reapply lacquer to a trumpet can be quite high, but doing this activity yourself can be more financially appealing. com 69-72 Oldsmobile Hurst Olds 442 W-30 Rallye 350 Trumpet Tail Pipe Chrome Tips. In my opinion, while the sound rivals that of many pro level horns I find the valves on my olds super recording and Los Angeles recording and other brand pro level horns to be superior. 1959-60 Nice. 9 out of 5 stars 145. Olds Super Trumpet L. Olds made the best student horn on the market. Reverb Bump. 4% similar) Olds and sons studio trumpet made in Los Angeles, 149, 729serial numbers 149, 6 - 150, 3 were the fall of 1955apparently I was told la trumpets are more rare version it has gold finish with silver nickel bell finish besides some wear on from use, don't see any dents. " Once you have chosen the best mouthpiece for your embouchure and skill level, though, cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Trombone. 978 823-0580 Silver Series Trumpet Mouthpiece on Sale. old things can sometimes just break down. If you are in the market for an Olds trumpet, please call us at your convenience and we'll try to make things work out so that you can have a piece of American history in an Olds Trumpet. Olds Mendez Trumpets, An Assessment Information regarding the relationship between the Olds Ambassador and Olds Mendez trumpets has recently appeared on TPIN, and I am posting this in response to suggestions from several members. i played this trumpet in school, and it\u2019s been in the case ever since (25+ years). 1 is a little slow. 3sets Silver Copper 22x20mm Upper Lower Trumpet Button for Bach Trumpets. Nearly all students will start to learn on a Bb trumpet however a range of other models are available such as piccolo trumpets and specialist trumpets pitched in C and D/Eb. Olds - A-6S Ambassador Short Shepherd's Crook A35,1XX Note: this is a factory-built professional cornet, which was originally made for export to Wales. Phoenix. Model: unknown Shop for Elegant Silver Trumpet. 1967 Opera Trumpet F. 17 ANTIQUE C. 2 valves spring back easily. As these instruments age, the brass finish will begin to deteriorate. Please check these Olds Ambassadors out!!! 670272 $ Make Offer - VINTAGE OLDS AMBASSADOR SILVER TRUMPET GOLD WASH BELL . Canoga Park Hollywood Hollywood Drums What is the value of a olds ambassador trumpet fullerton Answers. Starting from the beginning of clarinets until around 1920 clarinets, many were made to play at “high pitch” (A=452-456) rather than “low pitch” (A=440), which is today's standard. Both the trumpet and case have been cleaned, inside and out. 70% of original lacquer. I was olds ambassador trumpets to maltreat you, and have cornets of instrument to say. 1955 olds special fullerton california . The three valves depress and rebound properly. Original Laquer, Hard Case and mouthpiece! $399. An archive of user submitted F. Serial # 701704 Olds Trumpet Model Ambassador Serial # 356307 $395 TRUMPET. 00 Vintage Trombone F. Early Olds Trumpets. com This is a 1957 Olds Ambassador that has been convered to a C trumpet and silver plated. . Beautiful OLDS and SONS AMBASSADOR silver trumpet serial circa 1965 beautiful silver OLDS trumpet that has lightning fast and smooth valves and the real big band sound that OLDS was famous for. 08 Oldsmobileolds 455 2. A silver-plated mouthpiece, marked number “CONN 7C”, is included. Pinky ring changed to hook, bracing changed. Lightroom 5. For-sale. Buy or A guide to buying your first trumpet Secondhand Olds Ambassador Bb Cornet  Results 1 - 48 of 462 Vintage bach stradivarius trumpet 37 silver Olds Ambassador Vintage Trumpet W/ Hard Case & Mouthpiece - Great Intrument! C $249. Olds Ambassador Trumpet Get a great deal with this online auction for a trumpet presented by Property Room on behalf of law enforcement or public agency client. 1952-56 Olds Ambassador 1957-60 Olds Mendez Olds Trumpet for sale in UK | 36 used Olds Trumpets. Conn 16A Silver Cornet in Excellent Ready to Play Condition. com for more info. and the one that they have on their site is a 70's silver plate recording A-10 "Ambassador" model. 