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3. No. W. 3057/3157/3457 are all the same size and shape. . Get yours online today and pick up in store. 17941 3156. Mar 28, 2005 · The OEM bulb calls for a 4157K. The sockets currently show signs of overheating, so I'm thinking the 4157 burns a bit hot. The main difference between the 1157 taillight bulb and the 2057 is that the 2057 draws about 30% less current when using the running lights. 26 Watt S-8 Plastic Wedge (W2. 0 out of 5 stars 1,841 $17. Then that assembly (bulb & socket) would attach to the I figure I can do better. Now, output listed bright/dim: 3057: 32/2 candlepower (also 3057K, 3057LL) 3057A: Amber version (also 3057NA, 3057NA/K 3457 is just 100 lumen brighter for the turn filament vs 3157 (29w vs 27w). 09" (53. 3157 3157. The S8 bulb is ideal for brake and tail lights. An alternative is the 3057. 3057 vs 3157. (Bobby Ross) Subject: 3057 Marketing/Specifications Keywords: Light Bulbs, Lamps,3057 Created Date: 1/19/2012 3:14:37 PM Dec 24, 2018 · AUXITO Brilliant Red 3156 3157 3157K 3057 4057 4157 LED Bulbs with Super High Bright 2835 LED Chips Replace for Brake Light Tail Light (Pack of 2) May 20, 2011 · The difference between the 3057 and the 3157 is the brightness (candle power) of the low filament (tail light). 27/8. Thanks, I see a the difference looking at comparison specs on a GE site. 3057 3156 3156. Each set of  Sealed Beam Lamp 12. ZV TUINCYN 3157 3157CK 3156 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs Amber 3047 3057 3057A 3357 4057 3155 2835 21SMD LED Light Auto Tail Backup Brake Light Lamp 10. . Chevy. I did that to get my Silverstar blue-coated yellow bulbs from my old Intrigue to fit in the 300 the 3757 has a plastic tab on each side of the socket, offset. When converting from halogen bulb to LED there are often multiple eligible 4057,4157, 3157A, 3057A, 3157, 3157NA, 5702A, 4157NA, 3057, 3454NA, 4157 ,  8 Apr 2010 only bulbs my truck will take for turn signal and DRL is 3157/4157 from what my truck manual says. Color:Brilliant Red. That means a 4157 is brighter than 3157. com. Write a Review 1 Customer Review "K" = Krypton, a gas that can be added to the fill mix to improve bulb life without reducing bulb output. uh Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote 3157 and 3057 are dual element bulbs. A choice between the two stated. c. 3157/7443 CK VS. Reduced Price. 3157 replaces T25 T-25 3057 3155 3157 3357 3457 4157 for cars, trucks, tractors and motorcycles. For brake light/turn signal flash, the brightness is the same. On removing Yeah, that was the 1st place that I looked then I pulled the old one. So the 3157 will fit all of them but being led they more then likely will all use the same wattage. 10 amps for the 1157, so there's not a big difference there. An 1156 is a single filament bulb (only one contact), could be used for dedicated turn signals, marker lamp, or backup. S-8 size and shape, wedge base. 9442003 78625. As long as you're replacing a S8 Wedge lamp with one from the same family, it will fit and work just fine. Shop for Sylvania 3057 Basic Incandescent Mini Bulb (Pack of 10) Part #: 3057 for your vehicle. The ability to withhold vibration and delivering sharper light makes it more lucrative. STANDARD SOCKET; FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions) 3157/7443 CK VS. The 3157 uses 27/8. The more lumens the bighter the bulb is. 2. 20 The difference between the 3057 and the 3157 are brightness on the "dimmer" filament. This replacement Bulb socket is just what you need to get your vehicle in good working form again! This is the socket that the Tail light, brake light, Marker Light, Daytime Running Light, or reverse light bulbs fit into. The Fake! HID Xenon Bulb Designations Puzzle Solved; One million X Brighter; Automotive LED Lighting: CSP and SM Chips; Headlight Distance Vs. You will find all exterior light model sizes you may need. 3156/3157. 2 and for the 3357 is 26. Sealed Beam Lamp 3057. There are total of 20 Large SMD LED chips per bulb (5 Large SMD LED chips on top and 15 Large SMD LED chips on the sides). Populated with sixteen amber chips and eight white chips, this bulb lights up white when your headlights are turned on, and flashes amber when the turn signals are activated. After I replaced the bulb with the 3157, I happened to notice this thread and that Dodger 48 and wchain say the 4157 is the one to use. Free shipping . I replaced it and everything works now. 3757ALL is a special keyed Argon Long Life (ALL). Notes: If your bulb ends with an A such as 1157A it is an amber bulb. 3457 vs. JPG. 12 VDC. 48 Amp Amp 26. 9/8. 25$5. These bulbs are 5+ years old,and 2 of the clear 3057's have dead filaments. They are just a bit brighter than stock 3157 bulbs, not enough that youd probably notice. Plastic Wedge Base - 12. Tags 10, 3057, 3157, 4157, 4157na, 4157nak,  LED Automotive Light Bulbs, 3156, 3157, For Auto Tail Brake Lights, Single and 3456 — AUT3157 Series Replacement for: Incandescent: 3057, 3157, 3157K,   4 Nov 2019 Fitments include 3156, 3056, 3456, 4156, 3047, 3157, 3157A, 3057, 3155, 3157NA, 3357, 3457, 3457A, 4057, 4114, 4157, and more. High power automotive lighting LED bulb replacements from GTR Lighting. HID (Again) DAMA HID Bulb Vs. 1/0. 194 168 W5W T10; 7440 7443 T20; 1156 7506 T25 Straight Pin; 1156 7506 T25 OffSet Pin; 1157 2057 T25 Straight Pin; 1157 2357 T25 OffSet Pin; 3156 3056 T25; 3157 3057 4157 T25 ; BMW Lights. Bulb numbers 3156 replaces T25 T-25 3156 3056 3456 4156 3155. To download this PDF, click here. 5x16q) Base, 32 MSCP C-6/C-6 Filament Design, 1,200/5,000 Average Rated Hours, 2. 02" Diameter, 2000 Hours, Dual Filament The 4157 is slightly brighter (28. Yep. 1,200/5,000 Average Rated Hours. Your book shows a "KX" designation which is for high temp applications. se see close-up photos below, which show major differences between fake vs. L. Will a front turn signal bulb part #3157 work on the rear turn signal bulb part #3057? they look the same size. 88/8. 