4. Brenneke 20 Ga. O. Pic 5, slug. of energy, the 20-bore slug managed only 835. 95 $ 9. . If you are unfamiliar with Brenneke style slugs, here is a refresher. 29 ($2. This higher velocity slug exits the barrel at 1800 fps, 13% faster than standard 1 oz. Introduced in 1917 in Germany, the 7x64mm cartridge was designed by Wilhelm Brenneke (the same person behind the famous shotgun slug) and is well-regarded by European hunters for its flat trajectory and dependable terminal ballistics. 22WMR, 9mm, and . 44 Mag. I started to trim the shells and ended up with a true two-inch case length before it looked alright. The breaching load contains a 400 grain plastic slug filled with powdered metal, it penetrated 11 sheets of drywall I believe. 12 BRENNEKE SLUG 31, 12, 70 mm - 2¾", 31 gram - 1 3/32 oz, 1395 fps, PLASTIC, -, Slug. 10 Gauge 3-1/2" 1-3/4oz Hollow Point Rifled Slug 5 Rounds by FEDERAL AMMUNITION 10 gauge hollow point slugs for a smoothbore barrel, remember, "rifled" slug means the slug is rifled, not your barrel. Best accuracy is achieved if all loaded shells (of same powder charge) be of equal finished length. lever rifle loaded to roughly Garrett specs. 125 oz. , making it an ideal deer load with superb accuracy at medium ranges. 410 bore slug coming in at about 700 foot-pounds of energy, it exceeds most . I know they are devastating rounds and people I've communicated with in Australia say they are used to take the MOST dangerous game. 5 per box; For smooth and rifled barrel; The Brenneke K. , 3″ Magnum slug load that boasts a “Practical Sight in Range” of 88 yds! The Brenneke slug was invented by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke(1865–1951) in 1898. We do slugs at 50 and even 100yds on occasion (LEF127RS, qual at 25yds max), but not without compensating for elevation. 30 Jan 2014 It looks like the ballistics on Sabot slugs are a lot better, but that means a I have heard a 12 ga loaded with Brenneke sabot slugs should do the trick rifle would be my first choice, next a 12 gauge with high velocity slugs. 20 GA 2¾", (328 grs). 75 1oz Low Recoil Slug (10/rds) Royal Brenneke Slug: 12: 2 3/4: 1 1/8: 1,410: Brenneke: 5 rds/box - 50 boxes/case - 250 rds/case: Other users have viewed this product. Oct 29, 2014 · Brenneke makes a 3” Rifled Slug in 12 Gauge that is moving a 666 Grain slug out of your barrel; that’s larger than some of the bullets topping off . 2 3/4" 3/4 oz Sabot Slug Md: SL202KO The same exceptional knockdown power that distinguishes every Brenneke slug is built into the K. " Find cheapest in-stock 12ga shotgun ammo. The weight of the slug will vary somewhat depending on. such as wad slugs, wax slugs, brenneke slugs, cut shell slugs, foster slugs, Certain other shells are loaded so the fps is between 900 and 980. I have never seen, or heard of a deer "dropping in it's tracks" after being hit with a 12 ga slug. 12ga shotguns are a useful and popular tools for any defensive or sporting purpose, and the 12 gauge ammo available reflects this versatility. Go for it. Our Commitment to Our Valued Customers! Dixie Slugs will continue to give personal service to our customer base! We will Winchester Super-X Slug 12 ga 2 3/4" 1 oz Slug 1600 fps - 15/box. I tried a rifled barrel on a 12 ga. Good the hear that the Brenneke 28 gauge slugs are working so well for you. 73 in (18. The mild version, in its Lightfield Lites configuration of 2 ¾ inches, is still quite formidable and propels an 1 ¼ – ounce saboted slug downrange at a respectable 1300 feet per second (fps). 5mm) and (depending on the model) fires shells measuring from 2-1/2" to 3-1/2", with 2-3/4" being the most common middle ground. 410 calibre are useful with smaller game and deer, but usually at a much more reduced range of about 30 - 50 yards. Brenneke USA Traditional 16 Gauge Ammo 2-1/2” 1 oz. The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with fins cast onto the outside, much like a rifled Foster slug. the effective range of the shotgun slug. The actual ballistics obtained with your firearm can vary considerably from the advertised ballistics. We test a brick wall,  It offers 58 % more frontal area than standard . Brenneke® slugs are among the most common used shotgun slugs, that have a lead head with 12 slanted guide ribs, and cardboard and felt wadding attached to the base by a screw [14]. will go where you aim it…from rifled or smoothbore The Foster-type shotgun slug features exterior rifled grooves which contact the shotgun's bore to give it spin; and, the slug's hollow-point design initiates expansion to augment stopping power. The 12 gauge slug has an advertised muzzle velocity (MV) of 1560 fps from a 2 Brenneke rifled slugs still use felt and fiber wads, and are suitable for use in  Brenneke USA KO 12 Gauge 2. That's closer external ballistics than could be hoped for if we did it intentionally. I would say 15% - 20% of deer hit with . 12 GA 2¾", (437 grs). 454 Casull can actually get pretty close to standard 12g slug numbers (a 400gr bullet at 1400fps, vs a 438gr slug and 1400-1450fps). I keep my shotgun loaded with regular buck for HD. Jan 13, 2013 · High speed of the slug is particularly helpful if you’re shooting at a moving target, such as a deer. Brenneke slugs are made quite close to actual bore size. 7x64mm Brenneke; 7. A German gun and ammunition designer named Wilhelm Brenneke developed the Brenneke style slug in 1898. 99 I have shot these 607 grain very hard Brenneke Slugs. Slugger® High Velocity delivers 200 ft-lbs more energy at 50 yards with flatter trajectory on deer than standard 1 oz. 6 inches between 25 and 100 yards. The latest improvement is the saboted slug, fired from a rifled shotgun barrel which is designed to engage the rifling in a rifled shotgun barrel and impart a ballistic spin onto the projectile. 3. The American Whitetail® 12 gauge Rifled Slug turns your smooth bore shotgun into a deer hunting machine! Designed for smooth bore barrels, Hornady® American Whitetail® Rifled Slugs feature a 1-ounce lead alloy slug that is loaded to 1,600 feet per second. 75", Sabot Lead Slug, 1 oz, 1680 fps,  21 Jul 2014 Deer Hunting Goes Green: Brenneke Lead-Free Shotgun Slug, A suitable of its new lead-free, non-toxic TKO™ (Tin Knockout) 12-gauge shotgun saboted slug. Figure 2. Brenneke USA SL122ATS Shotgun Ammunition. This is a discussion on 12 gauge on bears within the Ruger Shotguns forums, part of the Rifle & Shotgun Forum category; "in Yellowstone, if they have to sort out a grizzly, they pack 12 gauge pumps loaded with slugs. For example, a 12-gauge barrel was designed around the fact that one pound of lead could be divided into twelve 0. The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke — in The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with ribs cast onto the outside, much like a rifled Foster slug. Bunch of 20 gauge slugs - two boxes of Remington Sluggers 2 3/4", 3 boxes of Lightfield Highbred EXP 2 3/4" and 5 boxes of Brenneke Heavy Field Short Magnum 2 3/4", 50 slugs total. 64mm Brenneke Ammo History & Information. I've not measured the 12 gauge projectile, but I'll guess it is a 50 caliber. The smaller group is with the Brenneke 2 3/4" Green Lightning, and the larger is with the 3" Brenneke Black Magic slug load that launches a . 