4. 6th Grade at Middle Schools; 7th Grade; 8th Grade; High School Distance Learning. Frameworks are developed by the Instructional Quality Commission, formerly known as the Curriculum Development and Supplemental Materials Commission, which also reviews and recommends textbooks and other instructional materials to be adopted by the SBE. Welcome first-grade families! Our Teaching & Learning Department has created an #OHmazing optional, non-graded set of resources for you to use during our extended closure. It would rotate on an "A" day "B" day type schedule. These skills help them solidify concepts they've learned this year and prepare them for success in the fall! Apr 03, 2020 · NASHVILLE, TN—The Tennessee Department of Education is partnering with PBS stations across the state to offer 1st-8th grade students up to 30 hours of standards-aligned instructional lessons per week during times of COVID-19 school closures. K & 1st Grade. ” Email Message - Fallsington Distance Learning Information - 3-29-20 Video Message - Better When Fallsington is Dancing - 4-3-20 Below are links to additional resources that you may find beneficial. Jada's math class. What does successful distance learning look like? With Texas and Washington cancelling their high stakes state assessments and many states likely to follow, there is a real question of what the This school district does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, religion, political affiliation, gender, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, parental or marital status, or any other basis protected by federal, state, or local law, ordinance or regulation, in its educational program(s) or employment. What It Is: This comprehensive program covers a wide variety of subjects for students aged 2-8 (Pre-K through second grade). Beck Ms. Students will get to know our new classroom, locate class materials, explore their new Chromebook, learn to organize materials, and learn to gain some independence with first grade assignments. Getting into a schedule will help relieve stress and let chil MISS LOHOF'S FIRST GRADE. Getting Started With Distance Learning Distance Learning: 4 Strategies from Experts in the TpT Community Keep an eye on the blog and TpT’s Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and Pinterest , where we’ll be continuing to publish more tips and resources on distance learning! 1st Grade Activities for Kids. Links A very special thank you for being the most amazing first graders through all of distant Weekly Specialist Schedule. 20) Many resources, games, interactive sites, clapping songs, fun books and more for kids of all ages K-8 Music Distance Learning Resources. 34 KB (Last Modified on March 30, 2020) Comments (-1) Click on the links below to view distance learning packets for each week in English and Espanol. To continue, click on the First Grade Distance Learning link below, under classes. They identify the minimum level of interaction and management needed between students and instructors to maintain a quality online learning environment. PES 1st grade. Except either my students or my own children get the raw end of the deal because I can’t teach first grade, preschool, and manage 30+ students every day. pdf. Week 1 ; Week 2 ; Week 3; Week 4 ; Week5; Week 6; Week 7; Week 8; Technology. Johnson: rjohnson@dist76. org. Portland mom Miranda McDonough-Siquina has a 6-year-old, a 2-year Seven-year-old Mackenzie’s 1st grade year was a little hectic. With different kinds of exercises for kids, watch your kids grasp and learn a new skill by working on these fun worksheets. It's Distance Learning Time! Hi first graders and parents! Please watch the video below to help prepare you for this upcoming week! I will be checking in with you by video each Wednesday for the next three weeks. This post outlines resources I currently have available for distance learning or at-home learning. 10:00-11:00 Academic time NO ELECTRONICS. Then we slowly made it two times then threenow, we meet EVERY DAY! We love being able to see our students daily. Report abuse. Jun 07, 2020 · Kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, or middle school math pages for your kids! Set a Realistic Schedule and Have your Kids Try To Make One At one time or another, most adults have probably dreamed about being forced to stay home and tackle those projects that never seem to get done. Christine - 1st Grade; Gambuti, Mrs. Grade-Level Distance Learning Matrices  The schedule for distance learning is not one-size-fits-all. Jul 14, 2020 · The latest plan features a full-time distance learning option for all grade levels without students having to un-enroll from their current school, a new mask requirement in classrooms and a plan Distance learning is the only option that I can see. 3. CT, through June and July. Description . Young minds require a solid foundation of knowledge to support future learning. We’re just going to keep repeating this until it sinks in for everyone, okay? In all seriousness, we can’t expect kids to work online or offline for eight hours a day during the COVID-19 Please review the lesson plan as well as your child's teacher's block schedule. At the beginning, we did our best to meet live once a week. June 1, 2020. You are probably teaching through themed units. Distance Learning; Grade Level Conference Schedule; Library & Media Services; Teacher Sites; Testing Schedules; Distance Learning 1st Grade; Distance Learning 2nd Distance Learning Daily Schedule; Distance Learning - Zoom ; Distance Learning Related Arts Assignments & Schedule; Monday 6/8/20 Assignments; Tuesday 6/9/20 Assignments; Wednesday 6/10/20 Assignments; Thursday 6/11/20 Assignments; Friday 6/12/20 Assignments; Monday 6/1/20 Assignments; Tuesday 6/2/20 Assignments ; Wednesday 6/3/20 Assignments Distance Learning Schedule We understand that every child learns differently and will require time and flexibility to settle into a daily regimen. E. please contact me by December 1st so that I can assess them or schedule  Phillis Wheatley Distance Learning Daily Schedule (Lower School Schedule | Middle 1ST GRADE PACKET · 2ND GRADE PACKET · 3RD GRADE PACKETS. The Exeter Unified School District (EUSD) is committed to ensuring equal, fair, and meaningful access to employment and education services. Educational Endorsements; Remote Classroom Learning Schedule G 3-5; Slideshow. Under the direction of the Governor and the Illinois State Board of Education, Illinois schools are operating on a remote learning model. K-2. Our staff at Circleville Elementary School have put together resource links for students and families at this time by grade level to stay sharp in their content areas  1st Grade. WETA, (which can be found on Comcast 265, Cox 800, FiOS 474 and RCN 39), is supporting Home Learning with their “VA TV Classroom” on-air schedule as follows: (beginning April 13) K-3 Instruction airs from 1-2 p. ▫ Schedule for March 18- Distance Learning by Grade. Digital sentence building activities that are preloaded to Seesaw for distance learning, or use of technology within your kindergarten classroom. If you would like to chat via phone call, please email me to schedule a time. Mar 17, 2020 · Curriculum frameworks provide guidance for implementing the content standards adopted by the State Board of Education (SBE). Mrs. Instructional videos and assignments will be posted to the “Distance Learning Portal” With this in mind, parents should anticipate the average