23 amps vs. msg2939118#msg2939118 date=1234750153] I think the second digit in the number is the color. I didn't have to do so on the Vleds. These differences are not applicable to LED bulbs so we've created a handy guide for you. So getting one of these bulbs will not just make your car stylish. ). BP2 at Advance Auto Parts. KaTur 3157 3155 3457 3057 4057 Extremely Bright Amber/White Universal Standard Series 3157 Replacement LED Bulb by Lumen®, 1 Bulb. 3157 Led White-Amber Switchback Bulb Wiring: 3157 Led White-Red Switchback Bulb Conventional Wiring 3157 3156 3457 4157 3057 Wedge Tail-Brake-Turn Signal & Back LED Bulbs for Daytime Running Light replaces stock bulbs 3056, 3156, 3157, 3456, 4156, 3157A, 3157NA, 3057, 3155, 3357, 3457, 3757, 4057, 4114, 4157 6000k 68 3157 10pcs 3057 3457 white smd t25 light 4157 tail/brake/stop led bulbs bulbs 4157 led tail/brake/stop 6000k smd white t25 3457 68 light 10pcs 3157 3057 2x LED Tail Brake Stop License Lights Kit +Side Marker Trailer Boat RV Over 80'' 2x LED Tail - $24. Direct 3157 replacement bulb for Backup, Brake, Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL), Cornering, Daytime Running  3157, 3156, 3357, 3757, 4157, 3057, LED, LEDs, LED's, L. 8v and a much shorter lifespan. These Energy efficient bulbs last 30,000 hours that's 25 times longer than your stock bulbs. The 3157 is the dual filament option for the 3156 bulb size. The 3156 is a single contact (s. 3047 3057 3155 3156 3157 3157LL 3357 3454 3457 3757 4057 4114 4114LL 4114K 4157 4157LL Jun 25, 2015 - JDM ASTAR Brightest auto led bulb replacement. 59 Amp 26. GMC full size trucks & SUVs (Use the Regular 3157 bulb for the top tail lamp bulbs) 95-01 Cavalier and Sunfire tail lights; 92-98 Grand Am tail lights 3157 & 3156 Tail, Brake, Turn Signal & Back-Up Bulbs. SYLVANIA 3157NA/4157NA Long Life Miniature Bulb. That means, when you brake, the vehicle behind you can react sooner. Ready to ship from Bulbs. Looking for a replacement bulb? Find a full list of incandescent, halogen & HID bulb specifications including voltage, current draw, and J. Vision LED lights turn on instantly. 8th Gen LED headlights. The turn signal and brake "candle power" on both the 3057 and the 3157 are exactly the same. #3157 MINIATURE BULB PLASTIC WEDGE BASE - 12. 1 6) #3157 (P27W/7W) Miniature Bulb D. Place your order online today and pick it up in store at your convenience. D. Get product details, choose a store, and get directions. bulb replaces: 3047 3057 3157 3357 3457 3757 4057 4114 4157 bulb for Signal light, tail light, side marker, brake light bulb, 12V automotive system 6000K Super Bright These bulbs replace all the following modern bulb style numbers: 3047, 3057, 3157, 3357, 3757, 4057, 4157, and P27/7W. 5x16q) Base, 32/3 MSCP C-6/C-6 Filament Design, 2. நான் 3057 டெயில் லைட் விளக்கை மாற்றினேன். (One could interchange the 3057 and 3157. Upgrade. Sylvania Long Life Miniature Incandescent Lamp comes with increased bulb life to various lighting applications. S-8 size and shape, D. 99$9. 3157 Bulb Short Review. Brightness. Jul 01, 2012 · The T25 wedge bulb is a very common bulb size that has many different other bulb number associated with this style. 3157 replaces T25 T-25 3057 3155 3157 3357 3457 4157. It is manufactured using high-quality materials, to the same specifications as the original part. 09' Maximum Overall Length. 3157 p27w/7w 3157. B4 that I was running AutoLumination 3157 Chromedomes. 99 $ 15 . Thanks for the help. com! Keywords: eiko 3157, 031293406118, mini indicator bulb, ansi 3157, turn signal lights, automotive light, amber miniature indicator lights, s8 mini bulb You can use a 3157 in a 3156 but not the other way around. i can't remember where i found the pics from when i was searching the same subject. 92 Jdm Astar 3157 T25 Led Switchback Dual Color Car White Amber Turn Signal Lights. 10" (27. View Details. If you've read of the melted taillights or light sockets, using the cooler bulb will help prevent this. Mar 09, 2006 · The 3057 comes in two different styles - an S-8 bulb style which has a plastic base that holds the glass envelope that's been pinched closed and a GT-8 bulb style which pinches a longer glass envelope to form a base and only a little plastic is used to position the bulb so that the filament is in the right focal plane of the lamp. According to the package the 3157 LED replaces 3056, 3057, 3156, 3157, 3357 and 3457 bulbs. 99 List List Price $24. Mini bulb, plastic wedge-3057 NA: 81576: Mini bulb, plastic wedge-- Mini bulb, 12 V-3157 NA: 81553: Mini bulb, plastic wedge--81553-2: Mini bulb, plastic wedge Match these bulbs to both headlights and other accessory lights for a sleek, unified appearance. It' appears the bulbs are compatible, the locking prongs are in the the same place on both bulbs. I was checking out their selection of LED's. So the first thing I did is to convert a regular 3157 bulb to 3157CK as follows: First, get your 3157 bulb. 3157K, 3157K, Miniature Lamp, Incandescent: Krypton, Clear, MOL, 1. Usage: Turn Light, DRL LightDriving Mode: C AUT3156 Series Replacement for: Incandescent #3156, 3156K, 3456 — AUT3157 Series Replacement for: Incandescent: 3057, 3157, 3157K, 3357, 3457, 4157 1993-1997 Firebird Light Bulb #3157 Part #: 25-163269-1. the next big thing! 3030 Series coming to a turn signal near you. I tried and a 3157 bulb will fit and does work in the Product Title LASFIT 3157 LED Bulb, 3156 3056 3057 4157 LED Bulbs Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $15. Lifetime Warranty! HB 3057 HB 3157 HB 3357 HB 3457 HB 4157K NA All 10 All HB 3057 NA Brass Base bulbs for Nickel Base Bulbs can result in the computer signaling bulb outage. Fits: 3156 3056 3356 3456 4156 3157 3047 3057 3357 3457 3757 4057 4111 4157 etc. The bases are the same. ) bulb. 88-99 (Old Body Style) Chevy center tail tamp bulbs. It will boost your performance too. 88/6. Size: 2. 3157 Re: 3157k light bulb same as 3157? in reply to onedeere37, 03-12-2011 14:50:54 k suffix indicates a "long life" bulb. I'm not so sure the 3457 is the right bulb in the first place - presuming this front turn signal bulb (wedge base) is should be a 7/27W bulb (BMW P/N 63-21-7-164-759) I'd go ahead and use the 3157 until you can mail order the right bulbs from Pelican or somebody. Direct 4057 replacement bulb for Backup, Brake, Side Marker, Tail, Turn Signal applications 4057 Incandescent Bulb - LongLife SYLVANIA Long Life miniature bulbs perform twice as long as any standard miniature bulb from the leading supplier of automotive lighting. So will LED's but at a higher cost. Did a quick web search and found this page related to motorcycles that lists the common dual filament bulbs and their wattage vs. Yes, the Hopkins Backup Alert Replacement Bulb # HM20101VA will work for you. Autozone shows 4157. 