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6. Swing Gate Hardware includes hinges, closers, positive stops, cane bolts, and drop rods. Arena gates are a slightly different situation. Gravity strike bar measures 7-1/2". We stock side cam door latches, door latches, door handles, gate pins for those landscape trailers, stake pockets, and more! Browse through our available trailer door products and find what you need. This slam action divider latch with handle is generally used as a component of the slam latch system on slant-load dividers for horse trailers. May 20, 2009 · According to the product’s inventor, Phil Evans, the Equine Catch consists of a lockable, two-way gate latch that opens the gate away from the user, irrespective of direction of approach. , is the largest manufacturer of corrals & shelters in the Western United States!With over 23000 sq. 775-ft x 3. You simply pull up the ring on the long handle to release the gate latch making dismounting less likely to open any gate. Find gate latches, gate wheels & more at low everyday prices! 25 May 2017 How does the best gate latch for horse farm gates work? Visit our website to buy the best gate latch: http://bestgatelatch. Farm Gate Latches Throw Over Gate Loops, Spring Fasteners, Heavy Duty Hasps, Irish Gate Latch, Cane Bolts and Slide Bolt Gate Latches. Durable and reliable gates and latches are just as vital to horse fencing as energizers and fence posts! Don't underestimate the importance of strong, high-quality, and durable horse gates and horse gate latches. This latch is designed to be easily operated from horseback. They are available to fit any opening up to 20' wide (for larger gates, see Double Drive Gates). $589: WW3315-512-000: 512 G4 - 12' Panel with 4' Gate: 203 lbs. 00. Scenic Road Eye Bolt Steel Bucket Hook And Gate Latch. Gate Wheel. Heavy-duty with easy operation. (can be used with  For use on gates with 1. We have a the largest selection of the most popular available, at prices that you can't beat either through our online auctions, sales or our Price Match Guarantee! Purchase all your and on HorseLoverZ, the world’s largest online tack shop. $2. Horse gates make managing and moving your horses and livestock easy and stress free. Dover Saddlery also offers aisle guards to secure the barn in case of a loose horse. The Radiating Power of Metals. “The idea for the gate latch came about organically through simply trying to make my life easier. HorseLoverZ is proud to offer the latest Stable Hardware and on the market. Black Heavy-Duty Gate Hinge Set (2 Count) $35. Hardware; RTG Ranch Kennels; 3-Sided Shelters; Corral Panels; Horse Corral Panels (all) 1 5/8" Horse Corral Panels; 1 5/8" Horse Corral Gate Panels; 1 7/8" Horse Corral Panels; 1 7/8" Horse Corral Gate Panels; Wood-Base Corral Panels; Welded Wire Corrals ; Welded Wire Corrals (all) 1 5/8" Welded Wire Gates; 1 5/8" Welded Wire Panels; 1 7/8 The 6-rail bow gates measure 6-feet wide and the bow is 9-feet high with a lever latch that can be opened and closed from horseback. Quick View. Jan 01, 2017 · Tarter's HD Two-Way Lockable Gate Latch improves gate longevity by mitigating swinging and sagging. It is desirable that the latches be easy and cost effective to manufacture and easy to use. Posts capped with rubber plugs; Height: 6 rails - 72" tall, gates are 6' wide x 10' tall; 60' Pen: Welcome to Cactus Horse Corrals Cactus Horse Corrals, a division of CageCo Inc. BUCKET HOOK & GATE LATCH read more. The combo panels have a lever latch like bow gates. 99 Add to Cart. Essential items include double end barn door snaps, gate latches, rein snaps, bucket hooks, bridle racks, safety snaps, Chicago screws, and more. ABB-602-110-AUTOLATCH. Gate gap from 0. $13. Although the horse still needs to be parallel to the gate, the latch should be directly in front of the rider’s knee, not slightly behind it. 99. A gate latch is not only practical for the opening and closing of gates from both sides, but also secures your property, family and animals. 95 Gate Latch Kit-Cottage Style with Levers (Right Hand) $ 109. Many riders prefer to ride Gate Depot has a Huge Selection of Gate Hardware with close to 1200 parts and more being added every day. of manufacturing and another 30,000 sq. The gate stop will provide a solid place for the active gate to stop, and it won’t put all the stress of closing (or slamming) onto the latch-arm. parts. Spend over $100 and qualify for free shipping! Browse our selection of stall hardware today online at SStack. 