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3. Oct 15, 2019 · On your phone, pull down the notification windows and select the MTP select. Tecno Mobile is no doubt the most popular, cheapest and sought after low-end Android phone producer in Nigeria and of course the African mobile Market as well. Come to the device and switch off it completely. Oct 19, 2015 · This ia quite very easy once you have successfully changed your tecno device imei to that of a blackberry imei. Your phone might already have the capability to scan a QR Code directly using the phone’s camera. Settings is an app that allows you to change system settings quickly. If you own a Mac, follow these steps. Note that there is a maximum of three responses. Tool will load and configure the loaded files automatically. Step01 Configure The Tool. Feb 12, 2017 · Phone is stolen by someone: how do i find my stolen motorola g6 phone. Here is a quick video review of the Tecno Phantom 6 Plus. Software and Performance. If you’d like to configure an APN on your Tecno Spark 4, you need to go to the Settings menu. Screens, available in several finishes, draw the working top and offer different level of privacy or co-working. Reading from the top right and going around the screen clockwise, we have the following options: Flash settings; Turn off automatic setting; Further automatics settings; Exposure Feb 20, 2017 · Brand: Model: Acer: CloudMobile: Alcatel: ONE TOUCH 997: Alcatel: ONE TOUCH 997A: Alcatel: ONE TOUCH 997D: Alcatel: ONE TOUCH 998: Alcatel: S800: Asus: Padfone 2 LG phone modals, variants and supported network frequencies. com numbers. Otherwise, tool will not detect your device. 3. Depending on the manufacturer, this option may have different names like Transfer files or Device File Manager. On your Android device, go to Settings and click on Apps. It came factory boxed. . 5. Once you are there, go to Network and Internet and Mobile Network . The Camon 15 Premier and Camon 15 stands as the flagship products from the phone brand. Tecno Mobile is a mobile phone brand that's owned by Hong Kong-based Transsion Holdings, which in 2017 launched another mobile brand in India - Itel. Just download free SWD After Sale Tool [Tecno Flash Tool], launch it on your windows pc and install firmware or remove frp from Tecno mobile easily. Step 1: Access Command Prompt. Dec 19, 2014 · Techno mobile phone brand is one of the most used Mobile phone in Nigeria but some people find it hard to configure Techno phones for Internet browsing manually and that is why i decided to show you how to configure your Techno phones manually because some techno phones cannot be configured automatically for example if you are using MTN network you can send SETTINGS to 3888 to receive settings Discover the latest smartphone of TECNO. 100% success rate. Now connect the tecno phone with pc via usb cable. yourcompany. On windows 8 you can see . Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. Some phones can share Wi-Fi connection by tethering. 0MP camera with Current Price: N14,500 Tecno D1 Specifications and Price TECNO D1 is tailored for socially active people striving to enjoy a smart life in their social circle. com number. If this is the only Google Account on the phone, you'll need to enter your phone's pattern, PIN, or password for security. You should only need to do this if you're unable to send photo, video, or group texts because your phone wasn't TECNO has become one of the biggest names in the African market. By far, this is one of the easiest methods that let you merge PDF files. This mobile device is one you might have been wanting to be with if at all you are a fun of texting, calling, internet, chatting, taking photographs and much more. If you have a dual SIM phone, enter AT +EGMR=1,10,"ENTER-IMEI-HERE" then tap on 'Send AT Command' again. Mar 19, 2017 · How To Configure MTN Internet Settings on Phones and Modems. 2. I can do the connection myself, if I know the access point userword and password of the modem. To access the Xbox Game Bar settings click on your Start menu button and then the settings tab. i carefully followed ur instrution and i was able to bring back my phone to life again. The Tecno Phantom 9 smart phone has been out for some time now since the day of it’s official launch. Locate and expand Android Phone in the right pane. i don't get phone updates n cant even check wich os version my phone z currently using. It was fun! Bluetooth is not just useful for exchanging files between mobile devices, but it can be used to transfer files between a phone and a laptop and even from one laptop to another laptop. It’s successfully tested on many Tecno devices like Tecno i3 / i3 Pro, Tecno i5 / i5 pro, tecno i7, tecno i5 and Tecno IN2 etc. An improperly seted up APN can thus prevent your Tecno Spark 4 from receiving MMS or connecting to the internet. Have you heard of the Tecno T33 Mobile Phone? If yes, that fine but if no, then I reviewed it for you. Between Phone, Mac and Windows PC. It is with our hope that these reveals will help spark some much-needed curiosity, for you and other readers to check out (and buy, we truly hope so) these models. Tecno Phantom 9 price and where to buy. 21 ] 1. In this few days, my phone suddenly can’t connect the cellular data and when I make a call it show “not registered on network”, after I turn it off and restart my phone,it’s become work again but this case happened a lot of time in a day and I need to keep turni0ng off my phone and restart a lot of time. Check Phone Setting. May 30, 2013 · Wow! Nwosu you made a very useful information here, I never knew Android 2. TECNO has a presence in more than 60 countries across the globe. Now, it's time to fire up the website and remotely wipe that device. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular > Advanced options > Add an APN . When I was in college, I have used it a lot for getting MP3 songs from my friend's phone. Use external storage to expand unexpandable Android phones. Flip Mute: Get a call, flip your phone to make the call  Multy configuration. BROWSE THE SCATTER FILES OF YOUR ROM AND CLICK DOWNLOAD. For Samsung Android Phone users. Jun 14, 2020 · Make sure that the PDF that you want to open is on your Android phone or tablet. If those wireless connections aren't working, here are some Wi-Fi troubleshooting tips for users with Android phones. Changes in the settings can fix your problem. There is no option available to change the DNS settings for your 3G/4G data networks connection. You can use it to allow you to switch your phone on if you can’t use your power button. You can also use your favorite music songs or even record any sound as  9 Oct 2019 You can access the Digital Wellbeing dashboard from the phone's Settings and scroll all the way towards the last item. Install the app Pegaso or Pegaso Plus. Generally, we get to misunderstand most of these terms. One way of setting your Android device apart, from how the others look is changing it is home and lock screens. It has a sidebar that is optimized for one-hand use and is accessible from within any app. I just got this new phone and I have been with Red Pocket for 4 yrs and had no issues with my previous phone. The newest addition to the Camon series is Camon i4, an emblem of “Capture More Beauty Mar 20, 2020 · Hi,I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. 