PreK-1st grade   Distance Learning - Mendham Township School District. Have your child write their name and date on all work completed. Using this resource, students respond to literature and complete math and literacy activities. Implementing the 2019 Arts Standards Through Distance Learning: Lessons from the Field. and a few additional grades earned during the first weeks of remote learning  log into one of these sites. Parents should decide which time of day works best for their student to be able to focus on more difficult tasks such as a new reading level or a new math concept. m. SFES 6th grade math. 21 Apr 2020 Are you a kindergarten or first grade teacher struggling with distance learning? Here are six tips to help you keep it simple but meaningful for  K-2 Distance Learning Academic Packets. This blog post shares tips to schedule project-based learning in grades K-2, grades 3-5, and in a single-subject classroom. Pennsylvania Department of Education - Early Childhood Education KINDERGARTEN FULL DAY SAMPLE SCHEDULE 8:15 a. . Learning Packets are one part of the Distance Learning Plan in recognition that technology access is a challenge for students and families across our division. I have spent quite a bit of time this past week pulling together distance learning resources teachers can use with students. "The distance learning format is the best-case scenario right now," said Superintendent Doc Ervin. Third grade should go to the SIGNET pages for hands on algebra   30 Jun 2020 Many classroom teachers are now trying to understand the ins-and-outs of distance learning for the first time and looking for free online  Explore 1st Grade classroom activities to inspire and engage your students. Puzzles, flashcards, In this time of distance learning where we cannot be in our classrooms or with our students physically, I am so thankful for the technology of virtual meetings so we can stay connected to our kiddos. 2:00 - Dismissal . The teachers are using Google Documents in order to share work with their students. 5. She created a Daily SEL Challenge . Let's go! Mrs. Reed, Ms. I just never thought I would have to cease going back into my classroom and start doing it in the middle of the school year! But since I have using digital devices in my classroom for the last four years, I have quickly found Read More about Distance Learning: Tips and Resources for K-2nd Grade Teachers I am sure that many of you have also had to endure the transition to Distance Learning. Joy Sexton has close to 30 years of ELA middle school teaching experience, all at grades 7-8. " This piece will help us learn about the instruments of the orchestra! Follow along with the video to learn about Britten, the song, and the woodwind family. Sheehan's block schedule. Included is a Monday-Friday schedule. Remote Learning Continues. CatechismClass. Thursday 4/2. The RTI model is a multi-tier approach to the early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs. Each day there are four stars for you to type your tasks/assignments next to. In the classroom First graders should expect to expand their understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizens by coming to see their classroom as a microcosm of society. 8-8:30: Breakfast in the classroom with a focus on social emotional learning. Jun 19, 2020 · Union Public Schools is a premiere Oklahoma district nationally recognized in four strategic areas: Early Childhood Education, Community Schools, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), and College/Career Readiness. DISTANCE LEARNING Daily Schedule DISTANCE LEARNING. Websites for Good Practice; Wellness. Ms. Math: 1st Grade. First Grade Science STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and math) is crucial for helping kids to understand how things work in the natural world. Remote learning via home instruction for students will […] Through a continued partnership with the state’s PBS stations, Tennessee students will have access to daily educational content all summer through the Summer Learning Series. Writing Choice Boards These writing choice boards make a great distance learning option because they are low prep, require very little copies, and offer student choice. I am sure that many of you have also had to endure the transition to Distance Learning. Mastrogiannakos. Below you will read specific details on a variety of topics related to this plan. Apr 16, 2020 · Fairfax County schools cancel first week of distance learning due to technical issues FCPS is pausing online teacher-led instruction until April 20 after software issues prevented students from 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th/6th Grade 7th/8th Grade ASCS Distance Learning 2020 “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them. 11:15 a. Welcome to the 1st Grade Distance Learning Page For all students except our seniors, this packet will cover dates May 4 through May 22, and will be due  Distance Learning 2020. Grade School (1-8) In the grade school we are working to develop the children’s sense of observation. Working at home, the parent is the primary teacher in the early grades, and the Oak Meadow teacher supports the parent in the teaching process. I have done fine this year grade-wise A's and B's but since this  As you know, our plans have evolved during the first two Phases in weeks 1 through 4 For Grades K-2, families will access Phase 3 remote learning plans via Class as well as a schedule for both live teaching in the areas of ELA and Math,  1 Jul 2020 Teachers have been tasked with developing remote learning plans When you first start creating a daily schedule, you need feedback on how it is going. All core content assignments are due Friday of each week. … #DistanceLearningTpT No prep, Google Classroom distance learning 1stgrade Activities review for first graders practicing CCSS 1. This prioritizes Teacher-Led Learning and also expands learning to include activities and experiences that reinforce skills and extend knowledge. Hi 1st Grade! Today we are going to be learning a little about Benjamin Britten and his piece, "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. First Grade / c. Calhoun Primary: Kindergarten Kindergarten Spanish. Roy; Meet Ms. The following activities are your choice. Pre-K – 1st Grade Student Schedule . Zearn. Here’s the great news: Project-based learning is very similar to what you’re already doing. Mar 13, 2020 · Dear Parents and Guardians, Dr. Heffernan Ms. 1 day ago · This schedule will remain in place through the end of the first grading period. Some universities offer entire Master's and Doctoral programs via distance learning technologies. Online Elementary School Curriculum. 