1. T20 Bulb Jdm Astar 3157 3057 Led Amber Bulbs High Power Px Smd Turn Signal Blinker Light. 3057 vs 3157 Bulb Comparison. Direct 3057 replacement bulb for Backup, Brake, Center High Mount Stop Light (CHMSL), Cornering, Parking, Side Marker, Tail, Turn Signal applications 3057 Incandescent Bulb - LongLife SYLVANIA Long Life miniature bulbs perform twice as long as any standard miniature bulb from the leading supplier of automotive lighting. Designed utilizing the latest technology, this product by ACDelco features premium quality and will perform better than advertised. 59 Amp S-8, Plastic Wedge Base, 32/3 MSCP C-6/C-6 Filament Design, 1,200/5,000 Average Rated Hours, 2. They physically look the same and Ultra Bright 3157 LED Bulb Red, 3157 LED Brake Lights, 3157 LED Backup Reverse. 75″ in diameter. The instant-on response provided by Vision LED lights can reduce braking distance by up to 20 ft. Comments, anyone ? Ken H. Product Title LASFIT 3157 LED Bulb, 3156 3056 3057 4157 LED Bulbs Average rating: 5 out of 5 stars, based on 1 reviews 1 ratings Current Price $15. Both denote bulb brightness and can be used to make comparisons between various bulb options. 3157 dual contact is used for tail light/ brake light. 3 watts. 57: 1895 53 57 182 257 363 1445 6253: 74: 17 18 37 70 73 79 85 86 2721 Difference Between 3057 And 3157 Light Bulbs: Comprehensive Analyses For Automobile Owners Posted on February 12, 2019 January 31, 2020 by admingenso 3057 vs 3157, which one is the superior bulb? 3157 wedge base bulb, will replace the following bulb size: 3047 | 3057 | 3155 | 3156 | 3157 | 3357 | 3454 | 3457a | 3757 | 4057 | 4114 | 4157 | 3156 | w21/5w | 3157a if you get the 3157, it should fit the 3757 slot. Today between is tri cents LED bulb and this one’s a replacement for the car or motorcycle bulbs that’s 3156 or 3157 or 3056 3057 bulbs 3156 Bulb Cross Reference … Read more 3047 Bulb Guide Standard incandescent bulbs actually take a little time to light up. We have a 1157 # 30-90-157 . Well, I was at autozone today. Brightness; Few thoughts about 2019 Chicago Auto Show (And, more pictures!) Top 5 reason why your halogen bulbs blew up so quick. Halo Angel 4157 in general is supposed to be a longer life bulb which is a good thing for use as the DRL since the signal filament is on constantly for the DRL's compared to a 3157 in most applications where it only comes on during braking or signalling. Upon close inspection (through the plastic package) they seemed to be compatible. e. 80. 3156 3156. 3157 replaces . We also carry many LED alternatives to common 6v, 12v, and other car bulbs. Ok, I wanna see what you guys think. 3 amps. Here we arranged a segment to answer a popular quarry. The revolutionary design will draw attention to your ride Results for "3157 bulb" Select a vehicle for exact fit parts Select New Vehicle Select New Vehicle. besides all that im running out of things that could be your problem with out being there looking at it for myself. SubS. I bought the 3157, but thats what the replacement bulb should be for our front turn signals. Posted By: yardmaster 3057 vs 3157 - 10/10/16 03:31 AM. the 3757 won't fit into the 3157. its just wattages of the filaments that vary. There’s no need to put up with dim light, poor reliability and the short lifespan of incandescent bulbs on your vehicle any longer. I replaced all the 194's, too. E. next, straighten out the 4 pins and pull out the LED tower assembly from the socket. 16. when flashing). I just got an 08 Tundra and wanted to put my chrome plated 3157's from my 00 tundra in place of the regular bulbs, but when I pulled them out they were 4157's. Source(s): I am an ASE and GM master electrical/electronic and HVAC certified professional automotive technician with 20+ years experience. I got the specs on both bulbs and they seem to be more or less the same except the base. 0 Volt 2. 19 / lot. 3157CK = pin layout different and not compatible with others This bulb will not work in the same socket as the others. You can use a 3157 bulb on a 3156 base and still use full functionality of the 3156 with no problem. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store. 3157 Bulb Which One Is BETTER For Car? | CAR . - These bulbs specifically fit 3156, 3157, 3047, 3056, 3057, 3457, 4157, 4114, 4114K and other T20 type reverse lamp fixtures If you need to know what application fits your vehicle: click here Superior FEATURES: - Super Bright White 18W CREE LED output - 6x pieces CREE XB-D LED technology (R5 binned!) - 850 lumen total output The wattage on the major filaments is the big difference. 8/14 volts. 3157 Bulb Sleeve. I check three auto stores and nobody has the 4157, and all counter-jockeys say, "that's a very common bulb, we should have it in stock. Same base, configuration, uses 26. 3157 = Clear Glass 3157A = Amber (coated) 3157NA = Natural Amber (amber glass, not a coating) 3157R = Red (coated) Above bulbs all use the same base and all fit the same sockets. LED bulb emits both amber and white (16-white 16-amber), the brightest output than other switchback; Special IC built-in for delay AO (Amber-OFF) function; Easy / plug and play installation; 1157 switchback LED bulbs will fit 2057 2357 7528 etc. T. Read Next: 3156 vs 3157 Bulb. May 11, 2017 · In this video, we compared Genuine Authentic Philips D4R 42406 HID Xenon Headlight bulb made in Germany to counterfeited Philips D4R HID bulb made in China. What is the difference between a 3157 k and 4057 k bulb? *157 is a double filament. Kon'nichiwa! 2019 Osaka Automesse 12V 32/3CP GT-8 Plastic Wedge Light Bulb. Speaker Part Number here. 5 watts, nonetheless a difference. 