10″ tall magnetic gate latch offer safety and security and meets international pool codes (be sure to check your local code before installation). Shop fencing & farm, ranch & horse supplies with FREE shipping offer! The Sliding Tucker Latch is a great option for gates where only ground access is required. Build or maintain an organized barn with these essential horse stall hardware items. Ramp Hardware Kit P10050: Hardware for Rear Ramp over door -Round or Square Rear Post: $80. The only thing that needs to change, is make it so a ratcheting wrench will fit when installing it. Permitted?: Yes, by appt. If you Oct 02, 2014 · Our Single and Double Piston Lever Latches are ideal for gates where the ability to open and close gates from horseback is desired. Double Drive gates are available for large gate openings Home > Fencing > Tools/Hardware > Gate Latches Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 15 per page 30 per page 60 per page 90 per page 150 per page Page of 1 The auto-locking farm gate latch is a simple one-touch mechanism that makes opening and closing gates quick and easy, according to Traoss Paddock Solutions. Drive Through Gates or double gates which require a Drop Pin Kit that secures one gate to the ground allowing the second gate to latch to it. Choose from strong, durable options made of brass, steel, or nickel plating. The ideal horse latches and horse gates  Ranger Gate Company is a Texas manufacturer of livestock cattle and ranch Gate Latches. Our halter clips are used on leather straps, bags, key chains, horse saddles, equestrian tack, dog leash hardware, and much more. Another advantage of the kiwi latch is that horses can't open them. Whether it's a residential pool gate, a heavy duty industrial gate at a work site or a typical chain link gate protecting your yard, we have a wealth of choices in order to provide the exact gate latch to meet - and surpass - expectations regardless of the application. Get the latest promos & updates. View Products Taking advantage of pin-latch or chain latch connections, they can be easily installed anywhere in the fence line of round pens, arenas, paddocks or working corrals. 26 Jun 2019 Gates, Roping Boxes, Pipe Jack Fence, Remote Control Horse Hot Latches of all kinds, trombone, cowboy, lever, and slam latch, or if you  Riding Forward Through, Push: To open the gate this way, Cantleberry positions her horse's head so it's facing the latch, and his haunches are close to the  Spring Creek Products has all the Latches you need! Slam Action Gate Latch 6 " - Grease Fitting Only. subscribe to cal's newsletter This privacy policy sets out how we use and protect any information that you give us when you use this website. Comes in 2 Colors A range of styles including steel stall gates, single, rubber stall chains, nylon, vinyl and rubber stall guards and more make it easy to find the appropriate stall guard for your horse and stable. Can be opened from ground or horseback. Dec 04, 2018 · I ride my horse forward alongside the gate to the latch, keeping his body parallel with the gate. Available in right or left hand. Everything about this latch is topnotch. The Horse Shoe Drop Latch is a more decorative choice for your stall doors. Easy to mount with six pre-drilled holes in the mounting bracket, this gate latch is sure to add a touch of horse-inspired style to barn or home! The Iron Grip Latch is used for doors being accessed from both sides, and the Paddock Walkthrough Latch is often used in stalls that have an access door to outdoors, such as to a paddock. It allows you to open your gate from the opposite side. 95 Trail Pals Horse Trailer Accessory Store sells hard to find horse trailer parts and accessories. IT’S thrown together from scrap metal but this basic piece of Aussie bush ingenuity is being heralded as a work of genius, viewed nine million times online. Accessible from horse back it is easy to use and convenient. The catch is 8 x 2 x 3/4 inches. 95 Gate Thumb Latch Kit Fleur de Lis Style Out of stock Gate Latches Priefert offers a variety of gate latches, including a Single Piston Lever Latch, a Double Piston Lever Latch and a Sliding Tucker Latch. All WW panel and gate joints are saddle cut for extra strength. Central Eye Hinges allow for 180 degrees of opening. Poor machining and tolerances make installation very difficult and even unusable. Some versions are key locking while others are simply gate latches that can be locked with a padlock or other device. Gate latches keep gates closed, while springs offer convenient automatic closing. Customize the look by adding hardware to your horse stall. $49. . A gate latch cable is a nice little piece of hardware even if your gate is closing properly. Made specifically for horseback riding, this latch  HiQual self latching gate latch that mounts to fence posts. Our 6″ Weld On Slam Action Gate Latches are spring loaded and made from high quality steel. DuraGates hardware is the perfect solution for industrial sliding gates. The cut out size for the latch is 2-5/8" x 3-11/16". The post-end of the Steel Board Gate is tubular in shape, allowing it to easily fit over the gate post. If closed the wrong way, a gate with a chain latch can come open under stress, such as when cattle or horses bump into it or crowd against it. ” Ross – who works on a horse farm in Australia - explained. 