1961 Print Ad of RWS-Brenneke Slug Shotgun Shotshells & Ballistics Chart Lee Case Length Gauge Product Title TacStar 1081157 Side Saddle, fits 12 Gauge 6Rd Remin Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $45. This ball fragments slug into several parts when it hits the target. 12 Sep 2013 With either gun, the Rio Royal Brenneke (RBK12) printed tiny Royal Brenneke Slug Cartridge fires a stabilized Brenneke slug at 1450 fps. A tremendous slug for deer-sized game, The K. 49 20 3" 100 yard zero @ 150 yards drops -7. Box of (5) Rottweil Brenneke Rifled Slug Magnum load 20 gauge 2 3/4"shotgun shells. Brenneke slugs in the . If you look on the Box o' truth website, they test 12 gauge breaching loads. I don't see it on Brenneke's website yet but Ammunition to Go has Brenneke 410 2. com . "At 100 yards in 10-percent gelatin, most slugs expand to . And, this load won’t beat you up. The slugs carry the guarantee and  In the past, Brenneke was purely a manufacturer of hunting projectiles - slugs and Brenneke USA Green Lightning Heavy Field Short Magnum 12 GA 2-3/4”  A standard 12-gauge slug normally weighs an ounce, and comes out of the muzzle at around 1,650 fps. 95 Add to cart The Brenneke slug in 12 gauge is used for large and dangerous game at close ranges, and deer sized game or antipersonnel use out to about 100 yards (meters). Casing: N/a. Slug Ammo. (600gr). 25. 99: $1. 75in 1-1/4oz Slug [1207825] - Ammo Freedom carries brenneke ammunition and shotshell slug loads. of energy at the muzzle,  . 10) overcame these problems via the use of a solid lead, 12-Gauge penetration tests in 10% gelatin. in 20 gauge. 5 L Our Low Price $9. slug has a flatter trajectory than it’s bigger brother the 12 bore. 5 inch slugs for sale. Aug 31, 2015 · _After a few thousand rounds and lots of shoulder pain, Randy Fritz might have come up with the next best thing in 20-gauge slug ammo. 50 cal slugs, resulting in massive energy transfer. Remington's shoot outstanding out of my 870 but my dads mossberg shoots them like ping pong balls in a cross wind. Magnum slugs shoot… The Sabot Slug That Packs A Punch. It is one of the least expensive sabots on the market and offers 58% more frontal area than standard . The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke (1865–1951) in 1898. 59. Gauge/Bore: 12 ; Shell Length: 2-3/4" Slug Type: Sabot ; Slug Weight: 1 oz ; Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1509 fps; Muzzle Energy: 2184 ft. 75 7/8 ounce Thug Slug 410 2. 50 B. Test gun is the Mossberg 590A1 Special Purpose. Slugs; Buckshot; Brenneke USA 28 Gauge 2-3/4" 5/8 oz Rifled Slug- Box of 5. 458 per round) In stock Purchase Now Brenneke SL203M Magnum 20GA 3" 1oz Slug Shot - 5sh Box. lbs all at the muzzle. Nov 30, 2011 · However, with advances in rifled shotgun slug technology, the shotgun slug’s ballistics has improved over time. Since the After theorizing which design would allow the slug to work at powder-burn ranges and those pushing the limits of the best slug guns, Dennison hit the lab again to test the projectile in ordnance gelatin. 5” in diameter delivering unequaled accuracy and terminal ballistics. 5 per box. The Lightfield 12 gauge 2 ¾” Hybred EXP Lite is a favorite among young and old alike. This is true of all round projectiles. " Published in 1964, the "Fact Book" states that a typical 12-gauge, 1-ounce slug traveling at 1560 fps loses 60 percent of its energy at 100 yards. 729"/. Please watch our demonstration for our 12 Gauge expanding ammo. These slugs also come with three different shot sizes - rifled, power-point, or BRI sabot. We stock a wide selection of shells in 12 gauge from 2-3/4" to 3-1/2", 16 ga, 20 ga, 28 ga, and . Super Black Eagle 3 Rifled Slug. The 400-grain hardcast bullet doesn’t do the same degree of initial damage the slug does, but it penetrates over twice as deeply, and if you’re facing a large predator, deep penetration of a big The slug load is now complete. 410 gauge - with a payload up to 1 ounce. 12 gauge ammo is the most common shotgun ammo sold. It's important to find a slug that shoots well through your gun. Mar 29, 2019 · Just to drive the range limit home a little further I picked up all the Brenneke Catalogs from SHOT, and the ballistics for every load they make are published along with the description of every product. Dots the i's at 100 yards. 3~5. 410 Gauge Brenneke Close Encounter 2 1/2" 1/4oz. 12-Gauge Slug Ballistics Some manufacturing specifications for three rifled slug loads are summarized in Table 1. Ballistics. 63/5 at CheaperThanDirt. A MV of 1476 fps and ME of 2538 are claimed for the 12 gauge 2 3/4 Jul 23, 2018 · The German Wilhelm Brenneke gave us the Brenneke slug in 1898. 270, the only conclusion I can come up with belong to those grey area topics of Dec 04, 2017 · Tags: 12 gauge, 3" shell, adjustable, Ammunition, ballistics, MAPX, Mechanically Adaptable Projectile, rifled barrel, Slapshot USA, slug A company called SlapShot USA has developed quite interesting shotgun slug concept. The Brenneke's were about 10 bucks cheaper for a box of 5. Original BRENNEKE rounds offer loads that are perfectly tuned for the various ammunitions. Nov 13, 2009 · In the not-so-distant smoothbore days of slug shooting, people bragged about shotguns that could hit a 5-gallon milk can at 100 yards. G. The Russian Paradox already shot groups in the 7/10th inch at 25 yards and 1. 75" #7. lead slug. 97 20 ga 2-3/4 100 yard zero @ 125 yards drops -3. a 12-gauge slug (specifically a Remington Slugger). lead painted with easily-flaked-off gold paint, hard tip and well-affixed plastic tail. Yes they make 16 gauge slugs and I think you are possibly looking for the Brenneke "Classics" to shoot in that sweet looking mannlicher 16 gauge. There is a plastic, felt or cellulose fiber Slug - Gauge - Soothe 12 gauge on bears. Looking for high-quality 12 gauge shotgun slugs? Look no further! For Superior slug performance, you can't beat the stopping power of Winchester Super-X slugs. lbs. July 18, 2018. 09/rd: 5 for $5. The Black Magic® Magnum is your live insurance against big and/or dangerous game. Puts deer, bear, and hogs down with authority The terminal ballistics will liquify the lungs on any deer sized prey and disentagrate a coyote! Brenneke SL-122KO, 12 Gauge, 2-3/4", 1 oz Slug, 1600 fps,For This is from a smoothbore 18" barrel, by the way. Still, a Brenneke slug is pretty hard to beat when you are trying to stop a small truck with teeth! All that said, I love shotgun slugs. This version of the Brenneke runs about $2 per 5 round box locally. Although extremely effective, 12 gauge slugs deliver a fair amount of recoil - now, hunters have an alternative with the 12 gauge Custom Lite™ Shotgun Slug that 12 Gauge Ballistics: Chart of Average 12 Gauge Ballistics. Also, be aware that SOME guns don't handle slugs well at all. This method worked in the same manner. Brenneke rifled slugs still use felt and fiber wads, and are suitable for use in smooth or rifled shotgun barrels. Get a few boxes and practice, to see which brands your gun likes and where it shoots at 50 yards and you are good to go. It is a true Dangerous Game slug/bullet that will stand up against the most severe tests! Also, the . This means that its external ballistics restrict it to short range use, as its  BPI stocks the world's greatest shotshell slugs. Jun 04, 2013 · SHOTGUN SLUGS! 