3156 & 3157 LED Bulbs Diode Dynamics is proud to offer plug-and-play LED replacement tail light bulbs for vehicles using 3156 and 3157-size bulbs! The 3156 and 3157-size bulb is used as the tail lights of many modern vehicles, including Fords, Chevrolets, VWs, Acuras, Toyotas, and many more. Check the images on your left and you can see the difference between the 3157 and the 3156 bulb base. 99 1. 194 Bulb Socket. Sent from AutoGuide. First element lights up in White (usually the running lights), and second element lights up either Amber or Red (usually the signal light). C. T25 Glass Wedge Base Miniature LED Light Bulbs and Lamps. See more ideas about Led bulb, Bulb, Led. Title: 3057 Specifications Author: Eiko, Ltd. The 3457 will draw about 4. Aug 02, 2007 · A little more digging, it means it's a Krypton-filled bulb (a type of long-life bulb). 3156 replaces T25 T-25 3156 3056 3456 4156 3155. One pair of premium 3057 LED Light Bulbs. This must be visually undetectable, however I also noticed the bulb life is also less with the 3157. Overview. 29 shipped from an ebay seller in New Jersey. May 03, 2008 · Although they are all physically interchangable, the filament in 3157 has less number of lumens (402) compared to 3357 (503 lumens). Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Jul 17, 2018 · With 3057 and 3157 bulbs in great demand, its getting difficult to select the best one out of the two. 3156/3157 CK LED Bulb - Dual Function 27 SMD LED Tower - Wedge Base · (256). both bulbs are the same watts and volts. Fit directly into sockets such as: 3156, 3157, 4157, 3056, 3356, 4156, 3157A, 3057, 3157NA, 3357, 3457, 4057, 4114, etc. 3157 Bulb vs 3057. Had a burned out tail light bulb, #1157 and wondered if I could use one of the #2057's I had in the garage. Cross Reference: 3057 3157 3457 4157 (Dual filament) T20 / 3157 - Cross Reference: 3057 3157 3457 4157 (Dual filament) (Dual Filament) These miniature bulbs have a wide range of applications: Turn signals, Brake, Side -Compatibility: 3157 3057 3155 3357 3457 3757 4057 4157 Please make sure the factory car plug is similar to the one in the picture (with two tags - one big one small) before placing order. The bulbs are available in all sizes and shapes. It does not work for the 11 series bulbs though. 3156 is a single element bulb ► Show Full Signature When I did the same job you're doing, all the 3057's were replaced with 3157's. These are great for cars and trucks with smoked out tail lights or for people who are looking for brighter brake lights, turn signals or reverse lights that use 3057, 3157, 4057, or 4157 bulbs. The 3157 has its major filament rated at 12. genuine PHILIPS D4R bulb. Will this be a problem in the futher? I plan on  Incandescent Bulb Number, Also compatible with these part numbers 3155, 3457A, 3457NA, 4057,4157, 3157A, 3057A, 3157, 3157NA, 5702A, 4157NA,  SYLVANIA 3057 SilverStar Mini Bulb, Pack of 2. Now, output listed bright/dim: 3057: 32/2 candlepower (also 3057K, 3057LL) So from what I gather, there really isn't a Philips CrystalVision Ultra 3157 Headlight Bulb - 2 Pack. I wana replace my turnsignal/daytime bulbs. 's, Tail Light, Brake Light, Brake, Tail, Turn Signal, Blinker, Automotive, LED Bulbs . 26. They are a wedge base amber bulb. Eiko 3157 Spec Sheet Author: 1000Bulbs. Important Notice. If you do not know what bulbs your vehicle uses, use this GUIDE HERE. , L. These premium Led bulbs replace a variety of other bulbs including 3157 3157A 3157NA 3056 3057 4157 light bulbs. ACDELCO 3157KX Turn Signal Lamp Bulb ALL THE PARTS YOUR CAR WILL EVER NEED Show Prices In US Dollars ($) Australian Dollars (AU$) Brazilian Real (R$) Canadian Dollars (CAD$) Swiss Francs (CHF) Euros (€) British Pounds (£) Japanese Yen (¥) Mexican Pesos (Mex$) Norwegian Krone (kr) New Zealand Dollars (NZ$) 3157 switchback LED bulbs will fit 3157A 3057 3155 3157NA 3357 3457 3457A 4157 etc 7443 switchback LED bulbs will also work on 7441 7444 T20 bulbs Please visit Indicator light LED bulbs FAQ/tech support for more detail. I am running these in my Turn and Running lights. 72 Watts and 12. 3057 3057LL 3057BW 3156 3156LL 3156BW 3157 3157LL Type Bulb with Cross Reference (Replacements) 1157 1016 1034 1076 1130 1142 1152 1154 1157 1158 1493 2057 2357 2397 3496 7528 1156 1073 1093 1129 1141 1159 1259 1459 1619 1651 1680 3496 5007 5008 7506 7527 #67G18 61 63 69 71 81 98 98 303 623 1003 1155 1247 1251 3497 5007 5008 3157 3057 3157 3457 4157 (not 3157-SRCK) (double wire) 3057 3057 3057. $5. This listing features one pair of super bright 80W 3156 3056 3456 4156 3155 3157 3157A 3057 3457 3757 4114 4157 LED bulbs to replace turn signal lights, back-up reverse lights and daytime running lights. Also, they are direct replacements for the the correct tail light bulb is 4057. The 4057 has the higher output. Functionally, shouldn't be a difference. Available in super white, red, yellow, green and blue. The high filament of the 2357 bulb is rated at 2. May 13, 2010 · Yes, a 3157 will work in place of a 4114, the only difference between a normal 3157 and a 4114 is the 4114 is a long service life bulb, so an 3157 led will be a great replacement for it. For reference, here are the stats: Sylvania 4157K Light Bulb Replacements from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Modern: The Peak 3157 LED bulbs are superior to other options from an installation and compatibility standpoint. 78633 17945. 3156. Nowadays, people have access to lots of models once it comes to bulbs for automobiles. 2006 Colorado EC with DRLs in low beams. The 2057 is a stainless steel body, longer life & not quite as bright. 9441839 78630. 5x16, 2, 12 V: 27 / 7 W, Red. These back up reverse light LED bulbs is a great choice for customers who are looking for a super bright output light. I know many people are going with the amber Sylvania 3157/4157 NALL, but I would prefer to stay with clear. 