2nd Grade Teachers' Virtual Learning Starting first grade can feel like a daunting experience for any child. First Grade Courses. Report Card Comments for Distance Learning A selection of report card comments focused on aspects of student performance during distance learning related to pandemic school closures, including work habits, behavior, and success at transitioning to remote learning. Kindergarten Teachers' Virtual Learning Schedule; 1st Grade Assignments. Distance Learning Toolkit As the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and impact school communities, we want to do what we can to help. Last week of school: May 18th - May 22nd. Farnsworth 1st Grade Suggested Schedule of At-Home Learning 8:00-9:00 Pick up Breakfast at School (Grab and Go) 10:00-11:00 Academic Time - Everyday do the following: Phonemic Awareness Lesson (Heggerty) Reading Fluency Page and/or Decodable Wonders Reading and Games Writing – Journal Prompts (see back of paper) May 18, 2020 · Distance Learning Schedule Grade 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Grade 1 Morning Meeting 8:45-9:15 Live Science Instruction Live Math Instruction 9:15-9:45 Live Literacy Instruction 8:45-9:25 Live Math Instruction 9:55-10:25 Live Literacy Instruction 8:45 - 9:25 Live Math Instruction 9:55-10:25 7:46 - First Bell Rings. C. Friday 4/3. Contact  Hour of Code is December 9th-15th. Students in Mrs. WOW! 500,000+ pages of FREE first grade worksheets, grade 1 games, & hands-on activities to make learning FUN! Download, print pdf file, and learn at home! English grammar, addition, subtraction, telling time, syllables, sentences, parts of speach, place value, and more! Apr 21, 2020 · MAKING STEM FUN FOR 1ST GRADE. However, this schedule can be a lot fo Unlike the district's previous version, the new plan features a full-time distance learning option (Duval HomeRoom) for all grade levels, allowing students to stay enrolled in their current school. Here is your one-stop-shop for all things grade 2 on my blog! Jun 23, 2020 · Benchmark Education is offering distance learning resources and experiences for free. ONLINE EDUCATION RECOMMENDED RESOURCES. It's possible a student might have to repeat a grade. ‍ For students with stronger literacy and motor skills: Khan Academy Kindergarten , 1st grade and 2nd grade math can be appropriate. I will expect the students to continue their daily independent reading. During a closure, communication between administrators, staff, parents and students is more important than ever. Emails: van den Akker: evandenakker@dist76. A Distance Learning Model That Works. First Grade 1st Grade Spanish Mar 24, 2020 · Good Morning and Welcome to Day 3 of Distance Learning! Today's Work Plan. PreK PreK Spanish Reading PreK Spanish Math. Distance Learning School. The following are the distribution dates and time. So the distinction between distance learning and online learning is super important and one that will help put teachers at ease. Laugh and learn through the summer. Online first grade students can access a wealth of Web-based resources in multimedia formats that can enhance their learning and retention. with Standard of Learning-aligned content provided by WHRO Public Media. Sentence Building A few months ago, I posted about a sentence building activity that makes a wonderful literacy center. April Showers Clip Art Free Clipart Image 4. Math Spiral Review Assessment (classwork grade) · Textbook Lesson 28 Pgs 296-297 · Workbook Pgs 311-312. You must submit one form for each child. Bi-Monthly Distance Learning Plans will be loaded on this web site as needed. reading First Calendar. Title: 1st Grade Daily Schedule Created Date: 3/20/2020 2:41:39 AM Distance learning can be very overwhelming because it’s something new for our little learners. Community Education; Mental Health and Healthy Living Park Hill School District » Teaching and Learning » Elementary Curriculum » First Grade. Wolfenbarger The 4th grade is going to Cottonwood High School to see the Utah Symphony from 9:00-11:30 AM on October 30, 2019. Kids School Binder - with several free printables 1st Day Of School, School Teacher, Perfect for back to school- create a school binder for kids papers, calendar and more. 11:15 - 11:45 - 4th & 5th Grade Lunch. Cortigino Ms. -- At Tuesday night’s Folsom Cordova Unified School Board Meeting, the board voted to begin the 2020-21 school year in a full Distance Learning model, with considerations to DISTANCE LEARNING PLANS FOR FIRST GRADE COVID-19 Suggested Daily Schedule: Before 9:00am Wake-up Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed (8:45-9:30 breakfast pick-up at school) 9:00-10:00 Morning Walk Take a family walk with the dog –or yoga inside if it’s cold. HAES Distance Learning ; Accessing My BackPack & Google Classroom; STAR Assessments; Virtual Attendance and Assessment Achievement Party; Kindergarten Assignments. Learn. Early Childhood Distance Learning; Elementary School Distance Learning. org <section jscontroller="DxrsLb" jsshadow class="A7IrWb D8GKVb f7BGEf eO2Zfd " aria-label="JavaScript must be enabled to use Google Drive. distance learning plan includes curriculum by grade level and subject matter that is designed to maintain productive instruction for students using computers, laptops, tablets, iPads or smartphones. Jul 14, 2020 · PLAN A: The first plan is in-person learning, which calls for all students and staff to return to school. WEEK TWO (MARCH 23RD - MARCH 27TH) Semana Dos Junta de elección de eLearning de primer grado Semana dos. and 1 p. Aug 20, 2012 · Check out our grade-by-grade milestones to understand your state and national standards. : Student, staff temperature checks and health screening. Your child's teacher will be avaible during posted office hours to help you with any problems you may have. Please see below and use this  After trying out the sample pages, think of using the Distance Learning pack, which has one task sheet for EVERY ELA and Math standard! This pack is a great tool  Below are Distance Learning daily lessons by grade level and program to A typical distance learning schedule at home could look like: 1st Grade EO. Activities for first graders can be both educational and fun. 19. pdf (PDF) Distance Learning. As a course instructor, it is Basswood Elementary School is located in beautiful southern Maple Grove, MN. Nieroda-Madden about homework time. It Distance Learning; Google Classroom; 1st Grade Learning Opportunities. 5th Grade. Please start a work file for your child. Dionisio shared a message Thursday evening explaining that our school district will be closed for students on Monday, March 16, 2020, and Tuesday, March 17, 2020, for professional development for our faculty to finalize their instructional plans for online teaching & learning. Lease a Grade 1 DVD Kit and get access to all the following Distance Learning courses: Heritage Studies 1 introduces your child to fundamental concepts related to geography, economics, and culture, within the context of American history from pre-Columbus days through the time of the Pilgrims in 1682. First, we recognize that across grade levels and across our county's A special mailing for grades K-8 is scheduled for delivery near the end of June to support  Online Learning Calendars for Grades K - 5. See more ideas about Online school, Distance learning, Learning. Welcome to Distance Learning This website is the entry point for Phase One of our distance learning plan for the next 1-2 weeks. 1st Grade Weekly Distance Learning Calendar. Jul 01, 2020 · Alyssa Bellardino, a third-grade teacher in Roxbury, NJ believes it is important to incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL) into distance learning models. 2nd Grade Distance Learning Schedule April 27th-May 1st Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Reading/ Writing Read “Alaska: A Special Place” in the Reader/Writers Workshopbook (via ConnectED on Classlinks) Discuss how Alaska compares to where we live in Florida in your class notebook (via Teams icon on Classlinks) Lexia 15 minutes I am sure that many of you have also had to endure the transition to Distance Learning. Donlon, Mrs. If you have any […] Encore Schedule and Resources; First Grade; NCDLCN 2018-2019; Pre-K & Kindergarten; Really New for You; School Year Vids 2019-2020; Whiteboard for Distance Learning; Seber, Lauren 5th Grade. 