12 gauge slug Ballistics <Click Here for DOWNLOAD! Fit my model to a couple of data points from a company that makes Tactical Shotgun Slugs Just like a giant pellet gun! Jun 20, 2015 · Loading the new "wad-less" slug in an ordinary 2-3/4 length shell it is impossible to get a decent roll-crimp. Nov 29, 2012 · My 12 ga 870 shoots half dollar sized groups at 50 yards with a rifled barrel, scope and remngton copper plated sabot slugs. 2. (Sabot is pronounced “say-bow”, and comes from the French word for shoe. are shutgun slugs with a punch. Tech Notes. We are proud to offer you true German  25 Feb 2013 Brenneke slugs are known for their unique design and excellent ballistic characteristics and really do get the job done. Brenneke 12 Gauge Ammunition KO Slug 2-3/4" 1 oz Forster-Type Slug 5 rounds Rating Required Select Rating 1 star (worst) 2 stars 3 stars (average) 4 stars 5 stars (best) Name 5 rounds of Hornady® SST® Lite 12 Gauge 2 3/4" Shotgun Slugs. Read More About SameSite Accuracy The slug itself features a truncated cone ogive which reliably expands up to 1 1/ 2 " in diameter delivering unequaled accuracy and terminal ballistics. What a beauty!!! 12 Gauge Rifled Slug Accuracy Testing: Today I was feeling a need to punish myself, so I shot 80 rounds of full power 1 ounce 12 gauge rifled slugs in an effort to find out which were the most accurate. " . 5 inch shell. 49 $ 45 . To find bulk 12 gauge ammo, use the "Sort By" toggle at the top of the page. A custom non-discarding polymer sabot rides locked to the slug - providing a more stable flight from the moment it leaves the barrel to when it impacts the target. and are capable of taking out big whitetails from up to 150 yds. 12 gauge slugs are a great choice for hunters when they're in an area where rifle hunting is not permitted. Bits & pieces of 16 gauge About 12 Gauge Ammunition A 12 gauge shotgun has a bore of about . While it has slightly superior ballistics, the longer shell does not offer a great range advantage, nor much potential for improvement. If you need real knockdown power, there are 12 gauge slugs with over 2,300-foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. Brenneke Black Magic Magnum 12-Gauge 3-in. Black Magic Magnum, 12 Gauge, 3" Barrel: All Types Range: Up To 100 yards Game: Large/Dangerous - Original Brenneke Slug "Black Magic" With Unique PowerWad - PowerWad results In greater Accuracy - Tre Ruag Ammotec 256840005: With Laser Plus Sabot Slugs, you will hit your target with more consistent accuracy and power, at greater distances than ever before. 12 Gauge Ammo 2-3/4" 1 oz Sabot Slug; Brenneke USA Special Forces Maximum Penetration 12 Gauge Ammo 2 3/4" 1 3/8 oz Lead Slug May 04, 2009 · The Brenneke is a 1/4 oz. 95 $ 55 . If 12 gauge ammunition was measured as a caliber it would be a . Muzzle Velocity: 1280 fps; Muzzle Energy: 2786 ft lbs Power: With the average . I carry a 12 guage loaded with slugs for bear protection if that says any thing to you. 45-70 with Garrets is well thought of by many as well. Modified choke and a good Brenneke slug is perfect. Brenneke R-Magic 12 Gauge 2. the country of manufacture. This “bull-barrel” slug gun has a reputation for outstanding accuracy. If you want to know the specifics on how your ammo is firing, use Guide Outdoors ballistics charts and ammo charts to hit any target, anywhere! You’ll find 300 win mag ballistics, 308 ballistics, 30-06 ballistics, 223 ballistics, 243 ballistics, 30-30 ballistics and much more. Add Brenneke’s reputation for accuracy, and the K. Whether you use them for deer hunting or tactical operations, Brenneke KO slugs will do everything you want them to do and at ranges beyond the limits of your skills. The Brenneke Black Magic Slug delivers tremendous knockdown power out to 100 yards. Likes: Cgarcia , MR2 , MuskokaJoe and 6 others 12 Gauge Ammo. The 20-gauge slugs weigh 15/16 of an ounce (410 grains), and have a published muzzle velocity of 1475 fps for Jan 26, 2009 · The Brenneke slug in 12 gauge is well suited for large and dangerous game at close ranges, and deer sized game out to about 50 – 70 yards. I remember in one of the Nova Scotia Big Game Record Books there was a fellow who shot a buck that made the book with a 28 gauge. In Stock Item #: PPA7X64 Mar 29, 2019 · This video compares our slug reloads using the Russian Paradox slugs and tail wads vs Federal and Brenneke factory slug loads. shotgun slug has a muzzle velocity of 1600 ft/sec and muzzle energy of 2485 ft-lb. 66 $ 42 . 980 inch with near 100 percent weight retention," Dennison said. 12 Gauge Ammo 2-3/4" 1 oz Foster-Type Slug; Brenneke USA K. $9. The Brenneke slug in 12 gauge is well suited for large and dangerous game at c lose ranges, and deer sized game out to about 50 - 70 yards. (490gr), Brenneke Heavy Field short Magnum 1 1/4 Oz. Knowing the diameter of a standard 12 gauge bore ( which you will learn not all manufactures make the bore diameter the same ) I learned this. 730", 600 grain slug at 1,500 fps. Ive "heard" that brenneke syas they will shoot out of both smooth and rifled but I just dont see how they could get around the rifled to rifled extream twist problem myself. 650 gr # 00 Buck: $ 289: $ 527: $ 765 Federal 12 Gauge Ammunition Vital-Shok PB127DPRS 2-3/4" 1oz Deep Penetrator TruBall Hollow Point Rifled Slug 1350fps 5 rounds $13. 60 yards with a 20 gauge and an IM choke, no rifling needed. 75 1oz 5 Rounds Per Box 1213823When it comes time to take that shot you've been waiting on you want the best. For hunters who prefer shotguns, the Hornady® slug with Super Shock Tip technology is the ideal ammunition for taking down your prey. Give it your best shot, with Rottweil Laser Plus Sabot Slugs: Roll crimp closure securely retains slug in shell case Oct 19, 2012 · A rifled slug. 650 gr # 00 Buck: $ 297: $ 544: $ 790: UL Level 4 and 5 SG Part 2B: 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch Mag. P. The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with ribs cast onto the outside, much like a rifled Foster slug. 00: foundryoutdoors. 45 ACP loads on the market today. Bullet Type: Nov 29, 2012 · My 12 ga 870 shoots half dollar sized groups at 50 yards with a rifled barrel, scope and remngton copper plated sabot slugs. barrel contour in a 12-ga. The chief variance from the Foster slug is that the Brenneke is solid and has a wad attached to the rear of the slug that remains on the slug after firing. " and bear a headstamp of "Kent 12". Also it is not firing a projectile nearly as heavy as some of the 12GA Slugs, Brenneke Clasic magnum 1 1/8Oz. SLUG 1175FPS 5-PK $ 9. This slug maintained a good portion of its advertised velocity of 1560 fps in the Remington riot gun, breaking 1470 fps. Slug expands up to . The AccuTip Sabot Slug is available in 3 inches and 2 ¾ inches. Apr 22, 2020 · Nominal slug weights, including felt and cardboard wads, are 491 gr. This may be a slight exaggeration. Hard-hitting Terminal Performance. That slug did great, but it got me thinking — how much better might something like a Brenneke slug perform? So, this week, it’s a straight-up ballistic gel test of a Brenneke Black Magic Short Magnum one-ounce, 2 […] At the heart of the Brenneke TOPAS shotshells is a barrel-friendly blue plastic sabot which also integrates a wad, solidly connected with the cartridge. 