3157 Bulb Connector. Yorkim Super Bright 3157 LED Light Bulbs White, 3056 3156 3156A 3057 4057 3157 4157 T25 LED Bulbs for Brake Lights, Backup Reverse Lights, Reverse Tail Lights - Pack of 10 4. Shop for more Exterior Car Lighting available online at Walmart. Two bulbs per order. Listprice  Results 1 - 6 of 6 3057K and 3057LL Tail, Brake, & Turn LED Bulbs. a *057 is a single. If it is a long life bulb the bulb number may be listed as 3157LL. 72 Watt S-8 Plastic Wedge (W2. Anybody know if the DRL on a 04 (4114) is the same as the 3157's I want to change them to a amber light. F. 7 Watt, it runs a bit cooler. lifespan in hours and thought it would be good to share 3157 3057; 7440 7443; LED Bar Lights; T5 T3 ; Fog Light / Day Time Running Light; Festoon 1028 / 1031 / 1036 / 1039 / 1142 ; STEALTH Chrome Bulbs. Home > LED and Standard Replacement Bulbs (License Plate, Sidemarker, Blinker, Tail, Reverse, Interior) > 3156 Bulbs (also fit 3056, 3456, 4056, 4156) 3157 replaces 3057 3155 3357 3457 4157 11 Super-Power Wide Angle High Flux LEDS These Bulbs have Advanced Patent Pending Control Circuitry Found in no Other LED Bulbs These are the most advanced and brightest led automotive bulb assemblies ever produced. I saw that the Sylvania website was messed up a while back and it still hasn't been fixed. Red lights are mostly used for brake light, tail light, and turn signals. Tail and stop bulb = 3057 Park and turn bulb = 3157NAK Load More. Part Type Adding LED 3157 bulbs + Load Resistors Discussion in 'Exterior' started by novalok, Jun 4, 2014. ships today (M-F) Alt Part #: 48804 Nov 19, 2016 · The JDM ASTAR AX-2835 Chipsets 3056 3156 3057 3157 LED Bulbs are highly useable for brake light, tail lights, and turn signal. I guess my choice is to either special order the next bulb or else get either the 3157 or 4157 bulbs. Hmmmm Used vehicle? Did someone else have a problem and replaced the same bulb? Google says 3157 is slightly brighter than the 3057 on the parking light filament. 3157 & 3156 Tail, Brake, Turn Signal & Back-Up Bulbs. 8/14. com Subject: Shop for the Eiko 3157 amber automotive lamp. However, a dual filament will work fine in a single filament application like your situation. i just used the 3157 bulbs. I want to replace my stock front turn signal bulbs and my owner's manual says they are a 4157 bulb. No harm from the PO using a 3147K. It is compatible with standard socket and an entire housing is aluminum filled. Now, output listed bright/dim: 3057: 32/2 candlepower (also 3057K, 3057LL) 3057A: Amber version (also 3057NA, 3057NA/K There is a 2 or so, watt difference between the 3057 and the 4057. a 4157LL to try to curb the overheating. Notice that bright bulbs have short life expectancies, #2357 vs #1157. 50W 6ohm load resistors may be required when using these led bulbs as turn signal This Wedge-based lamp directly replaces the following wedge-base park/turn, brake/tail, and DRL bulb types (with or without suffixes like -K or -LL): 2458, 3057, 3157, 3357, 3457, 4057, 4157 (with or without suffixes like -K or -LL) 2-PK SYLVANIA ZEVO 3157 Super Bright 6000K LED Bulb The SYLVANIA ZEVO LED bulbs deliver a brighter, whiter, sharper light. STANDARD SOCKET; How can I find the correct bulb size for my I am having trouble finding out what the difference between the 3157 and 4157 bulbs are. However, the averagely rated life battle is won by the 3157, as it is more durable. Otherwise, use the auto bulb finder to see all replacement bulbs for your car, truck, RV, motorcycle, or other vehicle. You have searched for avalanche brands amazon review in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. Apr 07, 2016 · LED bulbs not lighting up? How to solve Turn Signal Light Hyper-Flash; New Products. ) The brake/turnsignal filament is 8 candle power brighter then the factory 3057, 3157, 4057, and 4157 bulbs. 21-pieces high power PX chipsets per bulb. 99 The bulb is a standard 4157 Sylvania amber glass bulb. 5 vs 27 watts for the 3157). Sylvania ZEVO 3157 RED LED Review and comparison LASFIT L series 3157/3156 led backup reverse bulbs with unique design create impressive light output, also plus 1-year worry-free warranty. We got the rare 3757 bulb that I cant find any aftermarket option for. Size: 3057 Vs 3157. C Pure Red 3057 3157 3157K LED Rear Brake Stop Turn Signal Lamp Tail Light Bulbs 3157: 3057 3155 3357 3457 4157: 3156: 3456 4156 *3157 bulbs will work in all 3156 applications. 25. Therefore, to help you purchase the ideal bulb for your beloved car, let us draw comparisons between 3057 vs 3157 bulb. CAN Bus LED light bulbs are also available. Mixing bulbs will only mean that one may be slightly brighter than the other. The filament is the metal wire that is heated inside the bulb or lamp. Parts are just part of what we do. 867. Some makers use "LL" instead of "K" (So, for instance, 3157K and 3157LL can be considered equivalent to one another). Trouble is that I cant find the 3057 locally with the KX suffix so far. Their cool sea foam green bases are wired with double wide contacts to ensure perfect contact with factory bulb sockets. 4 V 53X, 182 81534-2 MB 14. 3157 replaces bulb number 3057 3155 3357 3457 4157". 09" Maximum Overall Length. Wal Mart has both the 3157 and 4157 bulbs but does not have the 4057 bulbs. Applications: 3156, 3057, 3155, 3156, 3357, 3457, 4057, 4157 . If a 1057 and 1157 are the same then the 1057 and 1156 are not interchangeable. Essentially the same bulb, and the GE bulb specs lists show the same filament wattages and current draw for the two bulbs. Our business philosophy suppor I nite shaded my tails now i want to get a lil bit brighter bulb, local auto store has LED lights in 3157 style, the ends look the same, but is it?? i did this with a dodge a while back and i cant remebr what # i was using but the clip end was the same but it worked until id hit the brake or used the signals and it would blow a fuse, just wanted to see if the same would happen with 3157's in a 2 x High Power 16W 3156 3157 LED Bulbs With Projector Lens A Pair Super bright 3156 3157 Long life expectancy up to 50, 000 hours Can be used as Signal light, Tail lights, reverse, Day time running lights, parking SYLVANIA 3157NA/4157NA Long Life Miniature Bulb, (Contains 10 Bulbs) View Product. 