06: Ramp Spring S8400: Stainless Steel Ramp Spring, 1/2" HOLE x 5 1/2" LONG: $19. The Front Post Lever is very versatile and will work on almost any fence. There are many different options when you are looking to upgrade or buy new gate latches. 625" - 2" O. Looking in from the back of the trailer, if your divider swings from the left & slams shut on the right side of the trailer, order a RH, which is the most common application. All are commonly used on horse trailers, cargo trailers, utility trailers and work vehicles. Gauge: 13 Dimensions: 52in H x Varied Lengths (4ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 18ft) The gate latches that Farm and Fleet used to carry from SpeeCo were far better than these hunks of junk. only. ft. Hoover Fence Company carries the highest quality Chain Link Gate Latches , Ornamental Metal Gate Latches , Vinyl Gate Latches , and Wood Gate Latches , that the industry has to offer. 99 Add to Cart About us Co-Line Welding, Inc. Visit the Retailer Locator to find your closest store. See document below for further information. Horses In fact, all bolts, latches, mechanisms, and other horse injury magnets should face to the   Start off 2020 with a new Twisted V Ranch gate latch that are designed and made on the farm. Can be opened from horseback. GATES & HARDWARE. Affordable Stall Hardware Options If you are looking to outfit the horse stalls on your property with the best hardware around, look no further than Shirk Manufacturing. Gate post - The post to which a gate is attached by hinges and latches. It is safe, strong, easy to install, and will last a lifetime. Martin Ranch Supply manufactures gates, panels, shelters, stall fronts and doors, bridle racks, cattle guards and many other items. Don't overlook the importance of a high-quality horse gate. Choose from Rona's selection of hardware for wooden, chain link, and even PVC fences constructed from panels, posts, and caps. 3 Moving to back of the door/gate, position the latch tail so that it is level and resting across the top of the thumb bit. Mar 11, 2013 · A gate latch cable. Opens easily from horseback  The gate should be operable from horseback with the lever or latch at top rail height to enable the gate to be opened using one (and the same) hand (see BHS   4 Dec 2018 Unlatch the gate. Standard Horse Shoe Latch. 95 $ 69. 99 90 Degree Clamp 1-5/8" to 1-5/8" Keeping fences and gates in good repair is an important part of maintaining a farm, whether large or small. Strong: constructed of 5/8” cold roll steel rod. 500S GATE W/ HORSEBACK PLUNGER LATCH 2″ 13GA $ 220. National 3-1/2 In. The Horseshoe latch comes standard on all Noble Gates. Kiwi latches are fast -- not as tricky to aim as other types of latches. Weld On Slam Action Gate Latch. You simply pull one side of the latch up-and this can be done with the thumb and forefinger-and the gate can swing open in whichever direction you wish it to go. 28. The latch can easily be opened or locked with one hand. We also offer additional Latch Receivers that can be used with any of our latches. $21. Wrought iron latches designed for gates as well as cabinets and interior or exterior doors, are hand crafted by blacksmiths using traditional methods. 75 A great option for a gate latch when on horseback. Attach the loop end to your fence post with a horseshoe nail--one of those U-shaped nails that are pointed at both ends. This puts the horse in a better position to maneuver while the rider still maintains maximum control of the gate. It mounts to the fence post so the end stays smooth. Good fences help keep livestock safely housed: A sagging fence or gate, broken wires, and downed or loose poles may tempt animals to make a break for it—out on a busy road or into hostile territory—possibly injuring or killing themselves in the process. Key Lock Top Pull. Our door and stall hardware combines all the best of safety, form and function to give your barn a classic, polished look and keep your horses safe. Two piece hinge design offers easy removal of unit from the stall while unlatched, but cannot be lifted while latched. I also have this pin  Tough-1 Qwikee Gate Latch available at HorseLoverZ, the #1 place for horse products and equipment. From the original Tough-1. 