30 hp mercury restrictor plate

3. 3- liter coming with as little as 83 hp and 120 ft-lbs of torque. 50 $ 116 . The two standard pressure tapping arrangements for small bore orifices are shown in the drawings; the location of the pressure taps affects the discharge coefficient somewhat. Do I need to do anything else? 15, 20 hp. 5 to 350 horsepower for more than 75 years, though the company's first motors did not have as much horsepower as some of its current motors. These were the top of the Mercury Fleet in 1960. In some areas, however, having a motor overpowered from it's original output is illegal. 50 Attwood 105683 Custom-Fit Mercury Motor Cover - 4-Stroke (15, 20 HP) 4. I looked at my motor where I THINK the restrictor The 25 hp Restrictor Plate has a significantly smaller cross-sectional dimension vs. Additionally, this formula offers the highest levels of I have a Mercury 75-HP FOURSTROKE made in 2015. 0 engines may be getting 125 hp Lucky you, They came out with the 2. Get the best deals on Chrysler Marine Boat Outboard Engines and Components Mercury Boat Outboard Engines and Components. 11 Nov 2019 I would think that the restrictor plate was there to limit maximum fuel mix flow, thus slower top rpm (which I believe the specs show), thus lower hp. 9 HP 10 HP 15 HP 18 HP 20 HP 25 HP 30 HP 35 HP . To my knowledge this varies based on which specific motors you are dealing with . Find the right parts for your Mercury® or MerCruiser® engine here. The actual oil recommendation is: SAE or NMMA FC-W 10W-40 (operating in temps from 14 degrees to over 100 degrees F) or 10W-30 (operating in temps from -4 degrees to 86 degrees F) API or NMMA FC-W Classification SE,SF,SG,SJ. Honda Marine - 4-stroke outboard motors from 2 to 250 hp. Retrieved 30 January 2012. 18-4325 - Gasket Set 2785491A90 [ More info] Held to a Higher Standard. I could plane out between 40-45 on that boat. Mercury designed the thermal isolator to also act as a restrictor plate. livewells, carpet great, seats good, blue Richmond. Willy's Carburetor & Dyno Shop WCD8850 - Willy's Carburetor & Dyno Shop Restrictor Plates Compare Carubretor Restrictor Plate, 1 in. For temps below -15 degrees F use SAE or NMMA FC-W 5W-30. Dec 19, 2007 · Yes but consider the new J class in California. The 20-25-30 OMC or 20-25 Merc or Yamaha 2-strokes that share the same displacement all were designed as the higher HP engine, and then detuned to meet the lower HP ratings. 0-3. 815548A8 Restrictor Kit fits Mercury Mariner 3-Cyl 50 to 35 Hp D Mercury 44, Mercury 44XS, Tohatsu M50D2 440 lbs Novice Yamato 80 - OMC 15 w/restrictor, any motor 15 hp, 15cid (See ----- Rule 12G) Yamato102, 202,302 with restrictor plate (See rule 12G), Class Super Stock Engine Weight OPTIMAX THREE-CYLINDER 90HP SPECIFICATIONS HP/kW90 / 66. The ProRule Transom Saver for Mercury Outboards will help protect your investment in your outboard during transport. Some had restrictor plates on the exhaust side, and some were physically ported larger. - If you change the isolator and change/remove the throttle limit stop bushing, you will have a 40 hp motor. (mercury made it extremely difficult to access/retune their ecu) mercury's 2. Find Propellor Bore Sleeve - 8M0070256 here. Re: Question Re: Outboard Motor Horsepower Ratings On the Tohatsu 25 there was a restrictor plate between the carb and the block. More low-end torque for excellent acceleration. You can also browse by model, but we strongly recommend using your serial number to ensure you find the correct parts. 0 mercury 1998-2000 optimax 225 3. On the newer fuel injected Yamaha  i got a new 15 hp 4 stroke mercury short shaft motor 2 cylinder inline, 21. Things that have been suggested from bar stool Merc techs: fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel line/primer ball. Search by serial number to see detailed engine diagrams and part numbers, then contact your local authorized Mercury Marine dealer to place your order. So if your serial number is "0 1234567" you would use only DB Electrical SAB0032 New Starter For Mercury Force Marine 40 50 Hp 1992-1999, 50-820193, 50-820193-1 50-820193-T1 5394 Mot4006 18-5622, 50El 50Elpt, 40El 40Elpt 5676940-M030SM SM56769 50-820193 4. 