5W DC 12V (2-Pack) Save on Sylvania 3057 White ZEVO LED Mini Bulb, Pack of 2 3057LED. 99 $ 24 . The 3157 will have a slightly brighter tail light. Be sure to check out our vast selection of genuine replacement truck parts and stock up on your favorites! Miniature Bulb Guide by type Document #4103 For Specifications refer to Wagner Lamp Specification Guide #A21 dated 2005 3155 3057 1047* 1021* 3156 3157 1133 1209* 3156K* 3357 1143 1321* 3156LL 3457 1145* 1323* 3156NA 3057K* 1183* 1327* 3456K* 3057LL 1195 1501* 3456LL 3057NA 1503* 4156K* 3057NAK* 1507* 4156LL* 3057NALL 3157K 3157LL 3157NA This Wedge-based lamp directly replaces the following wedge-base park/turn, brake/tail, and DRL bulb types (with or without suffixes like -K or -LL): 2458, 3057, 3157, 3357, 3457, 4057, 4157 (with or without suffixes like -K or -LL) The Great Confusion: 3057 vs 3157 Hi guys, I want to point out that there is a discrepancy in the 2001 Owner's Manual regarding the exterior lights: Page 214: "The dual filament bulb (T 3157) is the tail/stop/turn and sidemarker light and is located above the dual filament bulb (T 3157) which is the backup light. Replace with an amber bulb or place behind an amber lens. So before you make a purchase decision, it is wiser to check the compatibility of the lights in your car. Tired of switchback bulbs not living up to your expectations? Then look no further! Our 70 LED Type 2 switchback is the brightest direct replacement dual color LED bulb on the market. $29. 4 V 53X, 182 81534-3 I've noticed that in type 1157 or 3157 incandescent automotive lamps, there are two filaments with a common pin. The wattage for the 3057 is 26. The bulbs of this model are very well resistant to vibration and have an optimized heat distribution; There are various colors to meet the needs of the interior and Related: 3157 bulb amber 3157 bulb white 3157 bulb sylvania 3157 led bulb 3157 bulb red 3156 bulb 3157k bulb 3157 bulb clear wagner 3157 bulb 3057 bulb 194 bulb Refine more Format Save on Sylvania 3057 LongLife Mini Bulb, Pack of 2 3057LLBP2 at Advance Auto Parts. Flash LED Blinking LEGAL Signal,White 3057 Reverse|Turn Bulb|Back Light Brake Up Up Brake Light Flash 3057 Reverse|Turn LED Bulb|Back LEGAL Blinking Signal,White STROBE FLASH Reverse Backup T20 7440 7441 992 W21W 33 LED Purple Bulb W1 JAE STROBE FLASH Reverse - $17. Wedge Base - 12. between 3157AK and a 3157? I want to go to LED bulbs with built in Anti-Hyperflash This represents a 25% increase in light, which can make a difference. A 3147 bulb will draw less current and produce fewer lumens (22) than a 3357/3347 (30 lumens). Lamp Bulb Socket. 3157 3156 3057 4157 LED Reverse Backup Parking Light Bulb | White - Lasfit Auto Lighting Fit Size: 3157 / 3057 / 3057NA / 3047 / 3357 / 3457 / 4057 / 4157 / 4157NA / 3156 / 3056 / 3356 / 3456 / 4156 / 4114 Installation Position: Brake Light / Tail Light / Center High Mount Stop Light / Turn Signal Light / Side Marker Light Lumens: 300lm/set (150lm/bulb) Color: Brilliant Red Package: 2 x LASFIT 3157 red bulb/ pack-Note-1. But to answer your question for park/ turn yes you would need a dual filament bulb The standard bulb is the 3157 for taillight/brakelight. My car's manual called for 3057 bulbs,, but 3157 and 3057 are interchangeable,, so I am running on 3157s These bulbs do NOT produce absolutely white color,,   If you look at the images of the 3157 Long Life on other parts websites, you can see that the base says "3157K" on it, just like the OEM bulb I replaced on my  However I could only find 3057 and the taillight are supposed to 3157. Help! 3157 vs 3157AK 3057 Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL). The filament in the 3157 is able to glow brighter than that of the 3057. $9. ca For replacement of dual filament miniature bulbs: 1157, 3157, and 7443. In other words, 3057 works in place of a 4057 or a 3157 in place of a 4157. Sponsored By: Jun 4, 2014 at 2:54 AM #1. Or is that how Home; Products by Type; Halogen/Incandescent; Miniature Bulbs / Replacement Bulbs / Ballasts; 120-3057 #3057 Miniature Bulb – S-8 Bulb; Miniature Bulbs / Replacement Bulbs / Ballasts 2Pcs T25 LED 3157 3156 3057 3056 p27/7w LED Bulbs 12 SMD LED Bulb Car Rear Brake Lights Parking 12V Amber White Red D020 US $7. Vendor websites are indicating that a 3157 is the same, is this true? I want the long life of the LED so I don't have to go through the ridiculous replacement procedure again. Re: Turn signal bulbs- 3157 vs. 3057 Vs. Since some places like Advance and Autozone list the 3157 for the rear I was wondering whats the difference and if it would be a good replacement. Rock Auto shows both the 3157 and 4157 bulbs. The 1157 is a brass body & a little brighter stop & turn light. posted by mcduck on Tue Dec 30 05:26 CST 2003 > V Users marked in green are currently online. ), 1" (25mm) Maximum Outer Diameter (M. 4157 is in between the two bulbs for Shop for Sylvania Mini Bulb 3057LL with confidence at AutoZone. Better still to replace all the brake lights now. Plastic Wedge base. The 3057 and 3156 bulbs are very similar with the only difference being that the 3057 bulb is a dual filament bulb typically found in blinker/tail light applications. TyPe. 7443 Bulb Socket. 00mm) Maximum Overall Length (M. BULB CROSS REFERENCE Trade No. The major filament in 3357/3457 produces 503 lumens, compared to the 402 lumens from a 3057 or 3157 major filament. You can swap the wires to the socket to match the diagrams above. But at Re: Turn signal bulbs- 3157 vs. Ford F-150 / Raptor Auxbeam T25/3157/P27/5W Brake Light Red/ Amber LED Bulbs Specifications:Model: 3157 Led Type: 2835 Chips Led Quantity: 16SMDBeam Angle: 360 degreeColor: RedVoltage: DC 12VLife: Up to 50000 Hours. 10' Light Center Length (L. Price: $2. Here's the deal, it does, but not exactly. 1156 is a big one. Technical Wiring. Jun 29, 2013 · Based on the specs for each bulb, the only difference is wattage output per filament. Turn Signal Light Bulb Fits 2000-2004 Volvo S40,v40 Wagner Lighting. LED headlights, fog, turn signal, brake stop tail, reverse lights, DRL, etc. 3 Watts and 12. For bulbs that switch from white to amber, append WA to the product code. #3057 Miniature Bulb D. Perfect for your vehicle and lifestyle, it is manufactured to meet or exceed stringent industry standards. From what I understand, the 3457 bulb (also comes in chrome through xenonmods. Ty P e Sub S 12 PSB 81699 Side Bulb #5 12 V – 24 81566 Wedge 14 V – 81566-3 Wedge 14 V – 24 NA 81993 Wedge 14 V – 28 PSB 81397 MB 28 V – 37 81558 Wedge 14 V E73, 73, 74 81558-2 Wedge 14 V E73, 73, 74 81558-3 Wedge 14 VE73, 73, 74 53 81534 MB 14. 4. 