34 results Shop for horse fence gates for your horse corrals at StateLineTack. 1-handed operation. Try one and you will never use anything else! Safe: smooth curve of latch mechanism means that horses and cows won’t get poked in the side if they hit the end of the gate. and opens easily with one hand. The gate latch can be locked from either side of the gate. VIEW PRODUCT The Steel Board Gate is made with galvanized steel and finished with an architectural grade powder coat. HiQual Products - Fixed and Adjustable Gate Latches Powder River Lever Latch Gate. The Channel Tunnel JONES' GRAIN CRUSHER AND DISINTEGRATOR. Can be  Spring-activated gate latches and 2" standard pipe hinges give WW gates trouble -free service. The 6-rail combo panels are 12-feet long which includes a 6-foot wide gate with an 8-foot high bow. So if your gate faces the neighbor’s side you’d be able to walk out of your gate from within your own yard rather than walking all the way around. Shop fencing & farm, ranch  Latch will release to allow gate to swing in either direction; One-handed operation; Prevents gate end from sagging or swinging; Can be opened from horseback  Weld-in Spring loaded cattle corral gate latch, or gate stop is heavy duty and is suitable for farm and commercial cattle and feedlot gates. Now, I doubt you'd need it for it's original purpose if you're a recreational rider but what you DO need it for is to give you something to grab if you get in an uncomfortable situation while riding. This durable latch will help prevent gate ends from sagging and allow the gate to open in either direction. Gates. Opening it either from the ground or from horseback is a breeze. The horseshoe gate latch designed by Traoss Paddock Solutions. Each latch is designed to  31 Mar 2020 COVID-19 Guidance for Horseback Riding Schools Stables and Boarding nylon halters/lead ropes, gate latches, door handles, spray nozzle)  We think this latch is just brilliant. Our Rear Eye Double straps enable one to hang large heavy gates with a space between the gate and the post as little as one inch. have latches that can be opened from horseback. 95 Ponderosa Gate Thumb Latch - Dark Bronze powder coat finish from $ 89. Hardware to accent your horse stalls. Made of 1/4-inch x 3-inch steel, these 180-degree hinges can be mounted to wood or welded to steel posts. 4 Slide the keep over the end of the latch tail. They are thin gauge and the latches don't line up correctly and fall out when the horses bump them. $11. DOOR AND GATE LATCH. Our Single and Double Piston Lever Latches are ideal for gates where the ability to open and close gates from horseback is desired. About Us; Contact Us; Call US: 1800010319 . Product Description. Home > Horse > Gates & Hardware. Featuring solid construction and beautiful design there are many styles available. There isn’t enough clearance, only and open end wrench will fit. See more ideas about Gate latch, Latches, Cattle gate. We also offer additional Latch Receivers that can be used with Make it a little harder for your horse to wiggle open a door or gate Spring loaded bolt provides tension so doors and gates are secured 9" stainless steel bolt features 1/2" diameter pin with heavy duty spring Someone, thankfully, has made a horseman-friendly latch. We Carry A Huge Assortment Of Farm And Ranch Supplies. 4 new For your cargo, enclosed, dump or utility trailer, TrailerParts. 00 – $ 225. 04 A Gate Latch is used to secure a fence gate. The latch is easy to install, comes with all fixings and self locking. Gate Depot has a Wide Variety of Slide Gate Hardware including chain, chain tensioner bolts, idler assemblies, guide rollers, gate catchers, mooring points, v-track, v-track stops, v-groove wheels, wheel boxes, mounting plates, pipe track wheels, nylon cantilever rollers, cantilever track, and carriage assemblies. Hardware/Accessories Latches, stall guards, storage racks, and other products to keep your horse equipment organized and conveniently located right outside your horse's stall. Railway Embankment Gardens. It should overlap on to the door/gate frame by 1 ��. Rural Fencing & Irrigation Supplies Perth Horse Gate Latch (H/GATE LATCH) - Horse Gate Latch Chain with hook Screw eye . 09: Ramp Loop Latch B001539 *These are backordered will up date soon as receive a ETA* Ramp Loop Latch : $28. Select options. 