5L V6 Fuel Tank Accessories If you're looking for marine fuel tank accessories, boat fuel fittings and hardware, and other boat fuel system odds and ends, you've come to the right place. 25, 30 hp EFI. however i will be very happy with 120 hp The 1. All Slayer Series carburetors are 19 Apr 2013 The F50 and the F60 schematics are identical other than one has a restrictor plate and the other does not. Trim the motor up, slide the Transom Saver on, trim the motor down attach the Stabilizer Clips (included) to the hydraulic steering rods to keep the motor from turning and you are ready to go! Built to last with the quality you have come to expect from ProRule. , which is to say its a heavy boat. 62 225 HP Mercury 225XL V-6 4-Stroke DTS Cold Fusion. ~ less than $20 and 30 minutes of your time. If you upgrade the HP over 6, you would need to be licenced to operate it. Re: Tohatsu 25hp to 30hp ? Gday nq Had a look at the specs and they are identical eccept for the rev range . Sits on galvanised trailer with bearing buddies and submersible led tail lights. Some motors it can be easily done, dont know about that one. 1984-1994 Mercury Mariner 18 20 25 Hp Exhaust Housing 18’ alumaweld Jon boat. 1 out of 5 stars 38 Buy Discounted Mercury outboard parts and Mariner outboard motor Parts . The Engine Masters guru suggested a stroker kit to reap the benefits of more cubic inches. 95 shipping available. , motorcycles) for insurance purposes, but mainly in automobile racing, to limit top speed to provide equal level of competition, and to lower costs; insurance purposes have also factored in for motorsports. Requires (2) gaskets part # MC47-27-41813. Offering discount prices on OEM parts for over 50 years. 3-liter up with as much 205 hp and 248 ft-lbs of torque using fuel injection and a turbocharger. 5 mercury 1998-2000 optimax 135-175 2. 62 $ 125 . Still debating about the 10″ jackplate????? A restrictor plate or air restrictor is a device installed at the intake of an engine to limit its power. It shows that the only model using the restrictor (if I'm looking at the right thing) is the 75HP model. Motor needs more air and fuel to make the extra HP, and also needs to allow it back out the exhaust if removing the plate will cause that then may be it is Mar 14, 2016 · 30 hp Merc motor (recently they removed the restrictor to make it perform as a 40 hp) year is 1999 Just spent 1,500. As for actual physical differences between the 9. GENUINE MerCruiser exhaust to elbow/riser restrictor gasket, fits 1981-97 GM V6 and V8 marine engines with center-rise exhaust manifold. Jan 12, 2018 · Special video today! You are going to see the most powerful engine we tested! MERCURY 40HP EFI (four stroke)! It was mounted on a sacs s540 young and we were RESTRICTOR PLATE (1 required per assembly) (RESTRICTED 40) 42250 1 - RESTRICTOR PLATE NLA [ More info] Unavailable # 27-85491A90: GASKET SET (1 required per assembly) 27-85491A90 - Gasket Set [ More info] $77. This Mercury 8M0006918 RESTRICTOR PLATE *{ 75/80EU [1B521878] & Below}* fits the following models and components:. United States capacity plate indicating the maximum acceptable power and load as When the engine overspeed limiter is activated, the engine timing will be. This Item: Relief Valve Plate Gasket - Mercury, Mariner 2. Q. There is an air restrictor ring in the intake, very easy to get to. Automotive Authority Mercury/Mariner Fuel Pump 883202T02 / 883202A0, 30-60 HP, EFI 4 Strokes Outboard/Fits: Mercury/Mariner Outboard Motors 2002-2006 4. (I don't know Evinrudes very well) Pretty much a standard practice to build virtually identical engines off one size block, and detune them to get multiple horsepower options to sell. Home > Horsepower Range Filter > Mercruiser Alpha and Bravo One Sterndrives > Left-Hand Rotation > Stainless > 15. Also for: 90, 115 efi, 75 efi 4-stroke, 90 efi 4-stroke, 115 efi 4-stroke. 