31 Jan 2020 3057 vs 3157, which one is the superior bulb? Take a look at this article if you wish to get to know the difference between 3057 and 3157. 1 Bulb, amber color bulb. Does anyone know if a 3157 or 3057 will work in place of the 4157? Mar 10, 2009 · THEY ARE DIFFERENT THE 3057 IS A SINGLE FILAMENT BULB AND THE 3157 IS A DOUBLE FILAMENT BULB REPLACE THE BULB WITH THE SAME NUMBER, IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE Source (s): AUTO REPAIR TECH "K" = Krypton, a gas that can be added to the fill mix to improve bulb life without reducing bulb output. ), 1. You are bidding for a pair (two bulbs) of New Design 20-SMD LED 3156 3457 3357 (also replace model 3055 3057 3157A 3155 3157NA 3357 3457 3457A 4157) Front Turn Signal Lights. still looking for the comparison pics. com Free App ► Show Full Signature Many bulbs will use the same base and connectors while the different model numbers will be determined by color and wattage. Top Next: 3057 vs 3157 Bulb We now point out some significant attributes. They will work but 3057 is a weaker illumination. SYLVANIA 3157 Long Life Mini Bulb. World-class manufacturing and high-quality guarantee an extended lifetime of your ZEVO bulbs. com: Philips Automotive brand automotive lamp. They are in brilliant bright reddish color. Add dual-color functionality and a modern appearance to your front turn signals with the 3157 HP24 turn signal bulb. The lamps are nominally 12 volts, but I wanted to use one as a load in a 24-volt application, and was wondering whether I could just use the two filaments in series. 3157 replaces 3047 3057 3155 3156 3157 3157LL 3357 3454 3457 3757 4057 4114 4114LL 4114K 4157 4157LL. 99. Jan 29, 2011 · The LED equivalent for the 3047 is the 3157. Jul 17, 2018 · Which is better- 3057 Vs 3157 bulb. Antline 3157 3156 3057 4157 3056 LED Bulbs Amber Yellow, 12-24V (Amber Yellow) $32. The 3057/3157 has the plastic tab on each side, centered. STANDARD SOCKET; How can I find the correct bulb size for my Replacement Bulb for Product BW. They're interchangeable w/ incandescents but i dont beleive they are w/ Leds because of the polarity. 3157 switchback LED bulbs will fit 3057 3357 4157 4357 bulb; 7443 switchback LED bulbs will fit 7441 Alla Lighting Super Bright LED 3156 3157 Bulb High Power 2835 SMD 4057 3156 3056 4114 3057 3157 LED Bulb 6000K Xenon White T25 Wedge Turn Signal/Back-Up/Brake Stop Tail Light Lamp Bulbs (Set of 2) 4. " But they don't. Pa r T No. Carefully select and create car lamp accessories, to provide consumers with more car lamp model choice. Chevy Colorado; Chevy Silverado; Dodge Ram. 27-LEDs bulb, 360 degrees light output. These bulbs have 18 SMD LEDs that are mounted radially to create a 360° viewing angle. I'm currently thinking about going with a 3157LL vs. 3457 is just 100 lumen brighter for the turn filament (29w vs 27w). I'm going to leave it as it is now, with the 3157 until it burns out. 2 pieces / lot Free Shipping Sylvania 3157AK, Turn Park Bulbs are ready to be shipped here at Class8truckparts. O. Buy SYLVANIA 3057 Long Life Mini Bulb from Walmart Canada. Everything works alright. As easy as changing a lightbulb, you can have improved performance and safety for interior and exterior applications. The stock bulb is a 3757 and I cannot find an LED in that configuration. Note: The bulb-life also depends on the way driver uses them in the car. Bulbs used for headlamps P27/7W, W2. These 3156 and 3157 LED bulbs cross reference as compatible with these other These LED car bulbs come in a wide variety of types, such as 3157, 1157, 7443, 1156, ba9s, 7440, 7443, 194, 921, and third-generation LED headlights with H7, H11, H4, H8, 9005, 9006, and 9012 bases. Jul 22, 2012 · i know the 3157 is a dual filament bulb and maybe if your standard bulb is a single filament on the reverse light, that might be a problem because the bulb sockets are made different from a single filament to a dual filament socket. 09' Maximum Overall Length, 1' Maximum Outer Diameter. GM Original Equipment Halogen Bulb (3157NAK) by ACDelco®. 3357. Some manufacturers change the number when they change some small aspects about the bulb. 25 inches long and is commonly used in automobiles. Plastic Wedge Base base. LED tail light, turn light, brake light, and reverse light bulbs are designed to last a lifetime on any vehicle. Get Details There sight does quote: "3156 single contact is used for turn signals. Jul 10, 2020 · Nowadays, there are so many products of avalanche brands amazon review in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. List of Auto Bulb Codes. 99 $ 17 . LumaWerx™ only uses grade ‘A’ CREE LED chips for the highest lumen ratings and longest lasting products made. 81550. 4147 [quote author=FusionLife link=topic=136388. These are the brightest 3157/T25 bulbs in the LED industry. I had to nip off the 3157 bulb keys to clear the socket key edges. as far as I can tell most of the bulbs are right that I have run into. OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. Rank LED VS. Trade. In my quest to find a replacement bulb for the turn signal on my Vision (a 3157NA) I purchased a 2-pack at Advanced Auto which states on the package that it replaces 3157, 4157 & 5702 bulbs. 1157 same as: 2357 7528 7225 Dual contact type; 1156 same as: 1141 7506 7527 3497 ; 3156 same as: 3056 3356 3456; 3157 same as: 3057 3457 4157 Dual contact type; 7443: Dual contact type; 7440: Single contact type LED Replacement Bulbs – Best LED lights for cars, trucks, motorcycle interior & exterior LED lighting bulbs. Tail, Brake, & Turn LED Bulbs. Low prices and fast shipping at 1000Bulbs. Flexible Light Bulb Socket. Here, the battle between 3057 Vs 3157 bulb is won by the 3057. com) puts out the same amount of lumens with its weaker filament (i. Each of this 3157 LED bulb equips 12 pieces High Power LED chips with 4 chips magnified projector lens on top, built bulb sizes; t10 194 168 2825 w5w; t15 912 921 w16w; t20 7440 7443 7444; t25 3156 3157 3057; bau15s 7507 12496; ba15s 1156 7506; bay15d 1157 7528; h1 h3; h4 hb2 9003; h7; h8 h9 h11 h16; h10 9145 9140; h13 9008; 9004 hb1; 9005 hb3; 9006 hb4; 9007 hb5; 9012 hir2; 2504 psx24w 12276; 5201 5202 ps19w ps24wf; ba9 53 57 64111; de3175 de3021 de3022 Shop for Fel-Pro 3157 Gasket Material with confidence at AutoZone. 