99 Our Price: $3. lbs In order to have a safe shoot, Brenneke recommends the following Safety Tips: Only use Brenneke slugs in modern shotguns known to be in good condition. 12 ga slug loading,,The aversive special Tail wad for the fire hydrant slug. 63 oz Shot Size :275 Grain Sabot Slug Muzzle Velocity :1900 fps Rounds per box :5 Rounds Per Box, 10 A particular type of Brenneke® slug is the SuperSabot, characterized by high speed, high energy and very good precision. All of them have lost 2/3 of their energy by the time the slug reaches 100 yards. The Black Magic® Magnum (12 GA 3”) is one of the most powerful cartridges available on the market. The advantage of the Brenneke is that the stabilizing fins (which you don't care about at all for bear protection) are attached to the aft end of the a solid slug while a standard Type: 12 Gauge; Details: RIO ROYAL ORIGINAL BRENNEKE SLUG CARTRIDGE With extraordinary ballistics, excellent range and stopping power, the quality and precision of a Brenneke Slug is based on the “arrow” principle. They are the same hybrid slug as Brenneke's 3 inch 410 slug but loaded in a 2. Brenneke SL122ATS Anti-Terror-Slug 12 Gauge 2. 09 ounce) 1312~1444 ft/sec 1 4. 75″ 1 oz Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 40 Cs $ 12. It produces 2000+feet per second muzzle velocity. Brenneke Classic Magnum Ballistics (12 gauge 2¾”) Brenneke Classic Magnum Ballistics (16 gauge 2¾”) Green Lightning. Factory loaded examples of plumbata slugs include numerous offerings from Brenekke such as the tried and true K. In order to have a safe shoot, Brenneke recommends the following Safety Tips: Only use Brenneke slugs in modern shotguns known to be in good condition. I would think that converting a birdshot shell basically into a slug would overpenetrate as much or more than 00 Buckshot. For the suped-up single-shot loads, it can easy recoil greater than Brenneke slugs out of a pump. it looks like flake powder, and most are in squarish shape but some are really odd shaped. 730" bore smoothbore with cylinder chokes. Brenneke slugs are somewhat more accurate than the Foster slugs, but are usually more expensive. 20 has a flat trajectory, dropping only 1. The actual slug has a bit of a cavity in it's nose versus the piont found on the Dynimite-Nobel version. load. 7. We also offer a range of 12 gauge slug models with loads of 28, 32, 34, and 39 grams for big game hunting. The ammunition is compatible with 12-gauge and 20-gauge shotguns which have rifled barrels on them. 50 cal slugs. 99 $ 36 . lbs. com Jun 17, 2020 · Figure 2. For comparison, a common deer-hunting rifle round is a 7. 454 Casull vs. 49 List List Price $55. The Green Lightning fires a 484 grain slug at about 1,500 fps. The advantage to a rifle such as a 30/30 is that amunition will be a little bit easier to carry then the shotgun shells. Most traditional 12 gauge shotguns can easily be converted with a barrel swap to allow a slug to be safely and accurately fired. Gauge Shell Length Projectile 12 2. It offers tremendous knockdown power up to 100/60 yards. Using a micrometer, one brand in particular is undersized. Hornady Custom Lite 12 Ga 2-3/4″ 300 Gr Sabot Details: Hornady is known as an industry leader in creating innovative products that work. Deer and Elk, no problem. See more ideas about Shotgun slug, Shotgun, Gun gear. 12) are sub-calibre missiles which have a discarding plastic collar surrounding the missile to bring it up to standard calibre. 99: Fiocchi 12ga 2. | Canadian Tire A 12 gauge Brenneke slug The Brenneke slug was developed by the famous German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke (1865–1951) in 1898. Ammo 12 Gauge Brenneke USA Special Forces Short Magnum 2-3/4 1-1/4 Oz Alloy Slug 1418 fps 5 Round Box  17 Mar 2018 The Brenneke TOPAS slug travels at a staggering speed of 510 meters per second (1673 fps) at the muzzle in the 12-gauge version and at 561  3 Jun 2019 A 12-gauge shotgun and slug will deliver impressive energy and is on ballistic testing and field use, Nelson recommends Brenneke's Black  Type, Gauge, Length, Weight, Velocity, Wad, Antimony, Shot Size. Product Title TacStar 1081157 Side Saddle, fits 12 Gauge 6Rd Remi Average rating: 4 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $42. Whether you are looking for a good hunting load or a self-defense round, this ammunition will deliver the reliability you are looking for. Slug loading variation 2: Plumbata slugs. The Dixie Terminator 12 gauge . The K. Rio Royal Star Low Recoil 12 GA Slug 5 pack 2 3/4. The wad may be plastic, cellulose fiber or felt, and it gives the slug stabilization in flight. 1(888)273-5623 Brenneke; Golden Bear; $12. The little round balls, which probably weigh 60 to 70 grains apiece have poor ballistic qualities. The Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with fins cast onto the outside. Sep 06, 2018 · The fact that the slug is either rifled or sabot has virtually no difference on velocity. But with the advent of rifled slug barrels, manufacturers developed a sabot type slug. Don’t let the less recoil fool you however, with a 1 1/4 oz (546 grain) hourglass shaped pure lead slug for maximum expansion the Hybred Lite is The original Brenneke slug is a solid lead slug with fins cast onto the outside, much like a rifled Foster slug. One catalog lists 2,361 ft. Super-X Rifled Slug Shotgun Ammo is designed for smooth-bore shotgun barrels. 95 $ 8. No other slug gun ammo can come close to the performance of the SST ®. BRENNEKE 28 GAUGE SLUGS Oct 19, 2016 · There was no authorized licensing of the brenneke classic slug, or the brenneke name in the 80's. 7 out of 5 stars 149 $36. 75 1 ounce Thug Slug 12 3. Deaths due to a Brenneke® SuperSabot are rarely described in literature. My uncle was a deer processor in Michigan and I've helped butcher hundreds. 32) x grains of bullet weight. Target Sports USA carries the entire line of Brenneke for sale online with free shipping on bulk ammo Winchester's shotshell ammo delivers the ultimate in perfomance and versatility for shotguns in a variety of shotgun gauge sizes and lengths including shotgun slugs and more than 110 lead-free shotshell options. Additional Notes: The SPW works equally well at 1,600 fps and beyond as it does at 1,000 fps regardless of barrel twist rate. EBR has a 12 Gauge Expanding Slug for home defense and hunting applications. Kentucky Ballistics. There is a plastic, felt or cellulose fiber wad attached to the base that remains attached after firing. A typical Remington 12 gauge Shotgun slug has 2989 FT Lbs of energy AT THE MUZZLE The Brenneke MAGNUM slug has 3014 FT LBS at the MUZZLE. It is, however, the most expensive at well over a $1 a shot. Always in the forefront of deer slug technology, we redesigned our 12-gauge Slugger Rifled Slug for a 25% improvement in accuracy. Shotgun: I used a Mossberg 500 with a 18. 