5 mercury optimax 2. ,111lbs, I need to kick up the power a bit and i heard a long time ago that newer mercury motors have interchangeable parts like a 75 hp can turn into a 100 or 125hp just by changing like a carb or a restriction plate now i know That is it! US-1 is the man. The EasyTroller mounts directly to the engine’s anti-cavitation plate and snaps down into position behind the prop to slow the boat to your ideal trolling speed. I think these engines are too new to figure out if they can be easilly modified. Lifestyle. minimum to cool the motor at WOT. Keeping a wary eye on raw-water cooled manifolds and risers can prevent the premature death of your engine. 1984-1994 Mercury - $169. Shown here is the jet version of the outboard. No other manufacturer offers EFI at this horsepower rating. Jul 29, 2014 · The Tohatsu/Mercury 4-5-6 HP are the same kind of thing. I don't know of a “restrictor plate” per say. COAST GUARD CAPACITY NOTICE to INSTALLER MAXIMUM HORSEPOWER After completing assembly, these MAXIMUM PERSON instructions should be placed with the CAPACITY (POUNDS) product for the owner’s future use. These help him achieve a top speed of 78 mph (when not carrying the weight of a full fuel tank) and a best cruise of 56 mph at 3,500 rpm, which gets him to the fishing grounds quickly without using I had a 75 HP four stroke on my 2014 tracker 175txw and yes the restrictor plate removal did give me an increase. All edges of this plate must be 90 degrees. Outboard Parts: Mercury Outboard: Mercury Parts By HP or MODEL. 5xs,200xs 2. S. NO CDI BOXES Parts will fit motors from 1970's up into the mid to late1980's Cowlings 2- Gear cases Recoil assemblies 2- Good powerheads,compression 120psi Tiller handle, Cable version and gear Swivel brackets Shift levers Gear sets,forward,reverse and pinion gears. 5 mercury 1994-2000 xri , promax 824003 a1-a32 2. Increased fuel economy and outstanding overall performance. 5 mercury optimax 75,90,115,125 2. 0 out of 5 stars 5 $32. On Loan from Daniel "Buzz" Brunkow, November 30, 2013: 2013. 5/9. 49. Pop Quiz: The owner of a 30' powerboat hops aboard his boat one day to go for a cruise, but his inboard V-8 engine is slow to start. These pages are a composite of information collected and compiled by us over the past twenty years. I don’t know of a “restrictor plate” per say. remove the restrictor plate and you have the 30hp. 9/7. 40 x 2. More stable than any transom saver, motor toter or swivel bar, MotorMate is designed to fit snugly to most Evinrude, Johnson, Mercury and Yamaha outboard motors for Each Tohatsu boat motor is easy to carry, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. 09. Be careful removing the restrictor plate, it is a tight fit. this set up has no trailer all in very good to new condition If the same engine block is used for a 3. IIRC the 2. The 9. This will increase the horsepower by  30 Jan 2018 Spencer Remple shows us about the small, powerful, reliable, electronically fuel injected 25 and 30 HP Mercury outboards. No other product To hear all this hype about rod lengths I'm sure you were prepared for a nice 30, 40, or 50 HP increase, weren't you? Well its more like a 5-7 HP increase at best, and guess what? It comes at a price. Force Reed Plate Assembly 90 120 125 HP. Deutsche Tourenwagen NASCAR. Making these motors go faster can be accomplished with a few modifications and replacements parts. [color=#0000FF]2015 Sun Tracker 22' DLX Fishn Barge-Schwintek power Bimini-Merc Eco Monitor Feb 12, 2011 · i got a new 15 hp 4 stroke mercury short shaft motor 2 cylinder inline, 21. The NASCAR Cup Series is the top racing series of the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). boat about ten years old, motor about two years old & has had three 20ltr tanks of fuel through it, looks like new & is. The hull has a welded in aluminium frame with marine carpeted floor fitted. 0, 2. Orifice flow meters are used to determine a liquid or gas flow rate by measuring the differential pressure (P 1 - P 2) across the orifice plate. Completely rebuilt with balanced crankshaft assemblies in 2006. When I up grade from my 3 blade SS prop to the 4 blade Trophy Sport I'll replace the isolator plate with the one designed for the 60 HP engine. The slot in the plate cannot go past the gasket/carburetor bore diameter. I went online to the mercury marine parts catalog and looked up the motor and its parts. 