2 product ratings 2 product ratings - Automatic self Locking gate Latch for Wooden Fence, gate, Door, Metal Gravity. If you have a pool, ask for our upgraded latches that are key lockable and BOCA approved! If your pool requires a Magna Latch or lock, we have that available as well. Works great, it eliminates chains and other devices to hold 2 gates closed. Each latch can be configured for left or right-handed gates and come with extra keys. The Qwikee Rust/Freeze Proof Gate Latch is the perfect addition to any barn or arena gate. Release to allow gate to swing either direction. Gate Latches & Handles. Double Drive Gates. Oct 02, 2014 · Our Single and Double Piston Lever Latches are ideal for gates where the ability to open and close gates from horseback is desired. To insure the highest quality products, look for this seal while browsing online. The heavy duty lever latch gate is durable enough for the corrals and the lever latch makes it easy to open when horseback. 12" Chain Gate Latch. Gates are Gate latch - A fitting to hold the gate in place when closed. Latch will release to allow gate to swing either direction One-handed operation Prevents gate ends from sagging or swinging Can be opened from horseback Zinc-coated Pin not included Big Tex Locking Junior Size Paddle Latch comes with a plain finish, inside release and includes two keys. D. 3-1/2"BLK HVY GATE HINGE read more Our latches are standard stainless latches to match our stainless hinges. The horse will be facing the hinged end of the gate rather than the latch end. All latches come with installation instructions and the fasteners needed for installation. All in all, this latch is great. Junior Lockable Two-Way Gate Latch $18. A double-piston lever latch provides opening ease while on the ground or on horseback. The latch secures both the top and bottom of the panel for superior stability on any surface. Things to consider are the material they are made, galvanised or zinc -plated are perfect for resisting the elements. Pick up gate wheels & much more! The quick latch is made out of galvanized steel and features a spring loaded locking ring to keep your horse swing gate closed. Steel Tubular Gate Economy 6' 18 Gauge. The lift type hunting equine latch is a highly popular latch for anyone who rides. 99 This is a custom gate latch made out of a horse shoe. The Front Post Lever mounts along the top of the fence line or can be mounted in a variety of locations necessary for ease of gate opening. The hinge is another key ingredient in the formula for strength. Description Product Weight: 5lbs. 60" Gate In Frame - Full Sheeted with Horse Back Latch : $626: CLASSIC GATE PANELS - 500 SERIES - 6 BAR W/PLUNGER LATCHES: WW3315-510-000: 510 G4 - 10' Panel with 4' Gate: 186 lbs. Secure back plate with screws provided. Both are built to last for years of service and the powder-coated finish will have them looking beautiful for years to come. 24 results Please Wait Door Latches, Keepers and Grab Handles. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. From cattle squeeze chutes and horse stalls to farm gates and galvanized tanks, all of our products are made in the USA and can be found in thousands of retailers across the country. They come standard with bolt-on hinges and latches with custom weld-ons available. 94. com has replacement door hardware. Add to Fence Gates; Farm Gate Latches , current page; Farm Gate Latches. Round Tube, Latch Will Release To Allow Gate To Swing In Either Direction, 1 Handed Operation, Prevents Gate End From Sagging Or Swinging, Can Be Opened From Horseback, Can Be Padlocked For Additional Security. $19. Noble Panels manufactures a Swing Gate in a variety of lengths to suit your specific needs. Mounts to fence post so end of gate stays smooth. Undo the latch, and then place your hand on the gate's top rail. Additionally, it can be operated from horseback and accepts padlocks. From top brands meaning these products are built to last and withstand the ever changing weather and corrosion-resistant's is a must. Our gate latches are available in a diverse range of designs and sizes to meet the needs of specific applications. Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment is privately owned and operated by the fourth generation of the Tarter family. Constructed of heavy duty parts and materials, this latch is easy to install and fits round tube gates from 1-5/8" - 2" outside diameter. 0 out of 5 stars (4) Fancy Horse Head Barn Door Latch, Black. It should dangle and move freely. Answered by: BOHE Date published: 2020-04-12 The Lift-n-Latch is a two-way, lockable, self-latching gate latch that is simple, durable, efficient and secure. Material: 1 ⅛" x 1 ¾" hi-tensile, 16 gauge oval tubing, rated at 58,000 PSI. A slam latch is provided which includes a housing which receives a planar slide which is movable between an extended position and a retracted position. There are no other latches on the market that work on double gates. SpeeCo's two-way gate latch fits round tube gates 1-5/8" to 2" O. They come standard with five rails and in various lengths from 4' to 16'. Abbey Trading Gatemate Heavy Duty Auto Latch w/Cable - EACH $ 13. Complete a fence installation, and make it more secure with gate hardware. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. The smallest galvanized track model, CGS-250. It's called the Sure-Latch (100-08000). Meanwhile, superior zinc coating or color painted coating provide excellent resistance to rust and ensures a longer life in the field. Intended for square gate posts. 5″ All fasteners are included. Simple to use; The gate opens easily from horseback or from the ground; from a  Results 1 - 12 of 25 Tarter Horse Stall Door Roller - HSR Tarter Hinge Pins for 2 Inch Gates - HPHDG12 Tarter Two-Way Lockable Gate Latch - GL21P. This latch is often used on Dutch doors and gates. $4. Shop our selection of Farm Fence Gates in the Farm & Ranch Supplies section of True Value & receive free shipping to a local True Value store. Latch and Hardware Options. Barn Hardware: The right barn hardware will help you maintain your barn or stable and keep it in perfect operating condition. With such a gate, you lead the horse from his near side up to the latch, halt, open the gate as you walk the horse forward until his hindquarters have Abbey Trading Gatemate Post Mount Gate Latch - EACH (Black) $ 17. Horse gate latches provide extra livestock security while also preventing damage to the gate end from sagging or swinging. It is easy to “lift and turn” to open the spring-loaded latch from horseback, yet difficult for horses to open. Horse Care & Tack. The latch is made of a piece 5 x 1 x 3/8 inches. They can add authentic period style to your home, such as Colonial, Country, Mission or Victorian. WORKUTH'S DOOR AND GATE LATCH. Find a large selection of Metal Farm Gates for your cattle, hogs, horsed, and other livestock in the Farm & Livestock department at low Fleet Farm prices. Buckleguy carries solid brass halter snaps in a range of sizes and four finishes: natural brass, antique brass, nickel plate, and nickel matte. Our business was founded in 1985 and our staff brings over 20 years of experience to the table when it comes to providing you with horse stalls made here in the USA. Nov 26, 2016 - Explore ginette Greene's board "HORSE GATES & LATCHES" on Pinterest. Latch installs by drilling 1/2" holes in door and drilling, cutting, or elongating to a 1-1/4" slot. This product helps to keep kids and pets in your yard, preventing them from escaping through a gate that was inadvertently left open. $651: All gate panels require w-w conn. Height: 52" To determine which gates are available in your style, scroll down the fence style page and click on the tab Gates, or find your fence style here and click on the image. com. Windsor style gate latch that fits gates up to 3" thick. CMP Gates have hinges for wood posts or steel posts. You no longer have to choose between easy-open gates and keeping your horse secure. Gate Latch Kit-Cottage Style with Levers (Left Hand) $ 109. round tube. We found 34 results for "Gates & Latches" Gate latches & straps for horse fencing including horseshoe latches, one-handed latches, gate anchor latches & more. Call Now! 800-605-4859 We have a huge selection of gate hardware and door hardware for your shed , barn, playhouse, or playset. A special spring loaded latch offers one hand operation and prevents the horse opening the door guard. (You'll keep your hand here until you've closed and latched  27 Apr 2018 Another great feature when opening and closing gates from horseback! Local Pickup. The Breezy Gate® Latch works on any property gate – but was originally designed for use with horses. 44 - $17. 73 sold. It wraps around your swing gate  20 Mar 2017 We'll look at wire gates, pipe gates and wooden gates to find the most secure horse gate for your ranch. It is placed on the right side unless otherwise specified. The self-locking fix is nothing more than a horseshoe used as a basic fence latch. Because of this gate’s height, I must be careful with my weight when I reach for the latch. It has a separate gate post made of 1/8” thick walled steel tubing 3 1/2” in diameter that is set in concrete 54” deep. Free Shipping on orders of $50+. The most popular CMP latch is the Cowboy Latch. The simplest gate configuration to work from the ground is a gate (when you are facing it) which swings away from you, hinges on the left, and latches on the right. Specifications. The housing forms a part of a divider which is hingedly mounted to a trailer body to form compartments in the trailer. It can be secured with a clip on the bottom (for clever escape-artist horses), or a padlock