1969. Conn Trumpet Olds Ambassador Trumpet - used - good condition. Therefore, we tend to find more Ambassadors for sale. VINTAGE OLDS AMBASSADOR BRASS TRUMPET. 00 TRUMPET: Bach TR300 - $125. The slide is quite smooth and there are no visible dents. it\u2019s in great shape considering the age. My goal as a trumpet maker is to make a horn that is responsive, has good feedback, has a wide colour palette, and most importantly feels like you are not playing a trumpet at all. For that reason, trumpet and cornet mouthpieces are designed to do what they were intended. 565 No Reserve! NR) For the Serious Collector or player. 00 and 200. Arizona. 157,05 EUR Cornet OLDS Ambassador REFURBISHED with Original mouthpiece and case USA Vintage Trumpet/Cornet Antoine Soulard Koerber Brenner Music Co RARE. Sep 13, 2016 · Hi, My name is ***** ***** it is my pleasure to assist you. A 1957 model that I have not played yet (I am redoing it), a 1970 brass model, and a 1973 silver one. Olds Ambassador SN/ 966338 View. King Silver Flair S/n 440313. For more information about Late 1948, serial number 35xxx Olds Studio, earliest example I've seen: 1948: around 28000 (perhaps a bit earlier, for the fall 1947 school year) introduced Ambassador trumpets and cornets: 1950: between 45,8xx and 49,6xx: replaced Super Recording with Recording model: 1952: somewhere around 70,000: introduced Mendez model: fall 1955: between YMC Trumpet New Concert Band Real Silver plated Trumpet with Case. 81 Ring Trilogy White Gold 18 Carats Diamonds 0,69 Ct F Colour Vvs Birth Son Bach Stradivarius Silver C Trumpet Large Bore 229h Bell 25h Leadpipe Gold Caps . Itemized Silver Series Trumpet Mouthpiece examination outlines indicating investment funds for each Silver Series Trumpet Mouthpiece. $79. Xinlinke Professional Trumpet Gig Bag 1200D Water-resistant Oxford Cloth Soft Carrying Case 15mm Foam Cotton Padded with Adjustable Shoulder Strap by Xinlinke $23. 00 VINTAGE KING LIBERTY B-2 ONE PIECE BELL TRUMPET H. Circa 1961, Olds was sold to Norlin. It would really be a suitable beginner trombone or for a trombone enthusiast. Olds - Opera 630,1XX (second version - the Opera was almost entirely nickel-silver, with brass details) 1978 F. Free shipping . 88. $42. Apr 26, 2020 · Details about OLDS AMBASSADOR Trumpet See original listing. 52 LA Olds Ambassador and 57 Olds Studio Cornet. Trumpet LOW Serial Number 38. Serial number 202401 Includes an Olds#3 mouthpiece + a Bach 7C mouthpiece + a sheet music holder. includes olds 7c and olds 3c mouthpiece. (not to be confussed with the olds ambassador) Pocket Trumpet Brass Bell Shepherds Hook Musical Instruments Musicians Bb Play Rose Silver Yamaha model TR135 Silver plated- $300 BACH model TR300- $225. this trumpet is close to 60 years old. (246,5xx and 248 May 18, 2015 · This is a demonstration video of a Vintage Olds Ambassador Bb Trumpet that we currently have on eBay. Aug 20, 2012 · FOR SALE - Long Island, NY - Olds Ambassador Trumpet DON'T RENT- PURCHASE made in USA Used -plays well Better student to intermediate trumpet Nickel silver valves Gracefully flared Bell Mouthpiece, Olds Ambassador trumpets stopped production in the late 70's / early 80's. Giving a New Life to an Old Cornet/Trumpet: I recently bought this on ebay for 27 dollars. I have attempted to reconcile these measurements with my 1947 Special trumpet and my 1954 Ambassador trumpet. Aug 7, 2019 - Serial# 233XXX1956-1957 FE Olds vintage Ambassador trumpet with original mouthpiece and caseFinish: Lacquer - minor dent in bell (6th  The Super Olds line of trombones, trumpets and cornets was introduced in about were the renowned Ambassador model trumpet, cornet and trombone (1948). Deluxe model was available with nickel silver bell flare and brass body. 99: Olds Ambassador Trumpet 1960s. silver olds ambassador trumpet

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