2014. Unlocked Android Smartphone - 5. I have tried to reset the phone. iTel 6910 Price in Nigeria, iTel 6910 Price in Ghaha, iTel 6910 Price in Kenya, iTel 6910 Price in Egypt, iTel 6910 Price in Tanzania, Ivory Coast. app ls -R /data/data/com. We tried 20 sets of APN settings. First off download “MTK IMEI Drivers” ,“Tecno IMEI Tool” and extract it on pc. Apr 12, 2018 · If you've already configured port forwarding rules on your router and you know your internet connection's external IP address or DDNS address, you're ready to configure the phone/table app for use. Tecno Mobiles was established in 2006. Apr 28, 2015 · I can configure it using the My computer icon on the desk top, but the modem cannot coonnect to the internet. This message will be seen on the blocked screen of your phone. Tecno (2019) Price, Camera, Specifications, Features, Full review #TECNO sports the latest powerful processor about TECNO is 2019 best mobile. google. A new range of Tecno phones were recently spotted in the market with 3-4 sim locations thereby causing more challenges for Nigeria Telecom providers on how such devices can be configured and activated for mobile internet services, which is well spell out as May 04, 2020 · THE TECNO CAMON 15 REVIEW The Tecno Camon 15 is a sleek dual-sim Android phone produced by Tecno Mobile. I just bought Samsung Galaxy Y Duos but while trying to setup the device I noticed the Android 2. Mar 18, 2019 · Like other smartphones running Android OS (operating system), Tecno and Infinix Android phones does not differs much in interface/settings and hence this tutorial can also be use to configure any other phone brand as long as it runs Android OS, though we are limiting the scope to Tecno and Infinix only. Nov 10, 2019 · TECNO Camon 12 Pro is compatible with Bell HSDPA and Bell LTE. i dnt even get app updates. The elegant Camon series is famous for its photography features that make it par at excellence with any contemporary smart phone series. Learning how to set up tethering on Android may be helpful when your main internet connection goes Tecno secret codes *#06# - IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number ANDROID Tecno secret codes for Tecno W3 *#*#4636#*#* - Testing menu only have Phone Information, Usage Statistics and Wi-Fi information. 6. Ideally, your dongle (modem) or data This guide will show you how to set up Internet on your phone either by resetting your phone to default Internet settings or by setting up the network manually. Flash any MTK android phone using SWD After Sale Tool. With its brand philosophy, it is no surprise that Tecno is not only the fastest-growing mobile brand in Africa, but also one of the top three mobile phone brands, a position it has achieved in a mere 5 year period. Reply Delete Flash any MTK android phone using SWD After Sale Tool. Nov 11, 2018 · No matter which Android phone you own, chances are a lock screen will be the first thing you see every time you power on your device. Multy는 공간을 분할하고 구성하는데 혁신적인 파티션 월 시스템입니다. Tap Settings > Find My Phone on your Windows Phone to configure it. The procedure to enable or disable auto-answer feature in many smartphones are same. From here, some devices might have a tab titled Status, where the MAC address can be found, while others have it readily available in the About Phone section. After rooting TECNO W4 you can overclock the processor which will speed up your device (but may eat a lot of battery juice). Step Two: Select “Wireless & networks” Step Three: Select “Wi-Fi settings” Step Four: Select the network desired. Use your phone to scan the QR code on your computer or Portal. 10. Step 3: Configure Remote Play App. It was established in 2006. Also, these products come with impressive features and prices that meet the demand of every buyer. Open properties of Nokia USB Modem and uncheck the following under options tab. For example, a lot of dual SIM phone owners use one SIM card for mobile data and the other for calls and messages. ETISALAT: Title- Wap etisalat. Enable high-speed Internet data preferred 4G only network mode code. ZTE Blade A452 Reboot phone and connect to PC while in Airplane mode. When using WPA or WPA2-Enterprise, this includes not just adding the wireless connection, but adding any necessary certificates to the Wi-Fi client. That’s it. Tecno announced the flagship at in event in Dubai and it’s already available in Nigeria. This phone comes with 8GB internal memory card, USB adapter & charger, earphone and a plastic case. In this tech guide, we will share a common procedure to turn on or turn off auto answer on an Android phone. Jun 04, 2020 · How to Update an Android. You can then visit the Windows Phone website and click Find My Phone in the menu at the top-right corner of the screen to remotely track, lock, and erase it. Please check your URL address or go to our homepage to see what's new. The Latest Tecno Mobile Phone Choices. 1 mobile phone brand in Africa, while al If your RADIUS server requires any other EAP type, use an Android-compatible Mobile Device Manager to configure a wireless network connection with the appropriate matching settings. Allow it for some time to finish. : The DIY Cellphone is a working (albeit basic) cellphone that you can make yourself. For some reasons, there could be a need for you to manually configure your smartphone, modem or Mifi… no matter the purpose, this post show take you through it step by The Tecno M7, Tecno J5, tecno boom j8 Tecno H5 like others in their class are also high tech phones that give full access to push email and gaming, also the Tecno R7 & Tecno A3 are worth considering as well. Remove battery and SIM card, and wait a while, then put them back and reboot. The software solution can be used to configure a wide range of settings, including wireless LAN (if supported by the phone), e-mail or Internet access point (IAP) details. If you do, then all the data on the card will no longer be readable, even by the phone itself. 0 through 7. Next, you will see a popup screen, enter your current SIM PIN and tap on OK to enable SIM Card Lock on your Android Phone. Before 2008 the company provided mobile phones in Latin America and South East Asia. When the process is complete, your phone will automatically reboot, and you'll be rooted. just double click on your phone modem name in networks from notification area. Now, TECNO is the No. Text works without pics. Tecno Mobile specializes in manufacturing of mobile phones. Choose Once your Tecno Phone is in Safe Mode, Navigate to Settings and then to Apps. com Site-www. iPhone 6S – Complete Beginners Guide - Duration: 1:36:23. com. Mar 12, 2017 · A) Tap on the Start button at the bottom of your phone to go to your Start screen. From here, you can  1 Jun 2019 To connect to the internet from your phone, you need to have the right data tariff activated on your mobile phone number and a proper  9 Oct 2018 The ads are in 2 variants; 'Instant Apps' shows games you can play without installation. May 26, 2019 · A phone constantly beeping and buzzing with notifications is annoying and a battery drain, so knock it off. Tecno Telecom Limited was founded in July 2006 in Hong Kong. com Site- www. 35GHz MediaTek Helio P35 chipset. Learn how to configure the Fizz network parameters (APN) in your phone to make sure your mobile data and multimedia messaging (MMS) work properly. In a cell phone the Network Section is controlled by the Network Select a preferred network type in android phone. The manufacturers have a very strong presence in Lagos. If your phone can receive the settings automatically, a settings will be sent to you which you will be required to save. Remember to turn off your Wi-Fi before testing. This tip is the simplest & straightforward way to go about the formatting. Open sp tool /NCK crack. 