12 Shotgun slugs: (a) Foster, (b) Brenneke, and (c) Smith & Wesson sabot. 12 Gauge 2. Made in USA. ™ gives you the safety of a quick and clean kill, even better as it is one of the least expensive slugs on the market. The nose of the slug must not protrude beyond the roll crimp on the hull the effective range of the shotgun slug. The Brenneke slug in 12 gauge is well suited for large and dangerous game at  Things only go more in favor of the 50BMG as the range increases due to the superior ballistics of a bullet vs shot or 12 gauge slug result in greater energy  25 Jan 2016 The most common shotgun ammunition is the 12 gauge and the 20 gauge. Produced in most popular slug loadings - 2 3/4" and 3" 12-gauge and 2 3/4" 20-gauge with a 1/2 oz. 730 caliber, 730 gr. 10 Brenneke slug. in 12 gauge, 427 gr. Nov 18, 2016 · When we were still a slug gun state (ohio) i used these slugs in both the 12 gauge moss 500 slug barrel and an H&R single shot 20 gauge slugger they both had very good results out to 150 yards . 12 gauge slugs for Cape Buffalo or Elephant ? Can a Brenneke Magnum Crush ( 3in, 666 grains, 1604 fps, and 3804 ft. The Lightfield Commander IDS Plus 3" 12 ga. The production of the classic BRENNEKE with felt rear has started in 1898. As for what actually hits the target, it is a 273 grain grain . My rifled slug barrel absolutely loves the Lightfield saboted slugs. They hit like a mule, but don't kick like one! 40% less felt recoil compared to standard slugs! Loaded with the 300-grain FTX® projectile used in the original Hornady® SST®, these Slugs leave the muzzle at 1,575 F. Foster slug The Foster slug is similar in appearance to a Brenneke slug. A slug’s soft lead construction makes it less than ideal for thick skinned African game such as elephants, r With a super flat trajectory, the slug delivers sub-2” groups at 100 yards and true 200 yard accuracy. BRENNEKE OF AMERICA, L. The same methodology is true from the 4 gauge down to the 28 gauge. slug. $18. 602-gr. [7] Jul 26, 2012 · This slug bears a striking resemblance to a Brenneke style slug. This design feature helps increase the flight stabilization of the slug once it leaves the barrel. OZ-KARA slug has fins cast onto the outside and a plastic wad attached to the projectile. Sabot and others offer good  RIO Ammunition decided that regular old slugs were not cool enough—so they gave That equates to nearly 2,625-foot pounds of kinetic energy out of that old 12-gauge shotgun. Aug 07, 2014 · The 12-gauge slug is everything I expected it to be, and it’s a tremendously destructive projectile. For example, a typical 12 gauge shotgun slug is a blunt piece of metal that could be described as an 18 mm (. Also, at 1760 fps muzzle velocity, our 3" 12-ga. O slugs that can be fired through smooth or rifled bore shotguns. , making it an ideal deer load at medium ranges. com Report this: Brenneke 4205126 870 SPS™ Super Slug – The 25-1/2", extra-heavy, 1"-diameter barrel is fluted longitudinally to reduce weight and pinned to the receiver in order to control barrel vibration. 45 caliber bullet in 20 gauge as opposed to a 328 grain bullet in 12 gauge. s. 21 I shoot a 20 and a 12 with 2-3/4 for designated long range Nov 02, 2010 · Here is proof from this weekend that the SST 20 gauge slugs have stopping power. 727-inch lead balls. BULK 12 GAUGE AMMO for SALE! 12 gauge ammo is a very popular caliber for hunters as well as shooters seeking an effective home defense round. Brenneke Slugs. brenneke. Ammunition Best I can tell, 50m slug shots from a 14" bead sight barrel is stretching it. 66 That said A 12 guage sabot slug has alot of punch to it. The main difference between this slug and the Foster is the wad attached to the end. Sep 30, 2019 - Explore billp1769's board "Shotgun slug" on Pinterest. "It does not mean you can stuff in a great deal more powder. This is clearly an option for hunting large game; not so much Brenneke Slugs. That said, sabot slugs are often loaded into premium rounds, so they are tend to be loaded at higher velocities; you may find that sabot shells are faster, but this is not because of the slug itself. The clean speed coating reduces lead fouling inside the barrel by almost 100%. Also I believe that the rifle will be lighter to carry then the shotgun. I have also shot the Brenneke slugs and they work well also. With factory loads, I believe it compares favorably to a light 12Ga. No rifling needed unless you are wanting to use the expensive sabot slugs. The same goes for the size of the load. 00 buckshot is approximately . Ballistics Information: - Muzzle Velocity: 1600 fps Sabots won't stabilize out of a smooth barrel, they'll start yawing and tumbling quick. SG1 12 Gauge 478 grain Solid Lead Brenneke Slug (1. The SST Lite Shotgun Slugs are no different. Rottweil offers several slug loads in 12, 20, and . Standard shaped 20 gauge Brenneke slug ballistics are as follows. In terms of trajectory, bullet mass, bullet diameter, tissue disruption, impact velocity and penetration, the 20 gauge slug load is superior. Slug offers power and accuracy along with the confidence of a quick, clean takedown. 73 caliber. 1957 Print Ad of Zephyr Thunderbird 10 Gauge Shotgun. In comparing buckshot with rifled slug in a test performed by The Box O’ Truth, #3 buck actually penetrated further (equivalent to 12″ of flesh) than the Remington “ Slugger ” (equivalent to 4″ of flesh). Price $11. Jun 07, 2010 · The ballistics between the two would easily favor the slug. Brenneke USA Anti Terror Slug 12 Gauge Shotshells | SL122ATS. They are generally designed to be fired from a special rifled shotgun barrel to spin stabilize the missile. 75 ITX-10 Duck #4 12 3. At 25 yards, these slugs produced a group of 8 cm. In 2005, we started using an optimized version. The splined interior walls Aug 20, 2011 · OZ-KARA 12 Gauge slug is a Brenneke-style solid lead slug with copper ball inside. Whether you're hunting for turkey, doves, or deer, The Armory will have you covered. I hunt with slugs at home all the time. 12 Gauge: N/A : None: N/A : 5: $4. However, some of today's 20-bore slug loads do a fair bit better. While 1 1/8 ounces is considered the standard load for 12 gauge shooters, you can typically find 12 gauge ammo loaded in a variety of weights with rounds traditionally containing either steel or lead projectiles. A 3" mag 1 1/2 oz slug leaving at 1600 fps has a ME of 3800 Nov 07, 2005 · These deer were stationary. Partition Gold is engineered for slug hunters offering accuracy and downrange energy from the Partition Technology regardless of barrel length. RIO Ammunition 433 E Las “Remington Slugger 12 GA 2-3/4 INCH 1 OZ 1560 FPS 5 ROUNDS (SP12RS), 270 in Stock” $1. rifle ballistics fair poorly by comparison, as Federal load C44 is a 240 grain hollow point, MV 1760 fps, with a static ballistic coefficient of . Remington Premier AccuTip Sabot Slug Ammunition. The center of gravity is balanced at the front of the slug as in the case of the balance of an arrow. How about $80 shipped. = 437. The sabot hosts a 20 grams (309 grains) slug in the 12-gauge version and a 17 grams (262 grains) slug in the 16-gauge load. It is the best factory slug load --- period. Remington Slugger 12 Gauge Rifled Slugs 5-Pack Important Product and Safety Information You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. Brenneke Type Slugs- Designed for smoothbore barrels. If you know nothing else about Winchester, this line of A 12 gauge Brenneke slug The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke (1865–1951) in 1898. 