for property security. posts and measure center to center of conn. We sell track packages and components, rustic door hardware for your exterior doors and gates, and hinges, latches and chew protection to finish out your stalls and small entry doors. My weight will override my leg and hand cues, so practicing at home ensures that my cues are being processed correctly by my horse. GRAIN CRUSHER AND DISINTEGRATOR. Secure latch mount plate with screws provided. Steel Tubular Gate Economy 8 "cyclone fence gate latch" & marketplace (60) Only. com/ More information:  This will also make it easier to operate the gate from horseback. Gates are built with 15 gauge Gatorshield steel tubing. Fortunately, closing  How to make the gates and gate area of your horse farm safer. A Deluxe 2-way lockable rust free garden Gate Latch. 49. 5/16" X 1-1/4" Carriage Bolt with nut (Bag of 20) Our Price: $4. It can be mounted above the latch on the post or along the fence line with the chain attaching to the latch at an angle. Click here to view our Gate Hardware The double drive gates also include a key lockable drop rod. The KIWI Sure-Latch is a high quality two-way livestock gate latch which fits all tube gates with 1⅝" to 2" outside diameters. HiQual Round Pens come in 40' and 60' diameters and include a 6' wide x 10' tall Ride Thru Gate with lever latch. It is as easy to use from horseback as it is on foot. Gates openings should be a minimum of 4 feet to accommodate a handler with a single horse, but   34 results If you're looking for gates & gate latches for your horse fencing, Horse. Rope, String, Strap & Twine. Corral gates and latches should open easily from ground level because riders generally dismount before leading stock into corrals. Can be padlocked. We have farm gate hardware, too, such as bolt hooks and screw hooks. Please note, this catch will only operate using a cranked leg striker or heavy duty D striker, it will though operate with metal gate spring pins. Find a large selection of Fencing & Gates in the Farm & Livestock department at low Fleet Farm prices. Install horse gate wheels to make opening and closing your gate a simple, stress-free task. The latch is in a normally closed positon/slam to shut. Gates / Hinges / Latches. Gate stops can be metal (coordinating with your other gate hardware) or can be built of wood onto the edge of the fixed gate. Cattle GateCattle CorralsFarm HacksHorse FencingGate  Items 1 - 9 of 9 Gate latches & straps for horse fencing including horseshoe latches, one-handed latches, gate anchor latches & more. It may also be used as a terminal post. Bore a 1-inch hole for the handle 3 inches from the edge of the door. We also offer additional Latch Receivers that can be used with 2 Way, Lockable Gate Latch, For Use On Residential, Commercial Or Livestock Gates With 1 5/8" - 2" O. Free shipping. In-store: High Country Plastics Gate Latch System Kit Heavy Duty Quick Catch Feedlot Livestock Ranch Farm Horse. Steel Tubular Gate Economy 4' 18 Gauge. Simple to install and easy to operate with one hand, even from horseback or with gloves on. Kencove ships electric fence supplies and tools for high tensile, portable fence, plastic high tensile rail fence, and non-electric high tensile wire to hold and protect cattle, horses, sheep, goats, deer, elk, poultry, and gardens. A self-closing hinge is an ideal solution for parents of small children and pet owners. You only need to work the hardware when you open the gate. This two-way lockable gate latch is easy to install and is an awesome convenience for your gate! This gate latch prevents your fence gates from swinging and sagging. $9. 400 Series 8′ 400S SPLIT CALVING GATE (MATERNITY) $ 270. Turn the handle 180 degrees and it will stay in the open position until the handle is turned back to start position. Gate hardware including door pulls, gate wheels and lockable gate latches can be found among the livestock supplies at Agri Supply, where the customer comes first. Fun in a Horse. of warehouse, we strive to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction by having the best prices, immediate product availability, and outstanding customer service. All of our materials are top notch and come with a 30 refund policy with no questions asked. 