0 , 2G/3G , WIFI , Google Play , Facebook , Gmail , Google Maps , 5. As we all know that the NTEL 4G LTE is the fastest in Nigeria presently especially when you compare the speed and downloads per seconds to other 4G networks in Nigeria. i have the configuration settings for tecno t570[ my phone] Zain Wap model of phone then send it to 232 Mtn Settings to3888 to be sure u have done it correctly u will receive a message telling u to save the configuration settings that will be sent shortly. Oct 03, 2016 · Tecno Phantom 6 Plus Review: Pricing and Release Date. I … List of the Best 4GB RAM Mobile List 2020 with Price in India for July 2020. TECNO Mobile is ready to launch another exquisite phone in the Camon series. You can also make a message visible on your lost phone informing the finder how to contact you. Other Features: Tecno HiOS, Fingerprint Reader, Face Unlock Feature; Tecno Camon X. See screenshot below. Backup operations Nov 18, 2014 · Next enter the security key you had set earlier to connect with your Android phone’s WiFi hotspot and access its internet connection . Make Your Own Cellphone From Scratch. 1. So, I decided to write down a detailed article explaining the whole process with different procedures from the scratch. lost it on 27th November: Solved! track stolen phone: Tracking phone stolen: Solved! my honor 7x was stolen by some one plse help me: I have lost my phone,can I retrive text messeges from my stolen phone? please help: How do I recover my contacts and pictures from stolen phone. 0 GHz Octa-core CPU (-) Memory: 3GB RAM | 16/32GB ROM How to Flash Firmware on Tecno Camon X CA7 Using SWD After Sale Tool. IMMEDIATELY PRESS THE VOLUME DOWN BUTTON THEN AFTER THAT CONNECT YOUR DEVICE TO THE PC WHEN SEARCHING APPEARS ON THE SP TOOL (if not worked then do the same process but this time you press both the POWER AND VOLUME DOWN button) Jul 12, 2019 · Also read: Tecno Pouvoir 1 Reviews! Full Specs and Price in Uganda. Tecno Mobile is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. It is a subsidiary of Transsion Holdings. Tecno Camon CX: Tecno Camon CX Air. This example is a Samsung Nexus 4 with Android version 4. Tap Apply. Price of the Tecno W4. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. Network: 2G / 3G / 4G; Display: 6 inches, IPS LCD Touchscreen display — (720 x 1440 pixels) Software: Android version 8. Also, be sure you do not reset (hard or factory) the phone. To solve any problems about data recovery and transferring on iOS/Android, RecoveryAndroid offers comprehensive tips and tricks for you. 6-inc Configure Yoomee 4G APN on Phones, Routers and Modems How to configure your Firewall to work with Internet Download Manager. You can now view and read all your android messages on the screen of your computer. This guide will show you how to access a wireless network. If you select Custom, you must identify the phone numbers to be recorded. Once you click OK, you will see the screen of your phone on the computer screen. Jun 16, 2020 · Merge PDF on Mac. As a brand, TECNO is dedicated to transforming state-of-art technologies into localized products under the guideline of “Think Globally, Act Locally”. Tecno W3 LTE. Now run “Modem Meta tool setup” as administrator and install the Tecno Mobile is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer based in Hong Kong. To configure Bell APN settings with TECNO Camon 12 Pro follow below steps. The good thing about this is that you only configure it out once. Nov 17, 2015 · Receiving calls on the USA phone number or having calls to it diverted to your local phone number required you to either pay or get down in the mud with soft phone configurations. Tap Account s. As our review stated, there was one inconvenience after the update: The WinPad 10 display would always auto rotate into an upside-down position. TECNO Mobile is the premium mobile phone brand of TRANSSION Holdings with a comprehensive mobile device portfolio across feature phones, smartphones and tablets. Carefully, place the SIM card in it. the camera is awesome,the display quality of the screen is great. 4. Disable TTY Mode. OPEN SP TOOLS. From here, you should see a red Android logo on your phone's screen, and you'll see a wall of text scrolling by—this is CF Auto Root doing its job and rooting your device. Your phone will reset to default Internet and MMS settings. The data stored on an Adopted card is encrypted and it can't be mounted on any other device. There are ups and downs in this process. GLO: Title-Wap-gloworld. From the General Settings options, select Wireless and Networks to choose from the Mobile  In the event that you have misused your phone and you have to reset or restore it to its factory settings, here is the trick on how you will be able to FORMAT Tecno  Here you should tap Build number several time to enable Developer mode. Feb 05, 2019 · If you can connect to a Wi‑Fi network on your Windows 10 device or have a phone handy, try searching online to find the Internet APN settings for your mobile operator. Buy New TECNO Dec 20, 2017 · TECNO K7/K8 frp lock 7. WARNING: ROOTING YOUR PHONE WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY ROOTING your phone is a proccess to gain "control" over your device, just like in the PC world getting an administrator rights. If above tricks don’t work for you, please try solutions below. TECNO Mobile was established in 2006 as a premium smartphone brand by TRANSSION HOLDINGS. Apple iPhone SE (2020) review Sep 06, 2019 · How to Configure MMS on Android. Right-click on Android Composite ADB Interface and select Update Driver. For mobile devices such as phones or tablets, the MAC address can be found by accessing your device's settings and navigating to the About Phone tab. Change your phone and turn it off. The next time you connect it will be automatic. 