96 / 1526Bo Looking at a 50HP Posted by GREENHEAD22 on 4/21/20 at 5:35 pm to Homey the Clown Just to update on my end Ingot a 70hp Yamaha with 60hrs for 5500. service bulletin 1990 Index 90-1 Panel Mount Pro 120 Remote Control -- Mariner 175 Ski 90-2 Rubber Retainer--Bleed Check Valve -- 1990 Mariner/Mercury 75--115 90-3 Reed Block Gasket -- Mariner/Mercury 100/115 90-4 Top Cowl Unlatching -- 1989 And 1990 Mariner/Mercury 135--200 Outboard motors have a predefined horsepower. So, whether it’s fishing, sailing, or just being out on the water, we sell Tohatsu Motors for every occasion. rocker arms and Mercury pentroof valve covers for $300 and brought it home to start the project. The patented hinge design flexes to divert prop thrust downward, preventing any damage to the plate during premature acceleration. 5 to 25 HP Restrictor D Mercury 44, Mercury 44XS, Tohatsu M50D2 470 lbs. 25 & 30 HP 4-Stroke 2004-2007. Barr Marine 20-99208 Restrictor Plate . 3 Merc, same as 3. What Tohatsu Motors are for sale on OnlineOutboards. This Chart Is For Reference Only, Since Many Aftermarket Parts Manufacturers DO List Parts By Year A "0" in front of the serial number is not significant, it's a placeholder only for Mercury's software. The restrictor is just 1 component of making the motor a higher HP. Why Mercury? 1 Sep 2005 I have a 2005 Nissan 25hp 2 stroke and was told I could increase it to 30hp by removing a restrictor plate. A. 35 Our Mercury Marine 807166A2 Water Shutter Kit $30. mike Electronic fuel injection is a standard feature on the new Mercury 25/30 EFI FourStroke models, even those with manual (rope) starting. View parts diagrams and shop online for CARBURETOR ASSEMBLY parts, 1989 Mariner Outboard 40 [ELHPTO] 70404119D. 4, 2. Quintrex 13ft trevally with 25hp mercury with restrictor plate removed to make it a 30 hp all done by mercury dealer. 00 on a tune up and now. Quicksilver Water Pump Repair Kit 812966A12-4-Stroke Outboard - for Mercury and Mariner 4-Stroke Outboards, 30 HP - 60 HP 4. As with many written and pictorial "instruments" of this type, they can often require interpretation. 5 engine with a restrictor plate between the carby and the cylinder. 040” overbore we Sierra 18-0959-9 Inner Leaf Plate Gasket - Priced Per Pkg of 2 Sierra Inner Leaf Plate Gasket for use on 9. Included in this selection are the white Mercury 78A (before Mercury went to black on all their motors), a red 30 HP Johnson Sea Horse and a gold and gree Scott-Atwater Bait-o-Matic 35 HP from 1956. New 2020 Program MSRP: $32,481. 75/90/115 EFI 4-Stroke. Find outboard engine specs, special financing, accessories, and Honda Outboard Motor dealers near you. 00 Make Offer - 2000 Mercury 50-HP 2 Stroke Rebuilt Outboard Boat Motor Engine 20" 30 40 60 Mercury 50 hp efi fourstroke If you pull the restrictor you have to send the ECM to get remapped, that cost $675. There are plenty of good reasons these outboards rule the water. . 50 Available to order: Usually ships within 8 days. The longer the rod, the closer your wrist pin boss will be to your ring lands. 4 Ci. 057” and a maximum thickness dimension of 0. So as long as you have the correct carb removing the restrictor plate should increase the hp but not to 9. Carburetor Carb Rebuild Repair Kit w Float Johnson Evinrude 18/20/25/28/30/40 HP 4. 8HP Outboard Parts Motors I have parts for the above listed motors. Queensland AROONA 4551 Boats, Yachts and Parts More info If the gear case water inlets are to high and sucking air the water pressure would be low. Enhanced fuel injection (EFI models) for boosted efficiency. 