247 & 248 • Read Now,What’sThat Sound? • (via ConnectED on ClassLink) • Play Games with Spelling Words in SpellingCity (via icon on ClassLink) • Lexia / iReady Reading 10 minutes The daily lessons for pre-K through grade 6-plus include four separate learning experiences, built around a story or video. distance learning for families info Assignments are posted in Google Classroom and have a place for comments where you can tell your teacher and classmates about what you've been learning! It would be a fun way to practice writing and get to talk to all your friends through messages! Distance Learning Parents, Please be patient and understanding as we all navigate these unusual times. Wednesday 4/1. 1st grade B. Unlike the district's previous version, the new plan features a full-time distance learning option (Duval HomeRoom) for all grade levels, allowing students to stay enrolled in their current school. To begin distance learning, I will do a lesson for kindergarten, first grade and second grade. This was my first reaction to online study as I looked at the homework checklist. However, this schedule can be a lot fo Apr 26, 2020 · Distance Learning Schedule: April 26th- May 1st fairview3rdgradepta April 26, 2020 April 26, 2020 Comments Off on Distance Learning Schedule: April 26th- May 1st All videos and assignments can be found on the Google Classroom. 7:53 - Instruction Begins. Click on the dates to find the weekly assignments. Distance Learning Google Classroom Parent Guide Student Work Packets Netiquette K-5 ELA Benchmark Advance 1st Grade Math. DISTANCE LEARNING SCHEDULE. Giraud's Distance Learning Program. Have your child listen to books and answer Distance Learning (1st Grade) Ms. Finding the right first grade curriculum entails doing a bit of research, but knowing what to look for will save you time. Resting or napping Listening to calm music . Enroll in RCIA Online. 2 pm: NOVA: First Man on the Moon Learn how a rare combination of talent, luck, and experience led to Neil Armstrong's successful command of Apollo 11 and the first steps on the Moon. Woodrow Wilson School serves K-5th grade students and is part of McAllen ISD. 1st Grade Daily Schedule. Each program aligns with National Social Studies Standards and Common Core State Standards. Please follow these instructions. It is a Pre-K-5 school serving over 1000 students. pdf 948. Hour of Code is a global events that encourages every student to spend at least one hour during the week working on  . Related Resource (National Moon Day, Grades 6-12) Report Card Comments for Distance (Remote) Learning. For more Grade 1 content, click here. Middle School, will communicate specifics regarding the schedule for each grade level. net Distance Learning TK Kinder 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade SDC/RSP LME Virtual Library Students Distance Learning TK Kinder 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade SDC/RSP LME Virtual Library Teachers Back To School Routine We will spend the first 3-weeks of school going over rules, routines, and procedures with students. Home Emergency Distance Learning Resources Homework Contact Sharing Home Emergency Distance Learning Resources Homework Contact IXL learning plans Our Summer Spotlight skill plans are a great way to help your child do some focused learning over the break. Printable option for easy printing at home or in a digital format with preloaded Seesaw links! Mar 12, 2020 · Tackle the harder stuff first “Starting with the most difficult assignments first helps make the most of your child’s energy level and focus at the beginning of a work session,” writes learning specialist Janine L. Lease a Grade 5 DVD Kit and get access to all the following Distance Learning courses: Heritage Studies 5 covers American history completely, beginning with the birth of America and ending with President Obama, addressing current world issues along the way. com's comprehensive digital literacy curriculum, instruction, and assessment solutions. YES 4th Grade. Music Distance Learning Resources (Updated 3. Lesson Support 1-2 Writing Cues (answers and depth will vary by grade level). Instruction begins at 9:00 a. COVID-19 Resources; Administration; Mission Statement; District Goals; District Calendar for 2019-20; District Calendar for 2020-21; Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying people working/learning from home at the same time, we have provided alternatives that do not require a device. Our courses are a fun and engaging way to get homework help, prepare for tests or simply review topics discussed in the classroom. The first online contest will be held tomorrow, Thursday, March 19; I will send the clue via a  As you will find on the calendars, we will operate on an alternating schedule. As a primary teacher, you are having your students learn through exploration. This option is for families who want the structure and guidance provided through enrollment in our accredited distance learning school. You can support this early on with these first grade science resources. We need your help in order to accurately plan for our enrollment for next school year. Our online 1st grade trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top 1st grade quizzes. Red: Complete return to distance learning (similar to what we Mrs. Swan! The goal is to provide options for families, knowing that not every family is able to hold six hours of school each   Interested in learning what a first grader should know and be able to do in all subjects to be ready for 2nd grade? Click here to access the Colorado Department  With your help we can make sure they are continuing to advance skills in reading , writing and practicing important math concepts. Pedota Ms. Study for your Sacraments Online. 4th Grade. The district said there is a team of teachers from each grade level currently developing a distance learning framework, using current curriculum. 1st Grade Distance Learning Schedule - May 4th- 8th Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Reading • View Instructional Video • Complete Pgs. Here are a few things students can do on a computer: Math. Study to be a Godparent Online. (M-F). The rate at which districts need to digitally transform is. Will students have access to free wifi to assist with distance learning options? If a student is on schedule to complete instruction in the entire curriculum in Grades from the first semester and up until the end of the 3rd nine weeks will be  Mrs. Siegle's block schedule. To make this a successful quality educational experience in a safe and secure environment we must ensure equitable access, so students, families, educators, and support First Grade » Distance Learning Sample Schedule Distance Learning Sample Schedule *Please log on live when your teacher is live (times will vary) Time. Needham will continue communicating with first grade students and their A weekly schedule is sent to parents on Sunday, letting them know when the  Remote Learning · Safe and Inclusive Schools · School Boundaries · School Safety & Emergency Preparedness · School Schedules · Student Programs  Distance Learning Plan Updates: HS Distance Learning Plan Cover Letter & HS Distance Learning Plan Schedule. This helps students truly understand the concepts underlying the math they learn. Oh, the joys of homeschooling! Field trips, pajama days, sleeping in, co-ops, hands-on creative studies . select your grade below MENU. Of course, wherever your kids are in their learning, you can make these STEM activities work! STEM for first grade is an introduction to the wonderful world around them. - 12:00 p. Pre-K, Kinder & 1st Grade Distance Learning Daily Schedule 8:15 - 9:00 a. Save the work in the Work File Folder. Included are blog posts as This is where you will find your activities for Digital Literacy Classes while we are learning remotely. In grades K–5, our free online elementary school program* helps young students learn the basics, acquire study skills, and develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Mar 26, 2020 · Elementary School Distance Learning Programs. Each class has a different schedule for Music, Art, and PE. We’ve been doing it successfully for over 20 years. 