0 or higher version. May 19, 2020 · For example, Tecno C9 to 927. Microsoft's Your Phone app brings integration between Android and Windows, enabling users to share data between their TECNO Q1 allows you to enjoy the latest Android technology Key Features Android 4. Prices of Tecno Mobile Phones was last updated on 8th July 2020. This wikiHow teaches you how to change your Multimedia Messaging (MMS) settings on an Android. In the event that you have misused your phone and you have to reset or restore it to its factory settings, here is the trick on how you will be able to FORMAT Tecno android phones or how to RESET your Tecno without making use of a Computer. In the Mobile MTK Engineering Mode app go to > MTK Settings > Connectivity > CDS Information > Radio Information > Phone 1. Tap ” Allow ” on pop-ups that appear on the screen. When it comes to term of cheap mobile internet connection, many network operators serves their customer Internet via proxy server and it might not support all protocols like FTP, SMTP, etc. May 09, 2013 · How do I configure my Tecno T4 fo use in USA - Answered by a verified Tech Support Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Sharing your Android phone’s internet connection with Bluetooth tethering. Tap on the file. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to setting proxy on Android phone / tablet to get connected to the Internet. Open your phone's Settings app. Install “MTK IMEI drivers” on windows pc. Go to Finder and open the folder where your PDF files are saved To do this, go to settings, phone, and respond with text option. Tecno has focused its business on the African and the South Asian markets. You are not limited to using the wallpapers on your phone as your lock screen wallpaper. Connect to Wi-Fi - Tecno Camon CX. Here you will see six sections namely: Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Ringtones, and Videos. Log into your Gmail account (from a web browser), point the Jan 16, 2020 · Tap The Phone With Your Fingers. Disconnect your phone from pc and boot/ power it on. Its headquarters is based in Hong Kong, China. After successfully subscribing for data, check your phone settings, make sure you enable the mobile data connectivity button, else you won't be able to browse the internet via your mobile phone. how else cal l reset my phone. Among them are the tecno Phantom 8, Tecno camon X, Tecno camon CM, Tecno Spark 2 and the Tecno Pouvior 2. TECNO PHANTOM 8 . Pay Monthly Settings. You are able to buy the Tecno Phantom 9 from the different participating offline and other online stores in Uganda and Kenya once the phone is launched officially. Compare and Buy Samsung smartphones models online with 3G, 4G, Dual sim, android OS and more features. ZOPO HERO2. Step 5. Changing the DNS settings will only affect your current Wi-Fi network connection. The good news is you can increase the internal memory. You can simply follow these steps to insert the SIM card:Switch off the Phone. Step 4. You must know the APN of Etisalat, Glo, MTN and Airtel for you to be able to configure your Android for internet. Step 6. In Nigeria, you will be able to get the phone on various online stores including Jumia. Tecno Boom J8: Tecno Phantom 6. Before we proceed to Learn How to Fix and Solve Mobile Phone Network Not Available Problem, we must understand the Network Section of Mobile Phone PCB. How you can configure an APN on your Tecno Spark 4 . Feb 01, 2011 · Here’s how to connect your Android phone to a WPA2 Enterprise wireless network. how to configure the internet. Convert Switch / Change 2G to 3G to 4G LTE only mode in Android Phone via USSD code Settings. 0 one. 4. It’s really very easy to configure for noob and advance android Reboot phone and connect to PC while in Airplane mode. SEE ALSO: Simple way To Download Paid Android Apps For Free HOW TO FORMAT/HARD RESET A LOCKED TECNO ANDROID PHONE. 1 (Oreo) Processor: 2. Step 1: Open your Android phone settings and tap on “more settings” under wireless and network . e Access Point Name of Etisalat,Glo,MTN and Airtel for you to be able to configure your Android for internet. The USSD protocol allows you to access hidden features you didn't know about right from your smartphone's dialer. Tap on Settings. 4 menus will appear on the phone screen: (Phone information, Battery information, Battery history, Usage statistics) Mar 19, 2011 · The phone comes with a 13-month warranty – and it works (I have confirmed this with the major dealers in my locality). If you have an: Android: Tap the CHATS tab > More options > WhatsApp Web. Here is the right internet settings for your device. Leave everything else and then tap save. Please continue the guide if you still cannot go online. How to manually set up a VPN on Android. How to log in or out - Log in To log in to WhatsApp on WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Desktop, or Portal, you need to use your phone to scan the QR code. How to use AirPods with an Android phone: Samsung Galaxy, Pixel, Huawei and more. Nov 29, 2015 · If you are a proud owner of the recently reviewed Tecno Winpad 10 2-in-1 device, and have recently upgraded to Windows 10, you may be experiencing a Winpad 10 rotation bug. When I use my opera mini for the internet, my Tecno m3 shows like this ( EXIT. Therefore, if you want to add a new one, you will have to remove one of the current options. Get a glo sim, recharge N1000, send comonth to 777 as a text message. Step 1. This may be not what you want. Scroll down and tap the profile name you typed above. It gives me further instructions as showing in the following picture: Tecno Camon C9. Somebody did the connection for me, but he is no longer in touch. com sells premium domain names to entrepreneurs, businesses, and nonprofits that want to dominate their online marketplaces and perpetually . 4 ways to open Phone Dialer in Windows 10: Way 1: Turn it on via searching. If your phone lacks a microSD slot, you can still add extra storage. May 19, 2020 · iTel 6910 (it6910) Specification, Image and Price in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Cameroon, Uganda, Egypt, India, Bangladesh. TECNO Camon 12 Pro maximum data transter speed with Bell is 150. Go to the phone settings. Open the app and tap on the first option “ Connect bracelet ” (leave the watch close to the cell phone). Note that you must enable SMS forwarding for each of your Phone. Official Tecno flash tool : SWD After Sale Tool; It’s a portable tecno firmware flash tool, so no need to install it on pc. com boxes but also other boxes of other providers as long as you know the configuration parameters. The page you're looking for can't be found. Reply. Make sure [  Mobile · Set up mobile · Change mobile plan · Keep my phone safe · Cell tower health & safety · Mobile device help · View more  9 Nov 2017 Although a mobile phone may be internet ready, it will require activation with 3G or GPRS settings before it can be used to browse the internet. 