99 11 items; 18 R037004 Restrictor, valve lifter 8 19 R090253 Retainer, valve lifter 1 20 33753 Washer, retainer mounting 3 21 TBD Bolt, retainer mounting 3 22 R043024 Valve, intake (STD) 8 23 R043026 Valve, exhaust (STD) 8 24 R049013 Rotator Assembly 16 25 7231700 Valve Spring Assembly 16 26 7230160 Seal, valve stem (All) 32 Quintrex Trevally 13FT Tinnie no trailer 30 hp mercury Quintrex 13ft trevally with 25hp mercury with restrictor plate removed to make it a 30 hp all done by mercury dealer. Available: Short 30-50 hp, Standard 50-150 hp, 50-150 hp Shop for Mercury outboard motors for sale at Boats. When you are looking for specific Mercury Marine Part Numbers, why pay the normal high prices for OEM Mercury Marine Parts & Accessories when you can shop PPT online for huge discounts and free shipping. We stock new marine engines , remanufactured marine engines , and replacement marine engines with name brands like MerCruiser , Volvo Penta , Marine Power, PCM, Crusader, Indmar and more. I am running it on a WarEagle 1648 LDV with the duckbill, floor, box, etc. There will be other things than a restrictor plate. A robust electrical system with a high-output alternator to keep batteries charged and fishing change the plate and then put it back on the dyno to see if you get extra measured HP and report back to us. With me alone and my gear, it tops at 31 mph, but drops to 25 mph with 3-4 people. So i tryed it on a short run i picked up 8mph and about 500rpm. Why not 115? They all weigh the same, right? And if you buy the same exact boat as mine that is three-inches longer you can run the 115? Makes no [sense]. I find some dried aquatic material , small rocks , and wood chips trapped/lodged in the 4 cross over passages from the block to the divider plate is the normal place restrictions hide and can cause spent water from leaving the block to be restricted resulting in high water pressure and elevated temps. I did this to my 75 last year. craigslist. I've been told I could take the restrictor plate out and give it bit more hp. 09 10-13 drive by wire series powerful v6 & in-line 4 parts & accessories 32-35 suzuki technology 4-7 df350a 8-9 14-19 mechanical series powerful v6 & in-line 4 2006 375 allycraft with 2009 mariner 25hp outboard that has had restrictor plate removed to make this a 30hp. Mercury Marine Parts Catalog. Mercury Mercury & Mariner Outboard Parts by HP & Liter 90HP 1B366823 THRU 2B094995 - USA - Cat. We hope you will find them helpful and informative. 5 HP to 20 HP. The restrictor plate used in all Yamato engine classes must be flat and made out of solid aluminum. A restrictor plate or air restrictor is a device installed at the intake of an engine to limit its power. Mercury Keikhaefer 200 Outboard 15 20 25 Hp Midsection Swivel Bracket Mid 70 71 . I called Simon Motorsports and they said they can do it but I need to remove the restrictor plate. 00. What you need to do is go on a parts site like marine parts plus and start looking at the differences between your motor and the max HP that block puts out, by reading your thread Im assuming 60hp. So far so good. 5L V6 at 200 and 250 hp). Speeds without that stupid restrictor plate are 40-43MPH. Home > Horsepower Range Filter > Mercruiser Alpha and Bravo One Sterndrives > Left-Hand Rotation > Stainless > 15 x 30 Pitch | Maximus Long Tube Mercury Propeller | LEFT-HAND | 889969L63 MC-20-98504P Mounting package for MC-20-98504 riser (includes gaskets, drain plug, pipe plug, stainless steel restrictor plate and fasteners). hp model every things the same but diff carb or a restrictor plate now could i I have a 20 HP that pulls an honest 30 HP, by removing restrictions  Mercury Marine, founded in 1939 as Kiekhaefer Mercury, is a division of the Brunswick Mercury Outboards, 30 Hp and less, are made by Tohatsu in Japan. at Idle. 99 2000 Mercury 50-HP 2 Stroke Rebuilt Outboard Boat Motor Engine 20" 30 40 60 $3,995. I'll gps mine in both "25 hp trim" and then again in "30 hp trim" with the same load to To my knowledge this varies based on which specific motors you are dealing with. The 318 had all the characteristics to be transformed into a high-performance engine with a little tweaking. With a 15 pitch prop at 75 I was seeing 33-34 mph. The 360 followed in 1971. 