10:30 - 11:15 a. Day 15 - Monday, April 13th · Day 16 - Tuesday, April 14th · Day 17 - Wednesday, April 15th. Jul 07, 2020 · The district gave out an example of a hybrid daily schedule for elementary schools — pre-K through fifth grade — and one for sixth through 12th grades. Friendly Reminders: Daily outlines of work to be completed are listed below. Girls on the Run; Jump Rope For Heart; Wellness News; Tip Line Dec 29, 2018 · First grade English and Math worksheets that we have here help young kids get more practice on important subjects. Our Future's So Bright We Gotta South Windsor Public Schools » Departments » Curriculum and Instruction » Distance Learning 2020 » Elementary Learning » 1st Grade Distance Learning 2020 In addition to current distance learning activities being provided by teachers, families are reminded of the Snow Day Scholars packets. Diamond Collection Online Learning Resources: Diamond Collection. idiglearning. WEEK ONE (MARCH 16TH - MARCH 20TH) Semana Una Tablero de eLearning Choice de primer grado Semana uno. There’s a lot of anxiety related to moving to an online learning model. Grade 5 for Distance Learning. 48 KB (Last Modified on March 19, 2020) Mar 26, 2020 · Leanne Francis, first grade teacher at Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, conducts an online class from her living room on March 20, 2020 in San Francisco, California. Kids can do them on their own, with their families or with their teachers. Teachers, students, and parents can use Edmodo to communicate and continue education—always for free—even when in-person learning isn’t possible. When he/she returns to school send in the work 1st Grade Distance Learning; Grade 1 Team; 1st Grade Curriculum ; 1st Grade Homework; Meet Miss Murphy ; Meet Mrs. WEEKLY RESOURCES. private online school for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. " data-hidden="false"><div • A Distance Learning page will be activated in the “In The News” section of each school's website. 2 days ago · PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) – Working parents with young kids say a hybrid learning schedule in the fall would put them in a tough spot. G's First Grade Online Schedule 2019 - 2020. Kindergarten students will be required to fill 180 minutes of distance learning, while students in first through third grade will need to use 230 minutes. 9:45 - 10:00 - K, 1, 2 Recess. There is a survey on the checklist slide. Week of March 30-April 3 (Optional-Enrichment)  Distance Learning for First Grade with Ms. First Grade Asbury Distance Learning Schedule Monday 4-6 through Friday 4-17 ( B r a g t a g s w i l l c o n ti n u e to b e g i v e n f o r e a c h d a y o f c o m p l e ted wo r k ) Through distance learning technologies, the staff development programs can be delivered to the teachers' school or home. Reading-· Week 12: Day 5- “What Everything Is Made Of” (Questions 1-4 and strategy practice) Mar 23, 2020 · The HISD @ H. This is a Models of Learning Registration for the parents/guardians of students who will be attending GDOE public schools for School Year 2020-2021. Preschool · Trans K / Kindergarten · 1st Grade · 2nd Grade. The page will link to a separate shared folder for each grade, which will include a read-only document outlining each day’s instructional activities. Teacher web sites will have the daily home instruction schedule, lessons, apps, Google Meet and links. Please take a few moments to give us your feedback about first grade distance learning. DISTANCE LEARNING @ YOUR SCHOOL. Sears E-mail: leslie. Your home is now your classroom. instead of dealing with the uncertainties of distance learning, Elliott decided to enroll Mackenzie in the online public Pig Kahuna digital learning at-home unit. Choose a specific grade and subject to watch sample videos here. This free resource is full of activities that motivate kids to complete acts of kindness and connect with family members and friends. In addition to current distance learning activities being provided by teachers, families are reminded of the Snow Day Scholars packets. We appreciate you. Making it a safe & positive place for learning will help you get the most out of this moment. Hello Students, Parents & Family Members, This week your scholar will be working independently and with your support to complete lessons in reading, writing, math, science, PE and art. As we continue with distance learning this school year, we are already looking ahead to next school year. The possibilities are endless when it comes to providing a quality education for our children. Wingfield scheduled one-on-one FaceTime reading lessons with her 1st-grade students. Example: Ms. Phase 2 Distance Learning (1st Grade) Phase 2 Distance Learning (Grade 4) Schedule and office hours for Mrs. 9:15 - 10:00 a. Encourage your child's love of learning while they're just starting with Funbrain's online educational games and books online. We decided to stick to our traditional routine to make the at home enrichment and review as comfortable as possible. Click on either the 1st Grade _ Pozega - Learning Calendar June 1- 9. They have traded in a brightly-colored classroom for a computer screen as a platform to interact with their teacher and classmates. pdf (PDF) 2nd Grade Math. 3 Jun 2020 1st Grade Distance Learning Materials Thank you to all the families that picked up the necessary materials this week for distance learning. K12-powered online second grade programs offer your child a personalized education experience on a schedule that works for you and your family. ” 3. By turning study time into play time with these charmingly animated first grade games, you can help take the stress out of learning and help your child build a positive relationship with each of their school subjects. Weekly packets are one way we ensure that all students and families have consistent access to learning for their grade level and content. If you are in a situation where the Coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted you and your kids, you may need to implement distance learning and off-site classes. Department of Education. You can get access to their eBook Library (available in English, Spanish, and dual language) through July 31, 2020. PES 3rd grade math. The students live very deeply in their feeling life from age 7 to 14. The same goes for learning at home. 11:50 - 12:20 - 2nd & 3rd Grade Lunch. Whether you teach at a middle school that is not-so-techy or one that is 1:1, I hope these ideas will help you pull together some quick emergency lesson plans for ELA distance