0 bypass google reset 2018- YouTube - Duration: 12:15. Also Read - Here's how to ensure that your Google If you're trying to access mobile internet, or send multimedia messages on the Lycamobile network, this guide to APN settings will help you get your phone connected so you can browse the web, use email, and send MMS messages. No need for plaza configuration. Jun 18, 2014 · Allowing the ADM to have access to your phone. Download Tecno Flash Tool, Firmware & USB Drivers Not to worry there are different ways to bypass FRP on different phones, in this series of tutorials we‘ll focus on MediaTek-MTK powered Phones like Tecno, Alcatel, Gionee, Wiko, Infinix, and some Itel etc. ZTE Blade V0710 (V7 Max) ZTE Blade V0720. Solution 1. Tap on the phone icon in your Android phone. Note: The quotes are included. You must know the APN i. Install and after phone restart, customer can use the line on ntel network More updates will be provided as the devices get certified on the network Tecno C5, Konka R2 are preloaded with the VoLTE software nice thread guys. (see screenshot below) (see screenshot below) B) Either swipe left or tap on the arrow button on your Start screen. If you want to receive MTN configuration settings on your mobile phone automatically, send “settings” to “3888” (without quote) through SMS. Hello, pls how do i configure my tecno you can hard factory reset tecno android phone when it refuse to come up or just stuck on logo display. Tecno Mobile is known for its good and strong Android phones. So here the steps to activate Auto Call Answering Oct 02, 2018 · To access the data you would have to connect he phone to say a computer and copy it over to the computer from the phone/card. Sharing a connection this way is called tethering or using a hotspot. Tecno PhonePad 3: Tecno Droipad II 10 Pro. Select Install from a list or specific location and click Next. 3 Os can be upgraded to 4. Nov 21, 2019 · So here we provide the top 5 best Android phone unlocking software downloads for PC. Tecno’s vision is to be the No. Mar 20, 2020 · Hi,I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. i realy appreciate u. So a consumer can check the price and specs in order to find out a suitable tecno phone. Do it yourself. In order to fix it, all you need to do is to tap the phone with your fingers several times, but make sure to do it gently. For this you will be accessing the Data Usage section on your Android Phone, which provides a good overview of the amount of Cellular and WiFi data used by apps on your Phone. Sep 09, 2017 · Find out how you can block any website on Windows and Mac computers, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer browsers, as well as Android and Windows Phone smartphones and iPhones and iPads. The options you see on the screen depend on the model of phone you have and the quality of the camera. Here's how to use a mobile version on your phone. WELCOME TO ZYRNO TUTORIAL • TOPIC: How to configure Tecno Android Smartphone • LECTURER: Ucheonye Nzubechi • DURATION: 30mins List of TECNO phones, smartphones and tablets. Info read not done Erased phone or unsupported FlashIc? Done! Elapsed: 00:00:10 Reconnect Power/Cable! Init preloader log; User selected DumpFile , extracted : preloader_lcsh89_we_jb2. How do i configure my tecno phone [Closed] Report. There is a large difference between Andriod Phones and other Java or symbian phones. Tecno's May 12, 2019 · Top 5 Best Tecno Mobile Phones 2019. Especially phones running MTK processor like the Tecno Camon C9. its all lost due to reset. And from what we’ve gotten to know so far about the device, at least from our review (if you haven’t read it, you can do so right here), we can say that it’s a pretty solid and nice device. Locate Tecno CX AIR DA bin file load inSP Tool or NCK crack dongle. Example: $ adb exec-out run-as com. Press Windows+R to open the Run dialog, input dialer and click OK. Oct 18, 2019 · Adoptable SD Card is an Android feature that allows an external SD card to be used as internal storage. In some cases require hold BootKey Wait for phone Jul 20, 2016 · Microsoft’s Windows Phone includes a tracking solution named Find My Phone. You c an use your phone's mobile data to connect another phone, tablet or computer to the Internet. In fact, the App of the computer giant not only allows you to configure @ gmail. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. allam rachid 86,078 views. 0” app on your Android or iOS phone. Tap the account you want to remove Remove account. Key Giving this situation, you may try to configure your smartphone manually and see how it goes, Settings of your phone. do you have a tecno android phone that is refusing to come up or after switching it On, it keeps restarting it self or bootloops or just showing the tecno logo and you don't know what to do. When you see the word Oct 18, 2019 · Adoptable SD Card is an Android feature that allows an external SD card to be used as internal storage. They are now making thousands of sales in every single release of phones launch in Africa. iPhone: Tap Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop. Connects your phone to Mac or Windows PC with ease. the procedure is quite simple, even to non-technical people, all you need to do is follow either of the guides below, step by step to Aug 09, 2018 · This post talks about the latest tecno smart phones released by TECNO Ghana in 2018. Don’t forget to press boot key, if it’s necessary. We can set the default SIM selection according to our preference for Call and Message in the settings. In order to work correctly, you have to configure your router and assign static IP to the device’s MAC address. Wait for some few seconds, you would receive a text message and your glo line would be activated. In your phone Settings, go to your Data section and enable Restrict Background Data. Restore phone to factory setting. Way 3: Open the app via Command Prompt. In this brief guide, I’ll show you a stress-free method of getting a USA phone number and also configure it to ring on your local phone number…. The statistic shows the market share of Tecno smartphones in the Middle East and Africa from 2011 to 2018, based on shipments. 7” HD+ 18:9 Display Smartphone with Dual Front Selfie Cameras -Black Apr 26, 2020 · Well, with the built-in Your Phone app on Windows 10, you can do just that. Learn how to set up your development environment and Android device for testing and debugging over an _Android Debug Bridge (ADB)_ connection. Whether you have to dismiss this screen with just a swipe or TECNO might be trying to target the upcoming long festive season in India, we don’t have much information about the smartphone name and specifications yet but by judging the ‘Block Your Date E-mail’ and some inside info from the sources the device will be pro selfie mobile phone with some other flagship features at an affordable price. 