0 mercury optimax 200-250 & xs 2001 and newer 3. I see on the mercury website that it is the same block (995cc), i have read on the iboats forums that people have pulled a restrictor plate of the air intake of the motor to gain extra horse power and the claim was, that the computer on the outboard compensates for fuel with the added air intake and it is no problem, Motor is 50hp 4stroke EFI 2004 Mercury Marine 40/50/60 HP 4-Stroke EFI Oil Change Kit Mercury 25W-40 Marine Engine Oil features high-tech, advanced anti-wear additives that provide up to 35% better camshaft wear protection. The 25 is 5000 to 6000 and the 30 is 5150 to 5850 and I have heard that you have to remove the restrictor behind the carby and change the timing. 1 out of 5 stars 38 $116. Dealer switching my new 50 hp Mercury to 50 hp Tohatsu - Recently I bought a new boat that been sitting at a dealer for some time. Already removed the restrictor and had timing adjusted, to get 30 hp out of it. Twin 1960 Counter-rotating Mercury 800E, 80-hp short shaft, counter-rotating Direct Reverse Towers of Power in original Cloud White paint and bright chrome. 7:1 and removing the restrictor plate would cause the motor to run lean which would result in higher cylinder temps. 5 out of 5 stars 6 product ratings 6 product ratings - Carburetor Carb Rebuild Repair Kit w Float Johnson Evinrude 18/20/25/28/30/40 HP Sierra water pump kitIncludes water tube guide, impeller, housing, base, water pump gasket, grommet, 2 drain gaskets, water pump base to gear housing gasket, 2 water pump gaskets, seal ring, plate, 6 o-rings and gasketFits sp I have a 3. 25” stroke was nearly ½” bigger than stock, and with a . May 18, 2019 · I have one of the older (1989) motors that is 232ci, the same as the 15 of the same vintage that I would like to upgrade to 15 hp. 7 115 hp motors also redline at 6400 rpm, all of the rest redline at 6000 rpm. It will start but in a minute or two (it appears to happ … read more Mercury Outboard Parts and Mercury Marine Motors are among the most popular outboard motors for sale today. 1lt four stroke line of engines, 5 in all from 70 to 115hp in command thrust series , all use the same block alternator injectors the engines are basically the same, the up shot is 30-35 hp Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. IDENTICAL engines but in that case only difference is the carb and about £2-300 in price. Start with no-worry reliability. The 30 hp, which is just a standard gasket. 066" without chamfer. 5 or 4, then yes, it's probably just a restrictor plate in there. Regular Price: $17. Johnson Evinrude Outboard 25 / 30 HP Propeller Nose Cone 1956 Evinrude 20 25 30 35 HP Outboard Leaf Plate P/N 0324318 (1985-1997) OMC 7. But the 340 came along just one year after the 318 made its debut. The series began in 1949 as the Strictly Stock Division, and from 1950 to 1970 it was known as the Grand National Division. It is a 2016 Aluminum boat for Mercury Marine, based in Wisconsin, has been making Mercury outboard motors in two- and four-stroke versions ranging from 2. 0 ltr engines about a month after i got my boat delivered. 9 & 15 HP Johnson/Evinrude Engines. Some mercury one piece plates come with dump holes that are too big to accomplish the 15 lbs. Priced Per Pkg of 2 Interchangeable with: GLM 34970 Johnson/Evinrude Open 24x7 - Same Day Shipping! $10 off $299+, $20 off $599+, $30 off $799+, $100 off $1,599 Orders If you’ve been around since the early 1970s, you may remember Ford’s 2. Summary of Contents for Mercury 30 - 60 HP Page 1: Table Of Contents 30 - 60 HP Outboard Boat Horsepower Capacity Installation Manual U. On the newer fuel injected Yamaha four strokes, a lot of the difference between two engines that share a block size is going to be in the mapping of the tune. 9 and the 15 hp that you could use for identification other than the decal markings, year by year these 2 hp sizes and brands are the same. 00 - Get 30% OFF MSRP / $9,752. Nice little change to say the least. NOTE: Mercury DOES NOT Use Model Years For Parts Lookup. at WOT and 0 lbs. The factory stepped it up with the 1984-1986 SVO Mustang, pumping the 2. 4 . [That engine is the] same as the 90 and 115. The first call was to Barry Rabotnick at Survival Motorsports. comes with sand & reef anchor plus three life jackets. 