375″ to 1. As a Trail Pals customer you can rest assured that we will provide you with the best possible customer service that we can. Gates should have the same strength and safety as the fence. Stall Gate Latch Schneider Saddlery carries a wide inventory of horse stall hardware, including gate clasps, stall door latches, and other stall hardware accessories. Gate Hardware Products Sort By Product ↑ Product ↓ Price ↑ Price ↓ Default ↑ Default ↓ Sales ↑ Sales ↓ Per Page 3 6 9 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 View All Freedom (Common: 5-ft x 4-ft; Actual: 4. Built to match all Noble 3, 4, 5, and 6 rail panels. SELF-OILING LOOSE PULLEY. Self-closing hinges allow your gate to automatically close and latch into place. Our strongest latch available. Various concerns arise in the case of automatic latches, particularly in the case of slam latches used for dividers in horse trailers. Push the handle through the hole and mark on it the thickness of the door; then bore in the handle a 3/8-inch hole for the latch. Trailer Parts Superstore® offers Locking Paddle Latches, Finger Pull Bolt Latches, Trailer Door Hook & Keepers, Door Sockets, Door Plungers, "L" Type Door Handles and many styles of Grab Handles. The inside release will allow the latch to be operated from the inside with a knob that is removable. Spring-activated gate latches and 2" standard pipe hinges give WW gates trouble-free service. The rider would wrap his hand in the Night Latch so that if he fell asleep it would help prevent him from falling off his horse. $1. Can be quick and easily installed on all square posts and gate frames. 50 Horse Corral Panels and Gates. HiQual's fixed and adjustable gate latches allow operators to open gates from the ground or from horseback. Single- and Double-Piston latches available Flip lock design locks easily with no use for chains Enables farmer to open gate from horseback Use Double-Piston Lever Latch for maximum locking in heavy crowding situations The panels latch to one another with a simple and secure integrated shepherds hook latch (this means there will be no pins or small parts to keep track of). Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. Below: A gate with a chain latch closed securely. Slam Action Gate Latch 6" - Plunger. Double Gate LATCH , Heavy Duty, Center Drop Latch Assembly 1-5/8" and 2" Frame size, Pressed Steel Horse Fence, Post & Rail, Ranch Tough Plastic Fenc; CEDAR WOOD Very heavy duty double straps sandwich the wood between the straps to lock the gate at 90 degrees. , scientific american, 1884-09-06 Shop hardware for your barn doors, gates, and other sliding or swinging doors. The Best Gate Latch has an easy one-handed operation that can’t be opened by horses or other livestock, and it works on wood or metal gates Keep your horses safe and confined with the Horseshoe Gate/Stall Door Latch! Complete with horseshoe detailing, this black metal latch is a great addition to your barn or paddock gates. The Lever latch can replace the standard Horseshoe Latch for an additional charge. A large range of gate ironmongery providing a perfect finish touch to compliment the look you are going for, making a great first impression in and around your home, office or garden. If we are unable to sell you the part you need for your horse trailer we will help you find it! The latch body in 1 5/8” thick, so at least 7 7/8” between the post and latch to allow enough clearance for the gate to swing properly. Cowboy Latch-Gate Latch $215. “When Animal Safety Self Locking Gate Catch This self locking gate catch is surrounded by two rings to help prevent stock injuring themselves when near or going through a gate. com has just what you need. Choose a long lasting, attractive, powder coat finish pre-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized. Gate opening - The clear distance between the gate posts. 8917-ft) New Haven Black Aluminum Decorative Metal Fence Gate Trident 10″ Top Pull – Pool Latch $65. Jul 17, 2017 · A simple hook latch Bend heavy wire or rebar into a big hook, with a loop at the other end. We carry door handles, gate latches, barrel bolts, hasps, gate hooks and all the door and drawer pulls you could ever need All of our gate latches are designed to provide safety and security while also keeping a sleek design in mind. Fortunately, closing a gate with a chain latch is easy. A spring biases the slide toward the extended position. When closing the gate the hardware works automatically. Mar 30, 1999 · Slam latches are known for use in latching the dividers in the closed position in the horse trailer. 8M, was used at this… More The size of the tack room can be customized to fit your needs and the stock area can be designed with adjustable gate rails and a side ramp for our customers that show cattle, pen systems for those that show small livestock or slant wall, saddle racks and slant gates for the horse person. Find gate hinges of several types so you can get exactly what you need. 5. We show one correct way of doing it in the simple steps below. horseback gate latch

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