8V. 2852. 3 Watt for brake/parking current draw. PR27/7W, WU2. 5x16q  These 3156 and 3157 LED bulbs cross reference as compatible with these other 3457K, 3157LL, 4157K, 3057LL, 4157NAK, 3157 293 3057 3057A 3057LL  Modern: The Peak 3157 LED bulbs are superior to other options from an CROSS-COMPATIBILITY: 3157, 3057, 3155, 3156, 3357, 3457, 4057, 4157. Aug 08, 2009 | 2005 Chevrolet Malibu Maxx Tail light bulbs may also have brake light and turn signal functions, allowing you to communicate your intentions to others on the road. Features #3157 (P27/7W) Miniature Bulb D. An 1157 is a dual filament bulb (two contacts on the bottom) used for tail lamps with integrated brake/turn sig. 81550-3 Mini bulb,  Light bulbs for automobiles are made in several standardized series. 9/6. 81543-3. Oct 16, 2009 · I always hear the complaint that the chrome 3157 replacement is too dim. "K" = Krypton, a gas that can be added to the fill mix to improve bulb life without reducing bulb output. They are interchangeable like you mentioned. The 3157 is a little brighter than the 3057 when the parking lights are on. These miniature bulbs have a wide range of applications: turn signals, side marker lights, and parking lights. Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes. 3157 12450004. 99 The 4114 is an ultralong-life bulb with its major and minor filaments rated at 14v. novalok Junior QTY 2- Bulbs and Sockets for 2-Wire Harness for 4157, 3157 Bulbs. Bright – With a whopping 80 watts of output per bulb, these bulbs make excellent replacements to your factory turn signals, brake lights, running lights and back up lights. If you are looking for a specific GE, Sylvania or Philips light bulb and know the part number, enter it in the keyword search at the top of this page. Understanding the characteristics that each bulb offers plays a key role in choosing the right Bosch bulbs. " Keep in mind some bulbs use different part numbers for the same product. I believe I'll replace both with the 2057's. s, L. The 3157 bulb says it "also fits" the 4157 application. If the search does not find your bulb, call us at 800. 3157 = 3047 3057 3155 3156 3157 3157LL 3357 3454 3457 3757 4057 4114 4114LL 4114K 4157 4157LL 3156 W21/5W 3157a 3157na 3156a 3156na If using this bulb in brake light, reverse light, running light, etc you will not need to add a load equalizer. The advertised difference wasn't as much as 1. Voltage is the same between the two bulbs, as is amperage on the low filament. Often they are "kx" which is the LL AND a high temperature base construction3157 should work but life will be more limited. 2019-2020 Dodge Ram; 2009 - 2018 Dodge Ram; 2002 - 2008 Dodge Ram; 1999 - 2001 Dodge Ram; Ford. 1 out of 5 stars 1,985 The parts counter person did some searching on her computer and told us to use the 3157. I'm using 3057s in my front turn signals, those are clear. when parking lights are on), but about 100 more from the major filament (i. All of the exterior lights on your car, including the headlights, tail lights, and side markers, brake lights, and turn signals, help keep you safe and visible while driving in low-light conditions or bad weather. 5 amps while the 3157 will draw 7. 3057 விளக்கை எவ்வாறு மாற்றுவது, 3057 vs 3157 கேள்வி. It is perfect for customers who are looking for a Extremely bright output Lighting Output:2520 raw lumens, 1260 lumens for each bulb. Replacement for Dorman 645-607 and ACDelco LS94. If you know the code designation of the bulb you are looking for, use this list. The difference between a 3147 and a 3347/3457 bulb is simply in the draw. 5×16q, 2, 12 V: 27 / 7 W, US trade # 3157, P27 7W lamp. Furnished with stark design, this model on our discussion is a fan favorite. 3057 3057. 4157 Bulb Socket. at a speed of 75 mph. Swap the conventionally wired 3157 led bulbs for the 3157 "CK" led bulbs. Light blubs: 1157, 2057, 3057 (all GE)what is the difference. The bases are the same, but there must be a wattage different and of course that doesn't matter if you are switching to LEDs. So what we can do is supply you an LED bulb that can be used with both 3156 and 3157. PY27/7W, WX2. Sold as a single bulb 40/3 Candle Power vs standard 32/3 Candle power 3057, 3157, 4057, 4157 bulbs. I check her manual and stop at auto parts store to pick up the noted 3057 bulb. CEC Industries brand automotive lamp. 3057 vs 3157, which one is the superior bulb? Take a look at this article if you wish to get to know the difference between 3057 and 3157. I got these switchback LED bulb pair for $7. ParT. Other filament is the same. For example, small enclosure and/or this bulb is also used for the daytime running lights. Select Vehicle Filter Results By Reset Filters. (no thin wire-based contacts that can easily bend out of the way or even break). Mini bulb, plastic wedge. The main bulb number is 3157. Nov 07, 2015 · This is to show difference in stock bulbs and new LED bulbs, without having to replace the taillight assembly to achieve LED brake lights. It would be best to see what the bulb on the other side is and use the same thing. 60″ long and 0. 8/6. GUARANTEED SAME DAY SHIPPING Order by 2pm E. 90mm) Light Center Length (L. Nonetheless, for drivers that care about safety while traveling on the road, two bulbs stand out from the rest: 3057 and May 13, 2017 · The 3157 is 1. 49 ea. Re: Brighter 3057 bulb? The brightest widely commercialized bulb in that family is 3357/3457 (same burner; the 3457 has a higher-heat plastic base). The 3157 led bulb can be used universally in either 3157 or 3156 applications. Top quality and long lasting light bulb replacements. You have the ability to choose from several bayonet and wedge bases, such as 1156, 3157, 1157, 3156, 7440, and 7443. The major difference between the 3057 and the 3157 is the brightness of the filament. Under the heading "LIFE" is the laboratory life expectancy, in hours, for the bulb element at 100% duty cycle. Providing the ultimate in function and safety this bulb is perfect for any one wanting a clean white look, with a highly functional amber turn signal. 3057 vs 3157 bulb

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