0R098000. 0 mercury With over 75 years dedicated to command and control innovation, SeaStar Solutions has become the leading, global provider of vessel control, fuel systems and system integration in the marine industry. With a 19 pitch prop with the restrictor plate removed I was seeing 46mph. With Mercury simplifying their engine platforms, they have a lot of situations like this. It shall have a minimum thickness dimension of 0. Thick, Aluminum, Black Anodized, Willy's 4-Barrel/Holley 4150 Series, Each mercury 3 cyl efi 30,40 mercury 4 cyl efi 40,50,60 mercury fourstroke 75,90,115 1. com? Online Outboards is proud to offer a broad mix of Tohatsu Boat Motors from 2. 3L four-cylinder Ford 2300 engine for our Ministock Mustang project car including the assembly of the cylinder heads - Circle Track Magazine JEK012 - Johnson/Evinrude Gasket Kit 18 hp / 1959-68 also 20, 25 hp / 1969 (head gasket included) $ 82. SB5 05 10 Outboards sold by Mercury Marine in the United States are certified to the. Counter-rotating props of your choice (depending on application). Curiously, my engine was already set at 25 degrees BTDC. Although the 6 block is now obsolete so you should be able to use the 8 block. 00 - $99. 9 hp motors covered in this article, came into being in 1974. Yes they are adjustable. mercury parts database carburetor assembly - 0c159200 and up 9570790 and up parts diagram part description qty notes 1 3330-830281a3 carburetor upper 1 disconti Attwood 105676 Custom-Fit Mercury Motor Cover - 4-Stroke EFI (25, 30 HP) 4. Cost of total entry, boat motor is under $2,500. 0R235168. 30 horse Mercury with restrictor plate removed (40 horse powerhead). Mercury 60 hp 4 stroke ecu The MotorMate outboard locking system is the single best way to protect your outboard motor transom, steering cables and hydraulics during transport of a boat and outboard motor. I would not recommend filing or opening the restrictor plate. I have had two over the years, never had an issue, always pulled reliably in difficult situations. 2011 Mercury Outboard Motor Prices and Values Select Mercury Outboard Motors Models Below A leading name in marine engines, Mercury is recognized for producing top-quality outboard motors as well as the MerCruiser line of inboard engines. The 4. MC-20-99208 Direct replacement stainless steel restrictor plate for use with MerCruiser riser #’s 98502, 98504 and 44354. Any 15 cubic inch or under motor with a F-N-R gearcase can run, so a $400. The one-piece plate should run 15 lbs. 5: Alterscale Diecast Model Outboards 2018 Mercury Marine® FourStroke Jet 65 HP 65 JET New Jet 2018 Mercury Marine® FourStroke Jet 80 HP 80 JET New Jet Advertised pricing excludes applicable taxes title and licensing, dealer set up, destination, reconditioning and are subject to change without notice. He would know dude is selling the crap out View and Download Mercury 75 user manual online. SB5 07 12 57840 027. 5 mercury efi 225x 3. lower HP engines sharing platforms with the higher HP models (75 and 115, 4. Item Number: 27-863724 $12. You may get away with it, but if there is an incident and they look at the motor, they will know (particularly if it is a well know modification such as upgrading a carb or removing a restrictor plate to give extra HP). I have bought and sold many of these single cylinder two stroke motors as they remain popular for dingies,Common issues are reed valves,fuel petcock leaking and also the impellers need to be fresh to New rule: 8. Online Parts lookup, Large inventories of Mercury Mariner outboard OEM and Aftermarket parts, Same Day Free Shipping, Discounted rates. 9 hp. Revise Search: All Models > 30 HP Jet > 0C159200 - 0G589999 (USA) > RESTRICTOR PLATE (1 required per The_only_difference on my Mercury between 50 and 60 HP is an isolator (air flow restrictor) plate between the carburetors and the intake ports on the motor. I like to plug the stock dump hole in the one piece and redrill 2 new holes that are 19/64. 2Full throttle RPM5000 - 5750Cylinder ConfigurationI-3Displacement(CID/CC)92. 