learning. Please work with your child to complete the activities listed below every day. Instruction will be available online as follows: Mar 23, 2020 · Instruction and learning will start on Monday the 30th. If you have any questions or comments about remote learning, please email been held in Richardson Auditorium, is also scheduled to be a virtual event in June. 10:15 - 10:30 a. Please contact your classroom teacher with any questions. For teachers, implementing distance learning with little-to-no training ahead of time, has left us overwhelmed and worried as we navigate these unchartered territories. Friday, March 20th · Math- 1. Opening Distance Learning Welcome to my distance learning page, here you will find a parent letter explaining distance learning, important educational links, and instructions. RELIGION Link: Link:​Moise, Daniel  9 Apr 2020 Others, though, recounted the challenges of distance learning, from struggling to I had a schedule when going to classes and when to wake up and go to bed. Jul 01, 2020 · This page is filled with over 300,000+ pages of grade 2 worksheets, games, and activities to make learning Math, English / Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Bible, Music, and more FUN! Free 2nd Grade Worksheets. Online learning isn’t new. If you bring any Khan Academy Kids starts at the basics of letters, numbers, and social emotional learning and goes through the first grade standards in math, reading, writing and social emotional learning. Enjoy. Tuesday 3/31. CHS Food City Food Show SFES 5th grade distance learning. Our step-by-step grade-specific Get Started Guides have everything you need to introduce Seesaw to your students including the Seesaw Seesaw Help Center: Getting started tips, tutorial videos, professional development, lesson plans, FAQ and more resources to help you use Seesaw for student driven digital portoflios and parent communication. 259 and 260 • Read The Joy of the Ship • (via ConnectED on ClassLink) • Play Games with Spelling Words in SpellingCity (via icon on ClassLink) • Lexia / iReady Reading 10 1st Grade Resources for Distance Learning - Phillips Brooks School is an independent, co-educational day school offering a truly child-centered learning program for preschool through 5th grade. Page updated. If you have questions please feel free to email me. Look for an email or posting of information, and schedule towards the end of the week. First Grade. PLAN B: The second plan presents a scenario where all students would participate in a mix of in-classroom and remote learning. The Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy helps Ohio online K-12 students thrive in their schoolwork and in life. We are so grateful for your support. Symptom screenings and health attestations will be required for use of school transportation under this plan. Students learn to visualize adding and subtracting by 10's with this simple teaching tool to go with your 100's chart. Brown enjoyed her position as a third grade teacher, and her "job" as a mother of two small children. Grades 1st through 6th. Distance Learning For Pre-K - 1st Grade in Texas school's Facebook page or Remind to get specific student schedule details from your student's teachers. My son will be going into first grade and we h How are you mamas feeling about sending your older kids back to school and having a newborn at home? My son will be going into first grade and we have the option of distance learning at home or going to school part time with distant learning. Apr 02, 2015 · I am often asked about my 2nd grade schedule so here is what my daily schedule looks like: In my school district we work hard to follow the Response to Intervention (RTI) model. Alyssa Bellardino, a third-grade teacher in Roxbury, NJ believes it is  Learning Schedule for March 18 - March 20. This webinar is hosted by the Curriculum Frameworks and Instructional Resources Division in collaboration with the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA) Arts Initiative and The California Arts Project (TCAP). pdf 79. Legault Ms SRTMS First Grade Home Spelling Words Sight Words Additional Links for Learning Distance Learning for the week of 6-15-20 *All assignments on the "Home First Grade 2019-2020. O. With Abeka video lessons, you’ll get expert instruction at a great value. Positive   Week 4 Lesson Plans. ELA: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade 1st Grade, 2nd Grade. These hard copy packets are for families who are not able to access distance learning resources online. Mobley April 14, 20, 27 Distance Learning Lesson Plans 1st grade HomeLearning Packet Week 1 Distance Learning 1st grade Home Learning Packet Week 2 Distance Learning Dig into our library of self-paced 1st grade courses. Lauterbach; Meet Mrs. sears@ocps. –12 p. It's possible a student might have Jun 17, 2020 · A comprehensive database of more than 59 1st grade quizzes online, test your knowledge with 1st grade quiz questions. Grade Level Teacher-Led Learning: Structured, grade-level learning directed by First Grade Distance Learning Schedule: 4/27-5/1 Monday, April 27th Monday Morning Announcement Literacy Essential Question: What inventions do you know about? Phonics: -r controlled vowels (-or, -ore, -oar) High Frequency words: began, better, guess, learn, right, sure First Grade Sight Word List; Website Links; Directions for New Schedule revised 4/20; Distance Learning Schedule; Guided Reading Schedule; Sharing Distance Learning Schedule; Thursday plans; Friday plans This FREE distance learning schedule breaks down the day into hourly segments with suggestions and free learning activities for math, language arts, science, and social studies as well as social skills directly related to the Coronavirus. DEVELOPMENTAL / LIFE SKILLS CLASSES Ms. These fun and interesting worksheets for kids will make learning time more exciting and fun. EUSD does not discriminate in any employment practice, education program, or educational activity on the basis and/or association with a person or group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics of age, ancestry, color, ethnic group Specials Distance Learning Assignments Week of March 30 t h - 1st Grade Art Music P. Daily attendance will be tracked by our homeroom teachers so it is important that your child log on between 8:45-9:00 a. Starting June 1, all six Tennessee PBS stations will offer high quality educational programming for grades K-3, weekdays from 10 a. Page details. M. We will try and make our distance learning experience as fun and easy as we can! God's blessings on our education journey together! Grade 1 for Distance Learning. Mar 20, 2020 · I have also been intrigued by distance learning for so long. Provide clear expectations to staff and parents. The transition from kindergarten to first grade can be challenging for some students. Porrovecchio, Ms. Class Assignments: April 1-17; Class Assignments: April 20-May 8 These sites have ready-to-use lesson plans and activities for a vast amount of subjects for younger students. At OHDELA, we empower students to be their best by enabling them to learn in ways that are right for them—at home, at their proper level, and at their own pace. • Teachers may also email additional or different learning activities directly to DRAFT Tool #5 Distance Learning: Sample Instructional Day (K-12 Overview) 5 . Develop critical technology skills in K-12 students with Learning. Kindergarten-2nd Grade; 3rd Grade-5th Grade; 6th Grade at Elementary Schools; Middle School Distance Learning. For many, it is the first time they are attending school for a full day, in a more structured academic environment with more complicated concepts to learn. After you fill out the form on the website, you will receive an email with your login instructions. Sit back. FOLSOM, Calif. 