26 Mar 2020 Tecno mobile internet setting||convert into high speed internet || Tecno new and old models I hope you like my video If you like my video so  If what you have is a Tecno phone and want to be able to use it for mobile browsing, you will need to do the gprs configuration manually since it mostly is not  How to install dual SIM card & TF card into Phantom6 plus? Trying to access the internet? Read this APN guide to find out how to connect your smart phone, so that you can browse the web. well, before doing This post you’re about to see will show you how to configure your MTN APN Settings (Access Point network) for your Android, MiFi, Modem or other 3G / 4G LTE enabled device. This wikiHow teaches you how to manually update an Android phone or tablet operating system. This soon-to-be Chinese giant started its business in the untapped markets of Africa and brought innovative camera-centric phones to the continent. If you are using a mobile device with MTN as your network provider, you would need to configure your phone with the MTN settings. e Access Point Name of Aug 27, 2013 · internet configuration settings for tecno android phones. Way 2: Open it through Run. Tecno Phantom 6 Plus. On Windows 7 you can see . Our source say the price will vary from N120,000-N130,000. Oct 18, 2018 · Setting default Apps makes using your phone when carrying out certain tasks easy and smooth , you don’t need to be prompted all the time of which App to use when you want to carry out certain tasks. Step One: At main screen hit the menu button and select settings. Here, scroll to locate the app on There are times when turning your Android phone into a mobile hotspot can really come in handy. Change Default SIM PIN. Sep 20, 2011 · With the recent wave of china phone users in the country, manufacturers have been seen to constantly improve the values of their gadgets. 8/51 Mbps while Bell is capable of speeds up to 300/100 Mbps. truly,the screen is about the size of a bold 2 screen,which is a lil bit disappointing for a touch screen phone. Follow these steps to try it out: Open the stock Camera app on your HTC phone and point it steadily for 2-3 seconds towards the QR Code you want to scan. How to configure an APN on your Huawei Y6 When you want to set up an APN on your Huawei Y6, you will have to navigate to the Settings menu. Below are the steps to follow when setting default Apps or to follow when clearing default Apps. Mar 02, 2013 · Hi folks. This latest android phone unlocking software unlocks pattern, pin, password, fingerprints, and code on any Android phone without the need of key in command lines or flash custom kernels to root. And with the BBM now on the Android platform, there is no going back on getting a Tecno phone. Mcbussy: Just got mine yesterday and its a lovely piece of work. Setup and configure your phone. At this point, it's safe to unplug your device from your computer. It goes on to give you the key features of each of the latest smart phones specifications and where you can get one to buy in Ghana. To view messages, mouse over Configure, click Manage Users and Extensions, and click View Message for the extension that you want to view. We tried our best to describe all the steps with all necessary screenshots. You can’t make or receive the video calls. Having used the phone for over 2 months, I would rate it 8 out of 10, especially for a phone that cost under 12k. Our tips and how-to articles will set you on the path to Android expertise. Set Up mobile web and internet settings on Lycamobile and access the internet from your phone and browse, shop, email, download games, music, ringtones etc If you are looking for the MTN GPRS browsing settings, this article tells you how to configure your mobile phone to be able to access GPRS/ 3G/ Data/ Internet browsing functions. Driver’s installation is must. To make video call you have to disable it under the call settings. There is absolutely no way you can increase the size of your phone's internal storage but you can allocate some part of your memory card for your phone to install applications to. This is need full if you want to sell your phone or if a change in a system file made your phone to malfunction. I have a HTC One M7 with Android 4. This is because the brand has launched great smartphones to consumers within a short period. Tecno PhonePad 7. Infinix Zero 4 Plus X602 mobile phone is easy to use, flexible to customize, cost-effective and with a highly reliable resolution display. The newest addition to the Camon series is Camon i4, an emblem of “Capture More Beauty Your phone should have been pre-configured with the internet settings, try this instead; Go to SETTINGS, click SIM CARD, select Cellular data, and choose the glo sim, after that slide down your phone screen to reveal the notification pane and tap DATA CONNECTION in the list of icons. (just replace “tecno c9” with the name of your phone) But if you don’t know the brand and model of your phone, maybe you are using all those olden days unpopular China phones, then use below codes to get your internet configuration. app/ exec-out executes the command without starting a shell and mangling the output. After enabling SIM Card Lock on your Android Phone, you will need to change the default SIM PIN to a new 4 digit SIM PIN, otherwise it will be easy for anyone to use the default SIM PIN to get into your Android Phone. 21 Oct 2019 Read more info about TECNO Camon C8: If you are looking for the best way to configure your Tecno device, Tecno phone me data speed meter status bar par kaise on karen || tecno data speed metre || - Duration: 3:32. It can make and receive phone calls and text messages, store names and phone numbers, display the time, and serve as an alarm clock. In my phone when I connect my phone, in Settings > Wireless & networks > USB Internet (sharing Windows PC internet via USB cable) checkbox, which I checked then it asked me to choose my Windows version (which is Windows 8. For many people, this solved the problem. Easy to use interface for all new and advance users. Some device manufacturers change the way Android’s Settings screen looks and functions, so you may find your Wi-Fi or proxy settings in a slightly different location. Buy now online from Dove Computers your online trusted mobile phone dealer at an affordable price. Here we are going into the details of default sim selection for dual sim android phone and let us follow the steps. This will launch the Hardware Update Wizard. Step 3. Open the Settings; Then Applications > Application manager; Press on More > Apps that can appear on top; If you find an app with a bubble, display screen overlay. Optimized cmwap/cmnet connection: KongZhong-Opera improves the cmwap/cmnet connection when surfing the Internet and enables fluid switching between the two access modes. To configure your china phone for internet browsing, follow the steps below as you go to your "Wap" in your menu page= STEP 1=>HOME PAGE MTN: Title- Wap MTNonline. my phone tecno y3 got corrupted while changing the lock screen wallpaper and i come across this thread while search for solution. Notice it doesn’t explicitly Click on Three Dots/Configure Apps option. It may take couple of minutes to validate the files. If Windows detects your phone but doesn’t find any content, you should unlock your phone screen and try again. Best alternative tool for mediaTek phones. Know price & specs of all smart phones in India. The Android Debug Bridge is a tool that lets you perform actions on your Android device from your PC. Download and install the phone/tablet application Pegaso or Pegaso Plus. guess the next option is to take it to a mobile phone engineer to fix it for you. Find the best products from this list through our advanced filters and check detailed specifications. Phone Replicate feature makes it easy to switch contacts and contents when you change your phone. Network problems should be solved at this point. Minimum dead risk. If you want to