00 E-bay motor is legal. Jet Boat Charts, Diagrams & FAQ's. 5 is the 3. , 351 cc, Bore and Stroke (in / mm) 2. 36in 61 x 60mm 2 valves per cylinder, carb. ^ Demmons . I have the owners manual in front of me and it gives 3500-4500 as the full throttle operating range which seems quite low compared to most outboards. A pull of the cord raises the plate. 75 outboard motor pdf manual download. 9. New oar locks, all new spark plugs, freshly serviced for 2020, 2023 registration. 5 mercury 1989-1993 laser 2. $1600 Hours radio Boat pontoon 2004 / Super low hours mercury with the restrictor p Year: 2004 Super low hours mercury with the restrictor plate removed so a 90 hp actually. I have a Mercury (Tohatsu) Seapro 25 hp 2-stroke,purchased new in 2012. Re: Removing Restrictor Plate on Merc 75 EFI Right, as a mechanic (automotive) I know that a motor needs 14. Michigan Motorz is your one-stop shop for marine engines and marine engine parts. Formula 3, 2000cc, 215 hp; Formula SAE, 710cc, 20 mm restrictor. 00 OFF Go with 5 Years Factory Backed Limited Coverage Purchase this Mercury outboard model and get a total of 5 years of Mercury factory-backed limited coverage! Apr 21, 2012 · Mercury does list a different block for the 6 and 8. It's a simple, "static" adjustment that takes only a minute to perform. 99 $ 32 . 00 JEK013 - Johnson/Evinrude Gasket Kit 30 hp 1956, 25 hp / 1952-55 also Gale 1956-63 (head gasket included) 1990 SERVICE BULLETIN Printed in U. exhaust exited from a chute at the rear of the cavitation plate above the propeller. It's designed with a secondary metering plate with changeable jets, and features all aluminum components for additional weight savings. My boat hull says 90-HP maximum. FAST $3. Not saying this is the same situation but worth asking at the dealers. Boat is fast and perfect for many applications on the Kenai. Explore Great Lakes Skipper's amazing inventory of new and replacement boat parts for discount boat fuel tank accessories like fuel fillers, fuel filters, fuel lines Tohatsu motors 2. Inspecting Exhaust Manifolds And Risers. net including 30hp motors at the lowest prices guaranteed. Click to order. # 90-898101362 - EFI Integrated Air Fuel Module Parts for Mercury Marine 30 HP Jet Carburetor Assembly. 5 In Stock - Ships Immediately. org Mon Jun 15, 2020 Mercury 3. 3 x 30 Pitch | Maximus Short Tube Mercury Propeller | LEFT-HAND | 889969L68 Apr 27, 2020 · After a lot of searching I found tuner In the NT who has cracked the merc ecu. 40 HP 45 HP 50 HP 55 HP Nov 05, 2019 · After some trial and error, he found that the best propellers for the Spectre were five-blade Mercury 15-by-30-inch Maximus stainless-steel props. 3 out of 5 stars 19 Like the title says, 1999 50 HP Merc 2-stroke losing power at wide open throttle. 8 out of 5 stars 7 $125. This kind of system is occasionally used in road vehicles (e. g. when i sent my ECM in debbie told me to expect 120 hp it appears that the 2. Offering discount prices on OEM Mercury Marine parts for over 50 years. The 340 and 360 stole much of the 318's thunder as they provided the perfect size and versatility for high-performance modification. Only minimal surface rust on trailer as expected. - The throttle limit stop simply prevents the butterfly valve from fully opening. Novice Yamato 80 - OMC15 w/ restrictor, any motor 15 hp, 15 cid (see Rule 12G) "--- Yamato 102, 202, 302 with restrictor plate. The 5hp 2 stroke Tohatsu is the best outboard I have ever used. 5 mercury 280 all 2. 5 Tohatsu. 3hp are the same and the horsepower ratings are achieved with a restrictor plate in the carb which can be easily removed. I have a 2014 75 Mercury 4stroke efi. Mar 01, 2004 · Follow along as we build the 2. Slayer Series street carburetors are designed with many of the same innovations and features that are built into all QFT™ race-winning carburetors, including changeable air bleeds and power valve channel restrictions. You can buy a 4hp and fit a 6hp carb and save a few hundred ££. 30 hp mercury restrictor plate

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