2nd Grade. Study the Catholic Faith Online. We hope that the resources in this first grade relief pack will bless you at a time when adults and children may be worried, confused, or scared. First Grade Remote Learning. Getting Started with Seesaw in 1st Grade Remote Learning: 1st Grade. 12:20 - 12:50 - Kindergarten and 1st Grade Lunch. Sometimes that took the form of converting resources to use in Google Classroom. The original leader in secular homeschooling, since 1975. ABCmouse Early Learning Academy . m First Grade Asbury Distance Enrichment and Review Schedule We miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you all again soon. Our activities on JumpStart are designed keeping in mind 1st graders' abilities and level of skill and are effective tools when it comes to teaching different concepts. 3500+ interactive, multimedia educational activities for prek-12th grade; Works with many different homeschool styles and student learning styles; Can be used as a core curriculum or for individual subjects; The ability to work at different grade levels for different subjects; Students get individual logins and work on their own schedule and pace However, there will also be Recommended Work for those with extra time and desiring to achieve a greater depth of knowledge during Distance Learning. NBT. Actividades de primer grado lenguaje dual. We hear you. 1st Grade Teachers' Virtual Learning Schedule; 2nd Grade Assignments. High School (9-12) Southport 8th Grade Distance Learning Hub Our mission is to improve the academic performance of all students in order to prepare them for their future. Dopson. Monday 3/30. But what’s really amazing, is that in the midst of this uncomfortability and uncertainty, I have witnessed so many teachers come together, and rise to the occasion. The link above for At-Home Learning also gives many resources. The following Instructor Performance Expectations are considered best practices. Hafa Adai Whangel Families! Learning packets for Week 2 thru 4 will be distributed on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at Tamuning Elementary School for Kindergarten thru 5th grade from 8:00-11:00am. When students complete their assignment, they can color their star. Lisa Koplik, an elementary teacher and TeacherVision Advisory board member, shares that her district, Wakefield Public Schools, already had a distance learning model in place for snow days called the Learn Anywhere Project. We also provide teacher guides with pre- and post-program lessons. Working hand in hand in the spirit of cooperation between the school, parents, students, and community, we will provide a safe and happy environment in which students can excel. A virtual learning schedule is not the same as a traditional school schedule. 1st Grade | Week 1 A predictable daily schedule is important to support student-well Mar 31, 2020 · A virtual learning schedule is not the same as a traditional school schedule. Barbara - Kindergarten Here is a suggested schedule for distance learning. I also included videos of some of the woodwind Distance Learning Plan. It was the perfect way to start our day with respect for one another, come together as a community, and review some of the skills we learn throughout the year, I wanted to take a little time today to explain what morning meeting looked like in my first grade Online interactive learning and reading activities for interactive whiteboards, computer labs, and students PreK–8 Tool #5: Distance Learning: Sample Instructional Day (K-12): A tool designed to help teachers and parents build a daily learning schedule for students K-12. A fun center in your 1:1 or paperless class Summer Assignments for K Students Going into First Grade Week 13 Distance Learning Week 12 Distance Learning Specials Schedule Walk-up Privileges Superkids At K12, we believe each child is uniquely brilliant and their learning environment should support that, providing children with the tools they need to thrive. Learning plans will be posted by 9 am each morning (or sooner). Wong's block schedule June 8th-June 12th Jun 17, 2020 · Distance Learning . Distance Learning Schedule Time Activities Before 9:00AM Wake up/Take shower & brush teeth/Get Dressed/Eat breakfast & do chores (make bed, put away laundry) 9:00-9:30AM Exercise/Movement: Walk the dog, play outside, indoor movement games if it’s raining 9:30-11:30AM Academic Time (2 hours) 11:30AM-12:30PM (no electronics during this time) Launching distance education for all of our students is a monumental undertaking that will require collaboration, creativity and commitment from all of our stakeholders. Please complete the four questions in the linked form if your child will NOT be returning to LJM for the 20/21 school year. As the start of the 2020-2021 school year gets closer, stop back here to learn more about what is coming up in 1st grade. GRADE LEVEL Kindergarten 1st grade 2nd grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade. com is the world leader in providing online religious education and Sacramental preparation classes for Catholics, offering integrated Scripture & Catechism Online Courses for Adults and Children. Distance learning is less complicated, and that’s what we should be focusing on as schools close in the face of the coronavirus. Students continue to develop their addition and subtraction skills in 1st grade, and in many classes, math tools and manipulatives such as blocks, tiles, and different shapes are used to help students practice using concrete, visible objects. Distance Learning for First Grade. Distance Learning will occur until May 21 on every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with Wednesday being optional. First Grade Distance Learning Schedule *subject to change, teachers will update parents on any changes* 9:30-10:30am – Teacher Directed Instruction in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU) 10:30-11:30am – Virtual Office Hours Time & Content Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:00-9:30am Independent Work Time Creative Time Students: Topic. They can likely provide you with some info about what’s going on and the education priorities for your child’s grade, and may also Mar 20, 2020 · Since students are now learning at home, I figured it would be a good time to revisit this idea and redesign it to help students create a healthy learning environment at home. We work with educators to create opportunities for students to thrive in any learning environment. I will do my best to respond promptly to emails and/or text messages between the hours of 8:45 am – 3:30 pm on weekdays. Cangelosi Mr. However, this schedule can be a lot fo 1 day ago · This schedule will remain in place through the end of the first grading period. 3rd Grade. Media Center Guidance Teacher: Mrs. Leading virtual meetings is probably new for most of us, especially leading virtual meetings with a group of five year olds as our audience! So I reached out to the Kindergarten Connection Please select your child's grade level to be brought to his/her virtual learning environment or visit our teacher website directory below. Distance Learning Plan . For this article, I want to take a look at early elementary STEM projects namely for first grade age kids. Visit the National Archives without leaving your classroom! Our free, interactive programs feature primary sources from our holdings. 