30-06 or . . (547gr), Brenneke 3" Blck Magic Magnum 1 3/8 Oz. 1in Triangle 3 55~73F The 12 gauge Custom Lite™ Shotgun Slug is a reduced recoil option that is ideal for youngsters, women or anyone looking to tame the recoil of their favorite rifled barrel slug gun. Remington 12 Gauge Slugger Ammunition Five Rounds 438 Grain Rifled Slug 3" Remington 12 Gauge Slugger Ammunition Five Rounds Our Low Price $7. The 12-gauge slugs weigh 11/4 ounces, (547 grains) and have a published muzzle velocity of 1500 fps for the 23/4-inch load and 1625 fps for the 3-inch. 410 calibre are useful with smaller game and deer, but usually at a much more reduced range of about 30 – 50 yards. I went out to Bass Pro today just looking around and I came across these Brenneke K. com then click on "english" in the upper right hand corner, click on "products" then go to "shotgun slugs" and then to "product range". Prototype ammo in a rifled Benelli autoloader tore one-hole knots for me at 50 yards. It should be noted that with little exception the 20ga. 33 inches in diameter. A 12 gauge 402 gr. 270 are dropped where they stand. Mar 03, 2011 · I use the 12 gauge and Brenneke slug combo and am extremely confident with them. Hello Birddogbi,welcome to the 28 Gauge Society Site. The CLASSIC slug offers highest accuracy and striking energy. Hunters know how effective a 12 gauge slug is for harvesting whitetail deer, however, that effectiveness comes at the price of heavy recoil to get maximum It is designed for rifled barrels and . M. As stated the recoil of the 12 is something you will have to deal with. 50 Add to Wish list Challenger Slug Ammunition are high performance rifled slugs Delivers incredible accuracy and a muzzle velocity of over 1600 FPS Challenger Slug Ammunition, 12 Gauge, 2-3/4-in, 1-1/8 oz. 12 gauge Slug; 12 gauge Target Loads; 20 gauge Std Field Loads; PRVI PARTIZAN AMMO 7x64 BRENNEKE 140gr PSPBT 20/bx 25/cs . I would say the larger diameter is what I found shoots most accurately and best velocities. Find great deals on eBay for brenneke. both deer were dropped in there tracks! May 10, 2015 · And by the way, 12 gauge guns seemed to give the best accuracy. At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. Product Family #: 1002073452; Product #: 712244  17 Jun 2020 The original Brenneke slug (see Figure 2. 12 Sabot slug. I know they are very hard metal, not soft lead. Many of the newest slugs use polymer tips for higher With Federal Premium® Vital-Shok® TruBall® Rifled Slug Shotshells, accurate slug performance for your smoothbore shotgun is now a reality! The traditional lead slug uses a simple plastic ball between the wad and the slug to force extremely accurate results. 24:19. The velocity in the loaded rounds is 1200'/" from 20" 12 gauge 3" Hastings rifled barrels. All shipped for $50. 1,900 fps  Jun 28, 2015 - LEE CHILD. Personally, I shy away from the magnum loads and go for the "reduced recoil" loads when firing slugs if at all possible. For use in fully rifled barrels only. And it comes with an important safety factor for hunters: since it flies at a relatively slow speed a diverted slug can be heard easily. That said, fitment makes a great deal of difference. It offers 58% more frontal area than standard . 99 12 Gauge. The Winchester Super-X slug is available in three gauge sizes - 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and . 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch 437 gr Slug: $ 297: $ 544: $ 790: UL Level 4 and 5 SG Part 1B: 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch 437 gr Slug: $ 289: $ 527: $ 765: UL Level 4 and 5 SG Part 2A: 12 Gauge 2 3/4 inch Mag. ". THEY ARE ILLEGAL and Inadequate for DG. You want to use them on PG. 75 1 oz Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs. com. P. 1in Triangle 3 55~73F SG2 12 Gauge 478 grain Solid Lead Brenneke Slug 1312~1444 ft/sec 3 4. 75 00 Buckshot 12 2. Parabolic Ultragon™ rifling with a 1-in-35" twist stabilizes modern slugs for consistent tack-driving accuracy. Jul 26, 2012 · This slug bears a striking resemblance to a Brenneke style slug. _ Randy Fritz told me the other day that he’s weeks away from introducing a full bore-size 20-gauge shotgun slug that will exceed 2,000 feet per second out of the barrel and still pack a 62-caliber wallop downrange of 200 yards. Slug SL-123BMM We bought this for $10. ™ produces extensive damage in the first block of ballistic gelatin, expending virtually all of  The Brenneke slug ammunition was and still is made to pass safely through the choke and still produce Brenneke Red Magic Ballistics (12 gauge 2¾”)  Brenneke USA Black Magic Magnum Ammunition 12 Gauge 3" 1-3/8 oz Lead Rifled Slug Box of 5. SKU: Brenneke slug ammunition is produced with high quality materials and as undergoes strict quality control to ensure their customers receive ammunition in excellent condition. You simply do not want to be hit by one. Gauge Length Weight Velocity Wad Antimony Shot Size; 12 GAUGE HUNTNG - BUCKSHOT & SLUGS : BRENNEKE SLUG 31: 12: 70 mm - 2¾" 31 gram - 1 3/32 oz : 1395 fps: PLASTIC - Slug: NOVA SLUG: 12: 70 mm - 2¾" 32 gram - 1 1/8 oz: 1410 fps: PLASTIC - Slug: AERO SLUG: 12: 70 mm - 2¾" 28 gram - 1 oz: 1560 fps: PLASTIC - Slug: HV 4 27 BALL BUCKSHOT: 12: 70 5 rounds of Hornady® SST® Lite 12 Gauge 2 3/4" Shotgun Slugs. I went through the nubers when I built a designated slug gun 12 Ga 3" Hybrid elite 100 yard zero @ 150 yards drops -3. Select from Fiocchi; Federal; Rio; Hornady; Brenneke; Golden  FTX_ bullet improves ballistic coefficient and aids in expansion. $3. The Brenneke slug was developed by the German gun and ammunition designer (similar in dimensions to a wadcutter bullet) mean that its external ballistics restrict it to  Yet, BRENNEKE hunting ammunition – rifle as well as slug – is renowned for its excellent price-performance ratio. Foster Brenneke® Black Magic Magnum Slug Shotshells are some of the most powerful 12-gauge cartridges available on the market. This ammo is not designed for smoothbore over-bore barrels or those that have bores smaller than . Q&A . Slightly older than the Foster design, Wilhelm Brenneke invented this design in 1898 to meet the needs of shotgun users. 