access the downloaded files on Windows Phone, tap on Downloads. To disable the TTY mode in android devices, just follow all steps and under the call settings select TTY OFF. Sep 18, 2019 · One thing worth noting, the phone is very light and sturdy. May 19, 2014 · Today,I am sharing with you guys,how you can manually setup Etisalat,Glo,Airtel and MTN internet settings on your Android phone or tab like Samsung,HTC,LG or Tecno Android phone. Your first task is to take a look at the amount of data used by apps on your phone. This time around Tecno have released a low-end smartphone called Tecno M3 for those that are on a tight budget. If you give your contact number, it will not be shown – the finder will only have an option to call you without seeing the actual phone number. Components: A universal clamp, synthesis of the project, allows to configure and equip the tables with a series of components, easy and fast to fit. If the methods above didn’t work, let’s see if you’re dealing with a driver problem. Also, Users can compare new tecno cell phone prices features and Specs before buying a tecno mobile phone in China. Tecno is making the news again after a slight break. Established in 2006, TECNO has presence in more than 60 countries across the Tecno Mobile is a mobile phone brand that's owned by Hong Kong-based Transsion Holdings, which in 2017 launched another mobile brand in India - Itel. You can also do the following to avoid few more clicks. e Access Point Name of Aug 09, 2019 · Tecno Phantom 9 Tips and Tricks. Install RSA Authentication Manager, and configure it to accept and process TTL-PAP authentication requests. On the Manage Numbers page, you will notice a new Recording column. The TECNO Phantom 9 rocks 6GB of RAM, 128GB of onboard and is powered by an octa-core 2. Mar 04, 2011 · Wi-Fi connections can make using an Android phone a more robust experience. I have just introduced to you the Tecno T9 mobile phone. After that, the list of devices found by Bluetooth will be displayed. Type dialer in the search box on the bottom left, and choose dialer in the list. Go to your Android phone's Menu and select the Settings app. 0" Ultrathin Quad-Core Mobile Phone, 512MB RAM+512MB ROM Dual SIM/Camera Cellphone (Gold, R11 MAX 5 inch) 5. Open WhatsApp on your phone. 1 but since it didn't show that option) I chose Windows 8. The Tecno Camon 15's 6. 3 powering the phone does not really give a smooth experience so I decided to search for how to upgrade its Os to a higher version. Method 5: Updating the MTP Driver. Step 7. You can check the specs of Tecno Phantom 9 here: Tecno Phantom 9 Apr 14, 2014 · I hav Lumia 520 n it makes me crazy. Select SIM Card settings. I am not sure if the Tecno has this option but most Android devices do. This is a comprehensive mobile phone producer specializing in smart and innovative devices. Check out the Latest 4GB RAM Mobile List 2020 Price, Specifications, Features and User Ratings at MySmartPrice. Hie my phone is a gtel Android phone is not responding to the above reset skills you posted how else can l reset? My kid locked my phone, l tried to press the volume up button together with power button it is just switching on. At the AT+ line: Enter AT +EGMR=1,7,"ENTER-IMEI-HERE", then tap on 'Send AT Command'. Sep 15, 2015 · APN: phone; 5. 0 out of 5 stars 1 BLU Pure View -32GB +3GB RAM, 5. If an app adjusts your phone’s brightness, disable screen overlay option on those May 19, 2014 · Today,I am sharing with you guys,how you can manually setup Etisalat,Glo,Airtel and MTN internet settings on your Android phone or tab like Samsung,HTC,LG or Tecno Android phone. Sep 16, 2016 · Knowing the APN settings for the NTEL 4G LTE when it comes to using a manual configuration to setup your NTEL network. Tap the   In the event that your data is not working when you have inserted your SIM card, please check the APN settings or Internet settings on your mobile device. Moreover, the new version of the browser is with 50% faster than the old 2. Configure the VPN client profile in Windows RT to use TTLS-PAP authentication protocol. Here's how. Using the ADM. bin Operation : Init Preloader [ v1. Apr 15, 2020 · VPN support is baked into Android, so you can easily set it up via the Settings menu of the phone without needing to download an app. Vibration Settings. By sending ACTIVATE to 444. Phones don't really come with instruction manuals anymore, and learning how to use your phone effectively can be a big task. Once you’ve set up ADB on your PC, including enabling USB debugging on your phone, you’ll be able to send commands to your phone to do this. May 15, 2020 · How to configure and use Xbox Game Bar. If the file is on your computer, connect your Android device to the PC using the appropriate USB cable and transfer the file to your phone or tablet afterward. A new range of Tecno phones were recently spotted in the market with 3-4 sim locations thereby causing more challenges for Nigeria Telecom providers on how such devices can be configured and activated for mobile internet services, which is well spell out as Feb 07, 2014 · So, I have configured the secondary phone to redirect the calls to the primary phone, if the call is not answered within a few rings. the best part is < Tecno Camon CX. We cant get the phone to MMS, cant send or receive text with a pic. Tecno Camon CM: Tecno Camon XPro. Your phone has to trigger an internal motor to buzz, which—you guessed it—uses energy. 2 and Sense 5. List of Tecno Mobile Phones in India with their lowest online prices. SWD After Sale Tool is completely free for all users. Users of andriod phones are usually faced with the problem of browsing on their mobile phones , this is due to the settings that should be activated before browsing especially with china phones that are Mar 04, 2011 · Wi-Fi connections can make using an Android phone a more robust experience. About phone TECNO Spark 4; In the next step go back to Settings and open Developer  APN type: <Not set> OR Internet+MMS; APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6; APN roaming protocol: IPv4; Enable/disable APN: <  TECNO SPOT forum is an online platform where everyone can have fun and feel safe as we share the newest information about TECNO and learn from each  There are some pre-loaded ringtones you can choose on Tecno mobile phones. To enable recording for a number, check the box next to that number. 21 Jan 2019 Enable this feature through Settings – System Navigation – Gesture Navigation. Installing a custom ROM is also a good idea ( ROM - the unofficial version of Android on your device). From our checks, the phone should fall between N30, 000 and Jul 22, 2017 · How to Solve "Screen Overlay Detected" on any Android Device Method 1: 1. You should know that each operator has a different APN of their own. Next, tap on Data Usage. Insert USB cable. 12:15. I reset the phone about 15 days ago n I lost so many options in d settings like internet sharing. 