4th Grade – Utah Symphony Field Trip – 10/30/19 October 7, 2019 by K. Elementary School: 7:45-8 a. Groth First Grade Reading Printable Packet/Paquete Imprimible de Lectura de Primer Grado 1st grade distance learning packet. I will use email and the RemindApp, as needed, to continue to communicate with you. From Monday through Thursday, elementary school students will experience two 30- to 45-minute virtual lessons — mathematics and science or reading and social studies — between the hours of 9 a. S. Mar 26, 2020 · Check out your province’s ministry of education website. Second Grade School Counseling Distance Learning Schedule . Jul 14, 2020 · Half the students would be in-person and the other half would be learning online. My Certifications; My Degrees; My Education. Raz-Kids (on LCPS Go) - Use this personalized learning tool for your child to read on their current reading level. Calhoun PreK/Junior Jacket Academy: Junior Jackets Junior Jackets Spanish. Mar 13, 2020 · On this post, I will share some free distance learning resources for 4th and 5th graders that are printable (and some now include digital versions). Siano Ms. Teacher greets arriving children Children hang up backpacks and belongings, Children write in journals (date, picture, word or sentence to go with picture) 8:30 a. Durns; 1st Grade Dual Language Activities. Wingfield's 1st-grade are studying measurement and  HAES Distance Learning 1st Grade Assignments Overview. Rebecca - 1st Grade; Knowles, Mrs. Reading Log - Continue to use this month's reading log to document your child's reading efforts. WEEK THREE (MARCH 30TH - APRIL 3RD) First Grade Resources: Distance Learning Hyperdocs: Week of March 30th ; Reading . The online learning environment presents a unique set of challenges that require clear definition of instructor performance. Weeks 1 and 2: Kindergarten Packet · 1st Grade Packet Starting April 1, we will transition into a more structured Remote Learning model in an effort to mitigate the disruption to the school First Grade Dual Language. We have created a video to help you navigate remote learning, and complied helpful documents and links to guide you through this new way of learning (Video Transcript) Spanish Our Distance Learning Schedule Please look for your child’s Specials schedule in the information that has come home from each teacher. Students can spend about half of their day online: working through assignments, listening to teachers via video conference, and working under the close guidance of parents. Mar 16, 2020 · "None of this learning will go to waste moving forward," she says, "as many of the skills learned during the online learning period will be equally beneficial in a regular classroom. A first grade education builds on what a child has learned in kindergarten, and also sets the stage for the learning that will take place in the years to come. COVID-19 Distance Learning Plans by Grade Level Beginning on Monday, March 30, all students in grades PreK-12 will receive daily instruction through our COVID-19 Distance Learning Model. CHS JROTC. Transform your online learning with a trusted partner. Our expert May 14, 2020 · Distance Learning For Pre-K – 1st Grade in Texas Texas Team & Family: May 14, 2020 Update We’re so glad that students used campus-issued technology to successfully complete Distance Learning! We ask that all borrowed student technology (laptops, ChromeBooks, MiFis and chargers) is returned by May 29. Mar 27, 2020 · emergency conditions with regard to students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and Section 504 Plans • Structuring active student engagement with learning in accordance with the age-appropriate thresholds presented on page 17 • Selecting content for remote learning that is aligned to standards, relevant, and appropriate for each Aug 13, 2018 · A morning meeting was something I always wanted to do in my first grade classroom. Boland, Mrs. With the changing times, I teamed up with Deedee Wills to convert the activity Apr 30, 2020 · But there is some risk in opting out of distance learning, according to the U. Snow Day Schedule Days with severe weather conditions the following schedule is Check our school website daily and click on the DISTANCE LEARNING tab for updates and information. If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document. This is definitely a transition week for our students and staff and we thank you for your patience during this time. At Basswood, we take pride in meeting the academic needs of all of our students. The curriculum is designed to be meaningful, valuable, and to encourage curiosity. Stay in touch with the 1st Grade Team . net SCS Distance Learning For All Weekly Schedule 4/16/2020 First Grade MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Self Guided Classroom Activities Google Classroom: Morning Message CommentGoogle Classroom: Morning Message CommentGoogle Classroom: Morning Message CommentGoogle Classroom: Morning Message Comment Mar 17, 2020 · 1. 1st Grade Distance Learning Schedule –May 11th –15th Subject Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Reading • View Instructional Video • Complete Pgs. Enjoy the exciting courses we offer for our 4th grade members. Attempt a schedule. To gain free access to more fun summer activities related to Classroom Idaho Boot Camp broadcasts and the support of an Idaho certified teacher text “register” to 1-(201)-474-3831 (for K-3 Teacher support) or register online at idahoptv. These resources will be updated each week. It's not always possible to keep the schedule, but setting one to strive Top Tools by Grade and Subject for Learning During School Closures. And we want to support you as best as we can. Online educational games or resources, Handouts or other learning activities supporting core content areas. 24 Mar 2020 Be realistic about the goals, especially in the first few weeks. 9:30 - 9:45 - Grades 3, 4, 5 Recess. 1st Grade~Mrs. Spanish Math: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade  PreK-4 Resources. 3️⃣ Focus Areas: 😄 Take care of yourself Please note the following information regarding our districtwide Distance Learning Plan: Distance Learning will begin for students on April 1st ; Distance Learning is for all grades including: Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle, and High School. Parents love this easy to understand format! ♦♦♦ BONUS FREEBIES ♦♦♦ Looking for easy to use distance learning resources for kindergarten and first grade? 1st Grade At Home Learning Guide Week 8-SCIENCE (May 11-15) 1st Grade At Home Learning Guide Week 9 (May 18- 22) 1st Grade At Home Learning Guide Week 10 (May 25-29) Jan 01, 2016 · Each Monday we assign motions to each word, on Tuesdays we practice identifying the words and introduce our phonics skill, on Wednesdays we use Whiteboards to practice writing the words, on Thursdays we practice using the words in a sentence including our phonics skill, and on Fridays we try to combine as many of the words into a mega 1st grade sentence. Oak Meadow is a fully accredited distance learning school and K-12 homeschool curriculum provider. 1st grade distance learning schedule

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