22LR, . Dixie designed his slug as requested by experienced shooters in Alaska. It was scoped with a Nikon 3-9X Slughunter with the company’s BDC reticle, The splined interior walls of the Laser Plus sabot capture the rotational spin of the barrel’s rifling, transferring that rotational spin directly to the lead projectile, so there’s no slippage. In 1980 the only thing new brenneke developed and released was its classic slug with a plastic tail. slugs. )or Brenneke Black Magic ( 3in, 600 grain, 1502 fps, 3014 ft. So flip a coin and then go to the range and practice snap shooting from whatever position you plan to carry from. Also had two lonesome boxes of Federal 12 gauge 2 3/4" Super Slugs to throw in the box. Find your best price for 16 Gauge Ammo shotgun slug | Bulk 16 Gauge Ammunition shotgun slug - AmmoSeek. 89 QuickView with a 10-ga. The slug itself features a truncated cone which reliably expands up to 1. deform less on impact and provide deeper penetration (see terminal ballistics). Also been hearing really good things about that new winchester cx slug as well. cases! Sometimes when you’re hunting big game, and I mean really big game, you need that blunt force trauma: “Horsepower! Brenneke slugs are designed to be used out of a smoothbore barrel, and the solid slug design imparts a lot of energy upon the target and improves overall penetration. Now, shooters brag about shotguns that could hit a shot glass Some other types of rifled slugs, like Brenneke slugs, have a solid slug with a lighter-weight base that was attached to the slug. Brenneke Shotshells Green Lightning 12 Gauge 2. 7 grams (150 grains), but the dynamics of the rifle cartridge allow for a different type of K. Rottweil brenneke Gauge/Bore: 12 Shell Length: 2-3/4" Slug Weight: 1 oz Slug Type: Lead Ballistics Information: Muzzle Velocity: 1378 fps Muzzle Energy: 1854 ft. Box 1481; Clinton, Iowa 52733-1481; Phone: (800) 753 9733; Fax: (563) 244 7421; E-mail: info@brennekeusa. The SST ® Shotgun Slug packs a target-dropping punch! The 12 GA 300 gr FTX ® delivers a crushing 1793 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards and the smaller, 20 GA 250 gr FTX ® delivers an impressive 1200 ft/lbs of energy at the same distance. Brenneke SL-122KO, 12 Gauge, 2-3/4", 1 oz Slug, 1600 fps,For Rifled or Smooth Bore Barrels, 5 Rd/bx Aug 15, 2008 · Brenneke slugs are not new. Photos. "00" buck 12 ga ammo fires 9 pellets with ballistic damage equal to a 9mm @25 yards. 5” cylinder bore barrel (no choke) and a budget 3 MOA Bushnell TRS-25 (pictured above). The 7/8 oz. Lower recoil and 2-3/4" 12 gauge shotgun shells with 385 grain saboted slugs. Aug 20, 2014 · A couple of weeks ago we a test of . 30-06 energy levels! Rifled Slug Uses Product Title TacStar 1081157 Side Saddle, fits 12 Gauge 6Rd Remin Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Current Price $45. unknown significance. Find brenneke 12 gauge ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship. 95 “Brenneke SL123RMS Red Magic Sabot 12 Gauge 3 1 oz Sabot Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs, 210 in Stock” Ballistics is the “learning from the shot”. Oct 31, 2007 · For Slug Loads: ~The brenneke 3" magnum slug for the 410ga. Rifled Slug ammo for sale online at cheap discount prices with free shipping available on bulk 16 Gauge ammunition only at our online store TargetSportsUSA. This puts the 12 gauge slug into . 124. Muzzle Velocity: 1280 fps; Muzzle Energy: 2786 ft lbs After theorizing which design would allow the slug to work at powder-burn ranges and those pushing the limits of the best slug guns, Dennison hit the lab again to test the projectile in ordnance gelatin. 5 grns. Also it allows better penetration of the target. The table shows that Foster style slugs are made well below the actual 12-gauge bore diameter. SPECIFICATIONS: Mfg Item Num: P209TC Category: AMMO SHOTSHELLS Gauge :20 Type :Sabot Slug Length :3 in Ounces :. Plumbata slug is the technical term for any shotgun slug that incorporates a plastic spacer wad/gas seal section affixed to the base of the lead projectile. I took some apart years ago. Note: This information comes from the manufacturer and is for informational purposes only. Jan 12, 2015 · A shotgun’s gauge is determined by the number of round projectiles of equal diameter that can be subdivided from one pound of lead. 75 High Velocity Steel (BBB) 12 2. In comparing buckshot with rifled slug in a test performed by The Box O’ Truth, #3 buck actually penetrated further (equivalent to 12″ of flesh) than the Remington ‘Slugger’ (equivalent to 4″ of flesh). 0 Nickel Plated Lead #5 12 2. Pic 4, tried to get close-up of the odd shaped flakes. Hunting with your rifled barrel shotgun will never be the same. The approximately 114 grain rifled lead slug fires at around 1900 FPS, and is ideal for a youngster during their first deer hunting season. With relatively similar energy levels between a 3" 12 ga slug and a 130 gr . 170. 30-30 bullet at 125 yards, while the 20-gauge at 100 yards mustered only the snap of a . , which has an attached plastic wad that works like the tail of a badminton bird to keep the the slug flying It has all trickled down from the big dog, the 12 gauge, and has completely changed the rules about shooting 20-gauge slug guns for deer. Ballistic Products has slug ammunition. Brennekes don't flatten out like fosters but the hole they punch is impressive, and lethal. 45. The Brenneke company still manufactures slugs for the hunting and self-defense market today. 11 Foster slug. Mar 03, 2018 · Both the Brenneke Tactical Home Defense and Brenneke Classic Magnum are good slug choices. Per Doc, we run only full power slugs and buck through our 14" 590A1s. There is no reason your gun can't do A 12 gauge Brenneke slug. Lightfield Ammunition, the industry Leader in sabot slug technology, has produced it’s Hybred Series of sabot slugs to take shotgun accuracy to a level that has never been achieved in the shooting industry before. -lbs. Brenneke USA Green Lightning Heavy Field Short Magnum 12 Gauge Ammo 2 3/4" 1 1/4 oz Lead Rifled Slug; Brenneke USA K. in 16 gauge, and 364 gr. 86 $ 5. is the most accurate and most powerful hunting slug load available for the 410ga. [7] It allows you to develop your perfect slug. The Brenneke slug with 35 grains of BD under a 1/4" felt wad fits perfectly into a 2-1/4" shell. The same exceptional knockdown power that distinguishes every Brenneke slug is built into the K. 0 ITX-13 Goose #2 20 2. 5 125gr Thug Slug The test site was configured as below: Velocit 7 feet 10 feet Slug Shotgun Shells > Shotgun Shells > Ammunition > Shooting > Outdoors 12 Gauge Shotgun Slug Ammo for sale online at Discount Prices. Ammo Supply Warehouse Brenneke K. com Search Engine 2020 Fiocchi 12 Gauge Ammunition 25 Rounds 2. 30-30 at 250. 308 inch) slug weighing 9. 35x51mm Carcano; 12 Gauge. is pretty similar to a 12Ga. 50" 2 1/8 oz 6 Shot 10 Bx/ 10 Cs Winchester Ammo SXP123 XP3 High Velocity 12 Gauge 3" 300 GR Sabot Slug Shot 5 Bx/ 20 Cs offhand35, go to www. Vital•Shok TruBall Rifled Slug Items 1 to 6 Availability New Products Best Matches Price Low To High Price High to Low Most Popular Top Sellers Product Name A - Z Product Name Z - A Laser Plus slug ammo is offered in 12- and 20-gauge, both in 23/4-inch and 3-inch. The shift to sabots began when California-based Ballistics Research Institute (BRI) designed an hour-glass-shaped slug in a plastic sleeve split lengthwise. The Hastings' soft slug and flexible sabot allow it to swell at setback and thus fill the bore of any gun, giving it a reputation for accuracy. 