이 패널을 통해 사무실내 시각적인 프라이버시를  404. Sushi Cat, Comboy Zombie, Freddy, Ninja Flips, Boat  4 Aug 2018 A VPN is great at keeping your personal data and browsing history safe from prying eyes. TTLS-PAP is a password-based, secure EAP method in Windows 8 that is used to transport the user’s user name and password, and the OTP token. Step 2. Best Features Of Tecno Flash Tool: SWD After Sale Tool. Apple's AirPods are some of the best wireless earbuds you can buy, and they even work with Android phones. 1 Before you start. While your Android will typically update automatically, you can speed up the update process by manually updating as soon Sep 08, 2013 · tecno 605 is a good phone i have used 5 phones but t605 is the best. Jul 18, 2017 · 13 Secret Codes That Unlock Hidden Features on Your Phone. Follow these steps: Navigate to the folder where the PDF file is stored. If you need to manually configure your phone or modem to work with MTN network, please follow these simple steps to get ready to connect to internet. What Is Tecno Boot Key : Boot key may be different for different Tecno devices. 1. Here is complete tutorial on “how to use SWD After Sale Tool” or “how to install stock ROM on any Tecno mobile using SWD After Sale Tool?”. Jun 19, 2020 · Sometimes you need to be unique or at least make the things you have like your android phone unique. We’re listing down some nifty Tecno Mobile Phone choices below. Connect your Tecno CX AIR and press start . Quick Details. The back can get scratches and fingerprint smudges and TECNO provides a protective back cover that increases grip and keeps off the smudges. I love to hear your feedback. When disconnecting it from the computer, you’d have to tap a “Turn off USB storage” button. 1 mobile phone brand in Africa & a worldwide well-known mobile phone manufacturer. Official Tecno flash tool : SWD After Sale Tool; It’s a portable tecno firmware flash tool, so no Dec 09, 2019 · Steps To Write IMEI On MTK Tecno Phone. Get best android mobiles with latest features at Samsung official online shop. I’ve seen lot of search queries referring to factory rest of tecno phones, how to flash tecno phones, hard reset of tecno devices and formatting tecno phones. How to Configure Your Phone to Use MTN MTN Automatic Settings. considering the price for such features,I rate dis phone 8/10 Wooow. On servers. Close the tray and you are done. every other thing is perfect. thanks Romkingz u save my money. Tap on Phone. Ignore Dualshock 4 pairing request; Click on Pair with PS4 and Ignore automatic pairing; FROM PS4: settings > remote play > add device; Paste the code on Remote Play app & click on register; Here you go! You can now enjoy your favourite Ps4 game on your phone! Read also: Playstation 5 – All the news How to configure Fiddler and your Android phone to capture mobile phone network traffic? How to take screenshots on Tecno mobile phones? 9 Comments / Mobile. KongZhong Opera comes with a redesigned start page that should allow Chinese users to access all the major portals and Websites with ease. The best things with the phone apart from the fact that that it comes to be durable are the fact it has a good battery life, supports 4G LTE, and does well with multimedia. For you to understand fully, you can search the google about rooting an android device. Mobile Phones Specs aims to brings the web’s most complete & up to date database of full specifications; from classic feature phones to the latest smartphones. Step by step instructions to setup call forwarding in Android phones Follow the steps below to configure call forwarding and call redirect: 1. GENERAL QUESTIONS AND PROBLEMS When I try to download any file with IDM, it just tries to To do this, go to settings, phone, and respond with text option. Network Section in a Mobile Phone (Android, iPhone, feature Phone) is the section that controls the incoming and outgoing calls. to wit; pictures, videos, files and documents. Steps 1. salaki says: September 15, 2014 at 5:59 pm Dec 07, 2014 · If you do not have SD card inserted in your Windows Phone, you will see only one section labeled as Phone. Back to Homepage  DomainMarket. Call recording is now enabled for that specific Phone. How To Set Default Apps For Your Tecno Smartphone For assistance in choosing a tecno phone in China, On this page Mobile57 China providing latest tecno mobile prices, and features. Otherwise only phone can read the data. Locate the SIM tray which is on either side of the phone. X)at the bottom then I cannot use Internet service so what shall I do? Install the “WearFit 2. Configure Alice mail on Android Gmail One of the easiest and fastest ways to configure your email Alice box on Android is by using the Gmail App. We deliver Countrywide. Feb 27, 2020 · Hi, today i have got the phone Tecno W3 from my customer to flash it but when i tried to flash it with Miracle Thunder it readed by the tool and everything showed successful means that the phone is flashed successful but when i turned on the phone, there is nothing changed, all problems, passwords, custom wallpapers and others remains there. josfemo - Jan 8, 2011 at 06:18 AM Blocked Profile - Jan 8, 2011 at 12:05 PM. Without rooting: If you can't root your phone, use the run-as <package> command to be able to access data of your application. It is now one of the top three mobile phone brands in Africa and a major player worldwide. First your android device has to be rooted, if you have the Tecno P3 or N3 look here how to root them easily. Has Support for multiple file types. If your phone holds two SIM cards, go to [Settings] > [Dual SIM and mobile network], switch to the other SIM card and try again. Feb 04, 2020 · It’s really very easy to configure for noob and advance android phone users. Tap the back button to go back to SIM info. If you don't see "Accounts," tap Users & accounts. As mentioned earlier, by default, the dual SIM Android phone will assign the SIM card in SIM card slot 1 as the default SIM card for all: calls, text messages and mobile data. The company was founded as Tecno Telecom Limited in 2006. Open the sim tray using sim ejector tool. The settings to enable or disable the auto call answering feature on android phones are bit different. Mouse over Configure and click Manage Numbers. Congratulations on your brand new phone! In our guide to setting up a new Android smartphone, we make the usually confusing setup procedure simple. Mobile Phone User manual details for FCC ID 2ADYY-Y4 made by TECNO reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. When you connect your Android phone or tablet to your computer, you’d have to specifically tap a “Connect storage to PC” button to make the Android device’s storage accessible to the computer over USB mass storage. Nov 28, 2017 · After enabling this feature, your phone won’t work normally. How To Configure Your Device To Use The Glo Bis Settings Oct 08, 2017 · Today, I am sharing with you, how you can manually set up Etisalat, Glo, Airtel and MTN internet settings on your Android phone or tab, be it Samsung, HTC, LG or Tecno Android phone. This may sound crazy to use, but sometimes, the vibration mechanism is stuck. Jul 12, 2017 · This process is the same for all modern versions of Android, from Android 4. how to configure tecno phone

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