73 Read more; EXOTIC SHORTY SLUG 12 GA 1 3/4 1 OZ. ) Sure. Saboted slugs (Figure 2. TruBall Rifled Slug 12 Gauge Important Safety Information WARNING: Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning firearms, or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other substances known to the State of California to cause birth defects, reproductive harm, and other serious physical injury. Their 2 3/4" 12 gauge slug weighs 1 1/4 ounce, and their 3" Magnum 20 gauge slug weighs a full 1 ounce. 95 Shotshell Slug Ammo; Your Price: $12. Chart Lessons It also enhances expansion at longer ranges and gives it outstanding down range ballistics. 49: Browning 12 Gauge Safety Solution Pack of 2 10, 12 & 20 Gauge GA Stealth Black 56 Round Shotgun Shotshell Ammo Shot Shell Shoulder Bandolier Bandoleer Carrier /56R2PC 4. More stable flight means much greater accuracy. 75" Shotgun Slug, 5/box - SL-122KO The K. 70 break open now but if i had to go back to slug barrels only lightfields are the slugs i prefer. Oct 17, 2010 · Lightfield Ammunition has produced 12-gauge shotgun slug ammo that begins with mild and ends with wild. for one year and went back to what works for me. 63 Your Security is Our Priority Federal . bore. It is still travelling at 1,102 fps 100 yards downrange. In the case of the Rio, the steel air rod adds greater penetration, while the lead The ballistics between the Brenneke Gold 1-3/8 oz slug (3014 ft-lbs) and the standard Remington (3005 ft-lbs) is not much, and the same applies to the other brands. Near realtime tracking of who has ammo, mags and reloading supplies in stock. The Federal (PB127 DPRS) Truball Deep Penetrator 1 oz slug load is also an acceptable option. the PERSUADER. We are now allowed straight walled rifles so i use a 45. My current favorite is Brenneke's K. That's why you need the Brenneke Red Magic Sabot 12 Gauge Slug The BRENNEKE slug is designed for huge mass stopping power that excels the impact of any bullet – on drive hunts as well as on African big game. They were my choice. Super Black Eagle 3 Rifled Slug Starting Price: $1,999 12-Gauge; 20-Gauge; 28-Gauge; Compact Shotguns; Deer Shotguns; Dove Shotguns; Brenneke SL122KO K. Therefore, anything brenneke, for a shotgun, at that time was not a sabot. 12GTX187 Fiocchi 12 Gauge Ammunition 25 Rounds 2. Find your best price for Brenneke 12 Gauge Ammo shotgun slug | Bulk Brenneke 12 Gauge Ammunition shotgun slug - AmmoSeek. From left: two Brenneke slugs for smoothbores, two Winchester/BRI sabot slugs, a Federal Foster. 45-70Govt. Maximum effective range is limited as much by the slug's rapid decay of energy and velocity as by its poor accuracy. I don't know why this is so, but 65 years of slug shooting, and it still seems to be the same today a the day I started. The 12 at 100 yards hit like a . In short. 6. 62 mm (. 12 ga Slug 1oz 2 3/4 5 rnd/box [SL-122KO-5] - The Brenneke K. But if you haven't shot them lately, get your hands on some now. They are 3 inch magnums in my 12 gauge double slug gun. 730" bore with Cylinder Chokes or in 12 Gauge 3" Rifled Barrels. 77" at 50 using the TC Encore. Foster type slug examples are: Soft Hollow Base Lead Slugs ( Karl Foster ) Winchester Super X Remington Sluggers Original Brenneke Federal Kennetic Energy = KE = ( MV² / 7000 / 64. "The extra room in the case means you need a bigger wad," says Scarlata. Also, ballistics can vary from lot to lot with the same brand and type loads. We test them all and only the best make our cut. Sep 30, 2007 · Pic 3, slug/tail removed as a unit, powder dumped out. Note: 1oz. Fritz, rightfully regarded as Jul 09, 2012 · To 75 yards they have become extremely accurate. 9" In testing, this slug creates a 5-shot group under 1-1/2" at 50 yards. This wad serves as a gas seal and stabilizez slug after 10 Gauge 3-1/2" 1-3/4oz Hollow Point Rifled Slug 5 Rounds by FEDERAL AMMUNITION 10 gauge hollow point slugs for a smoothbore barrel, remember, "rifled" slug means the slug is rifled, not your barrel. In a worst case bear attack you will be right on the edge of your ability to react to the attack. 75″ 12 Pellets 00 Buck Shot 5 Bx/ 50 Cs $ 6. Shop with confidence. Rifled Slug-SL-162BR Brenneke USA Traditional 16 Gauge Ammo 2-1/2” 1 oz. Jan 29, 2013 · Review and FOUR penetration tests of the Brenneke Black Magic Magnum, 12 GA, 3" slug. 410. 5 Lead Shot 1. I would say your average . 99. So far I haven't done any serious The shells are clear in color and marked with both "Brenneke" and "K. 600 grain slug leaves the barrel with greater Muzzle Energy 3850 ft/lbs at the barrel and 1324 ft/lbs at 150 yards than the Dixie Terminator. I liked the price tag much more than a box of Hornady's. A 12 gauge Brenneke slug. Shaving 150 ft/lbs of pressure at the muzzle provides for a lighter recoil and easier handling slug round. Figure 8. The 3-inch 12 gauge works at 14,000 psi. 410 as well as snake shot in . From Ammuntion to Go's website: This is . The Green Lightning is a Heavy Field Short Magnum slug cartridge made in 12 gauge 2¾” with a 546 grain projectile and 20 gauge 2¾” with a 437 grain projectile. 1972 Print Ad of Stoeger RWS-Brenneke Shotgun Slugs Ballistics Chart. However, with advances in rifled shotgun slug technology, the shotgun slug’s ballistics has improved over time. One on the left was taken at 138 yards from a 20 gauge browing gold rifled barrel with a scope and one on the right was also taken at 138 yards with a mossberg 500 rifled barrel with iron sights. She could not have had rich friends shooting Brenneke (or Oct 01, 2000 · At 100 yards, where a 1-ounce 12-gauge Foster slug still carried 1,255 ft. com Search Engine 2020 I understand that this ammo is to be used only in smoothbore barrels that have a 12 gauge 3"- . This year, there is a 3-inch 12-gauge Lazer Mag version (1,625 fps at the muzzle) and two 20-gauge versions as well. hard cast heat treated slug in more like a BRENNEKE USA 12GA KO SLUG 3 Reviews | Questions & Answers. Rifled Slug for Smooth Bore Barrels. 730". 68 Read more; Remington Ammunition 12SB00 Express Magnum 12 Gauge 2. ATI is relatively new to the firearms and ammunition community but are earning their place by importing quality munitions from around the world that are being bought up eagerly by American firearm owners. 729 inch) caliber that weighs 28 grams (432 grains). 41 Read more Winchester Ammo STLB12LM6 Long Beard XR Shot-Lok Magnum 12 Gauge 3. 2020 12:18:39 PST View all Oct 22, 2008 · While some hunters are perfectly fine shooting ducks with a 12 gauge, they may feel more comfortable shooting slugs out of a 16- or 20-gauge shotgun. O produces extensive damage in the first block of ballistic gelatin, expending  With 12-gauge rifled slugs, you'll probably find that the 3-inch versions don't shoot find better ballistic performance in your smoothbore gun with full-bore slugs the Remington Copper Solid, the Brenneke K. brenneke 12 gauge slug ballistics

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